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“You should work for Hallmark.”

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It was eight at night when Paisley contractions got closer together. Gerard was trying his best to keep Paisley calm.

“Its ok baby. Remember to breath, please.”

Paisley shot Gerard a glare.

“Nine and a half centimeters, dear. Your almost there. Your baby is almost here,” Dr. Smith announced with a grin, “Mr. Way would you like to go inform your parents?”

Gerard nodded,” Yeah. I’ll be right back.”

Paisley looked over at Frank, who took Gerard’s place holding Paisley’s hand. Frank smiled at her and gave her hand a squeeze.

“Tell your mom I want her in here when the baby is born.”

Gerard shot her a grin before he disappeared out into the hall.
As soon as Paisley knew Gerard was out of earshot she looked up at Frank earnestly, “I’m so scared, Frankie. This has got to be the most terrifying moment of my life.”

Frank picked up the moist cloth on the table behind him and wiped the sweat off of her brow, “ It shouldn’t be, Paise. This is supposed to be the most exciting, not the scariest.”

“It is exciting, but I’m still scared.”

Frank bent down and placed a kiss on her cheek, “It’ll be fine. This baby is going to be the luckiest in the world with a mom like you. I think that if you can do what you’ve done with Gerard, you can tackle anything that comes your way.”

Paisley giggled, “You should work for Hallmark.”

Frank straightened up as Gerard and Donna hurried into the room, “I try. But hey I’m going to be in the hallway with the others because something tells me you need to push this thing out asap.”

“You’re so poetic Frank,” Gerard rolled his eyes as he pushed Frank towards the door and picked up his girlfriend’s hand.

Paisley was distracted from this exchange by a surge of pressure.

“Oh! Shit. What’s that?”

Dr. Smith grinned as she came in, “Are you feeling pressure?”


“That means the baby has descended. Let’s take a look see,” After checking Paisley out she smiled, “Ok momma, let’s have this baby.”

“It’s time,” Gerard asked with a bemused expression.

Dr. Smith nodded as she looked at Paisley.

“This is your first child so this may go slowly. Your contractions are what’s pushing the baby down the birth canal, so don’t feel like you need to bear down when pushing. It will just wear you out.”

Paisley nodded, “Ok.”

“Are you comfortable in your current position? Do you need a pillow?”

“Behind my back, please.”

Dr. Smith nodded to a male nurse to get Paisley’s pillow. Once she was comfortable, she began to breath easier.

“Great. Now if you’ll try to relax and give a small push.”

Paisley settled back against her pillow and fixed her gaze on Gerard’s. Never taking his eyes off of hers, he squeezed her hand. Paisley took a deep breath and pushed.

“Good, now if you’ll give a few more of those, along with your contractions, that should help your baby along nicely.

Twenty five minutes later, Paisley had worked out a pattern of sorts. Contraction. Push. Push. Contraction.

“Your doing fine Paisley.”

Donna stood behind Gerard’s shoulder. Leaning forward she pushed back Paisley’s bangs.

“Honey you are doing great. Soon you’re going to be holding your baby, and it is the most amazing feeling ever. Other than the one that took place to create her.”



Paisley laughed but stopped short.

“Oh hell.”

Fourty minutes had passed since she went into labor and she began feeling a pain in her ass.

Dr. Smith read her expression, “That is supposed to happen. That means you’re baby is almost here. The scalp should be visible very soon.”

Paisley began to push mor frequently, but Dr. Smith stopped her.

“You may feel it’s best to push more, but it’s not. As soon as the scalp appeards I want you to push slower. If you don’t the baby’s head could tear the tissue.”
Paisley nodded as she gave a gentle push.

“And we have a head!”

Excitement flashed over Gerard’s features as he gazed at Paisley, “Ok baby. Go slow. She’s
almost here, but go slow. Remember your breathing exercise? I think you’re supposed to blow out during contractions so you don’t push.”

Paisley rolled her eyes as she blew out a breath.

“You’re doing amazing, dear. The head is slowly appearing.”

Minutes later, the doctor exclaimed, “We have a head!” Quickly she suctioned out the baby’s

mouth and nose and fixed the umbilical cord.

Paisley once again fixed her gaze on Gerard.

“Paisley, give me one last push. “

Paisley complied as Gerard squeezed her hand tightly.

“And we have a girl!”

Paisley fell back on her pillow, exhausted. She watched as a nurse towel off the baby before
lifting Paisley’s gown above her belly and laying the baby on it.

“She’s so beautiful,”Paisley mused as the nurse lay a pink blanket across the newborn.

“Just like her momma.”

“Well she didn’t just get her looks from me. I had a little help.”

Gerard lifted her chin as she cradled their baby against her belly.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know. I’ll always do right by you and this little girl.”

Leaning forward he placed a kiss on her lips as Donna snapped a photo of the new family.
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