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Mad Dash

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I walked back to my hotel room with Mike. "You know that sucks" I muttered. "What sucks?" he asked me. "I finally want a girl and I can't get her" I answered. "Jade?" I nodded. "Don't worry. It's obviously nothing personal. She doesn't like anybody" he sat on my bed. "Have you ever wonder why she's like this? A person cannot possibly be born like that" "Why don't you ask her yourself?" I sat down beside Mike. "Do you possibly think she will? That girl won't even look at me"

"As I said, it's nothing personal" he shrugged. "Dude, I'm going to the bathroom" I got up from the bed and went inside the bathroom. What I didn't know was that Jade was in there changing. Luckily she had her pants and tank top on. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in here" I mumbled. She shot me a death glare and I quickly got out. Mike was in hysterics. "It's not funny dude" I punched him.

"Yes it was" "Let's get out of here" I muttered. I was obviously embarrassed but I was also disapointed. I have gone all my way to try and get to know this girl. All she does is push me away. I do like her angry attitude but it's too much. It's about time I get over her. I cannot deal with people who only push me away and make a fool out of me. Chester Bennington. 

"What are you thinking about?" Mike asked when we are in the elevator. "How do you know if I'm thinking about something?" I said. "You look spaced out" "Dude, I'm always spaced out" "Not true" he muttered. We got to the lobby and we headed out. "Hey guys" Stephanie giggled excitedly. "Whats up girly?" Mike linked his arms with hers.

"Did you guys watch TRL before?" she asked, practically squealing. "Um... No why?" I asked. "Oh, if you didn't watch it, then you didn't know I'm going out with Tyson Ritter" she smiled. "Oh isn't he that guy from The All American Rejects?" Mike asked. She nodded. "Thats good. You found somebody, whose apparently famous" I added. "Not my fault he's famous" she shrugged. 

"So what are you gonna do with the day off?" I asked her. "We are in LA baby, I'm going to the beach and maybe get a tan" she took out her sunglasses. "Dont forget your bikini" Mike said. Steph gave him a death glare before walking away. We both bursted out laughing the second she was out of ear shot. "Can you believe her?" Mike said in between laughs.

"Fucking band guys" Brandan muttered as he stormed out of the elevator. "Hey buddy, what's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing, nothing at all" he growled. "You look pretty pissed man" Mike pointed out. "I am, stupid ass Tyson Ritter has to come to this fucking hotel. Out of all the hotels in Los Angeles, he had to choose this one. Can't he go away?" he rambled. "Oh, I know what your problem is" I wondered aloud. "And that would be?" he asked.

"Jealousy" Mike and I said at the same time. "I am not jealous at all" he shouted. He looked like he didn't believe himself either. "Keep telling yourself that" Mike said. "In fact I will. If I keep telling myself that, I might actually believe it and get over her. She doesn't want me. Why even waste time crying for her? Thanks guys. Thanks for the help" he yelled and walked out the hotel. "Um... Your welcome?" I called after him.

"Hey guys!" Lena jumped out of the reception table. Mike and I jumped. She laughed. "What the hell was that Lena?" I shouted. "I heard everything" she said, satisfied with herself. "What do you mean?" "Branny boy's got it bad for Stephy" she said all giggly. "Um... Okay??" I honestly didn't care about their romance. I don't want anyone's dreams to come true when mines didn't. He didn't deserve to get the girl he wants when I don't get the girl I want. 

Wait, I'm thinking about her again. I can't. "And your going to tell Steph are you?" Mike asked. "Hell no" she scoffed, "that would make it less romantic" "Okay, I think I have to get going now" I walked away from them. "Where you going man?" Mike yelled. "The beach" I shouted back. "See you later then" "Yeah" I left the hotel.


The four day break in LA finally ended. I didn't like this break. First, it stopped me from doing what I love. Which was playing music. Second, I was stuck in a room with a creeper. Third, I was bored to death. There was nothing you can do in LA. The roadies wouldn't bring the amp to my hotel room.

"Are you ready?" Brandan asked. "What?" I stared at him blankly. "We're on in five minutes" he said. "Oh" I turned away. The guitar tech handed me my guitar. "Good luck" Mike walked up to me. "I don't need it" I muttered before walking up on stage. The crowd was roaring like usual. People were starting to know our songs which was amazing.

I played the riff to our first song and Brandan began playing along. He sucks at guitar but we needed two guitars for our sound to be better. Can't find another crackhead to play with us so Brandan might just as well play guitar. I personally think it distracts his singing. We played songs after songs and we were finished with the set. We for off stage and waited for the other bands to finish their sets. After the meet and greet, we went back to our tour bus and I immediately went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, Robbie and Brandan was getting dressed. "Jade, we have a interview today" my brother told me. "Oh" I nodded. "I suggest you come" he said. "Why don't you and Robbie go. I don't have anything to say to the filthy interviewer" I muttered. "You don't even know who the interviewer is and your already judging" "You know what?Don't talk to me" 

"Its okay you don't have to go to the interview. If you are going to stay, Chester can take you out for lunch. Everybody have plans besides you two" my head shot up. I am never letting this guy take me out. "I'll go to the interview" I gave in. "That's what I thought" he gave Robbie a high five. "But don't expect me to say much" I added.

"I don't have a problem with that" Robbie shrugged. "Get ready now Jade. Quickly" Brandan rushed. "Stop rushing me you faggots" I yelled and slammed the bathroom door shut. Fucking guys. I cleaned myself up and got ready. When I was ready, I walked out of the bus. I followed the guys into the studio. The crew immediately dragged me to the dressing room.

I don't know how the interviews are like but I didn't like the sound of it. People hovering over you to make you look better. I didn't give a shit how I looked in interviews or anywhere. The only important thing is music. Not appearance. The lady splashed the whole powder on my face. I just wanted to punch her.

After they were done, I was pushed into the studio. The guys were already seated on the bench. There was an empty space left in between them. I was forced onto the bench. My first interview. This shall be good. I rolled my eyes. The female interviewer greeted us. "I'm Greta, nice to meet you guys" she shook each one of our hand.

"You guys are on in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one" "And hello everybody, we are back now with the new band The Open Wound. They are currently on tour with Linkin Park, Flyleaf, and Reverse Your Words. Hello guys" she waved at us. "Hey" the guys said in unison. "So how are you guys coping with your first tour?" 

"We are good. I mean I am truly thankful that Linkin Park decided to take us out on tour. It's amazing and I'm also thankful for the fans that's been supporting us from the beginning. It feels great to be on stage with more than 100 people watching you" my brother answered. "So how did The Open Wound form?" Brandan gave the microphone to Robbie. "Brandan and I formed the band. We were friends from kindergarden" he chucked, " and we both loved music. When we formed, we were looking for a drummer and a guitarist. Brandan told me his sister can play. And she really can in fact" he shot me a glance. I ignored it. "Then we held audition for drummers. Jacob auditioned and he was our favorite so we recruited him" 

"Thats a pretty normal way to start a band" "Yeah" Brandan and Robbie nodded. "So how did Linkin Park find you guys?" she asked. Brandan handed me the mic. I shot him a glare. He smiled and nodded. I took the mic. "There was a battle of the band competition. We played and we won" I said and handed the microphone back to Robbie. "She's not much of a talker" she said. "No, not really" Brandan said. I shot him another glare. Fucking faggots.

"So who is the loudest in the band?" "I think Jacob" Robbie said. "Yeah I think so too, he would never shut up when he wants to say something" Brandan added. The girl chuckled. "I was about to ask who was the quiet one but now I know" "Yeah" the guys nodded. "Now can someone tell me what Fearless Love is about?" she said. Robbie and I both immediately turned to Brandan. "Oh, I wrote this song about a girl I dated in high school. She was afraid to tell me she loves me or something. She has some kind of problem telling me that so I was like fuck that. If you can't tell me that you love me then what are you doing here?" he laughed and so did the girl.

"And talking about your love interests, there were rumors flying around that you are going out with the Reverse Your Words frontwomen, Stephanie G. A few days ago Tyson Ritter said on TRL that he's going out with her. What's the real story?" I turned to my brother. He was obviously furious. He tried his best not to show it. "Stephanie and I are just friends. I don't know how people got the idea that we are going out. And I guess Steph and Tyson are going out, and it's not my place to confirm it or deny it" "You answered that question perfectly" he let out a nervous chuckle.

"Now I have a question for Jade Levine" I mentally rolled my eyes. The guys handed me the mic again. "There were also rumors flying around that you are going out with Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington. Are you going to confirm it?" I dropped the mic in my hand. "Where the hell did you get all these information from? Did you just make that up on the top of your head? Because all your questions seems like bullshit" I shouted. The guys immediately got up and covered my mouth. Annoyed, I pushed them both away. "Jade, I did not make these questions up and these questions were asked by fans on our website" she said calmly.

"No way in hell am I ever going to go out with Chester Bennington. You got that? So if your going to have a problem with that, then let's take this outside" I yelled. "Calm down Jade stop please" Brandan begged. "No Brandan you stop trying to suck up to the media. Media's a bitch and you know it. They just asked you a fucking question about you and Stephanie. You know you love her but you won't admit it. Why not just admit it to the public if your such an ass kisser. Tell them that you love Stephanie and that you don't want her to go out with Tyson Ritter. Go on, say it" I knew my face was red. I've never taken my anger out so much in my life. Brandan looked at me furiously. 

"You know what? I'm leaving. I'm not staying in this fucking place" I pushed past the crew and ran out of the studio. I got in the bus and slammed the door shut. Jacob just woke up when I got in. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked. Jackass still has no clue. After everything that happened. "Why don't you ask the others?" I shouted and went to the back of the bus. I took out my iPod and began playing Killswitch Engage. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. 


We got back on the bus after the show ended. This tour has been great and rock star life is great. I hope I get to live the rest of my life like this. The only problem I have is my love life. I'm going out with Tyson Ritter but I'm actually in love with Brandan Levine. What a mess. Lena always questions if I really love Tyson. I respect him as a musician. He writes good music but I don't truly love him. "Have you ever wondered how that interview with The Open Wound went?" Andrew asked. "What?" I walked over to Andrew, peaking at his laptop screen.

"You have to watch this" He pressed play on the YouTube video. When it was getting to the 5:00 point, my jaw dropped. Okay there were a question asked about Tyson and I but it wasn't that bad. Jade just had a total meltdown. Did Brandan really love me? Was he trying to hide his feelings? I saw that look on his face when Jade pointed that out. I looked at Lena confused.

"Girl, you are missing out on a lot of things. And going out with Tyson Ritter may be the biggest mistake of your life"
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