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More Mutant Pox Mayhem

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Just as the title says!

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DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.
SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

A/N: I have been finally able to read "The Sleepover of Doom," thanks to a site where all of Red Witch's Misfits stuff can be read. I decided to pass the bug onto some new mutants who joined the Institute back in "Double Identity," as well as some evil OCs of RW's who didn't appear back in "Sleepover of Doom." But hey, the more the merrier, right? Enjoy!

/"More Mutant Pox Mayhem"/

"Just when you thought it couldn't happen again..." Xavier groaned, putting his head in his hands.

"Well, to be fair, Charles, these new mutants weren't with us when we all got the Mutant Pox the first time around," Hank pointed out.

Currently, six mutants were in the infirmary, suffering from Mutant Pox, which only mutants could get but was hardly the most dignified illness around.

Or, at least, they were in the infirmary...

"We've got a jailbreak!" Logan said, breaking out the tranquilizers and guns.

"Right behind you," Hank sighed as he and Warren followed Logan.

"Hey, Tim just broke into the Danger Room!" Scott said, running up to them, followed by Jean.

"Man, I can't believe that any kid would enjoy the Danger Room that much, hallucinations or not!" Logan groaned with the other adults in pursuit.

Skullfire was in the middle of the danger room, looking up at several creepy-crawly monsters shifting in rows, left and right, bearing down on him as they shot laser bolts. Skullfire was moving around, parallel to them, shooting rays up at them and destroying them.

The staff all watched, seemingly mesmerized, as Skullfire blew up the last monster. "Whoo-hoo, high score!" he yelled, jumping up in the air with his fist for emphasis. He fell back down to the floor tranquilized and with a dart in his arm as Logan lowered his gun.

"Using hi-tech Danger Room holograms and simulations to play old Space Invaders games," Hank mused. "Who would have thought?"

"Let's not get nostalgic just yet," Warren said. "Come on!"

From there, they looked around and walked into Forge's laboratory to see if there was anyone in there. There was someone: Cypher.

At the moment, he was haphazardly constructing some kind of giant metal ring out of just about any kind of metal he could find, and also placed glowing red light bulbs at equal increments around it.

"What are you doing, Doug?" Hank asked in a calm voice, hoping to pacify him.

"The name's not Doug," the young scholarly mutant said, turning to face them, wearing glasses. "The name's /Daniel/... Daniel Jackson. And for your information, I'm repairing the Stargate. I was finally able to decipher the star constellation symbols on the stones for this gate..."

"Looks like he's been watching too much of the Sci-fi Channel," Hank said quietly.

"Can you blame him, between the fact he likes that stuff and the fact it's one of the only channels that doesn't constantly bash us mutants?" Scott asked him.

"Point well-taken," Hank replied.

Doug then jumped down and reached for a jury-rigged power switch. However, before he could do anything potentially stupid, he was hit with a dart by Logan.

"Two down, four to go," Warren sighed.

However, Logan took a moment to walk up to the "Stargate," admire Doug's work... and tear it down with his claws.

"What was that for?" Jean asked.

"I figured it wasn't safe to give Forge any more ideas for his 'experiments,'" Logan said, ending it off with a growl.

"A wise decision," Jean conceded, thinking back to when the last one was used on Scott... with disastrous results.

"Okay, off to find the next one..."

However, they barely made it to the elevator when it opened up to reveal...

"Betsy?" Warren asked disbelievingly.

The British mutant was currently dressed in a tight dress robe which hugged all her curves as though she were ready to go out on a date. "Hello, my angel," she said, strutting up to him. Then, without warning, she flung her arms around Warren and kissed him squarely on the lips, causing him to go stock-still and have his eyes pop wide open.

All the other males present just gaped at the scene... until an exasperated Jean took the tranquilizer gun from Logan and nailed Betsy in the back.

As the purple-haired young woman slumped, Jean handed back the gun to Logan and telepathically hovered Betsy down to the infirmary. "You guys go ahead," she called, "I'll make sure they don't go anywhere... besides, maybe I can use my telepathy or something to help the hallucinations go away."

"Good thinking, Red," Logan called back to here. He then turned and noticed Warren still standing there as if in shock. Grunting, Logan said, "Let's just leave him so he can recover."

Agreeing with Logan, Scott and Hank entered the elevator and went up to the floor level.

As soon as they were in the normal part of the mansion, they could hear cheering and applause. Running to the foyer of the mansion, they entered it to see Everett performing. Using powers from the nearby Jamie and Tabitha, the power-mimicking mutant and a copy of himself were juggling multiple energy bombs. For the grand finale, Everett tossed them all up in the air, reformed himself back into one person, and let the bombs fall and hit him with a small explosion. The audience gasped...

...Until the dust cleared, and Everett stood there without a scratch, since he was now copying Peter's power to protect himself.

As Everett undid the metal armor on his skin and bowed for the audience, he kept bowing until he hit the floor, thanks to a newly-placed tranquilizer dart in his side.

"Sorry, kids, the show's over," Logan said, hoisting Everett up and handing him to Beast, who bounded off to the infirmary with him.

"I wouldn't say that," said a girl's voice from a nearby doorway.

Dressed in black robes, Dead Girl stood at the top of the staircase. "So, Kamahl, you barbarian," she said addressing Logan, "you thought you could avoid a fight with me? Guess again! I summon Severed Legion!" With that, and some strain, Dead Girl fell apart into different pieces, with her arms slithering across the floor, trying to attack Logan.

With three calm shots from Logan - one for each of her arms, and one for the rest of her - Deal Girl was unconscious. With Rogue's help, Scott collected all of her and carried her back to the infirmary.

"So, that leaves only Penny left," Logan muttered.

"Don't bother, Wolverine," said a voice from the front doors. Althea was walking in, followed by Todd and Fred, who both had bandages on bodies and unhappy looks on their faces. Fred was carrying a tranquilized Penny with quite some effort.

"What happened to you guys?" Logan asked.

"Oh, Trinity decided to 'invite' Penny over for some tea party just as Foresight was visiting us..."

"Clefairy!/ Use Tackle attack against Politoed, NOW!" Foresight commanded, and Penny lunged at Todd./

"YOUCH, that hurts!" Todd said as he sidestepped a charging Penny - but didn't get out of the way in time as Penny left a few scratches along his arms.

"Hey, that's enough!" Roadblock yelled, charging up to the scene with Fred. "Just because you both got Mutant Pox is no reason for you both to get rough!"

"Oh, it looks as though Brock has just recalled Politoed!" Foresight exclaimed. "Clefairy, use Slash attack on Snorlax instead!"

"YEOW!"/ Fred exclaimed as Penny landed a direct hit on his enormous gut./

A moment later, Foresight and Penny were both simultaneously tranquilized by Lifeline and Bree.

"Well, sorry about that," Logan said gruffly. "Anyway, thanks for bringing her home."

Xavier was just wheeling up to them when he heard about that incident, on top of all the other ones.

"I'm certain that Magneto never has this kind of bad luck that we seem to always have," the professor groaned again.

Meanwhile, in Magneto's hidden base, far, far away...

"I'm positive that Xavier has everything made easier for him!" Magneto spat. "He doesn't have to put up with the same problems as I do over and over again!"

A small group of Magneto's minions (Ramrod, Ramfist, Shiva and Bolt) had just returned from a long reconnaissance mission, and within mere days of their return, had fallen sick with the Mutant Pox.

Bolt was acting as the referee in a "wrestling match" between the twin mutant brothers with goat-like mutations. On his signal the two of them went at it, trying to take the other down. However, it was when they tried aiming below the belt that Bolt had to use his electrical powers to break the two of them.

As Bolt was taken down by a restless crowd who didn't get to see a real fight, Shiva happily jumped into the center of everyone's attention. With her four arms, she did an impressive juggling act with her swords as she casually walked around. However, it was when Pyro decided to take that moment to hit on her did she accidentally slip and end up cutting the Australian mutant with one of her swords, causing him to shriek in pain.

"Oh my, did Shiva just kill - oh wait, nevermind, Pyro's still alive," Mystique said, finishing it off with a tiny groan.

"Oh, whatever did I do to deserve all of /this/?" Magneto groaned, putting his head in his hands.

A/N: So, how was that insanity?

/EXTRA SPECIAL DISCLAIMER:/ I don't own Space Invaders/, /Stargate/, or /Magic: The Gathering (the thing where Kamahl and Severed Legion come from), or Pokemon/. And let's face it, folks - if I owned even /one of them, I'd undoubtedly have a lot of money sitting in my back account right about now.

ALSO, YOU WANT TO KNOW A TRUE FACT? Christopher Judge, who acts as Teal'c in Stargate: SG-1 also did the voice of Magneto in /X-Men: Evolution/! How's that coincidence?

Note about Jean's comment on Forge's experiments: Think back to the one-shot story, "X Marks the Scott."

Note about the absence of the new villains which appeared in "Double Identity": Well, apart from Feral, I really don't know all of them, let alone what they all do, so they're not here... they're off on a mission or something, instead of the four Acolytes who had just returned... yeah, that's it.
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