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Chapter 5 Rachel's True Powers

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Rachel Mckenzie has found a way to get even with Nigel for breaking up with her

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Rachel Mckenzie was sewing up her Lion pajama's she had when she was a girl grinning as the machine's needle did it's work.
Rachel: Nigel Uno you have no idea the shitstorm your in for, leaving me was bad but leaving me for fat, round, geeky Lizzie that's just mean.
Rachel grabbed some mittens from thin air and sewed them in as the hands and feet and cut the finger holes out.
Rachel: I looked so cute in these pajama's and now so will Rachel Ariel Mckenzie the II he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Rachel turned the pajama's over and picked white thread to repair the tummy as she hummed a tune under her breath.
Rachel: But Nigel is about to see why leaving me is bad, so I have no fear of him not learning his lesson.
The dilapidated house Rachel was in magically fixed itself into the house she lived in before Nigel broke her heart.
Rachel: Fanny may be able to get into peoples heads for nightmares but I'm a reality girl, Nigel doesn't have to be asleep to learn his lesson.
Rachel grabbed a cute, little, sleepaway bag and threw the lion pajama's in there with white underwear, perfume, a hairdrier, brush, comb, a raggedy stuffed puppy, another raggedy stuffed kitten, shampoo, girly soaps, and a pink, soft, bathtowel.
Rachel(Swinging her high topped feet happily) Now let's see him fight when the lion pajama's are hemmed, I have all of the girly things set in effect.
Rachel's cackle reached the ceiling as the sewing machine stopped and Rachel also grabbed some pull ups for her three year old daughter.
Rachel: Nigel Uno prepare to meet your doom, because I'm not the right type of girl to cross on my worst day.
Rachel's computer beeped as an IM window met her and she grinned as it was Nigel asking her if she'd seen Lizzie?
Rachel: Yea I banished her to nightmare world where Joey Beatles lies as her daughter, and the rest of your team lies with their nightmares.
Rachel wrote this as Nigel gulped and she cackled inviting Nigel over to talk about it.
Nigel's POV: I'll be over soon Rachel, I mean come on you always were the best girl to talk to when I needed somebody to talk to.
Rachel(Linking her fingers together evilly) I hope you still feel that way when your my little girl full of wonder.
Nigel grabbed his light, spring, jacket and walked on the sidewalk the leaves of Autumn made their appearance on the sidewalk also with a light rain.
Rachel: That's right little mouse come straight to the hungry lions mouth, what am I saying your the hungry lion munchkin he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Nigel crossed the street as he could have sworn he heard Lizzie's cackle but shrugged it off when he reached Rachel's house as she turned the spare room into her daughter's new room.
Rachel(Throwing purple everything into the room) Pink is soooooooo overrated, purple is what my munchkin's going to be obsessed with.
Rachel's doorbell rang and she ran to get the door hiding her sleepaway bag in the process and fixing her hair.
Rachel: Howdy Nigel come on in and I'll help you with your Lizzie problem if I can sweetie.
Nigel didn't remember the last time Rachel called him sweetie but he could have sworn he saw evil villain in her eyes when she led him to the living room.
Nigel: I thought you moved out of this place when I left you Rache, I mean I barely see you in it anymore.
Rachel(Filing her nails) Yea well you hardly visit since you started going all googely eyed on Lizzie.
Nigel(Throwing his backpack on the chair) Your eyes have changed a lot since I left, they look cold, unloved and evil to a point.
Rachel: Yea well how would you feel if your first love broke your heart Nigel?
Nigel: I guess I would feel cold, unloved and evil to a point wouldn't I?
Rachel: I've been working hard on an experiment Nigel, care to be my guinea pig?
Nigel(Shrugging his shoulders) Sure why not Rache, I mean what's the worst that can happen?
Rachel pulled the pink sleepaway bag out from under the couch and pulled the underwear and lion pajama's out grinning at Nigel.
Rachel: All right the pants and underpants lose em Nigey, this project works better without them.
Nigel smiled not being with Lizzie anymore he took all of his clothes off as Rachel grew arm strength pushing him down.
Rachel(Smiling down at him) It's easier this way you just chill and let me do all the work Nigey.
Rachel made sure the underwear was stretchier than stretchy and when the panty line snapped together she smirked.
Rachel: All right Nigel close your eyes and get ready for the after effects of this project, and let me tell you it's truly a life changing experience.
Nigel closed his eyes as Rachel slinked up to his waist and sat down pulling the underwear up to herself before jumping off and laughing.
Rachel: All right stand up Nigey then lay back down for phase 2, and you better keep those horndog eyes closed Nigel.
Nigel did as he was told like he was a puppet as Rachel pulled the undies up until they snapped around his waist and Nigel laid back down smirking.
Rachel(Brushing dust and mothballs off the pajama's) All right for the next phase I'm going to need you to stay still as a statue Nigel Uno.
Nigel laid straight as Rachel sat on his stomach and his eyes snapped open with her smiling at him.
Rachel(Spreading out the lion pajama's) Don't even try running Nigel, those teeny weeny feet won't make it far.
Nigel(Trying to stand up) I think it's time I left Rachel, I mean things are officially getting weird for me.
Rachel(Kissing his nose) Stick around Nigel things are about to get much weirder, in fact you may say that it's just like becoming a girl.
Nigel: And why the hell would I say that?
Rachel stood up as Nigel made to run but the door closed and Nigel saw Rachel was right as she walked up to him cackling.
Rachel(Pushing Nigel down) Nigey you underestimate the power of a woman, but also the power of a mommy.
Nigel's mom walked up giving Rachel his birth certificate and other things as he pleaded for her to help.
Nigel: Come on mom you know I loved her, she knows I love her, hell the whole damn world knows I love her.
Rachel tisked Nigel as she threw a clover of broccoli in his mouth grinning down at him.
Rachel: And if there are any other swears escaping your mouth there are plenty more where that came from, and I expect every morsel of that broccoli gone young man.
Nigel gulped as the stem and the seeds slid down his throat and he made a disgusted face as Rachel walked back up to him with the lion pajama's.
Rachel: Let's try this again and if you move even an inch, swear, or try to hurt your new mommy, there's a whole plate of broccoli waiting for you.
Nigel made a disgusted face at the thought of broccoli as Rachel once again sat on Nigel's stomach putting his fingers and toes through the paws before sprawling the pajama's onto him.
Rachel: I'll bet these look familiar, Wild Kingdom Halloween night remember?, you went as a cute tiger and I went as a cuter lion cub?
Nigel: Why would you make me wear your pajama's I mean I'm supposed to be a boy right?
Rachel cackled so loud the house shook with her as she zipped Nigel up in the back as he started scratching like crazy.
Rachel: I almost forgot how much it itched, but get used to it because these are your PJ's just like they were mine at three beautiful.
Nigel got in a fighting stance and hit Rachel as her shadow towered over him and she held out a plate of broccoli grinning down at him.
Rachel(Sliding the plate to Nigel) Don't say I didn't warn you Nigel, because I did and you just had to test it sweetie pie.
Nigel plugged his nose like he was going to eat it then slid the plate to Rachel smiling back at her.
Rachel(Picking him up) Persistant little munchkin aint ya, soon my daughter will make an appearance and your going to wish you never met me
Nigel screamed from the top of his lungs as he was placed in a high chair and Rachel made silly faces making Nigel laugh as broccoli was crammed into his mouth.
Rachel(Sticking her tongue out at Nigel silly) You had your chance Nigel and now it's my turn to feed you.
Nigel giggled like a three year old at Rachel's face as two more spears of broccoli met him.
Rachel(Showing her teeth to Nigel) See the three year old in you can't resist giggling and there's only 16 more spears left.
Nigel laughed as 6 spears were thrown in there at once and Nigel's cheeks puffed out.
Rachel(Cackling) Chew slowly Nigel savor every morsel and then I'll give you ten more sweetie.
Nigel slowly chewed gagging as Rachel held his mouth closed and he slowly swallowed the broccoli as she made her last funny face and Nigel giggled as the last of the broccoli was shoved into his mouth.
Rachel MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM good eating hey Nigey, once we're done here I'll run you a bath and you get at least three hours in there because you reek of boy and failure and my daughter will not smell of any of those things.
Nigel slowly chewed as Rachel smiled deviously at him and he looked up at her with fear in his eyes.
Rachel: Just think this all could have been avoided if you just stayed with me and left your curiosity about Lizzie alone.
Nigel: You couldn't have fed me a yummier meal than broccoli?, I mean pizza sounds good right now.
Rachel(Licking her lips) It sure does and once you become my daughter I'll get it for the both of us, but until then broccoli morning, noon, and night sounds good.
Nigel: But that's absolute torture for a boy or a girl, I mean what's to say your daughter wants to come back being fed the worst vegetable in history.
Rachel(Opening the bathroom door) Well when her soul's ready to show itself it will make you a girl forever, and just think waking up can't save you now.
Nigel saw Rachel was right as she threw her head back cackling and Nigel wasn't liking where this reality was going one bit.
Rachel(Spreading her arms out grinning) Welcome to Rachel Ariel Mckenzie II's new reality, you'll love girly things like dollies, tea parties, kittens, and once you outgrow them lion pajama's I have some Tiger Pajama's with your name on them literally.
Nigel: But wouldn't you rather have a son?, I mean you can torture him by making the boy eat broccoli morning noon and night.
Rachel scratched her chin at this and smiled shaking her head no as Nigel gulped when he saw pink bubbles rising to the middle of the tub.
Rachel: Now there are two ways to do this, one you hop in without me telling you and you become bubbly, cute, and funny, or two I force you into that tub and you become bubbly, cute, and funny the calls yours.
Nigel smiled crossing his mittened paws across his lion chest as Rachel cackled grabbing him by the lion chest and unzipping his costume.
Rachel: There mommy got you started unless you want her to finish too I suggest you take that underwear off and hop into the clean, sweet, girly smelling tub.
Nigel reluctantly threw the underwear in the corner as Rachel giggled when he stepped into the tub and like magic the water and bubbles rose to Nigel neck.
Rachel: All right munchkin let mommy rassle some toys up you just relax in the tub with all the pretty soaps and bubbles.
As soon as Rachel was gone Nigel dove under the water trying to drown himself but a little girl with blonde hair cackled and her spirit and soul went inside of Nigel as he resurfaced.
Little girl's POV: The little munchkin's time to strike
And here's how it feels
Tea parties and fluffy things absorb in my mind
And nobody can stop them
So ha and there and a little bit of nah nahhhhhh
I'm Rachel Ariel Mckenzie II so blehhhhhhhhhhhhh
You can't fight me because I'm already here
Take that Nigel Uno
What I'll do next only you know
A laughter rang into Nigel's head as Rachel twirled into the bathroom with Barbies, My Little Pony's, and Bratz dolls seeing Nigel losing the fight.
Rachel(Tickling his chin) Tried to drown yourself huh, I should have mentioned that my inner child hides under there when it feels like coming out.
Nigel(Weak) Stop- the- laughing- Rache, Stop- the- rhymes- just- stop- everything- Rachel- you- win.
Rachel(Standing up tall) I knew I would but I'm afraid I can't stop the laughing or the rhymes it's kind of my thing at three, I was obsessed to the brink with Dr. Seuss.
Rachel noticed Nigel went from no hair to long, soft, silky, voluptuous, blonde hair that fell over his eyes and Rachel cackled as she grabbed a rag and putting soap on it.
Rachel: All right now hold still Rachel sweetie because you reek of boy but mommy's going to fix all of that real quick.
A giggle erupted from Nigel's belly as Nigel looked scared to death as Rachel's daughter was slowly making Nigel her body forever.
Little Rachel: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh boy bath toys I love bath toys, and since you don't Nigel let's try the rhyming again.
Nigel screamed as Rachel Ariel II's singsong voice echoed in his head and he threw his hand to his head but the voice became louder like a bass speaker turned all the way up.
Little Rachel: I think Nigel might have been onto something though mommy, a little brother to torture does sound like fun.
Rachel grinned as another boy fell for the nice big house trick and she quickly grabbed her brother Harvey's old clothes skipping down the stairs.
Boy: Hello is anybody here?, I was brought here by my brother and he dared me to enter.
Rachel(Tisking the boy) What is this world coming to when people don't knock anymore?, but I can forgive you because your about to be the next missing person in this one horse town.
Boy: I came to save Nigel Uno and there's nothing you can do to stop me bitch.
Rachel smirked triumphantly and grabbed the boy by the arm leading him to a room with a dirty single bed, peeling wallpaper, and broken windows as she pushed him onto the bed.
Rachel: Nothing but make you my son and older brother to the princess in the house Rachel Ariel Mckenzie the II
Rachel smiled as a powerful blue light erupted from her body and flew into the boys as she grinned Rachel: That my friend is what's going to change you into a Mckenzie, my daughter will make you her slave by swinging her hips back and forth and shaking her lion hiney when she get's out of the tub.
Boy: I'm not becoming the slave of a thumbsucker like your daughter, and what's to eat around here I'm starved.
Rachel grinned pushing a plate of broccoli to the boy as he made a face and pushed it back.
Rachel(Pushing the plate back) I expect that very nutritious dinner filled with nutrients to be gone soon or your going to have two masters on your hands.
Boy(Grinning) Well the dinner won't be gone what the hell are you going to do about it?
Rachel: First I'm going to get your little sister out of the tub, then I'm going to come here make you eat those words every savory morsel of them.
As soon as Rachel left the boy's door shut and locked as boards magically grew over the rooms windows.
Rachel(From behind the door) We don't want you running off on me now do we?, that would be devastating.
Rachel skipped up the stairs smiling as she saw how weak Nigel was becoming to her daughters charm.
Rachel II: Look mommy I'm as pruny as a raisin, I think it's time for me to get out and get ready for bed.
Rachel(Rubbing her daughters wet hair) Not yet mommy has to wash your hair and then we have to dry you off and after that you and I can both torture your older brother.
Nigel(Weak) Rachel- what- about- the- good- times- we- had?, I- mean- don't- you- remember- all- the- fun?
Rachel: Nope I do remember that you left me at a very early age Nigel, you broke my heart and this is what heartbreakers get from me.
Rachel II This is your doom
Now you have a new room
Pimped out in purple everything
So this is the song I sing
Nigel Uno lost fair and square
Me and him will now make a pair
He belongs to my mommy now
Nobody needs to ask how
She takes his soul and eats it up
And then she drinks his dreampowers in a cup he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Nigel's soul flew from his body as Rachel grinned and patted her stomach laughing evilly as Rachel II laid down waiting for Rachel to dress her.
Rachel(Pulling the undies over Rachel II's feet) All right Munchkin no hold still while I pull these up and get your lion Pj's.
Rachel II did as she was told as one foot mitten then the other foot mitten went over her feet as she flexed her toes giggling.
Rachel: All right up you go so I can finish getting these Pj's on you, then we can blowdry your hair and then get even with your older brother.
Rachel II was led to a mirror and Rachel put the blowdrier on high her hair going everywhere as Rachel brushed it into a ponytail smirking.
Rachel: All right let's go see how your older brother is doing with his dinner shall we?
When the two girl's got to the room they found the boy still smiling with his dinner untouched as Rachel II grinned her eyes going swirly as the boy's eyes became hypnotized by them.
Rachel II: Good boy now I want all of this broccoli gone before I'm finished eating my pizza or I'll do things to you that you can only imagine.
The boy obediently shoveled broccoli into his mouth making faces as he ate it and Rachel II giggled at him.
Rachel: I'll be by soon to tuck you in and give you nightmares of being my slave after dinner.
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