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Chapter 9 Hoagie's Demise

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Mushi's found Hoagie again and this time him being her boyfriend is the last thing on her mind

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The next morning after the circus Tommy jerked up into his bed full of sweat and fear hearing Mushi's giggly, flirtatious laugh and gulped knowing last night was no dream.
Mrs. Gilligan: Morning Tommy Boo, you missed the circus last night my tired, little, piggie but hopefully your dreams were good.
Tommy(Fearful) They were fine mama, I have to get ready for daycare.
Mrs. Gilligan: Good I'll have you there in record time today and who knows maybe Mushi will be there to play with you huh?
Tommy(Mumbling) You have no idea.
Mrs. Gilligan: What was that dear?
Tommy: Nothing mama I was just saying that maybe Mushi would love to play if I see her at daycare.
Mrs. Gilligan(Throwing Tommy a flyer) There's a new daycare right by the house, The Sanban’s recommended it and they send Mushi there so really how bad could it be?
Tommy(Reading) Fanny's Daycare Extravaganza boys be warned this is not your run of the mill daycare, Mistress Ariana will take care of you if you're a boy going here.
Mrs. Gilligan: Fun huh?
Tommy: I guess just let me get dressed and then we can leave.
Mrs. Gilligan: Hold your horses Tommy, we still have to eat breakfast it's after all the most important meal of the day.
Tommy ushered his mom out and opened his closet to find stuffed animal Mushi's all holding hearts staring lifeless at him.
Tommy: Stupid Mushi I guess I should play along, she won't leave me alone if I don't.
Tommy quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to find his older brother Hoagie looking sleepy.
Mrs. Gilligan: Hoagie Gilligan elbows off the table, and why do you look so worn?
Hoagie(Yawning) I- had- a- bad- dream- last- night- I- guess- I- just- couldn't- get- back- to- sleep.
Hoagie was referring to the dream in the introduction of the ff as Tommy ate his cereal and slurped his milk quickly looking to get to daycare soon and get seeing Mushi over with.
Mrs. Gilligan: My my someone was hungry weren't they?, now let's get you prepped for your first day in daycare.
Hoagie(Confused) Daycare?
Mrs. Gilligan(Throwing Hoagie the flyer) Yes read something once in awhile would ya, Tommy get your coat and backpack full of toys and meet me out front.
Tommy scurried off as Mrs. Gilligan looked scared for Hoagie and he looked up not even glancing at the flyer that once had Mushi but she was now missing.
Mrs. Gilligan: Home for you little man, you need some rest and try not to let bad dreams get to you.
Hoagie(Yawning) You're- absolutely- right- mom- it- was- just- scary- is- all- I- just- need- a- day- of- R&R.
Mrs. Gilligan(Smiling) Maybe a week so take it easy this week and next week you may go back to school.
Hoagie(Kissing his mom) Thanks mom you always know what I need.
Mrs. Gilligan: Tommy lets burn rubber to the daycare munchkin.
Mrs. Gilligan left as Hoagie finished his breakfast which weird to him was Lucky Charms because he hated them with an art.
Hoagie(Licking his lips) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM these were pretty good, hold on a minute what am I doing eating a little kids cereal.
Hoagie saw the flyer flutter to his feet and when he picked it up he saw Mushi missing and a totally different message on the flyer.
Hoagie(Reading) Dear Hoagie you got away once but now I'm here and I'm here to stay, and this time you're not a three year old boy good luck Mushi.
Hoagie dropped the flyer in fear as he heard maniacal laughter and he ran from the kitchen and into the living room where blankets and a pillow met him.
Hoagie(Smiling) Thank you Madre as I said you always know what I need, and right now I need TV and unlimited snacks.
Hoagie plopped on the couch and turned the TV on to find nonstop kiddie movies on every channel.
Hoagie(Turning the TV off) Maybe video games would be better.
Hoagie turned his Xbox360 on and got ready to play Lego Rockband and never noticed his avatar has turned into Mushi Sanban purple sweater and all staring back at him.
Hoagie(Picking up his guitar) Now this is more like it no kiddie movies here.
The game started and Hoagie got ready to play as Mushi's POV cackled.
Hoagie(Confused) Weird I never noticed that laugh on the game before.
Hoagie went into story mode and selected his character not realizing it was Mushi smiling back at him.
Hoagie: All right let's get rockin, time to pick a song.
Hoagie picked So What Mushi's favorite song and suddenly it clicked when he saw her standing on stage with her Rainbow Monkey backpack, guitar, and a silk nightgown giggling at him.
Hoagie(Rubbing his eyes) No it can't be you, you were a dream how can you get into my game?
Mushi(Twirling around) Well I guess I'm just good like that, now as you said let's get rockin.
Hoagie: No I won't rock out with you there.
Mushi(Touching the screen) Fine with me because I have plans for you and I that involve the Kiddie Movie Day and all that jazz.
Mushi stepped out of the TV as the colors swirled and she winked at Hoagie cackling evilly.
Hoagie(Backing up) What do you want from me?
Mushi(Spinning around) You to play Lego Rockband acourse, I mean it's such a fun game.
Hoagie: Well forget it I'm not giving in to you this time tike squared.
Mushi(Grabbing him) Good because you ignoring me only makes me stronger.
Hoagie was thrown against the couch as Mushi cackled grabbing the blanket his mom got for him and turning it into a Bubbles The Powerpuff girl one all focusing on her.
Mushi: My blankie I love that one because Bubbles and I are both peppy.
Hoagie(Poking Mushi) But it's impossible you made me a three year old and your boyfriend, and Lizzie made Tommy her daughter.
Mushi(Sneering) Yea but being the master of dreams and nightmares makes me do the impossible everyday Hoagie, now let's get rocked.
Hoagie shrieked in fear as Mushi's blanket was wrapped around him and her eyes dripped with evil.
Mushi: Now with a little of the hocus and the pocus you'd love to play Lego Rockband, and all the Guitar Hero's too.
Hoagie(Gulping) What- hocus- pocus- tike- squared?
Mushi(Hugging herself) The hocus pocus a tike like me has of course, and trust me I has lots and lots of the hocus and the pocus too.
Hoagie's eye's grew fearful as the blanket like Mushi's puppet tightened around Hoagie and Mushi sneered cackling evilly.
Mushi(Nuzzling Hoagie) See befores I made you my sweetie but things didn't work out, so me I figures to give mini schoolars a fright I make you me and Tommy my boyfriend.
Hoagie(Eyes going wide) What did you just say?
Mushi(Nodding) You heard right you're becoming little old me as a three year old and I'm dating Tommy the cutest three year old around.
Hoagie: But didn't you like dating me?, I mean I did whatever you wanted plus Tommy's stronger than me.
Mushi(Eskimo Kissing Hoagie) HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM nope see Tommy loves my nightgown lift and I have Ari Fullbright to thank for that.
Hoagie gulped as the blanket Mushi gave him made him trip and Mushi pounced on him like a cat getting nose to nose with him sneering.
Mushi: I hope you're ready to embrace Lucky Charms again, plus candies of all the sizes of the rainbow, and a peppiness that just won't quit.
Hoagie gulped as Mushi moved closer to him wrapping her Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl blanket around Hoagie tighter.
Mushi: My mama says you shouldn't walk around without a blanket you'll catch a cold.
Hoagie felt himself shrinking as Mushi cackled sticking her tongue out and dancing around him looking like a silly clown.
Mushi(Wagging her tongue at Hoagie) Silly huh all the little pre schoolars love this.
Hoagie screamed feeling the cozy blanket feel cozier and Mushi sneered her shadow covering him.
Mushi(Raising her arms) You will be my greatest achievement Hoagie, and not an Xbox achievement either but a real world achievement.
Hoagie gulped feeling himself shrink smaller and Mushi stuck her tongue out again in a teasing manner and Hoagie moaned seeing he lost once again to Mushi.
Mushi(Bouncing on the ball of her feet) HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM something's missing, oh I know what it is you need my figure and to get that sugary cereal, soda, chocolate chip cookies, and candy buffet sounds nice.
Hoagie gulped as Mushi ran into the kitchen getting bowl after bowl and filling them with sugary things.
Mushi(Sneering) Hoagie will be me in no time flatly, then Lego Rockband here I come.
Mushi used her back to open the swinging door to th living room to find Hoagie desperately trying to jump up and reach the window to leave.
Mushi(Placing the bowls on the table) That's what stinks about being mini, things that were once in reach are now out of your reach.
Hoagie(Crying) Please leave me alone I already dealt with you once.
Mushi(Burping in Hoagie's face) And you had me grounded for a century, I'm getting even by making you me and well I'll find another boy to be our little brother so I can blame everything on him.
Hoagie(Gulping) No please I can't be you, you're too strong for me to resist.
Mushi(Stretching) That's kind of like the idea, you will be weaker after the buffet I made for you, just call me the candy, sugary, altogether three year old girl food queen.
Hoagie gulped as Mushi grabbed his arm pouring him Hawaiian Punch and pushing all the bowls to him.
Mushi: Eat up while I take this guitar and show you how to rock out hard.
Hoagie's stomach growled and Mushi sneered getting into his head.
Mushi's POV: Eat up hungry little man, this is my meal I eat every day, it's no wonder my behinds huge and my undies are round.
Hoagie thrusted his hand into Sour Patch Fruits and ate them by the handful as Mushi giggled sitting down with him.
Mushi: Well So What's 100 percent on Expert and now to watch you squirm as I take control of you nutrition.
Hoagie screamed fearfully as Mushi's POV cackled urging him to eat the rest of the Sour Patch Fruits.
Mushi(Dumping the Sour Patch Fruits into Hoagie's mouth) Well you heard myself finish them off so we can eat something else.
Hoagie puckered due to the sour taste as Mushi sneered pushing Peanut Butter M&M's to him next.
Mushi: It's the M to the & to the M to the S with peanut buttery goodness, I'm thinking of signing up for pee wee cheerleading and well since you'll be me I guess you'll sign up as me he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeee.
Hoagie grew fear in his eyes thinking about himself in a tiny skirt and blouse and Mushi cackled picking the Peanut Butter M&M's up in her tiny fists
Mushi(Shoving the M&M's into Hoagies mouth) MMMMMMMM aren't they yummy.
Hoagie's mouth bulged out as Mushi giggled sliding Skittles to him next.
Mushi: Taste the rainbow Hoagie, it tastes wonderful and I love the taste of it.
Hoagie poured all the Skittles into his mouth like he couldn't help himself and Mushi giggled sliding gummy bears to him next.
Mushi: I'm like that monkey from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, I love my gummy bears.
Mushi dumped all the gummy bears into Hoagies mouth and he chewed them and Mushi pushed gummy worms to him next taking one and showing him how to slurp it.
Mushi: Just like mini spaghetti Hoges, at least that's what I see it as mini spaghetti.
Hoagie again not helping himself slurped all the gummy worms up and Mushi giggled sliding the last bowl to him containing pixie sticks as she opened all of them and tossed the sugar into Hoagies mouth.
Mushi(Sliding a cup to Hoagie) Thirsty I even got you a drink, now how thoughtful am I?
Hoagie gulped down the Hawaiian Punch and he shrank smaller as Mushi towered over him taking her clothes off and forcing them onto Hoagie.
Mushi: There now let's get me inside of you forever sweetie, then Tommy and I can date without the middle man.
Hoagie screamed painfully as Mushi disappeared inside of him and he was on a 24/7 sugar rush thanks to all the sugar she force fed him.
Mushi's POV: I win I win ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaa, now when my mama get's home I'll have her take me to pee wee cheerleading tryouts and I'll make it hands down.
Hoagie collapsed on the floor as his feet, hands, fingers, toes, stomach, and the rest of his body became smaller and Mushi cackled.
Mushi's POV: Lego Rockband here we come.
Hoagie saw himself grow black hair with ponytails and purple undies with Bubbles The Powerpuff Girl in the back and purple slippers.
Mushi's POV: And I'll be back in 5-4-3-2-1-and now.
Hoagie screamed painfully as Mushi Sanban took control of his soul and body and all's he heard was Mushi's triumphant, evil cackle in his head.
Mushi(Stretching) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH great to be back doing what I do best taking three year olds as my slaves, scaring them, and showing my Tommy's bullies what happens when they meet my nightgown lift.
Mushi picked up the drumsticks and started playing Lego Rockband the evil sneer never leaving her face as she snacked on the candy that was left over from her sugary cereal, soda, chocolate chip cookies, and candy buffet.
Mushi(Slurping gummy worms) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM these taste better in Hoagies body with his taste buds, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeee.
Hoagie’s POV(Moaning) Please Mushi let me go I'll do anything just please don't take me.
Mushi(Giggling) I certainly hope you have your rah rah shishbommbah's in order, plus cue the dazzle, cue the sparkle, cue the glitter, and well all the other shiny stuff on my new cheer uniform.
Hoagie's POV: But Tommy's still alive and he'll ask about me.
Mushi(Waving a magic wand) Not if everybody forgets you ever existed Hoagie Gilligan, Tommy and I are finally going to be together forevers and evers.
Hoagie gulped as Mushi grinned showing him his new reflection, a three year old girl in a silk purple nightgown with no underwear.
Mushi: My nightgown lift works better with no undies, no boy can resist my bare hiney especially Tommy.
Hoagie screamed as Mushi's thoughts rang throughout his head and she cackled sitting on the couch and resting her feet on the coffee table relaxing.
Mushi: I'm never able to do this at home, but here your mama isn't as strict as my mommy and daddy.
As soon as Mushi got comfortable Hoagie knew he was doomed as purple blood coursed through him and Mushi cackled triumphantly turning Lego Rockband off and watching Doogal giggling at how she beat Hoagie once again.
Mushi: Gee Hoagie for a teen you're really super weak, but that's what I love about you weakling.
Hoagie's soul shot into Mushi's stomach and she giggled patting her stomach knowing that thousands of pre schoolars would join him soon enough.
Mushi(Laying down) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh no parents screaming, no Kuki telling me to stay out of her room, no being grounded for a century, and all day kiddie movies man I could get used to this.
Mushi closed her eyes snuggling with her Bubbles blanket and fell asleep the last of Hoagie screaming inside her as she let that lull her to sleep.
Mushi: All's I need is one soul and you're mine forever Hoagie, that's the spell you put on me a long time ago, I take control of a boy's body and I need one and only one soul to live in it.
Mushi fluffed Hoagie's pillow and laid back as she drifted off to sleep and Hoagie tried to escape her body but her three year old body was too strong and he ate the meal she ate all the time making him her forever.
Mushi(Smirking) I win and you lose ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I hope you also bring spirit fingers to tryouts those are a cheerleaders bread and butter.
Hoagie finally stopped screaming as Mushi giggled glad to have no underwear on and with her nightgown lift it was going to make her cheerleading captain in no time flat she just knew it.
Mushi: No more of the easy life for you Hoagie, my mommy and daddy are going to whip me/ you into shape and that means all the time in my room and no video games or TV.
After Mushi said this she fell asleep and her dreams became of another boy becoming her older brother so she could blame everything on him and she sneered in her sleep.
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