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“Me too. Now, where’s my ring?”

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“I want to hold her,” Frank pouted as he reclined on the Way’s living room couch.

Paisley giggled, “Ok Frankie. Mikey, you have to give someone else the chance to hold her. You’ve held her constantly since she was born.”

Mikey frowned, “Ok. Here. Don’t break her.”

Indignation swept over Frank’s features, “ I’m not gonna break her.”

Ray looked up from his spot on the floor, “Guys, technically you can’t ‘break’ the baby. I mean unless you just outright drop her, then no.”

Paisley rubbed her forehead, “Yall are giving me a headache, but thak you Ray for clearing that up. I didn’t feel like explaining that to these two.”

Ray grinned, “No prob. There’s Gerard.”

Everyone looked out the window to see the black Mustang pull in the yard, followed by a black Ford Explorer.

“Who’s car is that? And why is your dad driving it,” Frank asked Mikey as he rocked Helena.
“Dunno. I guess we’re about to find out.”

No sooner had Mikey spoken, then the two men came in the door.

Gerard leaned down and kissed Paisley before gently plucking his daughter out of Frank’s arms. Frank’s response was diverted by a stern glance from Ray.

“So,” Gerard said grinning at the black haired baby in his arms, “The Explorer is ours, Paise. We have our own car. Dad said the Explorer would be much more convinient, what with the carseat and all.”

“That’s great,” Paisley exclaimed, “Did you tell your parents about the housing situation?”

“What situation,” Donna asked as she came out of the kitchen. Moving over to the couch, she sat down in between her son and Frank.

Paisley glanced at Gerard before speaking, “Well we figured that since we have the baby, that the house would seem awfully full. And she’s going to be waking up in the dead of night, and we don’t want to inconvinience yall with that. So, we decided that we would move into my apartment, since it has two bedrooms.”

“No, no, no. I can’t allow that. You are a young family. You’re going to need help. And if you’re living here, I can help you.”

“Donna, its not like we’re moving to California.”

“Mom, Paisley’s apartment is only 20 minutes away. We’re still in the same zip code.”

Donna motioned for Don to follow her into the guest bedroom. While they were talking, Mikey spoke up.

“I know my opinion doesn’t count here, but I think it’s a great idea. You two don’t need to have them, especially mom, underfoot while you’re figuring this whole parenting thing out.”
Paisley looked down at where Mikey sat at her feet. Leaning down she kissed him on top of the head.

“I like your opinion.”

“Mikey, that is the only thing you’ve ever said that completely made sense, I’m proud of you,” Frank grinned.

Grumbling, Mikey threw a pillow at the other boy.

Moments later the parents walked back into the room.

“Uner one condition can you move back into that apartment,”Donna said.

“You have to live here for Helena’s first month. After that you can go back to Heartford Place.”


“I appreciate your mom and alll Gerard, but I don’t want to be a burden on them.”

Paisley reclined back on their bed as she breast fed their baby.

“I know sugar, but she’s excited. Her first grandchild. Plus, living here will give us a chance to get the apartment in some kind of order. Especially Helena’s room.”

Paisley shrugged, “I guess.”

Moving aside some pillows, Gerard sat down next to Paisley.

“Hey, I’m going to try and get a job in New York as a cartoonist. I’m going for an interview in a few days. Once we get a cashflow coming in, then we can save up to get our own house.”

“Or for a honeymoon.”


Paisley lowered her shirt, and placed the baby on her shoulder to burp her.

“I’ve been thinking about your marriage proposal. Here’s my proposition for you. Give me five months to lose some of this baby weight, and I will gladly take on your last name.”

Gerard grinned, “That would make me the happiest person on earth.”

Giving him a cocky grin, she wiggled her ring finger.

“Me too. Now, where’s my ring?”

A/N: It turns out that maybe I won't be ending the story soon. Hope yall are happy :D
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