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Chapter 3 Fanny's Dark side

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Fanny's found a new daughter and that boy is in for the night of his life

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Lizzie sat Tommy in front of a mirror as she was braiding the hair in the back of his head into a ponytail smiling as he winced.
Lizzie: It hurts I know but guess what I don't care, no more swearing, no more little brother ignoring, and no more smart alleck mouth from you Tommy Gilligan.
Tommy saw his eyes become the color of Lizzie's as she brushed harder getting all the knots out of his hair smiling.
Lizzie: This is the best part of being a girl fluffy brown hair with knots for mommy's to get out, ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa.
Lizzie twirled the hair elastic in her fingers until the back of Tommy's hair was pulled into a ponytail as Lizzie smiled triumphantly.
Lizzie: And it looks like the clothes fit just like Goldilocks did in the three bears house just right.
Tommy(Weak) All- right- you- win- mom- mommy- mama- ma- whatever- you- want- me- to- call- you- your- it.
Lizzie(Cackling) Mommy will do just fine until you get older and you tire of calling me that.
Tommy slowly got up and saw that the nightgown fit comfortably around his mid section and legs as the underwear stretched itself perfectly around his bottom.
Lizzie(Kissing Tommy's cheek) Well what do you say I scare the living daylights out of you and poor Blueberry?, then we can get some shut eye at least I can.
Tommy: No I refuse to watch that movie and there's nothing a little cunt like you can do about it.
Lizzie tossed two peppers into Tommy's mouth and grinned at him as his face turned red.
Lizzie: I don't take kindly to the word no young lady, as for the other word it better not escape your pretty lips again.
Tommy: Cunt, cunt, cunt, no no no, what are you going to do spank me?
Lizzie(Cracking her knuckles) It'll be my pleasure now lean over and get what's coming to you.
Tommy not being able to control himself leaned over as Lizzie's hand came across his butt six times.
Lizzie: One for each of the bad words I heard you speak.
Tommy(Rubbing his butt) You mean I have to deal with this on a daily basis?
Lizzie(Filing her nails) No you just have to learn what words you can say and we'll be good.
Tommy: I think I'm going to have one hurting butt at the age of three.
Lizzie(Leading Tommy down the stairs) Now we can work on Gordon etiquette, if you feel a burp or a fart coming on you just let it go.
Tommy: I'm not a Gordon I'm a Gilligan and no amount of magic clothes and bath's can change that.
Lizzie(Handing Tommy his birth certificate) That's not what it says here Elizabeth Lauren Gordon II.
Tommy saw his name change on his birth certificate and Lizzie cackled evilly as she rolled it up and patted her daughter's hair.
Lizzie: Now let's talk games because every girl loves to play games, like tea party, house, makeovers, and well other girly things.
Tommy felt his feet sinking into Lizzie's daughter's slippers until they fit perfectly and Lizzie stared down at him.
Lizzie: Fighting's hard work isn't it Tommy?, I mean nobody can save you so I think you should just get used to your new life with me.
Tommy felt the undershirt as big as a tent mold on his chest and tummy as Lizzie led him to the living room where a boy was waiting to save Tommy.
Boy: All right bitch let Tommy go and nobody has to get hurt, if not then face my fists of fury.
Lizzie just smiled placing a skeleton of a person on the floor as the bones magically fitted themselves together.
Lizzie(Cackling) I hope you don't mind but I invited a friend to come and play, in fact you know this friend better than I do.
A green sweater, orange skirt, a mustard bottle, and a metal hat that said 86 appeared as we all know was Fanny Fullbrights wardrobe.
Lizzie: Do you remember her yet or maybe you'll remember her when the skin comes and the freckles form.
The boy made to run knowing that he was in trouble for one killing Fanny and two sending her soul to the nightmare realm forever.
Bright red hair formed on the skeletons head as skin and muscles appeared and a heart beated sending blood into her body.
Lizzie: Now what were you saying about your fists of fury?
As soon as the skin formed we see a black bra and black panties form on the body as Fanny stood up cackling at the boy as he cowered in fear.
Fanny(Stretching) Man it feels good to be back again, and thank you for bringing me back Lizzie, I couldn't have come back without you.
Lizzie: No worries I was just doing what was right, now what are you going to do about this boy?
Fanny(Picking up her clothes) Well I hope he's ready to become little again, but this time he's going to have different urges.
The boy gulped as Fanny's shadow towered over him and he had a fearful expression on his face.
Fanny(Cracking her knuckles cackling) You should be scared John because now your going to be under my control.
The boy looked confused at Fanny as she pulled out a purple sleepaway bag and pulled things out still cackling.
Fanny: You can call me mommy your whole life I won't answer to mom, mama, or ma, mommy is the only acceptable thing in my language.
John: Your not my mom so why the hell would I call you mom?
Fanny(Putting her hand out) Lizzie pepper me, and as for you I'm not your mom yet but I will be soon enough.
John: Oh please you don't scare me, I beat you once and I can do it again.
Fanny lifted her shirt up as face after face met John and they were all screaming in fear on Fanny's stomach.
Fanny: These are the souls of the people that weren't scared of me, and soon you will be joining them my little princess.
John(Squirming) Why would you make me a daughter always I mean don't you enjoy being a single woman without a kid?
Fanny(Pinning John against the wall) I did and then I got to thinking why should I enjoy single life when I can have a daughter to enjoy it with?
John could see Fanny's freckles as her black eyes bore into his and she smiled at him.
Fanny(Patting her stomach) You and your friends are doomed John, I came to you first because you killed me and now I'm going to make you reborn.
John: But your in nightmare world your a figment of our imaginations you stupid Irish bitch.
Fanny threw another pepper in John's mouth and grinned from ear to ear at him.
Fanny: Thanks to Lizzie your not safe awake or asleep now, I can haunt nightmares and haunt reality.
John made to spit the pepper out as Fanny held it in his mouth also pulling out a pair of pink underwear from the sleepaway bag.
Fanny: My little princess looks tired so let's get this show on the road shall we?
John shook his head no as Fanny nodded and pulled his camouflage shorts off revealing his boxers which also came off.
Fanny(Pulling the pink underwear up to his waist) See how much easier it is when we don't fight?
John screamed as he swallowed the pepper and he saw his waist legs, and feet become pudgy and small.
Fanny(Pulling a pair of purple footie pajama's out) All right since your arms are already up, lay down while I get your boy clothes off and we work on getting the girl ones on.
Tommy felt the last piece of his manhood fade as a white light shot into Lizzie and she cackled triumphantly.
Lizzie(Ruffling Tommy's hair) See I told you it was impossible to fight.
Tommy giggled a girly giggle and ran up to watch John become girly as Fanny's insides jumped for joy.
Fanny: See you can't even save someone you came to save, now to get these PJ's on you and then I'll brush your bright red hair and we can work on your girly urges.
Lizzie: I guess you should have burned them bones the night you beat Fanny, now your not even going to get that chance.
John tried squirming as Tommy held John's feet in place and the feet to the footies slipped over John's feet.
Fanny: Thank you Elizabeth as for you John, your new names Ariana because I always loved that name and it kind of rolls off the tongue.
John(Screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my body's shrinking and I feel like being a bully to boys.
Fanny(Cackling) Join the club now the next thing on the agenda is brushing this long, soft, silky, beautiful, bright red hair to look just like mommy's did at your age.
John's eyes turned from green to black as Fanny zipped the pajama's up and smiled as John's arms became small and his hands slipped into the sleeves.
Fanny(Pulling a brush from the sleepaway bag) All right munchkin let's get you groomed then I'll introduce you to Rainbow Bears the newest toy craze.
Rainbow Bears were a mix between Rainbow Monkey's and Build A Bears as Fanny pulled the brush hard through John's head.
Tommy: Mommy what's going to happen to this boy in the pretty purple pajama's?
Lizzie: He's going to live through the torture that this woman has for him sweetie.
Fanny(Brushing harder) Almost done sweetie then it's the Rainbow Bears and off home so my little Ari can get some sleep.
John saw a mirror and he saw freckles form all over his face and he felt that fighting was impossible as Fanny put the brush back and handed John a magenta bear.
Fanny(Handing John a magenta bear) Name her what you like sweetness because now's the time for your soul to join the other's.
John groaned weakly and fell to the floor as Fanny cackled flexing her toes in front of John.
Fanny: I haven't washed them for five years so you tell me how clean they smell, my whole body is like a skunk.
John(Weak) Please- stop- the- urges- I- can't- fight- them- any- any- any- anymore.
Fanny: That's because your a boy and us girls are stronger than you.
Tommy: Yea and just think you have me for a friend plus we get all the attention.
Fanny: There you see your going to get all the attention now let's get back to business.
John tried fighting the urge to hold the teddy close but Fanny wasn't having it as she pushed the bear closer to his chest.
Fanny: Now wrap your cute little arms around it sweetie, then I need to run you a bath and talk about the boys you'll give nightmares to.
John didn't hug the teddy and smiled at Fanny as she wasn't giving up yet.
Fanny: Elizabeth get behind him and spread his arms apart, me I'll hold the teddy in place for him.
Tommy didn't need telling twice as he put John in a half nelson as Fanny pushed the bear into his chest grinning.
Fanny: See it's soft and cuddly and get used to it because soft and cuddly are a girl's bread and butter.
John's arms were forced around the teddy as he shrank some more and he felt girl urges coming on.
Fanny: That's it snuggle with the teddy, now let's get you in that bath because you still reek of boy.
Lizzie led the way to the bathroom where a steamy bath greeted John and Fanny poured bubble bath in letting the water rise some more.
Fanny: I always loved bubble baths as a girl, I loved popping the bubbles making believe they were boy's heads.
John smiled again refusing to get in the tub as the newly acquired Elizabeth Lauren Gordon II picked John up like a rag doll and forced his clothes off.
Fanny: It's always great to have a girl to help me with you sweetie, soon you'll be doing all the things a girl does.
John was thrown into the tub as bubbles got all over him and he made to stand up but Fanny held him down.
Fanny: Ah ahhhh munchkin we have to wash you off and give you some time to play in here, then you can leave the tub if you like.
John screamed a girly scream as his vocal chords changed and he saw more freckles forming on his body.
Fanny(Grabbing a washcloth) Yea I told my mom and dad that I hated those freckles, but they told me that freckles were God's way of making me different.
John: I feel weird like I'm missing something and I don't know what it is.
Fanny: Welcome to the world of being a little girl, it'll eat away at you until your old enough to understand what it is.
John sank into the tub becoming even smaller as he giggled and started popping the bubbles that floated up in front of him as Fanny grinned.
Fanny: I guess boys and girl's love popping bubbles when their younger now hold still while I put a few finishing touches on your new body.
Fanny put a rubber ducky in the tub and rummaged through her sleepaway bag until she found shampoo that would make John a girl forever.
Fanny: All right close your eyes little one and let Auntie Fanny do the rest of the work, and not to worry she knows exactly what she's doing.
John obediently closed his eyes as Fanny poured the shampoo all over John's hair and his body as he felt the girl in him coming out.
Fanny(Rinsing John Off) And veoula we have a beautiful little girl with hair as red as an Autumn sunset, that's your nickname sunset sweetie pie.
John looked back at Fanny and she saw herself in him as she lifted him out of the tub and dried him off before grabbing a blow drier.
Fanny: Now I'm going to dry your hair, get you ready for bed, and then I'm taking you home with me so that you can get some sleep.
John giggled girlishly as his soul was forced out of him and went into Fanny's stomach as she patted it grinning.
Fanny: Let's see who's going to kill me now weakling, you beat me once but your friends helped and now their all doomed.
John: Mommy my hair's soaking wet why don't we dry it?, and then I can cuddle with my Rainbow Bear while you tuck me in at home.
Fanny(Kissing John) All right sweetie we'll dry your hair and then we'll get you tucked in with a cookie and some milk before bed.
John: Good because I have the strangest craving for a chocolate chip cookie and some milk.
Fanny turned the blowdrier on and moved it back and forth through John's hair until it became soft, silky, and dry as Ariana giggled.
Fanny(Picking up the pink underwear) All right sweetie leg up and then put the other leg up then lay down so I can get your PJ's on.
John put one leg up as Fanny slipped the hole into it and then she slipped the other hole in as John laid down giggiling at Fanny.
Fanny: All right now hold still while I do this and then we're off to home with the magenta bear with no name.
John: I want to name it Sunset like my nickname mommy, it looks like a sunset too.
Fanny(Ruffling John's hair) It sure does sweetie, now let's talk about the boys you'll give nightmares to shall we?
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