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Chapter 2 Lizzie's New Daughter

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Lizzie Devine has found a new boy to become her daughter and he's the perfec fit round and all

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Tommy was satasfied with the outcome of Hoagie's nightmares these days as he became the older brother to Hoagie but Mushi had a plan cooked up for him too.
Hoagie: Mommy can I have some fruit snacks?, I'm hungry and Tommy doesn't want to share.
Mrs. Gilligan(Throwing a baggie of gummi bears to Hoagie) Here you go sweetums that should teach him how to share.
Hoagie stuck his tongue out at Tommy as he grabbed a Coke from the counter and skipped off swinging his baggie this way and that.
Tommy: That's not fair why does Hoagie get gummi bears and I get fruit snacks?, I'm older I should be the one getting the gummi bears.
Mrs. Gilligan(Chopping peppers) Until you learn to share with your brother he's going to have more than you.
Tommy: But- but- but- but that's not fair why does Hoagie always get more?
Mrs. Gilligan: He's getting more because he's little and your the big brother so you have to look out for him.
Tommy: That sucks why does he get all the attention.
Hoagie skipped merrily up to the counter and shoved a lemon in Tommy's mouth giggling.
Hoagie: Sour words, sour words, now you have the right to purse ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Mrs. Gilligan smiled as Hoagie sat at the counter with his gummi bears and Coke can.
Mrs. Gilligan: Dinner's almost ready sweetums, we're having chicken fingers, rice, mashed potatoes, gravy, and an apple pie for dessert your favorite.
Hoagie(licking his lips) Salad too?
Mrs. Giligan: What do you think the peppers and the rest of the vegetables are for munchkin?
Hoagie snatched the lemon from Tommy's mouth as he made a disgusted face.
Hoagie: Learn to use nice words with me around big brother, It's not very nice for me to hear bad words.
Mrs. Gilligan: I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself to you Tommy Joseph Gilligan.
Hoagie: Yea how many times does she have to act like a parrot Tommy?
Mrs. Gilligan: Listen to your brother for once Tommy.
Hoagie smiled down at Tommy as Tommy sighed and pushed his chair away making it hit the table.
Mrs. Gilligan: Go to your room Tommy and don't come out until your ready to not cause a scene in front of your 3 year old brother.
Hoagie tossed another gummi bear in his mouth and chewed as Tommy went to grab one but Hoagie held them behind his back.
Hoagie: Nope you can't share with me so I'm not going to share with you, that's what you get.
Tommy: This sucks why couldn't I get a sweet younger brother?
Hoagie shoved a fresh lemon into Tommy's mouth as his lips pursed and Hoagie imitated him.
Mrs. Gilligan: Sour words, sour words, now you have the right to purse.
Hoagie(Laughing) I love that nursery rhyme mommy.
Mrs. Gilligan: All right Hogenickums let's get you washed up for dinner.
Tommy: What about me?
Mrs. Gilligan: I think we're past the parent kid cleaning phase, go wash up and make sure your hands are sparkling when your done.
Tommy: Yea, yea, yea give me a fucking break would ya?
Hoagie shoved another lemon in Tommy's mouth as he jumped up and down laughing at him.
Tommy(Whispering to himself) I forgot how much attention the youngest gets.
Hoagie(Singsong voice) Sour words, sour words now you have the right to purse ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Tommy slumped into the bathroom and turned the warm water on watching the steam rise and fog up the mirror.
Tommy(Scrubbing his hands) Stupid Hoagie get's all the attention.
Mrs. Gilligan(Yelling upstairs) You better not be getting water all over my bathroom young man, and put that lemon back in your mouth for dropping the f bomb.
Tommy: How did she know?
Mrs. Gilligan: A mother knows when a punishments over young man now put the lemon back in until I say otherwise.
Tommy shoved the lemon back in his mouth and pursed as Mushi appeared at the foot of the stairs smiling.
Mushi: Is somebody enjoying being an older brother.
Hoagie(Jumping up and down and singing) Gummi bears, gummi bears, they come in different flavors and colors, gummi bears, gummi bears, oh how I love you.
Mushi: Looks like Hoagie's enjoying being the youngest, silly you didn't have time to think that the smallest get's all the attention in the household.
Hoagie: I love being smallest because I get gummi bears instead of fruit snacks, and Tommy gets fruit snacks.
Mrs. Gilligan: Tommy has to start looking out for two things, his cute as a button younger brother, and his dangerously high weight.
Mushi: Mrs. Gilligan may I stay for dinner?
Hoagie(Jumping up and down) Please say yes mommy, please say yes she's my friend and Tommy always has a friend over for dinner.
Mrs. Gilligan(Smiling down at him) Now how could I say no to that.
Hiagie(Throwing his hands in the air) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy my friend, my friend, my friends coming to dinner.
Mushi(Hugging Hoagie) I'm glad you see me as a friend Hoagie, after dinner we can ride trikes in the driveway.
Hoagie(Giving the puppy dog pout to Mrs. Gilligan) Can we really mommy pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please mommy.
Mrs. Giligan(Ruffling Hoagie's hair) I don't see any reason why not Hogenickums, you and your friend have a good time.
Mushi pulled the lemon out of Tommy's mouth and giggled when he smacked his lips and made another disgusted face.
Tommy: And the award for the bigest display of shit goes to Hoagie Philip Gilligan.
Hoagie shoved a fresh lemon in his mouth and laughed along with Mushi.
Hoagie(Cracking up) Hey Tommy this is no time to be a sour puss, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Mrs. Gilligan got booster seats for Mushi and Hoagie and pushed two plates of cut up chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, and a bowl of salad at them.
Mrs. Gilligan: If you can't stop swearing Tommy your going to have to eat lemons and drink lemon juice for dinner.
Tommy flipped Mrs. Gilligan the finger as she put tobasco on it and made him suck it.
Mrs. Gilligan: That finger is going to be burning almost as much as your mouth in a second and a half young man.
Mushi: I have a soloution that could make all of our problems solved.
Mrs. Gilligan: I'm listening Mushi sweetie, I mean just look what you did with Hoagie I haven't seen him this happy in years.
Mushi: Decades actually but that's besides the pointseys Mrs. Gilligan, I think Tommy needs a sitter.
Mrs. Gilligan(Scratching her chin) Interesting Mushi did you have a sitter in mind?
Mushi(Nodding) Elizabeth Gordon or Lizzie to her friends, see she babysits me and she's the sweetestest thing on two legs.
Mrs. Gilligan: Well I love that idea Mushi what's her going rate?, and will she be able to train Tommy not to swear anymore.
Mushi(Smiling evily) Ohhhhh yea it'll be like he isn't even here anymores, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Mrs. Gilligan: I hope he changes like Hoagie did, I'd even like him not being a Gilligan anymore he gives us a bad name.
Mushi(Giggling) I'm sure Lizzie would love to hear that, so here's the deal Mrs. Gilligin take Mr. Gilligan out tonight and Lizzie can babysit.
Mrs. Gilligan: All right that sounds like a deal, now give me Mrs. Gordon's number.
Mushi smirked at Tommy with the lemon in his mouth as she passed up a business card and Mrs. Gilligan dialed the number on the card.
Lizzie: Hello Lizzie's sitting service my going rates $5.00 an hour plus unlimited snacks and phone time.
Mrs. Gilligan: Hello Mrs. Gordon I was told to call you by Muhsi Sanaban.
Mushi: Mention Tommy not being a Gilligan anymore I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that.
Mrs. Gilligan: I was wondering what you would do if I told you my son Tommy was being cut from his family tree.
Lizzie laced her fingers together and smiled an evil smile knowing she found the boy to become her daughter.
Lizzie: I'd have to ask where you wanted to send him, I mean I can take him off your hands for free if you like.
Mrs. Gilligan: Done and done Mrs. Gordon and you'll also be watching Mushi and my other special little guy Hoagie.
Lizzie: I can handle that the fee is still $5.00 plus unlimited snacks, the phone time will be cut short with Mushi there.
Mrs. Gilligan: You got it, and I'm thinking Tommy's figure will have to change dramatically?
Lizzie(Packing a huge nightgown and a huge blanket) You got that right now will I be spending the night?, because if so the fees $10.00 an hour.
Mrs. Gilligan: Pack some PJ's for Tommy too and yes you will spend the night.
Lizzie threw a smaller but rounder nightgown, underwear, shampoo, soap, and slippers in a pink backpack humming happily.
Mrs. Gilligan: All right Tommy's bedtime is whatever you make it, Hoagie's bed time is 8:00 and Mushi's is again whatever you want to make it.
Lizzie: Any bad habbits with Tommy I should know about?, Nail biting, hair twirling, bubblegum snapping things like that?
Mrs. Gilligan: Yes he has a very bad potty mouth that I'm sure you can cure once you get here.
Lizzie threw some hot peppers in her bag smiling evily the whole way before grabbing her brush and some hair elastics.
Mrs. Gilligan: Is there anything else you'd like to know?
Lizzie: Yes does Hoagie like candy?
Mrs. Gilligan: He loves it in fact he loves it so much I don't know where he put's it all when he eats it.
Lizzie(Throwing two huge bags of candy in the pink backpack) Well he's going to love having me as a babysitter.
Mrs. Gilligan: What time do you think you can make it here?
Lizzie: I can be there in five minutes just give me your address Mrs. G.
Mrs. Gilligan: 115 Washington Road it's the house with the white picket fence.
Lizzie: Make that five seconds I live like two blocks from you.
Mrs. Gilligan: See you when you get here Mrs. Gordon, it sounds like your going to be a great babysitter.
Lizzie(Smiling) Trust me Mrs. G I'm one of the best.
Mrs. Gilligan hung up the phone and stared down at Hoagie who was eating his chicken.
Mrs. Gilligan: I think Lizzie's bringing candy over for you two Hoagie, and for Tommy he can say his farewells to the Gilligan name right now.
The doorbell rang as Mrs. Gilligan ran to answer it and Hoagie took the lemon out of Tommy's mouth.
Tommy: You little brat I don't know why you have to be so cute.
Hoagie: If it gets me all the candy I can eat then I'm going to be as cute as I can.
Mrs. Gilligan(Yelling) Tommy, Mushi, Hoagie come on out and meet the new babysitter.
Tommy: This bitch should be a trip I think.
Mrs. Gilligan heard the word and went to shove a lemon into Tommy's mouth as Lizzie stopped her.
Lizzie: Obviously the lemon isn't working let me try something a little stronger.
Lizzie giggled evily and pulled a small red pepper from her bag as Tommy's mouth snapped shut and Lizzie smiled down at him.
Lizzie: Tommy open your mouth before I open it for you, the lemon sure didn't work but this picante jalipino pepper should do the trick.
Tommy shook his head at Lizzie as Hoagie had a plan and placed a lemon at his lips as Tommy opened his mouth and Lizzie shoved the pepper in it.
Lizie(Ruffling Hoagie's hair) There you see teamwork always does the trick, and good luck Tommy pretty soon your mouth's going to be on fire.
Mrs. Gilligan(Kissing Hoagie's forehead) Bye munchkin I'm going out but I'll be back tomorrow.
Hoagie(Kissing Mrs. Gilligan's cheek) Bye mommy I'll be the best boy ever.
Mrs. Gilligan rushed out and Tommy ran for the kitchen to get a soda as Lizzie smiled down at him and stood in front of the fridge as Mushi took the sink.
Lizzie: Hmmmmmmmm let's see how you get a drink now master cusser.
Tommy(Fanning his mouth) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh water, water, water, wwwaaattteeerrrrr!
Lizzie: Sorry Tommy but your going to learn that the words you say around your little brother are impressionable.
Hoagie took a sip from his Coke can as Tommy grabbed it and Hoagie's lip curled.
Tommy: Gimmie that wimp, rules of the wild older brothers are stronger than little brothers.
Lizzie(Snatching the can from him) Rules of the wild idiot, never mess with a babysitters clients and that includes your little brother.
Lizzie placed the can back in Hoagie's hands as Hoagie chugged some and smiled again.
Mushi: So what have we learned today Tommy?, we learned that if you mess with Lizzie's clients then you mess with Lizzie.
Lizzie(Ruffling Mushi's hair) That's right now the both of you finish your dinner because I have a surprise for you.
Hoagie chomped down on some chicken then finsihed his corm and potatoes as Mushi did the same.
Lizzie: Nice job littelest Munchkins, now let's get you washed up and ready for beddy bye.
Hoagie didn't need telling twice as he ran at the sink and scrubbed his hands with soap and Mushi gigled seeing the bubbles rise in the sink.
Lizzie: All right you two go get your Pj's on and go lay down, I'll be up to tuck you in faster than you can say Super Lizzie.
The two kids ran up the stairs screaming Super Lizzie at the top of their lungs as Lizzie shook her head laughing and Tommy was chugging lemonade from the pitcher.
Tommy(Choking) Holy shit how hot are those peppers?
Lizzie tossed another one in his mouth without warning and his face turned beet red.
Lizzie: Let's try not swearing and you won't get a taste of some of the hottest peppers in the world Tommy.
Lizzie walked off to tuck Hoagie and Mushi in as Tommy's head went into the sink and his mouth went on the faucet.
Meanwhile in Hoagie's room Mushi and Hoagie are snuggled together in Hoagie's bed as Lizzie threw a blanket over them, turned on the nightlight, and tucked them in.
Lizzie(Kissing Hoagie and Mushi's forehead) Night you little rascals I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning with no Tommy in sight.
Tommy: Fuck this girl's going to kill me with these peppers.
Lizzie(Walking into the kitchen) Snack time Tommy, what do you say we go and watch scary movies and eat junk food.
Tommy(Running into the living room) You don't have to ask me twice.
Lizzie: I'll get the snacks ready you just rest your pretty little head.
Tommy slumped onto the couch suspecting nothing as Lizzie smiled and started making all the fatty snacks she had when she was a little girl.
Lizzie(Cackling) Popcorn check, motzerella sticks check, chicken fingers check, quesadilla's check, onion rings check.
Tommy: Don't forget the soda, the chips, the dip, the candy, the marshmallows, and the rest of the salty and sweet stuff.
Lizzie(Rubbing her hands together) Tommy's going to be a Gordon in no time, and with me as his nutritional advisor/ mother he's doomed.
Lizzie waited for the food to be done and carried it all out as Tommy licked his lips.
Lizzie: Bon appetite Tommy it's all for you and me, but mostly you because you have to get some more meat on your bones.
Tommy ate the chicken fingers two by two until they were gone not noticing that his butt was becoming bigger.
Lizzie: Now let's see what's on TV shall we?
Tommy nodded thrusting his hand into the popcorn bowl and throwing it into his mouth with Lizzie's insides jumping for joy.
Lizzie: Friday the 13th is on let's watch that shall we?
Tommy nodded eating motzerella sticks four at a time as his pants ripped off and Lizzie knew that soon it was going to be time to make Tommy three year old her.
Lizzie: This was my favorite movie ever since I was little and I snuck a peek when my daddy was watching it.
Tommy nodded eating half of the quesadillas by himself and his stomach became bigger with Lizzie cackling at him.
Lizzie: The beginings the best part Tommy the counselors die and Jason's mother takes over Camp Crystal Lake.
Tommy ate all the onion rings and went back to the quesadillas as Lizzie pushed the chips, dip and soda to him.
Lizzie: Eat up little princess soon your not going to be a boy.
Tommy was busy eating to pay attention as Lizzie grabbed a tape measure and started measuring Tommy's waist and stomach.
Lizzie: Soon my little princess real soon you'll have the same waist I did when I was three.
The candy and marshmallows were next and Lizzie knew if Tommy was anything like her at three he wouldn't resist the marshmallows.
Lizzie: Then mommy will work out the kinks with that potty mouth of yours sweetheart.
Tommy as Lizzie predicted grabbed the bag of marshmallows and threw them in four at a time until they were gone and his pants and shirt finally ripped off of him.
Lizzie: Just the candy left sweetie and then we'll get ready to scare the living daylights out of you, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Friday the 13th was Lizzie's least favorite movie as a kid because it was the first time she saw a scary movie and she was ready to share it with Tommy.
Tommy gobbled up all the candy as his stomach became huge and round and Lizzie could do nothing but smile at him.
Lizzie: Well looks like someone's going to need some new clothes, I have just the stuff be right back munchkin.
Tommy finally realized what Lizzie was doing but he couldn't do anything because Lizzie made sure his tomach was so big he couldn't move.
Lizzie(Running in with her pink backpack) All right sweetie mommy has the things to cure you ripped clothes, now please hold still.
Tommy(Trying to stand up) What did you do to this food make it with cement?
Lizzie(Kissing his forehead) Such an imagination on my little princess, but no I just made the food the way my mom did caked with grease and fatty acids.
Tommy(Holding his stomach) Ohhhhhhh I don't feel so good, maybe you should hold off turning me into your little prince for awhile.
Lizzie(Shaking her head) I specifically said princess Tommy Giligan, now let's see what I've got in my bag of evil tricks.
Lizzie pulled out a round, purple nightgown, slippers, a hairbrush, hair elastics, purple underwear, and a white undershirt as an evil grin came over her face.
Lizzie: All right first it's the undies that have to go sweetie you bottom has become much too big for the one's you were wearing.
Tommy's underwear were forced off by Lizzie as she then sat on Tommy's feet pulling the purple underwear up to his waist.
Lizzie: Taduhhhhhhhhhhh now let's start getting these boys clothes off and getting this nightgown on you shall us?
Tommy's boy clothes were ripped off next as Lizzie held an evil glint in her eye and smiled as Tommy's eyes grew with fear.
Lizzie: Now you know what real fear looks like, and just think your going to live with real fear for a good fifteen more years princess Elizabeth.
Tommy: But what's going to happen when people start to notice me missing mother of mine?, have you ever thought of that.
Lizzie(Showing Tommy a poster) Your mom was in on it too, another missing person that nobody can explain.
More fear grew in Tommy's face as his amrs were forced up and the undershirt was forced over his pudgy arm and Lizzie eskimo kissed him.
Lizzie: Right we got the undies, and the undershirt so next comes the nightgown, then the slippers and that's that.
Tommy: What about my hair?, I don't have the hair that you have length or color.
Lizzie: You know your absolutely right princess, so i think bathtime is in effect, then we'll share a mother to daughter moment watching Friday the 13th.
Tommy(Smiling) Too bad it's in the middle of the movie huh?
Lizzie(Smirking) Yea it's too bad Gid created the DVD too isn't it, because I rented it and we're goign to stay up and watch as your screams will be of fear.
Tommy didn't like the sound of Lizzie's voice as she led him to a tub filled with bubbles and Barbie's.
Lizzie: Well jump in Princess, then I'll fix your hair so you look exactly like mommies.
Tommy felt himself giving in as he jumped into the tub with Lizzie cackling.
Lizzie: See you can't fight me because your a part of me now, so play with the Barbies while mommy get's you a towel and your teddy.
Tommy splashed palyfully as Lizzie grinned wider when she pulled out a blue teddy bear.
Lizzie: Well Blueberry time to go to a new little girl, or in your case an old little girl because it's me as a three year old.
Tommy on the other hand noticed himself growing long, fluffy, soft, orange hair and saw there was no choice but to embrace Lizzie.
Lizzie(Laughing) Now about that not having my hair business, I think we solved it once you got in the tubby.
Tommy(Weak) Can't- resist- being- a- girl- what- have- you- done- to- me?
Lizzie(Laughing) Ohhhhhhh nothing I just made you a three year old, and my daughter to boot now let's get this tubby underway shall us?
Tommy's chest grew smaller and flatter as Lizzie cackled at him because she knew that her as a three year old was finally making her appearance.
Lizzie: Well Tommy are you going to continue fighting?, or are you going to let my little girl take full control of your body?
Tommy moaned and held his stomach as it became smaller and rounder and Lizzie smiled at Tommy's defeat.
Lizzie: I guess that means you were going to let her win, now just so you can't fight anymore I'm going to smother you with love and scary movies.
Tommy slapshed suds into Lizzie's eyes as she smiled and lifted Tommy out a hairbrush and hair elastics greeting him.
What happens when Tommy learns what scary movies can do to a little girl read part 2 Lizzie's Revenge and reply to part 1
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