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Chapter 7 Kindgergarten Terror

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Mushi and her friends have taken over Kindergarten

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In Kindergarten we see Mushi and Hoagie have become more than friends as she held him close to her wherever they went and she became a mean princess to the other kindergartners.
Mushi(Spitting her lemonade out at a boy in front of her) This is not real lemonade it's diet and I asked for regular, now get it right or you become Mr. Sprinkles my new kitty.
The boy dashed off scared as Mushi cackled and Hoagie laughed along with her as Elizabeth walked up shaking all over and handing a tray of brownies to Mushi.
Mushi(Taking a bite) MMMMMMMMMMM chocolate chips baked inside my favorite, you always come through for me Liz now where's Ariana and her treats?
Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief sitting next to Mushi as she split the brownies with her and Elizabeth.
Mushi(Screaming) Where- is- my- regular- lemonade- with- a- slice- of- Lemon!
The little boy screamed in fear as he slowly handed Mushi a glass of lemonade with a twist of lemon on the side as she sipped it and smiled.
Mushi: Got it on the second try kiddo, you are the official drink handler to Princess Mushi, get it?, got It?, good.
Ariana Fanny's daughter was seen bullying boys who were blocking her path as she noticed the drink handler and cackled at him.
Ariana: Welcome to the team of slaves for Princess Mushi squirt, here Moosh my mom baked some M&M cookies and I want to share them with you and Liz.
Mushi licked her lips greedily as did Ariana and Elizabeth and the boy's stomach growled as they cackled at him.
Mushi: Sorry drink handler but these aren't for you we split them four ways once the fourth little piggy shows up.
Rachel II skipped up as boy's looked about ready to bully her until Ariana stormed up in front of Rachel and they gulped.
Ariana: If any of you have a problem with the way Princess Mushi handles things then you'll take it up with me.
Boy: Why exactly did you make me drink handler Princess Mushi?
Mushi(Sipping her lemonade) Because it took the other nominees twenty times to finally make the best cup of lemonade I've ever had you just took two to make it.
Boy: If I knew you were going to make me your drink slave I never would have got you the drink.
Mushi: I wouldn't have recommended that, because one I would get angry and if you thought me yelling before was bad it's ten times worse when I'm angry.
Boy: And two what would two be?
Mushi: And two Ariana Analise Fullbright would hunt you down like a dog hunts down a choice cut of steak, and if she finds you there's no telling what will happen.
Rachel II(Tossing a plate at Mushi) It's double chocolate cake and we can all split it seeing it's rounder than any other cake I've had.
Mushi: Rache meet Bradley my new drink handler, and man does he make a great cup of lemonade I mean it tastes homemade.
Bradley: That's because it is and what if I refuse to make it again, what if I tell you no instead of yes when you ask for another cup?
Ariana(Cracking her knuckles) Then you'd have to deal with my wrath, and trust me when I say my wrath is not easily dealt with.
Mushi: Which is why I made her my friend/ bodyguard and the other three really good friends.
Bradley: I'm not scared of you Princess Stupid, or your four idiot friends I mean what can you guys possibly do to me.
Ariana had heard enough as she grabbed Bradley before he had time to run and pinned him against the nearest wall.
Ariana: Hmmmmmmmmmm now what should I do to you, the wedgie sounds good, but then again so does making you my slave and I can do it.
Bradley feared Ariana as she grinned and held him higher getting eye to eye with him so close that he could count her freckles.
Ariana: Here's the deal Mr. I'm not scared of Princess Stupid and her four idiot friends, you're not just drink handler but your a full blown slave to Princess Mushi now.
Bradley(Gasping) All- right- whatever- you- want- just- put- me- down- you- big- bully.
Ariana threw Bradley to the floor lifting her plaid kilt to show her pink underwear grinning at him.
Ariana: Glad to see we understand each other, and that kilt lift is my calling card every person I bully gets it.
Bradley slowly stood up as Ariana grinned knowing she just tempted Bradley to be her boyfriend and that was her way of torturing him also.
Ariana(Dragging Bradley back to Mushi) Thank me I just earned you a full blown slave, and if you deny her anything Mr. Sprinkles the cat doesn't sound that bad.
Mushi(Grinning evilly) He sure doesn't with orange fur, pink padded paws, blue eyes, and a cute stubby tail perfect for wagging.
Bradley: But dogs wag their tails not cats, they purr when their happy.
Mushi: Point taken I'll just make you a puppy with orange fur, pink padded paws, and a short stubby tail instead.
Bradley saw his first task as Mushi removed her slippers and extended her toes clearing her throat down at him as he used his knees to inch up to her and rub her feet.
Mushi: Don't worry ladies there are plenty of other boys to go around, so take your pick and I'm sure Ariana will make sure they become your slave.
Bradley continued to rub her feet as she looked down with a smile on her face as the other boys looked up scared at a smiling Ariana.
Ariana: Well ladies you heard Princess Mushi take your pick of slave like I'm about to and then I'll pick them from their trembling garden.
Rachel II walked down the lines of boys as one tripped her on purpose and she giggled at him her eyes locking with his.
Rachel II: Looks like you just brought a one way ticket to slave island population me and you.
Boy(Cracking up) Yea like I'd be your slave, what makes you think I'd be your slave?
Rachel II grinned snapping her fingers as Ariana showed the Fanny in her and grabbed the boy roughly and then threw him to the floor.
Ariana: Look into my eyes wimp, you're going to be her slave, you're going to be her slave, you're going to be her slave, now when I snap my fingers you're her slave.
Ariana snapped her fingers as the boy was hypnotized by Rachel and Ariana showed the boy her kilt lift.
Ariana: There you are Rache now torture him like he tortures you everyday.
Rachel II: All right the first thing I want you to do is wash and mend my clothes, you've ripped them, you've dirtied them, you'll clean them before my mommy kills me.
The boy named Max Wilson moaned as all of Rachel II's ripped and dirty clothes were thrown at him including her underwear.
Rachel II: I hope they teach Kindergartners how to sew because you're going to need that skill.
Max angrily grabbed a needle, thread, and one of Rachel's pink underwear and started patching the holes in them.
Rachel II(Smiling) It's great to make my bullies my slaves, thanks a bunch Ari.
Ariana: Anything for my girl's, now Liz boy shop while I join you.
Mushi dropped her feet to the ground as Bradley stopped rubbing them and looked up at her hypnotized.
Mushi(Pulling nail polishes out) Start painting my toeses sparkly purple, then my fingers sparkly blue while we chat about Ari, because I see the way you look at her.
Bradley(Painting one of Mushi's toes) So what does Ariana like besides picking on boys and yelling a lot?
Mushi: She likes you for one, I bet if you asked her to be your girlfriend she would say yes.
Bradley got a thoughtful look as Ariana cackled her witch cackle and pulled two boys onto Mushi's throne and Elizabeth smiled happily taking one of her and Ariana's slaves and making them bow at her feet.
Elizabeth: Now start by rubbing my aching feet seeing you made my laces tight and laughed at me, then we can feed you a Tobasco sandwich like you fed me with meatloaf.
Ariana: As for you shivering wimp I want you to go off and get me a juice box apple juice 100% and if you fail you'll learn what I do to failures.
Bradley gulped as Mushi looked at her toes and fingers approvingly and she saw Bradley approaching Ariana and Ariana knew what it was about grinning.
Ariana(To herself) He was the first I gave the kilt lift too, it's too bad the other boys didn't fall in love but at least I have one stupid boy to torture.
Mushi knew that Ariana was going to switch slaves with her and she was happy because the boy Ariana had used to be King Sandy now he was just plain Sandy.
Mushi: Stupid Sandy thought he would be King forever, little did he know that he would lose to me and now he has to serve me.
Bradley(Sweating) Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ariana I was wondering if you'd like to be my girlfriend, you know kissing, hugging, laughing, me buying gifts for you the whole thing.
Ariana(To King Sandy) Shoo fly go bother Princess Mushi, I have a slave and a boyfriend rolled into one who's going to go get me my apple juice 100% juice box.
Bradley grabbed one from the Kindergarten fridge as the other boys made disgusted faces at him falling for Ariana.
Bradley: Apple juice 100% real juice box my sweet, anything else I can do for you?
Ariana(Licking her lips) Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm tasty apple juice, and yes go make me some of your prize winning lemonade.
Bradley ran off to make a pitcher of lemonade for Ariana as Rachel II had all her clothes mended and thrown at her.
Ariana: I love the kilt lift so much, the first victim falls for me while the second third, and fourth had the liberty of seeing my undies.
Rachel II(Screaming) I said to make me an ice cream sundae, now serve me or feel my wrath slave.
Max dashed off to make Rachel II her sundae as Rachel giggled getting service for the first time in her life.
Mushi: So who wants a cookie, they have M&M's in them and their chewy.
All the boys and girl's hands shot up as Mushi smiled evilly and passed all the cookies to her, Rachel, Ariana, and Elizabeth.
Mushi: New rules the boys don't get whole desserts they may have the crumbs if there are any left over that is.
Mushi giggled handing a cookie to Hoagie as he smiled chomping on it and the other boys jaws dropped.
Max: Hey how come the tub of lard get's a cookie and we don't?
Mushi: One more put down directed towards my boyfriend and prince you're going to wish you never did it.
Bradley reported back to Ariana as she was poured a glass and he bounced on the balls of his feet hoping he made it right.
Ariana: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mushi was right this is the best lemonade ever, now get over here while I feed you cookie sweetie.
The other slaves looked on in jealousy as Hoagie and Bradley were being fed cookies and they weren't.
Rachel: Ah hem excuse me but I do remember asking for a ice cream sundae not nothing.
Max: Make your own stupid sundae, nothing Ariana or you can do will scare me.
Rachel smiled as Sonia Numbah 83 appeared alongside her and Max gulped.
Sonia: You were saying Max, I mean you should know better not to say no to Rachel II I mean I've babysat you so much I think your mom wants me to adopt you.
Max(Laughing) Oh please that's just a figure of speech.
Max's mom walked up as Sonia giggled and ran off to show her dimples to Mrs. Wilson her dimples and hoping they worked to her advantage.
Sonia(Smiling) Hey Mrs. Wilson I heard you and Mr. Wilson were looking to get rid of Max and my mom can take him off your hands if you like.
Mrs. Wilson smiled handing Sonia all his things as Mrs. Daniels Sonia's mother walked up taking them.
Mrs. Daniels: Now remember the rules Sonia he's mine and you'll babysit him until he's old enough for you to take care of him.
Sonia(Giggling at Max) Like my very own on layaway puppy, I'm your sitter and I'm the boss and guess who you're going to serve?
Max: I'm taking a wild guess and saying Rachel?
Sonia: Nope see Ari feels bad about making poor, defenseless, cute Bradley doing all the things a slave should do for her so she found a new slave.
Max: So I'm Rachel's slave right?
Sonia: That's another nope, your Ariana's slave thanks to the fact that she senses much fear in you.
Mrs. Daniels(Kissing Sonia) Now here are the PJ's you asked for sweetie, I'll see the two of you at home.
Max saw another boy grow pride and approach Rachel II as she just smiled at him inching her toes near his nose.
Rachel II: I haven't washed them in weeks so unless you like smelly things I'd just kneel before me and rub my feet.
Sonia giggled going through her bag and spreading footie, wooly, soft PJ's that made Max look like a sheep over him and everybody laughed and Sonia grabbed his arm leading him to Ariana.
Ariana(Throwing a cookie crumb to Max) Here now be thankful you get that and go get me some candy.
Max: I don't have money for candy.
Ariana: I never asked for excuses I asked for candy and I want to see some improvement in your serving duties.
Max grumbled as everybody snickered at him including Bradley as he pulled Max's tail hurting his butt as he fell in front of Ariana.
Ariana: Now we're talking, you'll never stand in front of me, you'll however bow before me and refer to me as Princess Ariana Analise Fullbright the 1st.
Max: This is stupid I'm not going to steal candy for you, I'm not bowing to you, and I'm not going to call you Stupid Princess Ariana Analise Fullbright the 1st.
Ariana(Grabbing Max: Hmmmmmmmmm let's see how far your underwear can go up your butt shall we?
Before he could respond Ariana grabbed his waistband and pulled his underwear all the way up to his head and snapped them onto his head.
Ariana(Giggling) Now either you go get me some candy, bow, and call me Princess Ariana Analise Fullbright the 1st or you're my bully punching bag.
Max slowly walked off to get the candy for Ariana as the boy that was supposed to be serving Rachel II fainted on the floor as she grabbed a Tiger costume and slipped it over the boy.
Rachel II: Not scared of me huh, lucky for you I'm not looking for a boy who's scared of me I'm looking for a boy who's going to be my stuffed tiger Roaralots.
The boy slowly woke up as Rachel II hugged Roaralots and the boy screamed as her armpit stink surrounded his nose.
Rachel II: I haven't bathed in weeks either, my mommy said to make a Roaralots I need to have a stink bombed body to make the boy or girl I want to turn into Roaralots pass out.
The boy was John O Shea and he screamed louder as fluff surrounded his body replacing his veins, muscles, and organs and Rachel II yippeed at this and brought John up to her throne with her as his skin became fur and his stripes became darker as his eyes were glassy and Rachel II kissed him.
Ariana(Screaming) Where- is- my- candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Max brought a backpack full of candy to her and she attacked it as she split it between the girls, Hoagie, and Bradley as Max was pushed down to face Ariana's feet.
Ariana: Someone forgot to bow, and what will you address me as sheep boy?
Max: Sorry Princess Ariana Analise Fullbright the 1st, please forgive me for not bowing.
Ariana: Just for that you have to rub my stinky feet and brush my plaque filled teeth, so hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as for Bradley sweetie let's start kissing.
Max almost gagged when he smelled Ariana's feet and she wiggled her toes which were athletes foot infested and she cackled down at him as Max was starting to hate his new job.
Ariana(Sing song voice) Somebody's not rubbing my infected feet.
Max moaned as he started rubbing Ariana's feet and dead skin was coming off of them and getting caught under his finger nails.
Ariana: Yea I probably should have mentioned that my feet are like alligators skin, plus they stink like week old garbage.
Max: Stupid infected feet, why couldn't I stay with Rachel?
Ariana(In Max's voice) Make your own stupid Ice cream sundae, ring any bells sheep boy?
Max continued to rub Fanny's feet as Bradley's mom came and he slowly kissed Ariana before running off to his mom and Ariana smiled.
Ariana: He loves me so good luck getting him on your good side, I mean he's more mine than yours now.
Max(Rubbing Fanny's feet hard) What the hell did you do to your feet walk through a pile of needles and razors.
Ariana smiled and shoved a bar of soap into his mouth as she looked down at him.
Ariana: Say hello to the soaping method, and no my feet have been like this as far back as I can remember.
Max made to take the soap out as Sonia walked by and shoving the soap deeper into his mouth and then sitting next to Ariana putting her bare foot on the soap in Max's mouth.
Ariana: Nice wish I thought of that especially since my feet are infected beyond imagination.
Sonia(Placing Ariana's foot on the soap) He's all yours infected girl.
Ariana: Continue to rub the other foot while I keep the soap in your mouth with my athlete's foot, he, he, he, he, heeeeee I kill myself.
Max screamed as Ariana cackled so loud it shook the ceiling and the other Kindergartners except Rachel II, Liz, Mushi, and Hoagie looked scared.
Ariana: I'm just getting started you're going to hate what I have you doing next.
Max shuddered to think what Ariana could do to him as she removed her foot and the soap and Max looked frightened.
Ariana(Sniffing) Smell that it's fear and I long for it, live for it, and feed off it.
Max: But why me Ariana I mean what have I ever done to you?, I'm just a boy with a bad family life.
Ariana: Now you're a boy with a bad family life and a bad school life because I'm not letting you go anytime soon.
Max: Yea well what if I stop serving you, I'll put your feet down and I'll leave here with my pride.
Ariana's eyes went swirly and turned different colors as Max was hypnotized by them and Ariana cackled at him.
Ariana: You're my slave and only my slave, Rachel will find her own slave soon I'm sure but you're mine now rub my infected feet.
Max did as he was told and Fanny grinned as the other boys took to hiding but one was willing to go and fight Ariana.
Boy: Hey leave my friend Max alone and nobody has to get hurt.
Ariana: Moosh hold the boy down it's about time I showed him me and your obsession.
Mushi held the boy David Roberts down as Ariana forced him into a blue Rainbow Monkey's costume and he smiled up at them.
David: What is this Halloween and if so I say Trick Or Treat.
Ariana(Thrusting her feet into David's nose) Smell my feet.
Mushi(Thrusting Ariana's old sock in his mouth) Give me something good to eat.
Ariana(Kicking David down) If you don't.
Mushi(Stepping on David's chest) I don't care.
Ariana(Throwing her kilt up) I'll show you my underwear, and did I forget to mention Trick.
David screamed as he split in two and both of the David's grew fluff inside of their body as blue fur surrounded them and a rainbow appeared over their heads.
Ariana: Sweet little tricksters we are hey Moosh, he never saw us coming did he?
Mushi(Grinning) He never had a chance, but neither of them do.
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