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Chapter 4 Nightmares and Screeches

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Fanny and her daughter are working together to get into boys nightmares

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As soon as they got home Fanny tucked John in as he yawned slowly and his eyes drooped with Sunset cradeled under his arm.
Fanny: Now remember Joey Beatles is first on your list, eliminate him any way you like.
John snored softly as Fanny kissed his cheek leaving purple, sparkly, lipstick on his cheek and then walking off to find another boy.
John cackled evilly as he was transported to Joey's room where he saw Joey mumbling in his sleep with Wally also sleeping.
Joey(Turning) No she can't get to me I won't let her get me.
Ariana's giggle echoed from under the bed as a lump formed on Joey's bedsheets and he jumped up with a scared expression.
Joey: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-who's t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-there I have d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dreampowers and I'm not afraid to use t-t-t-t-t-t-t-them.
Ariana's nails grew twice the normal size as she lifted her hand up and slashed through the sheets smiling at Joey.
Joey( Jumping back) What do you want from me, I heard you were coming tonight but they never said what you wanted.
Ariana(Holding out Sunset) Sunset Joey Joey Sunset, there now that you've met I can tell you what I'm doing here.
Joey(Grabbing a glass shard) You come near me and the bear gets it, see I know how to use my dreams you don't.
Ariana cackled as her belly moved up and down with every breath and she crawled into bed with Joey wrapping her arms around him.
Ariana: Let's get to know each other better Joey, I'm Ariana Fullbright Fanny Fullbright's daughter.
Joey(Scared) No that's impossible I mean we beat her.
Ariana: Apparently not good enough because what once was John is now Ariana, now let's see what we can make of you.
Joey slashed Sunset as a cut went over Sunset's stomach and Joey smiled triumphantly as Ariana pouted at him.
Ariana(Puckering her lips) Looks like I'll have to beat you in old fashioned girl style, by flirting my tackuss off.
Joey(Backing up) No you stay away from me witch, I'm sorry I hurt the bear and we can fix it by sewing.
Ariana(Brightening) Sewing hey you know a girl has a knack for sewing, in fact I would love to teach you how to sew.
Joey tried not following Ariana as her sweater sleeves shot out wrapping around him and he was dragged along the floor.
Ariana: You'll find like my mommy when I want something I take it and right now I want revenge for poor Sunset
Joey(Struggling) I said I was sorry isn't that enough?
Ariana(Cackling) Nope because you ripped one of my toys so now I'm going to rip you
Joey didn't like the sound of what Ariana was saying as he tossed and turned in his bed in reality moaning in his sleep.
Ariana(Slashing Joey's stomach) First we'll see if your made of stuffing like Sunset.
Blood gushed from Joey's stomach as Ariana gave a gurgling laugh slashing him again and again.
Ariana: Hmmmmmmmmm this looks like a no, and now that your slashed you have about three seconds to live my little piglet.
Joey screamed in pain as Wally slowly turned over throwing a pillow at him to shut him up.
Ariana: Sound sleeper your brother is, my mommy will take care of his nightmares, you just warn your little friends that I'm coming.
Joey(Crawling to Ariana) I can't warn them you slashed me remember?
Ariana(Grinning down at him) There's still a way to warn them Joey, ghost stories that's what this town is made up of ghost stories.
Joey(Weak) I'll- do- anything- please- don't- let- me- die- I- promise- I'll- be- your- slave.
Ariana: You already are Joey, see your soul goes to me and your body stays in this world, so serving me is what you do best now.
Ariana's shadow overtook Joey as she giggled her finger nails growing back to normal size with blood all over them.
Ariana(Looking down at her nails) Well what do you know nail polish.
Joey screamed as more blood gushed from his stomach and Ariana shoved her toenails into it.
Ariana: Time for my second coat slave so hold still while I hurt you even more.
Ariana's finger nails slashed Joey's chest as more blood gushed and she looked approvingly at her nails.
Ariana: Time for my toeses to get their second coat too.
Ariana shoved her toenails into Joey's chest her grin never leaving her face.
Joey(Weak) Somebody- else- will- beat- you- my- older- brother- has- the- power- to- never- die- in- his- dreams- so- good- luck.
Ariana full out belly laughed at this as she bent low and kissed Joey's lips with blood escaping from them.
Ariana(Laughing) Your just a personal make up kit aren't you?, as for the powers my mommy has a stick that can take them away.
Joey's last breath was sucked up by Ariana as her chest became a vaccum and his whole body became thinner as his ribs cracked.
Ariana: Welcome to Ariana Fullbrights dreamworld, the best place this side of hell, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa.
Wally on the other hand didn't notice Joey's skeleton sink into Joey's bed, he was just happy the screaming stopped.
Wally(Groggily) Cruddy nightmare infested five year old wimp, he has no idea what a real nightmare looks like.
Wally closed his eyes as he fell down a dark hole hearing Fanny's cackle the whole way down.
Fanny(Screaming in Wally's ears) Haaaaaaaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa guess who's back Beatles?
Wally: Nooooooooooooo you can't be back we made sure to hide your bones better than anybody.
Fanny's disembodied soul floated into her body on a beach as she grinned pulling Wally down with her.
Fanny(Pulling Wally close to her) Word of advice Beatles never trust a girl with glasses, a ponytail, and answering to the name of Lizzie.
Wally: Lizzie brought you back but that would mean that you and her joined forces.
Fanny: Well duhhhhhhhhhhh and Joey can't save you he became my daughters first victim, while John well he killed me so I made him my daughter, Hoagie's under Mushi Sanaban's hypnotic spell, and Tommy's Lizze's daughter.
Wally: I still have Nigel, Jordan, Josh, Adam, Matthew, Lincoln, Mark, and Lindsay any of us could beat you.
Fanny grabbed Wally cackling as she led him to quicksand and threw him in it laughing triumphantly.
Fanny: Nigel's on Rachel's daughter list, he just became top of the list, Jordan, Josh, Adam, Matthew, Lincoln, Mark, and Lindsay just became the top of Fanny's victim list.
Wally(Sinking) Nooooooooooo let me go Fanny I'll do anything just please let me go.
Fanny(Batting her eyes at him) I always did find you cute Wally, but us dating in the dreamworld would recquire me to kill you.
Wally(Screaming) Noooooooooooo somebody save me please anybody save me.
Fanny(Kissing his lips) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Aussie lips I can't get enough of them.
Wally made a disguted face tasting Fanny's lipstick as she leaned in again and kissed him.
Fanny: Soon enough you'll find that resisting me is damn near impossible, once I kill you you're under my control.
Wally(Smiling) Kill me hah you can't kill me, have you forgotten my dreampower is being indestructable you Irish bitch?
Fanny(Pulling out a staff with Indian ribbons all over it) Nope I haven't, but it seems you've forgotten that I always get what I want.
A blue light filled the sky as Fanny's laughter echoed in Wally's head and he saw his powers go into Fanny.
Fanny(Kissing the staff) I love this thing, I picked it up in hell which is where I was for five years Wally, now let's see how indestructable you are to quicksand.
Wally sank quickly as his midsection was no longer seen and he could feel his feet dangling from a ceiling somewhere.
Fanny(Linking her fingers together) Soon my little Aussie real soon you'll belong to me, but until then I still have time to torture you.
Fanny clicked her heels together and grew long, large, black boots and used them for stomping Wally deeper into the sand.
Fanny(Laughing) My stomping boots Wally, I hope you like them because until you sink there going to be all you feel my little Aussie.
Fanny stomped on Wally's head as his elbows and arms disappeared under the sand and she giggled at him
Fanny: I hope you enjoyed the lipstick Wally because since I got back it's all I wear you cute little Aussie.
Wally's fingers got stomped on as his arms, hands, and fingers joined his midsection dangling from the ceiling.
Fanny: Just those cute little lips on your cute blonde head left, one more kiss and then your history Beatles.
Fanny kissed Wally's lips again as he made a disgusted face as her foot came down pushing him down a black hole to a new room.
Fanny(Flexing her fingers) I hope you find the bed comfortable Wally because If you don't you'll start rooming with me sweetie.
Spikes shot out of a bed in the room Fanny made for him as Wally flew from the ceiling and onto the bed each of the spikes pierceing him.
Fanny(Kissing him) Welcome to Fanny's dreamworld cutie pie, the worst nightmares you'll have for the rest of your life, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Wally(Weak) You- can't- live- forever- Fullbright- somebody- will- kill- you.
Fanny smiled lifting Wally's body from the bed and showing him to her room grinning.
In the room we see pictures of Wally everywhere with pictures of Fanny pasted next to him.
Fanny: I made sure I could live forever Wally, and now that your soul is mine your mine too sweetie.
Wally got a fearful look in his eyes as a white light came from his body and shot into Fanny's belly.
Fanny: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Aussie soul I can't get enough of it, and now I'm going to get something I've been waiting for for five years.
Fanny tore her orange skirt, green sweater, black bra, and black panties off grinning as Wally saw her full body.
Fanny: Now your turn take the clothes off and get what you deserve my sweet little Roo.
Wally's spike holes disappeared as Fanny grinned motioning for him to take his clothes off yet again.
Wally: Roo who the hell is Roo and why am I your Roo?
Fanny(Ripping his orange hoodie and blue pants off) Well Duhhhhhhhhhhhh Roo from Winnie The Pooh of course, he's the son of Kanga and you look as cute as he is my little Roo
Wally saw the rest of his clothes rip off of him as Fanny grinned and jumped on top of him as she stared at him.
Fanny: Once we make love your my boyfriend forever and then reality will disappear to you, making this and me your new reality and girlfriend.
Wally got a scared look in his eyes as Fanny's face got so close to his that he could count her freckles her breath reeking of death.
Fanny(Holding Wally down) I hope you don't mind dating a girl with a daughter, because if you do that's just too bad.
Wally(Squirming) I'll wake up and be in reality Fanny, you don't know how to make a deccent nightmare.
Fanny(Pinching him) I'll wake you up my little Roo, see you can't wake up because your dead in reality my little Roo.
Wally made to scream as he saw Fanny's lips heading for him again and this time her tongue was out too evil laughter echoing through the room.
Fanny(Putting her chin on Wally's) Let's suck face my little Roo, then we can make love and you'll be my lover forever.
Wally(Squirming) Never you stupid Irish bitch I'll never kiss you, so get it out of your head now.
Fanny stretched and then her hands found Wally's arms binding him to the bed as she grinned.
Fanny: Once again Wally I get what I want whether that be a staff of dreampowers from hell, or a cute little Aussie I always get what I want.
Wally screamed again as Fanny's mouth was coming down and found his lips as her tongue lashed into his mouth her eyes smiling with evil.
Once Fanny's tongue found Wally it stretched to an unbelievable length and he mumbled as she just laughed.
Fanny: Not to worry my little Roo I make most boys tongue tied, now let's see what we can do about your squirming shall we?
A huge tongue lashed from Fanny's mouth and binded both Wally's legs and hands to the bed.
The tongue in Wally's mouth slinked back into Fanny's mouth like a tape measure and she smiled down at a fearful Wally.
Fanny(Putting her chin on Wally's) Now like I said my little Roo, let's suck face he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Fanny positioned herself on Wally and he found that thoughts of her were already erupting into his head.
Fanny: Now this is what I call foreplay hey my little Roo, now let's get down to the business at hand.
Fanny's body moved up and down on Wally as a look of ecstasy came over her face and a look of fear was still on Wally's.
Fanny(Smiling at Wally) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my little Roo you certainly know how to please a woman, and soon I'll be the only woman on your mind sweetie.
Wally made to move his arms and legs as another tongue binded his mid section to the bed, all the tongues tightening around Wally as Fanny just smiled her body still moving on Wally's.
Fanny: Oh yes, yes, yesssssss my little Roo, soon you'll join me and see that once you go Irish you never go back sweetie.
Wally screamed again as Fanny's lips moved to his chest and started slowly making their way down Wally's body.
Fanny(Giggling) Is my little Roo scared?, well good because that just makes having sex that much more fun my little Roo.
Wally saw that squirming was out as Fanny laid across his body and a smile crept over her face her chin back onto his.
Fanny: I haven't had this much fun in years Wally, and to think you said there were people that were going to save you.
Wally's POV: Jordan get your ass down here and help me, any of the dreamers please come and help me.
A portal was made in the room as a boy with dark brown hair with blonde highlights crashed through it into Fanny's bedroom.
Boy: Pleasure to see you again Fullbright, now get what's coming to you Irish bitch.
Fanny put her two fingers in her mouth and whistled shrilly as Ariana walked up with a smile on her face.
Ariana: Hmmmmmmmmm now what can I make of you?, Oh now I know since my mommy wants me to like Kanga and Roo so much I'll make you Roo and find somebody else to become Kanga.
Boy: First off the names Jordan squirt, and second I'm nobody's Roo so get over yourself.
Ariana towered over Josh her smile growing wider with each step as she looked down at her Joey blood nails then stabbed Jordan's stomach as he grew stuffing, fur, a long tail, and a yellow shirt as Ariana's eyes danced with Jordan's.
Ariana: Nobody's Roo huh?, your my Roo and now I have to find a Kanga to be your mommy.
Another boy fell into the dream realm and saw Fanny on top of Wally as she grinned at the boy.
Boy: Leave Beatles alone Fanny and pick on somebody your own size, I mean what satisfaction do you get being a bully to younger kids?
Wally: Run get out Josh her daughter can make you a stuffed animal like she did to Jordan man.
Ariana: Roo meet Kanga, Kanga meet your son Roo, now hold still boy because if you run I'll chase you.
Josh ran as Ariana chased him and the door to Fanny's room magically shut like a gust of wind hit it and it locked.
Ariana spread her arms out as the hall became longer and Josh got winded as Ariana ran up to him cackling.
Ariana(Slicing her fingers off) This little piggy became Roo, This little piggy wants Kanga, This little piggy becomes Kanga, while this little piggy is happy, and this little piggy cried ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all the way to my stuffed animal collection.
Ariana stabbed Josh as he screamed growing fluff out of his stomach as his organs disappeared and he grew brown fur, a long tail, and a purple sundress.
Ariana(Kissing Kanga) I doubt she wears sundresses but in my imagination she does and that is where Kanga comes to life.
Ariana threw Josh on her bed with Jordan and saw how scarce her stuffed animals were.
Ariana: Soon my bed will be filled with stuffed animals, and that will make me a very happy camper.
Sunset's tummy patched itself up as Ariana cradeled her in her arms kissing her snout.
Ariana: The boy who did that to you is my slave now Sunset, and don't worry it'll be a bazillion years before he becomes my slave in hell.
Back in Fanny's room we see the portal open again as Fanny grinned knowing her daughters stuffed animal collection wasn't going to be so little soon enough
Wally(Out of breath) Run- Adam- there's- no- saving- me- Fanny's- got- herself- a- daughter- that's- eviler- than- her.
Fanny(Smiling full of pride) Yep I didn't think it was possible but my daughter is eviler than me, and stronger too.
Adam: Yea well I'm not scared of a dumb Irish bitch and her dumber thumbsucking Irish bitch.
Ariana's gurgling laugh reached Fanny's door as the bedroom door opened and Fanny's eyes danced across Wally's.
Fanny(Banging her body into Wally's) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes that's the stuff my little Roo, now feel the power of my love.
A pink smoke flooded the room and sank into Wally's head and stomach as Fanny kneeled on his knees giving off her powerfully true form as Wally's fearful eyes turned to love.
Fanny(Satisfied) Just think my little Roo that was only the first time we had sex, the second will be better.
Adam was pulled into the hall by an invisible force as if Ariana had a rope and pulled and the door closed locking itself.
Ariana: Time to join your little friends as my stuffed animal collection, today's collection is Winnie The Pooh Bear, tomorrows well God only knows.
Adam: And how the hell are you going to make me your stuffed animal you crazy little squirt?
Ariana(Her eyes becoming evil) I have my ways just ask Kanga, Roo, and Lumpy.
Adam's eyes fell on Kanga, Roo and Sunset but saw no Lumpy as Ariana's nails sank into his stomach and he fell to the ground.
Ariana: I don't have Lumpy yet but guess who just volunteered?
Adam(Weak) Ahhhhhhhhhh my stomach hurts and I'm growing long ears, a trunk, a bizilion small tails, and one long one, what have you done to me.
Ariana(Raising her fingers) I made you Lumpy you stupid boy, and guess who my favorite character is?
Adam: Please don't say it's Lumpy?
Ariana(Picking Adam up) How did you get to be so smart idiot boy, I'm going to make you soft, plushy, and comfy so I can sleep with you every night because you led the boys to my mommy before she died.
Adam screamed as Ariana's foot came down on his chest and she saw his body becoming plush and soft.
Ariana: So who wants to have a tea party with me, Looks like Lumpy just volunteered huh my little Lumpy?
Adam's hair became stringy and purple as Ariana kissed his trunk and Adam screamed his last scream.
Ariana: Lumpy meet Kanga, your friend Roo, and Sunset, now I'll get the tea and you wait here for me to come back.
Ariana winked at Lumpy and cackled as Adam tried his best to come back but stuffing wrapped around his body making him make believe.
Back in Fanny's room the portal opened again as Fanny and Wally were eskimo kissing each other as Fanny grinned seeing another animal for her daughter.
Boy: Beatles come on I'm getting you out of here and then washing your mouth out since the Irish bitch smells like BO and bad breath.
Fanny: Now that wasn't very nice Matthew, and to punish you why don't you go meet my daughter.
Fanny's bedroom door opened and Ariana grabbed Matthew around the middle like he was a rag doll leading him to the hall.
Ariana: Matthew Shepard the boy who tried making people forget my mommy, I was hoping you would become Lumpy you stupid boy but I have plans for you anyways.
Ariana led Matthew to her room where Adam, Josh, and Jordan greeted him as Kanga, Roo, and Lumpy
Ariana(Sniffling) Wait my Pooh Bear's missing, please Matthew help me find my Pooh Bear and I won't hurt you.
Matthew not wanting to get hurt searched under Ariana's bed as she stabbed his stomach with her Joey blood nails.
Matthew(Weak) You- said- you- weren't- going- to- hurt- me- you- lied- to- me.
Ariana(Shaking her head) No I didn't I said if you helped me find my Pooh Bear I wouldn't hurt you.
Matthew moaned and screamed as his body became round and orange, he grew a red shirt, a black nose, and glassy eyes.
Ariana(Throwing Matthew on her bed) You just became my Winnie The Pooh Bear and you didn't get hurt, see I'm a little girl of my word.
The portal glowed blue as another person was thrown forward and Fanny saw all of Wally's friends quickly becoming her daughters stuffed animals.
Girl: All right Fullbright this is where you lose the battle
Fanny belly laughed as it shook the beams of the house they were in and Ariana's little girl chuckle came from outside the door.
Ariana: Come on girly I have the perfect place for you, stuffed between Lumpy and myself enjoying tea.
The girl quickly ran at Fanny as she easily shoved her down and placed on of her stomping boot feet on her as Ariana grabbed the girls arms.
Ariana: Come on like I said you have a date with Lumpy the elephant and me drinking tea, hey that rhymes I should be a poet.
The girl's name was Lincoln Matsen and Ariana stopped at her room where pictures and posters of Lumpy the elephant surrounded her walls.
Ariana: Too bad your going to become Lumpy's girlfriend huh?, I mean the poor thing get's lonely all by his lonesome with just me to cure his sadness now he has you too.
Before the girl could blink she was stabbed by Ariana's fingernails and Ariana's laugh echoed off the walls as the girl grew pink fur, a stubby tail, yellow hair, and a long pink trunk.
Ariana(Pulling a chair out for Lincoln) You sit here Penolope, and Lumpy you be good and talk with Penolope while I finish my Winnie The Pooh collection.
Ariana's evil girly giggle was all that was heard as she went back to her mom's room for more animals and sure enough the portal opened and another boy fell through ready to fight Fanny.
Boy: All right Fullbright I know you like hurting my friends but you'll never get to me because I'm stronger than you, so give up Wally and nobody has to get hurt.
Ariana(Tapping her foot angrily) Did I hear somebody say Eyore?, because besides Lumpy Eyore is my second favorite Winnie The Pooh Character.
Boy: My names Mark Mitchelson squirt and I'm not becoming your Eyore stuffed animal so there.
Ariana's whole body became a mass of muscles thanks to Fanny's spirit stick which held all of the peoples dreampowers and Fanny grinned.
Fanny(Throwing her clothes on) Better than any steroid I can think of, now Ari take your Eyore and I'll send the last of them up when she arrives.
Ariana: She huh looks like I found my Piglet to finish the collection, but for now let's make my Tigger since the boy obviously isn't an Eyore fan.
Mark got a fearful look on his face as Ariana hummed Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult and stabbed Mark's stomach giggling as he grew Tiger stripes, orange fur, a springy tail, and a smile on his face.
Ariana: All right Tigger this isn't a tea party for you, it's a tea party for Lumpy, Penolope, and Piglet who likes to arrive fashionably late.
Ariana threw Mark to join Kanga, Roo, Pooh and Sunset on the bed as she smiled getting cookies, tea, and fruit punch for her, Lumpy, Penolope, And Piglet when the final dreamer came.
The portal opened one more time as a girl with blonde hair tumbled through and saw Wally hypnotized by Fanny's beauty.
Fanny: Welcome last little dreamer, my daughter is going to be happy your here because she's been looking for a Piglet everywhere having no idea where to find one.
Lindsay Becket smiled as she ran at Fanny pushing her down as Ariana whistled Don't Fear The Repaer and grabbed Lindsay by her ponytails dragging her across the floor.
Ariana: Finally I can have my tea party, it's very impolite to make the guest of honor in this case Lumpy waiting Piglet, but I can forgive you because your going to look cute seated next to me as Penolope sots next to Lumpy.
Lindsay: Oh please what would you know about making me a stuffed animal?
Ariania's nails grew to the size they were when she beat Joey as she smiled and stabbed Lindsay numerous times until her stomach was full of stuffing and she shrunk to the size of Piglet and Ariana smiled humming Don't Fear The Reaper.
Ariana: Now let's hurry on little piglet we have a tea party to attend, and we also get to play matchmaker to Lumpy and Penolope.
The souls of the stuffed animals flew into Fanny's stomach with Wally's as she patted her stomach smiling.
Fanny: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I knew there was a reason I kept my stuffed animal loving daughter around.
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