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Avenging Dragonfly

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Dragonfly's former parents get some long-overdue payback after a chance encounter...

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DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.
SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

A/N: Lina Chakram, a.k.a. "Dragonfly," is an OC of Red Witch's, introduced in "I Hate New People." She was locked up and beaten by her parents and subsequently disowned after her mutation developed. Here, the Misfits dish out some of their own brand of justice on her tight-assed, negligent parents after a chance encounter which opens old wounds.

/"Avenging Dragonfly"/

Fred "The Blob" Dukes walked down the stairs, the first of the Misfits to rise and get started on the day ahead. After taking a dozen or so eggs out of the fridge and turning on the stove, he got started on making some scrambled eggs.

"Oh, hi Fred," came a nervous voice from the doorway.

Turning around, he saw it was Lina.

"Oh, hi Lina," Fred said happily.

"Making breakfast?"

"Yeah, some scrambled eggs for everyone."

"Mind if I help?"

"Not at all!"

Lina assisted Fred in cooking some other things for their teammates, and Fred gave Lina some helpful tips in return.

Over the next several minutes, the other Misfits and their adult guardians entered the room, thanking and complimenting Fred and Lina for making breakfast.

After everyone was done eating and everything was getting cleaned up, Roadblock made an announcement. They would be heading back to Angelica and Lina's hometown to investigate a possible Cobra cell. The mission was simple enough: Arcade, Wavedancer, Quicksilver and Xi would sneak into a supposed abandoned warehouse and investigate while Firestar, Dragonfly and Trinity would keep a lookout overhead in the air and everyone else would be on the ground.

Both girls were a little jittery about returning there, given the way in which they both left and joined the Misfits. However, for the sake of the mission, they both suppressed their fears and other emotions.

Setting their teleportation watches, they soon departed.

A quick spy mission quickly turned into a skirmish. Not only had the "abandoned" warehouse turned about to be a Cobra cell, but they had also been manufacturing experimental weapons. After several minutes of fierce fighting from both sides, the Misfits pulled through and helped round up the Cobra agents to hand over to the police who arrived on the scene.

However, from the shadows, one slick Cobra agent hid and carefully aimed his gun at Dragonfly. A moment later, he pulled the trigger just as she saw him.

Involuntarily reacting from the fear, Lina's wings popped out behind her as she screamed. The energy blast hit one of her tough wings at such an angle that it bounced off and hit a car on the side, denting in the door and causing the alarm to go off.

"Oops," Pietro snickered. "Hey, that was kind of funny..."

After that, Xi took out the Cobra agent and handed him over to the police. As soon as he was taken away in a police car, the people watching the scene applauded and cheered.

Well, not everyone...

"YOU! Haven't you caused enough trouble, girl?"

Lina flinched as though she'd been hit. The other Misfits all turned to see Lina's parents, the Chakrams, who had harshly disowned their daughter.

Cover Girl, who had taken in Lina, felt a surge of anger at her ward's former mother and father; the first and last time she had seen them, she was ready to knock their lights out. Of course, it wouldn't do for military personnel to attack civilians.

Fred saw how self-righteous the two negligent parents were acting, and was severely tempted to loose all self-restraint just this once.

"That was our new car!" Mrs. Chakram shouted. "And that wretched girl ruined it just now!"

"Hey, that was the fault of the guy who shot at her!" Cover Girl shouted back. "And if you want to sue him, then get in line!"

"Not like you have plenty of money as it is!" Daria shouted.

"Yeah, right after you disowned Lina, all the money for her college funds went to 'other purposes,' such as the car," Brittany added.

There was a collective gasp. "Prove it," Mr. Chakram hissed.

"Telepathy," Quinn replied with a smirk. "All the heightened and negative emotions make it even easier to read your minds like books."

"You're all freaks!" Mrs. Chakram shouted, glowing red.

"At least we're not tight-assed jerks who disown our family and abandon our friends who we're fortunate enough to have!" Lance shot back.

"You know, I'd say that you look even worse by having disowned your innocent daughter than if you had kept her as you should have," Spirit said, indicating the gathering crowd who were looking at the Chakrams with some distaste.

"Our daughter was a traitor to our family!" Mrs. Chakram protested.

Fred was strongly reminded of when Magneto considered Toad a traitor after finding out that Toad had survived being thrown out of the jet. (1) "How could she 'betray' you when you kicked her out like that?" Fred countered.

"And what would a fat fool like you know about that wretched girl?" Mr. Chakram shot back.

Fred's face flushed as his patience snapped and he lunged at Mr. Chakram, lifting him up off his feet. "Apologize!" he roared.

"No, Blob, don't do it!" Roadblock shouted, trying to restrain Fred as best as he could. "He is not worth it!"

Common sense seemed to kick in again, and after a long moment in which Fred glared at Mr. Chakram, he roughly dropped the man.

There was a choked sob and Fred turned around to see Dragonfly taking off.

"Now look at what you did!" Fred snapped.

"I'll go get her," Firestar said, taking off after her.

As he straightened himself out and tried to retain as much dignity as he could, Mr. Chakram said, "Well, good riddance with that -"

Lina flew off across town, ignoring whatever looks she was getting from the people down below. She found her old high school, and flew to the top of the building. Off to one side, the gym was being repaired, still under construction.

Finding a nice quiet corner on top of the building, Lina sobbed over having to go through this sort of heartbreak again.

"Hey," said a voice from behind her.

It was Angelica. She wrapped Lina into a hug and tried to soothe her friend, making reassurances.

After Lina had calmed down, both of them flew back to the area where the fight was. It seemed that the Misfits had already left, and so using their teleportation watches, they went back home to the Pit.

Lina went straight to her room so she could have some time to herself, while Angelica went to the living room to find a bunch of angry-faced teammates.

"What happened?" Angelica asked, instantly feeling uneasy.

"If you had stayed a little longer, you would have heard the awful things they called Lina, yo," Todd said with disgust.

"For a strict couple or whatnot, they really deserve a good swat," Roadblock stated.

There was a moment of silence, and then an evil grin graced Pietro's features, which made the others a little nervous.

"Well... why don't we give them one?"

As the other kids caught on, they also shared evil grins as their devious minds thought up ways to torment the Chakrams. Seeing them all dream of methods of doing so would have been enough to scare Cobra Commander into reconsidering some heinous plan.

"I didn't stop Fred from driving them into the ground just so you could all prank them," Roadblock said.

"Actually, that was before they said those nasty things," Althea argued.

"Besides, you let us show up the X-Men when they bashed us on TV that one time," Lance pointed out. (2)

"This is true," Roadblock conceded.

"Besides, we'll just make it look as though they're the awful people," Todd said, "As opposed to making them the victims of some awful pranks."

"No, no retaliation," Cover Girl said, putting out their plans.

"Awww," all the Misfits said in unison.

Just then, the phone rang. "I'll get it," Cover Girl said as she went over and did just that. There was a gasp before she exclaimed, "Mrs. Chakram!" Everyone whipped their heads around to see her, but as they watched, Cover Girl's face grew steadily redder and redder until she looked ready to explode. "OKAY, THAT'S IT! IF I EVER HEAR YOU SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN, I'LL RIP YOUR F---ING TONGUE OUT!" she screamed, slamming down the phone so hard it nearly broke into several pieces.

The others could only stare at her in disbelief as she breathed heavily with one of her eyes twitching. After a few moments, she turned to the wary Misfits gathered around her.

"Okay, you can get even with Lina's former parents... but just this once!"


"Some disciplinarians we are," Shipwreck remarked. Then he noticed all the other adults looking at him funny. "What?"

It had been hard for both of the Chakrams to sleep that night; it was almost as though some invisible thing kept poking at them every time they tried to go back to sleep. Finally, they both tried to get up to see what was causing their discomfort.

A serpent-like person with snakelike eyes looked back at them with a grim smile. "Hello."

Their combined scream was enough to set off the alarm of their fancy new car outside.

When they finally came to a couple of hours later (they had fainted from shock), they noticed that their entire house was covered inside and out by spider webs which gave off tiny and highly unusual electric discharges. Not only that, but there was slime on all the doors and windows. After getting rid of those, they were able to send their youngest two children off to school... and find that they new car was gone.

So, they ended up taking the bus to work... and come just in time to see a horrifying if not bizarre spectacle they would never forget for as long as they lived.

On top of the hospital where they worked was what looked like a person, waving his arms so everyone down below on the ground would notice, see and hear him.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, however, the Maximoff twins were behind the scenes. Hidden on the roof where no one could see them, they ran the twisted show. Scarlet Witch used her powers to control the marionette like a puppet while Quicksilver altered his voice for the occasion.

"I am dying, and it's all because of those wretched Chakrams! Somehow those idiots botched up a simple surgery and now I'm decaying from the inside out! They're no better than that mutant daughter of theirs! I may as well end my tragic life now! Good-bye, cruel world!" The "person" then "jumped" off the building. "He" fell and hit the ground, causing his sides to burst open, sending "blood" everywhere. (3)

While people screamed and panicked down below, brother and sister savored the moment of seeing the success of their handiwork in a rare moment between them. In a flash, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were gone the next moment.

A few hours later, the Chakrams were talking to the police about what they had seen, insisting that this had to be a sort of cruel prank. Mrs. Chakram went to go get a pitcher of water for everyone, only to stumble into the next pitfall which the Misfits had planned out.

Using her hydrokinesis, Wavedancer caused all the water coursing throughout the pipes in their office to go berserk, coming out of everything from faucets to sprinklers. She even used her powers to make the water move in ways that defied the laws of physics (or at least gravity).

Not only that, but Trinity had acquired their device which could change the water temperature to make sure they threw in some "instant insanity." (4)

After the Chakrams and the police officers all looked washed out, the Delgato girls all snickered and left.

They left later that day to find their car in the parking lot, stretched out across three handicapped spaces. Not only that, but it had these evil purple faces spray-painted on the hood, roof and doors of the car.

"Mommy, look, it's a Decepticon!" one little boy said, pointing at the car.

"No, dear, Transformers don't really exist, remember?" the mother said to her little boy. (5)

Embarrassed, the Chakrams quickly got into their car and drove home, anxious to end this day already. But the madness would only continue.

In addition to providing Avalanche with the purple spray paint and Decepticon logo stencils, Arcade had also installed a small device under the Chakram's new car.

Now, back at the Misfits' home, Avalanche was in a special simulator, where he could control the car by remote (he was chosen for this task, since he was the only one of the Misfits who could drive).

Having a ball, the earth-shaking mutant made the car weave in and out of traffic, causing chaos and calamity in its wake. Inside the car, the Chakrams were clutching each other, praying to whatever god or deity that would listen to them that they didn't die from this. Several minutes and countless accidents and traffic violations later, Avalanche was on the way to pre-arranged destination: the park.

Blob and Firestar were in the park, staging a conversation to look innocent, when the car came zooming at them. Firestar ducked behind Blob just in time, for the car slammed into the bigger mutant's gut, causing no damage to himself but seriously jolting the couple inside, even though they were buckled in.

His work complete, Avalanche hit the self-destruct button, which caused the remote transmitter to shut off and disintegrate in a small explosion, leaving no trace of itself behind.

Firestar was doing a good job at looking panicked and scared while Blob looked angry. He then shouted, "What, it's not enough that you say and do nasty things to us, but now you're trying to run us over now too?"

The Chakrams staggered out just as the police drove up, sirens blaring.

"You're those Misfits, right?" one of the officers said.

"Yeah, I was just showing Fred here my hometown, and we stopped here in the park," Angelica said.

"And then they came right at us!" Fred added. "Good thing for my powers, or my friend here would have been run over!"

"AWK!" screeched a parrot from overhead, landing a big dropping right on the windshield of the Chakrams' car. "Bombs away!"

"Well, there's something you don't see everyday," Angelica commented.

"Okay, you kids can go," the officer said as the Chakrams were carted into a police car while another officer read them their rights.

Dragonfly had spent the whole day in her room, reading her medical textbooks. Sometime later, the Misfits had returned, looking inches away from bursting out laughing. She didn't ask why, and something told her that she was better off that way, not knowing.

Meanwhile, in the county prison, the TV showed the day's mad events for the umpteenth time, and the Chakrams had tried to hide in a corner as best as they could, still reeling from what was most possibly one of the worst days of their lives.

"Yikes, I thought your daughter was a freak, but you cause just as much damage," came the voice of Bonnie Blake from behind them.

Finally losing what little patience she had left, Mrs. Chakram snapped. With a scream, she lunged at the delinquent girl, causing a catfight that got the attention of everyone else.

In the meantime, Mr. Chakram was begging his head against the wall, REALLY hating his life at that moment.

A/N: Okay, who wanted to see this coming? Raise your hands. Hold on, I'm still counting, LOL...

(1) Back in "Parallel Lives," I believe.

(2) Somewhere around chapter 40 in "I Hate New People."

(3) Is it me, or do I seem to have this thing with people jumping off of buildings?

(4) See "Parallel Lives," chapter 64

(5) Oh yes, I forgot another SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: Transformers aren't mine, but are the property of Hasbro.
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