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I sat down on my hotel bed as the other guys followed suit. "Isn't it so damn obvious that Chester likes that girl from The Open Wound, what's her name? Um… Jade?" Rob started. "Oh my sister?" Brandan asked. He did know about this. We were both the only ones here that know about Chester's "paramour". "Oh yeah, your sister. You know what we should do?"

"What?" "We should bet" "Bet on what?" I asked. "Jade and Chester?" Phoenix said. "Okay, I bet two months" I volunteered. "I say two weeks" Brandan took out two twenty dollar bills and slapped them on the table. That was when I realize, I needed to put my money in there also. Goodbye forty bucks! But only if I lost.

The others made their bet as the pile of money goes to Lacey. She was the only one not betting here. Rob, Brandan, Lacey, Phoenix, Brad, and Joe were the only ones in the room. "Keep them safe girl" I warned. "Yeah of course" Lacey muttered, heading out of our room. "I gotta go okay?" Brandan took his purple hoodie before heading out of the room as well.


We got to the venue and I quickly got out of the bus. "Jade, get my guitar for me?" Brandan asked. "No, get the shit yourself" I rolled my eyes, and walked into the venue. "You guys have sound check in ten minutes" someone told me. "I'll be ready by then" I muttered, and walked into the dressing room. I turned on my iPod and closed my eyes. I was tired as hell and I'm definitely cranky when I'm tired. I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday's event. The mystery guy.

"Jade, let's go, we got sound check" Robbie came in. "I'm coming faggot" I got up and stuffed my iPod in my jean pocket. We finished sound check within fifteen minutes and went back stage. The other bands did their sound check within an hour and the people were starting to come in. I could get used to this process. "You guys are up" the guitar tech told me. "Okay"

"Excited?" Stephanie asked while the tech gave me my red Gibson guitar. "Yeah, yeah" I shrugged. I could hear the crowd roaring outside on the stage. They were mostly into Flyleaf and Linkin Park obviously. But one day we would be the headliners. "Go" someone pushed me up on stage. I realized that I was the last to go on stage.

"How are you doing tonight Los Angeles?" Brandan shouted in the mic, clutching his pick tightly in his hand. "This first song's called One Last Day!" I began playing the riff and later joined by Brandan. We played the 30 second intro until the drums and the bass came in. I loved the energy of playing on stage. People were actually jumping up and down to our music. The music I wrote with my brother, Jacob, and Robbie.

We played four more songs before we finished our set. "Thanks, LA! You guys were so fucking great! I'd like to thank Linkin Park and Flyleaf for taking us out on tour with Reverse Your Words!" my brother finished. We all headed back stage as instruments were being taken away from us. "Good luck" my brother told Stephanie as they passed each other. "Thanks" she muttered and stood behind the curtain nervously.

"Good job" Chester came over to me. "I know" I said. "How does it feel like to be on tour?" he continued. "It feels good" I answered honestly. "Have you ever toured with another band before?" he asked. "No obviously not" I got up and walked back to the dressing room. He needs to stop bothering me. What doesn't he get? I don't want anything to do with him. Stop trying.

When I have nothing to do or to think about, the mystery guy comes back into my mind. How will I find him? I don't even know who the guy is? Will the guy come back to me? Will he confront me and tell me that we met before? How will I know it's him? How can I taste his lips and know it's him? Who is the fucking guy anyways? I've never felt so strange about someone. I've never felt this way about anyone at all. Maybe besides that faggot. Michael.

The problem is that I don't know anything about the guy. I only have his jacket which I kept in my back pack. I stayed in the dressing room and slept for three hours before we went outside to meet with the fans. "Can I have your autograph?" a female fan asked. "Yeah sure" I muttered, signing the recently released EP we had. "Thanks" she smiled. More fans came up to me to ask for pictures and signatures. "Hey can I take a picture with you and Chester?" a guy asked, handing the camera to his female friend. "Uh… if you can find him" I crossed my fingers. Please be in the dressing room cleaning up, not out here.

"There he is!" the girl pointed. "Yo Chester!" the guy shouted. I mentally cursed myself. God does hate me. I knew that from day one. "Hey, what's up?" Chester shot me a glance and looked at the fans. "I want to take a picture with you and Jade Levine" he said. I looked away from Chester and tried to smile. "Sure" I stood awkwardly next to the guy with Chester on his other side. His female friend took the picture at least two times before switching positions with the guy.

After a while, we got back on the bus. "How was the signing today?" Jacob asked my brother. "Great" he nodded. "You know what this kid asked me?" Robbie said. "What?" I rolled my eyes. "They asked me if Brandan and Stephanie were going out" two seconds later, Robbie and Jacob began laughing. Brandan turned red as a tomato and some kind of anger on his face. "Why aren't you laughing Jade, if it's so funny to everyone why don't you laugh?" Brandan was actually mad. Oops. Not my fault for not laughing.

"Cause unlike you immature people, I don't laugh at stuffs that aren't funny" I said coldly, turning away from them and put my music back on until we got to the hotel. I quickly got off the bus and walked to my hotel room. Few minutes later, Chester walked in, "I'm showering first" I muttered, going into the bathroom. "Yeah sure" I heard him say outside the bathroom door.


"Have you even talked to her?" Mike asked me the next morning. "I've tried, if trying counts" I muttered. "Is she even worth it?" he asked. "Worth what?" I asked. "Worth your ego" "I don't know, I really like her" I shrugged. "Ooh la la, Chester's in love" Stephanie ran over to our table and sat down on the only chair remaining. "Hey, lover girl, how's your lover boy?" Mike teased. I chuckled. Stephanie's eyes widened a bit. "Which one?" her lips suddenly curved into a smile. "Who do you think?" I asked.

"Hey, I'm in a happy relationship, so if your talking about someone else that's not my boyfriend then I'm not gonna answer" she smirked. "Holy shit, you're going out with Brandan??" I exclaimed loudly, causing all the head's in the café to turn. Including Brandan's. His face turned bright red, confirming it. "No I'm not, and thanks for saying that so loud" she muttered. "Who you going out with?" Mike asked. "I'm not telling you. I'll tell you when we are ready" she peeled her banana and took one bite from it.

"And Chester, I think it's a good time to go take your shot" Stephanie pointed at something. I followed her finger. Jade was sitting at the table of three alone. "Go" Mike hissed. "Okay" I shrugged, taking my plate with me and walked over to her. I saw her roll her eyes. Obviously she hates me. She wants nothing to do with me but here I am. Bothering her once again. "I'm going to sit here, um… okay?" I asked her nervously.

"Don't you have anything else better to do than sit here? Weren't you having the time of your life sitting with Mike and Stephanie?" she said coldly. "Oh, you noticed. That's tells me something" I said cockily. "What does that tell you dumbass?" she asked slightly annoyed. "If you knew how happy I was. Or you knew that I was sitting with Mike and Stephanie, that means you noticed. That means you like me!"

"In your fucking dreams" Jade rolled her eyes. I've seen this girl roll her eyes so many times. But I always get amused by that gesture. "Stop denying it" I grinned. "If you think I fucking like you then you must be on crack so get out of this fucking seat or I'll make you get out of this seat" she yelled, getting everyone's attention. "Ooh, how bout you make me get out?" I winked. She sighed in frustration and got up.

I'm actually excited to see what she's gonna do. "Don't say I never warned you" she muttered under my breath and pushed me off my chair. I could hear the guys laughing. I smirked myself. Jade sat down on her chair and continued eating in silence.


My heart is aching. She told Chester and Mike that she was in a relationship. I knew it was that Tyson guy. Who is he anyways? How did she know him? I can't deny the fact that I'm jealous. Jealous that this guy got the girl of my dreams. He better treat her well or I'll kick his ass and never make him forget it. I wonder if I could do better than that kid. He was a handsome guy anyways, why wouldn't she fall for him?

"What are you thinking?" Robbie asked. "About something" I shrugged. "Let's watch TRL" he suggested. "Yeah sure" Robbie changed the channel to MTV. "Oh, the All American Rejects, finally I get to see their songs on TV!" he sat on his bed and we watched the video in silence. I've heard of the All American Rejects, but never really listened to their music. I've heard Stephanie say she likes them. I stared at the video blankly. I finally decided to check the band out for Steph and focused.

Then I noticed something. "Robbie, pause it" I shouted. "Um… Okay?" he did what he was told. He paused it on the lead singer. I examined him. "Who's that?" I asked. "Um… Tyson Ritter, he's the lead singer of the All American Rejects" he said it matter of factly. "Oh" so that's why. She likes his band. She likes him. He likes her.

He then pressed play again. After the video ended, I see the interviewer's face. She smiled and began talking, "That was our number five video. The All American Reject's Dirty Little Secret. The band has decided to drop by today to chat with us" the crowd roared and I mentally cursed myself. At least I get to know who the guy is and how will he treat Stephanie. The band came out and sat on the stool next to the interviewer. Tyson put down his phone and finally looked up.

"How are you guys?" the girl asked. "We're great" one of the guys said. "So how did you guys do on your headlining tour?" she asked. "It's an amazing journey and it feels great to get to see the fans that have supported us from the beginning" another guy said. "Where's your favorite place so far?" she asked. "My favorite place was definitely LA" Tyson smiled, looking down at his phone again. "Why is that so?"

"Oh the energy of the people was great and I met an amazing girl there of course" he winked. The girls squealed. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, the Tyson Ritter is taken now, is he?" the interviewer smiled. "Oh, yeah he is indeed" he nodded. "Are you texting her now?" she asked. "Oh, oops, sorry I am though" "Telling her to check you on TRL now?" "Actually I was… hey Steph" he waved. I groaned. Robbie looked at me confused.

"Wait our Steph?" he asked. I rolled my eyes. "Who's the girl?" the women asked. "She said I could announce it now so I'd like to say that I'm going out with Stephanie Gregiel from Reverse Your Words" he said in the mic excitedly. I yelled in frustration and threw a pillow at the TV screen. "Fucking douchbag!" I shouted. "Oh, Stephanie is going out with Tyson Ritter? Oh my god, when was this?" Robbie was still shocked. The only feeling I have in me right now was anger.
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