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Chapter 6 Kuki's New Job

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Kuki's been in nightmare land for far too long

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Kuki wasn't very happy these days because a boy sent her to nightmare world and she saw no way of getting out soon.
Kuki's POV: He forgot me and that's why I'm stuck here, he doesn't remember the nightmares I gave him when he was younger
Kuki eyes glowed red with fire as she tried to forget the idea of being stuck in the nightmare realm but she saw no way to forget.
Kuki's POV: But I have a few tricks up my oversized sweater sleeves, tricks that will make this boy mine forever.
Kuki cackled as she psoted posters of a new babysitting service around the nightmare realm and she already saw her first client.
Kuki(Grinning) It seems Mr. Sending Me To The Nightmare Realm has a little sister who hates being the littlest and I have what she wants.
Kuki's evil laughter echoed through the realm as a little girl in reality was being tucked into bed with a smile on her face.
Little girl: He's scared of her but he has no idea how scared he's going to be.
The little girl closed her eyes as she fell down a dark hole and into Kuki's dream realm where she was tapping her high topped sneakers and looking at the little girl.
Kuki: I can see you wanted to meet me so here I am, and here you are so let's get down to business little one.
Little girl: My names Wendy Marsh and my brother John is such a big bully, so I thought I'd make his nightmares come true.
Kuki(Smiling) Looks like you and I have business to discuss, you have to find my diary and it's in your closet on the top shelf, that holds my soul.
Wendy: And after I read it it'll bring you back right?, I mean what else do I have to do.
Kuki: Not read it open it and I'll make my appearance and take your big brother away from here.
Wendy(Shaking Kuki's sweater sleeve) You've got yourself a deal Mrs. Sanaban, now if you'll excuse me I have a nightmare monster to create for my bully brother.
Kuki(Grinning) Excellent now reserect me and watch as your brother cowers in fear.
Wendy snapped her eyes open grinning and running to her closet to find a dusty old green diary with the name Kuki Sanaban on it as John Marsh walked by not noticing the book she had as he dried his hair and threw the wet towel at her.
John: Make yourself useful shrimp and throw that in the dirty laundry would ya?
Wendy huffed as she threw the towel in her basket and the book was showed in her right hand as John ran at Wendy who held the book open grinning at John as a green light escaped the book and Kuki's high tops, black hair, and green sweater came out of thin air.
Kuki(Grinning down at Wendy) And that is how we make a bully's nightmare come true, now come here and get what's coming to you bully.
Wendy(Singing) I'm an only child, I'm an only child, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.
Kuki ran at John and John lost his footing as he fell to the floor and Kuki stepped on his chest grinning.
Kuki(Thinking) Hmmmmmmmmmmm now what should I do to the boy who made me a soul lost in nightmare world?
John: Tell you I'm sorry and give me nightmares?
Kuki(Tickling his chin) Been there, done that, water under the bridge.
John: Give me some time to hide while you search for me?
Kuki: What is this hide and seek?
John: Turn me into something fluffy, cuddly, cute, and festive with pretty colors?
Kuki: Getting warmer.
John: Make me a little boy and her the older sister.
Kuki: And your iced cold again sweetie, I think you should just let me do what I plan to do.
John got a fearful look in his eyes as Kuki hummed a lullabye under her breath.
Kuki: Wendy why don't you decide his fate?, I mean after all he's your bullying big brother.
Wendy: Well Kuki has been looking to make a daughter of her own, you know somebody who looks like her and she can pass her knowings down to.
Kuki: I think I like where this is going don't you beautiful butterfly?
Kuki rose on John's stomach making it hard for him to talk
Kuki: Don't worry munchkin you'll be an only child in no time flat.
A diaper bag appeared from the sky and fell at Kuki's feet as she cackled evilly and dragged John across the hall back to his room locking the door and grinning.
Kuki: Now let's have some alone time John, I mean you did send me to nightmare realm, but your sister's smart enough to call on me to save her from you.
John looked up at Wendy with pain in his eyes as she licked a lollypop smiling down at him and her eyes were full of happiness.
Wendy: I wonder if your rooms big enough for me and all my stuffy's, I mean they need room to sleep with me too.
Wendy lugged all of her stuffed animals to her new room and bounced on John's bed giggling.
Kuki(Pulling John's boy clothes off) Now let's see what you look like in girl's clothes shall we?
John made to scream but Kuki held his mouth shut with one of her oversized sweater sleeves grinning.
Kuki: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you'll wake your mother and I'll have to explain to her about where I'm taking you.
John bit down hard on Kuki's hand as it shot off of his mouth and he screamed again and Kuki grinned down at him.
Kuki: You're not a very good listener we're going to have to fix that, and I can with the power of love and being a mommy.
John moaned as Kuki's sweater sleeves shot out and seized him around the neck as she cackled reeling him in like a fish.
Kuki: Here fishy fishy I have the perfect place for you and it's in my home.
John tripped as the sleeves wrapped around his ankles and he got pulled to a grinning Kuki.
Kuki: After I get even with you I'm going after your friends next and their going to get the torture of a lifetime by having me as their babysitter.
John's eyes grew fearful when he saw how much smaller he was getting and how much taller Kuki was getting.
Kuki: And once I get to your friends there's no stopping me from becoming the most feared babysitter on the block.
The diaper bag was thrown onto the bed as John grinned becoming taller again but Kuki had a plan to change that.
Kuki: I expected this so let's see what happens when I start making silly faces, and your doomed to giggle until your a baby and even then I won't stop.
Wendy grew superhuman strength and she pushed John down and kuki stuck her tongue from her mouth as Wendy giggled and somewhere deep inside of John his inner child giggled too.
Kuki(Poking her nose) Look John I'm a piglet just like Pooh bears friend, and I can oink better than her too.
John's inner child giggled again as Wendy skipped out giggling happy to see her brother getting what he deserved.
Kuki(Placing her chin on John's) I always come prepared cutie pie and now your going to be my little Leone and there's nothing you can do or say about it.
Kuki crossed her eyes and made a goofy face as John's inner child belly laughed at this and she rubbed his hair walking up to the diaper bag and pulling out a clown nose.
Kuki: Hello John I'm Goof Goof the clown and your my only audience sweetie pie.
Kuki smashed a pie in her face as John shrank back to the size Kuki saw him in making him five and he giggled as she sprayed seltzer on herself.
Kuki: Now I'm a magician and I'm going to pull a rabbit out of my hat everybody watch now.
Five year old John watched with wonder as Kuki grew a cape and a big black tophat as she took it off her head and wiggled her fingers.
Kuki: Presto Chango funny honey let there appear a cute white bunny.
Kuki reached in and pulled a bunny out as John shrank to a four year old clapping his hands as Kuki bowed glad to see John finally giving up.
Kuki: Now prepare to be amazed as I make a quarter appear in your ear without even touching it, impossible you say just watch me.
Four year old John watched as Kuki mixed the quarter around in her hands knowing that she had John right where she wanted him.
Kuki: Now I just reach into your ear and out comes the quarter taduhhhhhhhhhh.
Four year old John became three year old John clapping as Kuki giggled her eye's locking with his.
Wendy: Wow when you work fast you work super fast, he's all yours now and I'll take his room with all of my stuffy's laying on the bed.
John(Whining) Moreeeeeeee magic I want to see moreeeeeeeeeee magic tricks.
Kuki(Grinning at him) Maybe one more but I'll need a volunteer from the audience for this one.
John(Waving his hand in the air) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh me, me, me, meeeeeeeee please pick me.
Kuki(Pretending to think) Hmmmmmmmmmm who's going to be my volunteer?
John(Jumping up and down) Me, me, me, meeeeeeeeeeeee pick me, pick me, pick me the amazing Kuki.
Kuki(Taking John's hand) You're perfect just the right size for this trick, now as everybody can see I have a normal average blanket but this is a special blankie.
John: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a special blankie are you going to make me disappear?
Kuki(Grinning) Something like that, now as you can see there's nothing here, nothing under my sleeves, and nothing behind the blanket now prepare to be amazed.
Kuki wrapped the blanket around John and stuck her tongue out at him as he giggled and shrank into a newborn baby as she giggled.
Kuki: Taduhhhhhhhhh and that's how we make older, bullying, and all around hate filled brothers small again.
Wendy poked newborn John's nose as Kuki giggled tickling his chin and walking off with him.
Kuki: Now let's see you fight the power of a Sanaban girl, acting all peppy, smart as a whip, and flirtatous to the max.
Kuki laid John down placing marigold booties on him, a purple onsie, a pink dress, and violet hair elastics and he went from baby boy to baby girl.
Kuki(Snuggling him) Now your a Sanaban and you'll live with your worst nightmare me forever and ever and ever and ever.
John who was now Leone giggled and Kuki strapeed him in the carseat giggling as she knew that at her prime Leone was going to be a great nightmare monster.
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