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Chapter 8 Kuki's Big Top Nightmare Circus

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Kuki's starting a circus with the evil girls and their daughters to teach the boys a lesson

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Kuki got Min ready for bed and placed her in her playpen a smile a mile wide on her place.
Kuki(Snickering) Welcome to Kuki's Big Top featuring Kuki the clown, Leone the lion tamer, Ariana the torturing master she has a dirty little trick for the boys in TV land, and Elizabeth and Sonya and Rachel II the trapeze artist, then Mushi will be the bestest thing ever.
Leone giggled as she was covered up and Kuki skipped off to find boys to get front row seats to the torture Ariana had for them.
Kuki: My little lion tamer's not without her perks at the circus either, a boy picked on me as a kid and now he's going to be the lion cub my munchkin tames.
Kuki's eyes glared red as she marked boys in a yearbook for the KND making all of them targets for Ariana's new Kilt Lift act and they were all going to serve Ariana in the end.
Kuki(circling Joey's name) Joey Beatles, Tommy Gilligan, he he heeeeeeee you two get front row center.
Leone turned in her crib as Kuki quietly replaced the book on the bookshelf and skipped out to watch her daughter's dreams come to life.
Kuki(snapping the TV on) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this channel looks like Joey and Tommy are falling into a deep trance I love it.
Joey Beatles yawned ignoring his commanding officers cries of stay awake and settled into his bed in the treehouse and clicking his light off.
Joey(Yawning) I'm not staying awake if I'm tired I sleep like a normal chap.
The trees were making shadows on Joey's walls the branches looking like fingers at least Joey thought they were tree branches as he fell asleep.
Kuki(Grinning) One down one to go, Ariana just may have a special treat for Joey first he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Joey fell into Leone's dreamland which was an abandoned town with tumbleweeds blowing past him and poster after poster flying past him.
Joey(Reading) Come to the best place on Earth Kuki Sanban's Circus starring Leone Sanban, Mushi Sanban, Ariana Fullbright, Rachel Maryanne Mckenzie the 2nd, Elizabeth Lauren Gordon the 2nd, and Sonya Karen Daniels come one come all.
Joey smiled racing around the town to find the circus as Kuki saw him and she grinned knowing he was coming to his doom.
Joey(Jumping up and down) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy I found it one please ma'am, and please tell me I didn't miss the clowns.
Kuki(Smiling) Nope their the last thing at the circus today, now here let me lead you to your seat seeing you're the first one here.
Joey was led to front row center seats as Kuki winked cackling and Joey gulped not liking her cackle.
Kuki(Talking into a megaphone) Don't miss the greatest show on Earth Kuki Sanban's Circus buy your tickets before they sell out.
Ariana, Rachel Ii, Sonya, Elizabeth, Mushi, and Leone lined up buying tickets as Joey saw that he was the only boy there.
Kuki(To Ariana) He's all yours Ari to do what you want with, the others already have boys that they torture.
Ariana walked into the circus tent and her eyes lit up when she saw Joey sitting front row center.
Joey(Standing up) This circus is loopy and I'm leaving, I'd like to see somebody stop me.
Ariana: Ladies take your seats me and Mr. blonde haired cutie pie have things to discuss.
The girls took seats behind Joey and Ariana as Ariana slinked her body and grabbed Joey seeing him try to leave.
Ariana: You can't leave yet boy the show is about to begin, and besides you paid good money for that ticket.
Joey(Shivering in fear) N-N-N-N-N-N-No I think leaving is the best thing for me, nice try though freaky torturing master.
Ariana saw Joey run off as she lifted her hands and bars surrounded the entrance and exits to the circus tent.
Ariana: And this is me on a good day boy, I told you that you couldn't leave stupid boy.
Joey shook the bars as Ariana grinned skipping up to him and grabbing him as the girls looked on with awe.
Elizabeth: Well Kuki did the right thing turning her into the torturing master, I mean he hasn't even seen her kilt lift yet or know what it does to him.
Ariana(Bringing Joey to his seat) Your friends are doomed Joey all of them to fall to my bff's grasp.
Rachel II: Hey that's us guys.
Ariana: Yep so you have two choices one you sit here with me and enjoy my company, or two you run away to the freakiest circus on earth.
Joey: I'm leaning toward running to the freakiest circus on earth, I mean how bad could it be?
Ariana(Grinning) Fine run away to Kuki Sanban's Circus see if I care, all us girl's did and I've got to say having a boy for me here could be fun.
Joey(Gulping) F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-For y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you?, what are you talking about?
Ariana(Pulling Joey closer to her) Well us girl's have our own room here at the circus except Leone she rooms with Kuki, and Kuki told us if we find a boy make them room with us.
Joey gulped as Ariana giggled resting her head on his shoulder as he cringed at her touch.
Kuki: Five minutes to showtime guys leave the boy here and get ready for your acts.
Ariana: Joey's decided to run away to the circus so I'm making him a part of my act Kooks, him and I will be inseperable for now on.
Kuki(Grinning) I hear kilt lift in your future Joey, and trust me this is something you don't want but will be forced to have like every other boy watching from their Tv's tonight.
Ariana(Dragging Joey off) We're going to practice our act Kooks, you just be sure to get Tommy and the rest here for the others.
Kuki(Sneering) It's a done deal Ari.
Ariana led a screaming Joey behind a curtain where all's we hear is her lips smacking and Joey screaming for help.
Ariana(Behind the curtain) My acts going to make all the boys in the world mesmerized by me, and your rescuers will be the other girl's problems not mine.
Joey saw Ariana's head lean in and she kissed Joey as he tried his best but couldn't resist Ariana's lips on his.
Ariana: The kilt lift is reserved for tonight punkin, I gave you what the other boys will get except you're going to be getting a lot more of the mesmerizing medicine seeing we're going to be kissing a lot as we get farther in our relationship.
Joey(Giggling) Pretty Ariana she's a princess and I'll be her prince.
Ariana(Sneering) Good and the princess demands you to make a commercial on TV for the circus tonight telling all the boys and girl's to tune in.
Joey skipped off to make the commercial as Ariana giggled evilly having him right where she wanted him.
Ariana: Now that I have the boyfriend time to get to work on my act, lifting my kilt making all the boys mesmerized so I can haunt their dreams he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Joey grabbed a camera as Kuki smiled in front of it in a ringmaster's uniform and Joey signaled that she was on TV.
Kuki: Step right up and don't miss the greatest show on earth tonight only at 8:00 so kids beg your parents to let you stay up especially boys I have a special surprise for you that's 8:00 on WKGB 2.
Joey turned the camera off as Kuki skipped back to the ticket counter boys that hated her as a kid arriving one after the other as tickets were passed out and Ariana grinned seeing it was almost a full house 2 hours before show time.
Kuki(Passing tickets out) That's right you jerks walk right into my trap, I hope you enjoy clowns becuase my Leone also a lion tamer is going to show you how silly she can be.
Leone giggled as Kuki painted her face like a clowns and put a rubber red nose on her nose.
Kuki(Kissing Leone) Lee this is your time to shine as both a lion tamer and a clown, those boys out there are becoming babies for Fanny Fullbright's new daycare where Ariana will take advantage of them.
Leone giggled making silly faces like Kuki did to John to make him her as Kuki giggled seeing herself a lot in Leone.
Kuki: All right I'm going to check on Ari and the rest of the show stoppers you stay in your playpen and practice honking your nose.
Leone honked her nose at Kuki giggling madly as Kuki giggled back honking Leone's nose herself.
Kuki: You're a lot smarter than people turn you out to be sweetie pie.
Kuki left as Leone pushed her nose in like piglet another Kuki move and Leone oinked giggling at how fun it was to be a clown.
Leone: Me piggy clown me love piggy clown he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Leone giggled mooing like a cow and taking a horn Kuki gave her blowing it and giggling her head off.
Leone: I be farm animal clown he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, boys will be small thanks to farm animal clown.
Leone's eyes grew evil as she honked the horn again cackling at how the boys were getting what Kuki thought they deserved.
Leone: Ari's not nice to boys farm animal clown make sure boys get what they deserve.
Leone saw herself in the mirror and her eyes were bright red as she painted more of her face until she was satisfied at how great she looked like a clown.
Leone: Far animal clown time to work on other sounds he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Kuki walked around the tent seeing all of her bullies seated up front exactly where she wanted them, especially since her and Leone were doing the clown routine together especially for her bullies.
Kuki: These boys bullied me wait until they meet their match Ariana Fullbright, man Ariana is going to give these boys a run for their money.
Ariana had Joey placed in front of her and lifted her skirt emitting a purple smoke as Joey became even more entranced by her.
Kuki: Nice job on the kilt lift Ari, it looks like he's totally under your spell now.
Ariana(Kissing Joey) That's because he is and nothing can break it.
Kuki: And you said the undies you wear all of them have this great power in them?
Ariana(Nodding) My mama assures me all my undies have the kilt lift gene in them.
Kuki: Great I recommend a fresh pair after practicing on Joey, I mean fresh would make my bullies entranced by you.
Ariana(Pulling out a duffle bag) Already got you covered Kooks.
Kuki: Good I'll check on Elizabeth and Sonya their the trapeze, then Rachel II has a surprise for a very special guest here tonight.
Kuki walked a little further to find Elizabeth and Sonya swinging in the air and catching each other Sonya grunting against Elizabeth's weight.
Sonya: Man Liz you're so heavy but at least I have big muscles.
Elizabeth shrugged walking off in her trapeze costume as Sonya walked to the bleachers and started drinking her Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Kuki: So how's it going guys?, I mean how's the act going?
Sonya: Awesome even if Elizabeth weighs 100 pounds overweight my muscles are keeping me from straining myself.
Kuki: Good deal so let's see it.
Sonya: All right come on Elizabeth let's show her how the acts coming along.
Elizabeth swung on a bar and dove off as Sonya caught her in the air and they swung back falling into an invisible net.
Kuki: Nice job so I'm going to let you go to it, and me I'm going to check on Rachel II and her secret surprise.
Kuki walked off as she spied Rachel II practicing her singing with Rachel smirking knowing that soon Tommy and the rest of the training agents were going to run away to the circus like Joey did.
Rachel II: Ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh, just like Ariel's lullaby right mommy?
Rachel(Rubbing her daughter’s head) That's right munchkin just like Ariel's lullaby sweetie.
Rachel II giggled singing Ariel's lullaby again as Kuki sneered knowing like Rachel no boy was safe from Rachel Ariel Mckenzie the 2nd.
Kuki: Right now that everyone's ready I think our little lullabyer should make Tommy and the training agents fall asleep
Rachel II skipped with Kuki to a megaphone as she handed it to her as she put it to her lips and started singing and we see Tommy chugging caffeine trying to stay awake but Rachel II's hypnotic song took over him.
Rachel II: Ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Tommy(Groggy) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo have to stay awake Joey's doomed already- have- to- stay- awake- or- I'm- next.
Rachel II giggled as Tommy slowly drifted off and he fell through the circus tent roof and a hole was left in it's place as Rachel Ii tapped her foot on the ground grinning at Tommy
Rachel II: That roof looks like it healed up nicely so here's the deal Tommy, you're a present for a friend of mine named Elizabeth she's right up your alley.
Tommy(Gulping) Right up my alley?
Rachel II: Sure she's a real cutey pie too, I mean what's the prob?
Tommy: The last time I met a girl right up my alley she tried kissing me and turning me into her boyfriend.
Rachel II: Well maybe you need a girl in your life, I mean you're the uptighest boy I've ever met.
Tommy gulped as Rachel II led him to an empty room with a big round bed, pictures of Elizabeth on the walls, a huge sheet and blanket sat on the bed, a makeup kit, large clothes, a kitten at the foot of the bed, a puppy panting and barking happily up at Rachel II sleeping on the floor, and what looked like an old timed cowgirl dancer costume like Lizzie wore in the Nugget episode.
Rachel II: The kitten's Lucifer and the puppies Paul, I'll be right back with the girl that's been waiting for you sweetie.
Rachel II left as the pictures caught Tommy's eye and he gulped as the door locked and boards made themselves over the windows with Rachel II cackling the whole way down the hall.
Tommy: I met this girl before and she said if we met again it would be the end of her search for love.
Paul barked up at Tommy and he could have sworn it was a warning for him to escape but he shrugged it off.
Tommy: I must be cracked a dog can't talk and if he could why would he try to save me?
Lucifer meowed and again to Tommy it sounded like run away and never come back.
Tommy: Shut it you stupid cat I'm facing this problem head on and nothing you meow to me can make me do anything different.
Lucifer meowed and pounced from the bed and onto Tommy as Paul walked onto Tommy's chest both of them with a warning.
Paul(Pawing Tommy) Get out kid we used to be real before she met us.
Lucifer(Scratching Tommy) Get out of here kid, like the pup said we were kids before she found us and we could get taken away by the one and only Elmyra Duff if she hears us warning you.
Tommy: Wait so you're talking to me?
Lucifer(Swiping her paw across Tommy) Hurry up boy she could be back at any time and with our worst nightmare following her.
Clicking was heard as Lucifer jumped onto the bed and Paul ran to his doggy bed looking innocent.
Paul: Not a word to her I mean you heard Lucifer Elmyra Duff and her animals are tortured beyond belief.
Tommy(Grinning) HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I wonder what would Elmyra look like?
Paul: Oh no you don't she's crazy and animal loving infested, she's not your cup of tea I guarantee it.
Tommy: I would sure love to meet her Paul, she sounds like oodles of fun.
The door opened as Elizabeth held a grin on her face and behind her was a girl talking like a baby and wearing black shoes, white socks, a white skirt, a blue green shirt over a white shirt, orange hair, and a blue green hair bow with a skull on it smiling.
Elizabeth: I warned you two and now you'll suffer by being her special friends.
Elmyra: I'm gonna hug and kiss you and never use you up, you'll sleep with me on my bed, even better one will be my sissy's first animal.
Paul: Well if she's younger I think I should go to you and let Lucifer go to her.
Elmyra(Nuzzling Paul) All rightie ditey then Lucifer the kitty will go to me and you get my sissy Morgan and she's going to treat you like I treat all my animals because she learns from the best.
Paul whimpered as Elmyra threw both him and Lucifer in cages and skipping of with them.
Elmyra: And it's off to my house we go puppy and kitty, puppy get's my sissy and I get the kitty witty.
Elizabeth: Now I'll have to replace them but then again it's not that bad because now they won't warn you because their not going to be able to have human speech anymore.
Tommy gulped as the door shut and locked and Elizabeth advanced on him her shadow covering the whole room.
Elizabeth: My mama warned me about you and she said you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing, well Mr. Wolf I'm the sheep your taking so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Tommy gulped as he was pushed onto the round bed and Elizabeth jumped on him kissing him as he gulped feeling her tongue on his as her tongue became 10 FT. long and wrapped around his arms, chest, stomach, legs, feet, and hands.
Elizabeth: What's the matter Tommy getting tongue tied?, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I've waited so long for this.
Tommy mumbled against Elizabeth's many tongues as she spread her arms out and everything her went into Tommy's room decorating it as she cackled deeply.
Elizabeth: Now that we redecorated that bland room of yours now we'll make you my boyfriend and make sure nothing tears us apart like those snoopy friends of yours.
Tommy struggled against Elizabeth's tongues but they tightened and he squealed like a pig as she cackled applying purple sparkly lip gloss to her lips.
Elizabeth: The last time we met I was weak but this time I'm stronger, I'm more powerful, and you just became my prey.
Tommy tried screaming for help as two of his friends ran up and Elizabeth knew exactly how to handle them.
Elizabeth: Training agents huh I know exactly what to do with you, so here take these and have a great time.
The boys got tickets to the circus and they knew it was too good to be true as they tackled ELizabeth and Lizzie having enough of people hurting her daughter grabbed both the boys and their tickets.
Lizzie: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM looks like you two have a date with the circus, of course there are other people wanting to meet you too.
Boy #1(Gulping) O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-Other people l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-like who?
Lizzie: Well actually I believe my daughter has plans for you two, she needs a new puppy and kitten pronto.
Elizabeth(Giggling) I sure do my last ones were real chatterboxes, but you guys will just bark and meow not like the other ones.
Lizzie: Well looks like these boys won't be joining the circus tonight, too bad too Ariana had plans for the boys joining the festivities tonight.
Elizabeth: Both the boys don't have to become animals, my powers are strong and I can make one of them become two animals cool huh mommy?
Lizzie(Throwing boy #2 to her) He's kind of quiet so this boy will become one of the many boys to joining Ari's secret plans, and that one will be a puppy and kitty for you.
Elizabeth showed Lizzie out as Tommy mumbled as the tongues tightened and Boy #2 gulped seeing Elizabeth's shadow cover him.
Elizabeth: Bippity Boppity Boo make this boy become a puppy and a kitten too.
Boy #2 split into a puppy and a kitten both barking and meowing with no real voice.
Elizabeth(Jumping on Tommy) I've seen my mama do this tons of times, once even with your own brother before he was a mini.
Elizabeth took her top off as it fell to the floor and she grinned slinking up to Tommy winking at him.
Elizabeth: My mama says that this is what's going to save us what we're about to do.
Tommy gurgled against the tongues as Elizabeth removed her skirt and underwear next and kicking her shoes off and laying across Tommy smiling as she puckered and kissed him leaving purple sparkly lipstick on his lips.
Elizabeth: Now let's get this over with soon because I have a trapeze act to get to and you have a hypnotic night to get through, he he he he he he he he heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Elizabeth moved her body up and down on Tommy as he winced in pain and she giggled this being her first time and she was glad it was with a boy she warned to stay awake the last time they met.
Elizabeth(Grinning) Your brother was the same way my mommy says that since me and him are mini we should start dating but Mushi has him for now.
Tommy hated Mushi as Elizabeth saw this and cackled jumping off of him and rolling her tongue back into her mouth as she giggled and ran off with her trapeze outfit on.
Kuki(Through a megaphone) Welcome everyone to Kuki's Big Top Circus please take your seats boys in front and girl's in back.
Tommy made to run until Rachel II grabbed him and seated him in front.
Rachel II: So Elizabeth says Mushi's your soul mate huh?, I can summon her after this because Hoagie's not working out with her.
Kuki: Now presenting my personal favorite clown and yours Leone Sanban.
Leone walked center stage and quacked like a duck as every boy laughed and then she mooed as they were in hysterics not noticing every boy but Tommy shrank into a baby.
Leone: Me a piggy oink, oink, oink, oink, ooooiiiiinnnnnkkkkkkkk he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
The boys were babies and Tommy noticed making to leave again but Rachel II stronger than him held him down.
Rachel II: Don't leave yet you'll miss the big finale kid.
Kuki(Grinning) I'll bet you think twice before bullying me again, next up is Sonya and Elizabeth our trapeze artists.
Sonya and Elizabeth flew into the air and caught each other and fell into an invisible net just like practiced as the babies clapped and Kuki was glad that Ariana was up next and all the camera's were on her behind.
Ariana(Winking at Joey) All right viewers that our boys prepare to be amazed by my flirting.
Tommy knew what she was going to do as she cackled and the cameramen saw her lift her skirt up.
Ariana(Lifting her skirt up) Hey cameraguy get a closeup on my undies.
The cameraguy did as he was told like a puppet as Ariana cackled triumphantly and Fanny joined in the laughter.
Ariana: Meet the kilt lift boys, you are all under my spell now and it seems things are finally going to go my mama's way and that's the way of a daycare for you little pukes.
Tommy was tranced by Ariana as were the babies who also got kilt lifted by Fanny as well as Ariana and Fanny cackled at the babies and Ariana skipped up to Tommy grabbing him by the hand.
Ariana: You're Mushi Sanban's problem now, and she knows the kilt lift too but she calls it the nightgown lift and she wears no undies so good luck resisting her dork.
Tommy gulped as Ariana cackled leading Tommy to a sad looking Hoagie as Mushi grabbed Tommy's hand anxious to try out her new powers with him.
Mushi(Laughing gleefully) You'll love what I did to your room a shrine to your's truly and I have the power to make you remember me and you forevers and evers and all timely time.
Tommy was pushed roughly by Mushi into her room in the circus tent as her eyes glowed red and she cackled walking into a bathroom to get changed and ready to do the nightgown lift or the full moon as called by her to Tommy.
Mushi(Throwing a nightgown and undershirt over herself) Tommy get ready to be three again and to meet your doom, my B-U-T-T, all the pre school boys saw it and their all scared half to death of me now but not Tommy he's going to be my boyfriend.
Tommy saw the bathroom door open and he shrieked in fear as Mushi stepped out giggling at him her nightgown trailing behind her as she shook her butt to show Tommy there was nothing on it.
Mushi(Throwing gummi bears into her mouth) Ya know I'm really glad I have a friend like Ari around to teach me things like the nightgown lift, she'd get so many more boyfriends if she did what I did and showed her behind to boys.
Tommy(Gulping) Soooooooooooooo- what are you going to do to me?
Mushi: Well firstly I'm going to make you a three year old, second I'm going to nightgown lift you, and third I'm going to make sure you fall headsies over heelsies for me.
Tommy gulped as Mushi cackled eskimo kissing him and kissing his cheeks with pink glittery lips and he made a disgusted face turning from a preteen to a little boy as Mushi giggled girlishly towering over him.
Mushi: Geez you must have sprouted a growth spurt late in life Tommy, now taste the power of my pink lemonade lips and my nightgown lift boy.
Tommy gulped as Mushi kissed him on the lips this time giggling at his disgusted face and turning around so her butt was facing him.
Mushi: Nightgown lift Tommy sweetie and feel the power of my B-U-T-T, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Before Tommy could blink or object Mushi lifted her nightgown to reveal her butt as she shook it giggling as Tommy fell at her feet and she winked at him.
Mushi(Grinning) Now the other boys will be happy because I have a boy who will see the nightgown lift 24/7 and your bullies will get it also, man Ari was right it pays to be a flirty evil girl.
Tommy Kissed Mushi as her cackle echoed across the night sky and everybody who heard it knew that Tommy was only the first boy on her nightgown lift list.
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