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Chapter 10 Brianna's Tower Slave

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Brianna Buttowski has joined the ranks of the evil little girls in this ff

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The next day Mushi giggled skipping down the halls of her pre school in her new cheer uniform glad to have Tommy as her boyfriend and Hoagie finally settled inside of her body.
Mushi(Stretching) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh life couldn't get any better than this a boyfriend and a boy's body I mean how could it get better?
Mushi's question was answered when she saw Tommy being pushed back and forth by a group of boys half his size and taller than him.
Boy # 1(Pretending to cry) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boo hoooooooooooooo I'm just a fat little piggy.
Tommy was tripped and fell on the floor as the boys laughed at him and Mushi sneered seeing her big brother the blaming tool she called him in action.
Mushi(Skipping up to the boys) All right jerks back off before I make you back off, the boy is obviously scared of you.
Boy #1(Pushing Tommy to one of his friends) And what are you going to do about it squirt?
Mushi(Sneering) You don't even want to know what I have planned for you.
Boy #1: Yes I do or I wouldn't have asked.
Mushi grabbed the boy a newfound Hoagie Gilligan strength flowing through her as she pinned the boy against the nearest wall.
Mushi(Growling) Now-apologize-to-the-poor-boy-and-never-tease-him-again-or-else.
Boy #1: Or else what shrimp?
Mushi(Wiggling her fingers) Now now there's no need for name calling
A storm cloud loomed over Mushi and purple lightning shot from it as the bullies excluding the lead boy scampered off and Mushi grinned evilly.
Mushi(Dusting herself off) Now maybe you didn't know this but that boy you're teasing over there is my boyfriend.
Tommy: I told you I had a girlfriend.
Boy #1 gulped as the purple lightning shot Mushi not phasing her.
Mushi: Now normally I would nightgown lift the heck out of a boy who messes with my Tommy but I'm feeling generous today, so you have a choice 1 you become my bouncing, baby, sis, or two I turn you into a swimsuit two piece mind you and you have to become used to my body forever and always.
The boy gulped seeing Mushi engulfed in this purple lighning as she cackled making more shock her.
Mushi: This is just like Violet's force field ball in the Incredibles, except mine can also shoot lighning at you.
Boy #1: A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-Alright I guess it's your choice on what happens to me.
Mushi(Sneering) I was hoping you'd say that Philip Marts, because you are such a big bully that now I'm going to torture you the only way I know how.
Before Philip knew what was happening a lightning bolt hit him and he turned into a two piece purple bikini with Violet Parr on the back and a big yellow I in the front equipped with black boots that were also water shoes.
Mushi(Raising her arms) Let that be a lesson to all of you creeps, if any of you harm my Tommy again you'll have to answer to me and my purple lightning.
All the pre schoolars nodded slowly as if they had an understanding with Mushi.
Mushi(Kissing Tommy) AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW my poor Tommy Wommy but we'll get even with all the kids who are bullies in your life trust me.
Mushi grinned as Tommy snuggled close to her and she saw another boy running at her as she grinned grabbing his arm and leading him to a cardboard castle.
Mushi: Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair so that we can climb up it and this boy can meet his maker.
A girl's blonde hair fell from the window of the cardboard castle and Mushi nudged the boy to the hair and giggled knowing he wouldn't like who was waiting at the top for him.
Mushi: Well what are you waiting for Valentines Day climb up the long hair and meet who will be obsessed with you forever and always.
The boy found a long ponytail waiting for him and Mushi sneered putting his hands on it and the hair felt silky soft to him.
Mushi: Now climb and get what you deserve boy, I'm not going to sugarcoat this you're going to hate it I guarantee it.
The boy climbed the hair as it twisted and twirled around him as if it was a human rope and it was going to make a noose for his neck.
Mushi(Chuckling) Have fun with her boy, she's missing a beauty pagent and she's not the happiest of campers right now.
The hair reached the boys neck as he started not being able to breathe and Brianna Buttowski met him at the window with an evil grin on her face.
Brianna: Awwwwwwwwww well if it isn't my old foe, I'm missing the beauty pagent of the year for you, and now you will suffer incredibly.
Brianna's hair tightened around the boys neck as he started gagging and she cackled pulling him inside with her hair and he fell at her boots as she grinned down at him with a mirror in her hand.
Brianna(Kissing the mirror) I love this thing, I won it in my very first beauty pagent and it holds a very special power.
Boy(Gasping) Like- what- making- your- hair- grow- longer- and- longer- until- it- almost- kills- me?
Brianna(Giggling) Nope the hairs thanks to my new shampoo Insta Grow, that and my favorite fairy tale is Rapunzel and I long to be like her
The boy finally caught his breath as Brianna applied hairspray to her hair and it grew longer wrapping around the boys stomach and throat again.
Brianna(Raising her arms) The world is mine now that I have my bully right where I want him.
Boy: But if you keep me up here nobody will be able to bully you anymore, and everyone needs a bully to live.
Brianna(Opening a purple backpack) Nicely said bully boy, and that means you're going to need a bully too, in fact you need a sibling bully because after all their the meanest and you can't get away from them.
Boy(Gulping) A s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sibling bully?
Brianna(Nodding) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yea a sibling bully is just what you need, an older sibling bully.
Boy: And where am I going to find one of those?
Briana(Handing him a card) Brianna Buttowski older sib bully at your service, now the question is what will you be male of female?
The boy made to jump out the cardboard castle window as Brianna's hair pulled him back inside the castle.
Brianna: And did I mention the whole male female thing is my choice not yours, now let's see I already have a male sibling and he's ok if you count out all the stunts, but a sis would be great to have.
Boy(Gulping) I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-It would?, I mean little girls just so happen to be the cutest things ever.
Briana(Kissing the boys cheek) Well of course their cute their girls and all girls are cute.
Boy: But I'll be cuter than you, I mean can you handle that?
Brianna: Sure that's why your a little sis so you can be cute and I can bully you every single day.
Boy(Putting his hands up) Wait, wait, wait, we can work something out, I mean there has to be something you want to do to me besides making me a sister to you am I right?
Brianna(Chomping an apple) Nope see you hurt me so much when you were my bully, now I get to pay you back.
Brianna picked her tiara up and placed it on her blonde head as the boy saw her shadow cover him.
Brianna: Hmmmmmmm you do seem sorry, and I guess making you my little sister is a little rash on my part, so if you promise never to bully me again I'll punish you in another way.
Boy(Kissing Brianna's boots) Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, and I'll do whatever else you want and I mean whatever you want.
Brianna(Sneering) Good because it seems your little sister has an obsession for me, so giver her this pink shirt, this purple jacket, these purple cowboy boots, and this tiara and tell her the feelings mutual.
The boy ran off as Brianna sneered knowing he was going to be her little sister whether he wanted to or not.
Brianna(Cackling) Looks like someone forgot about Halloween and the costume part of it, those clothes will take over him soon enough and then I'll be there to turn him into a baby me, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
The boy named Josh Davidson was glad that Brianna forgot about making him her little sister or so he thought as he ran into his house in search of his little sister.
Josh's mom: Easy there sweetie where's the fire?, I mean don't you say hello to your mom anymore.
Josh(Panting) Hey- mom- where's- Stacy- I- have- a- Halloween- costume- for- her.
Josh's mom(Kissing his cheek) Awwwwwwwww aint you sweet?, she's in her room pouting because I couldn't find a Brianna Buttowski costume anywhere and unless you got her one she's refusing to Trick Or Treat this year.
Josh ran up the stairs taking two at a time as Brianna sneered looking into a crystal ball and seeing him and sneering.
Brianna: Well, well, well look who decided to go as a kitty and who decided to go as me, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Josh stormed into his sister's room to find her shakking her butt a lion tail hanging from it.
Josh: Uhhhhhhh what's with the gidup Margot?
Margot: It's Halloween duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I mean you think an older person would know the days of the week, months of the year, and holidays especially the yummy ones.
Josh(Fearful) I thought you were going as Briana Buttowski.
Margot(Throwing her mane on) Well I was going to and then mommy found this really cool looking lion costume with working tail on the behind so now I'm Nala from The Lion King.
Josh gulped as Brianna cackled throwing her Spring jacket on and skipping off to Josh's house to collect her little sister.
Brianna(Knocking on Josh's door) Time to pay up Josh, boy are you going to look cute as a Care Bear Cousin, I mean I sure did.
Josh's mom answered the door to see Brianna dressed as Wonder Woman and she skipped inside the smile never leaving her face as she cornered Josh and pulled out her backpack.
Brianna(Going thrrough her backpack) Taduhhhhhhhhh and it's Grumpy the Care Bear Cousin, I was him for Halloween the first time I went trick or treating.
Josh: but this isn't my first time trck or treating, in fact I've trick or treated since I've been a newborn.
Brianna: Sure as a boy and a Matthews but never as a girl and a Buttowski, so throw the Grumpy costume on, make you live in this tower, or you could just be me for Halloween.
Josh: And what if I refuse to wear either the Grumpy costume or the Brianna Buttowski costume?
Brianna(Flipping her hair at Josh) Then I'll lock you in the tallest tower of the biggest castle and we can see who comes to save you.
Josh laughed as Brianna sneered grabbing him and locking him with her in the highest tower of the castle she was locked in.
Brianna(Applying lipstick) Boy it feels great to have a boy heere with me, It get;s terribly boring in here all alone.
Josh saw how serious she was as he tried opening the door to find it locked and Brianna sneered down at him.
Brianna(Holding the costumes out to him) Your choice me, Grumpy the Care Bear, or life in this tower with me forever and never being able to leave until a princess finds you and saves you.
Josh(Grabbing Brianna's clothes) Give me those, I guess having an older sibling can't be that bad.
Brianna(Putting her clothes back) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm thinking it's a lot worse to lock you up in this tower.
Josh(Gulping) But- but- but you said if I chose one of the costumes I would get to be out of the tower.
Brianna: Yea but I'm also a pathological liar and I figured since you were the one to get me locked in here, both of us should live in solitude and your sister can either go as me or Nala the lion.
Brianna(Sneering) You aint seen a crazed girl yet, we'll sleep together, eat together, grow older together, and this tower is the backdrop of our new life together.
Josh made to run for the window but Brianna came prepared as she stepped on his pants leg making him trip and then she raised her amrs making wooden planks grow on the windows.
Brianna(Eskimo kissing Josh) AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you have nothing to worry about, you and I are going to keep each other company here.
Josh: But aren't you going to miss having a sibling bully?, I mean now you have nobody to torture.
Brianna(Squeezing Josh) Yes- I- do- and- his- names- Josh- Matthews- now- let- me- show- my- prince- around- the- castle.
Josh saw a bed and Brianna cackled throwing him onto the bed as she laid on top of him the passion never leaving her eyes.
Brianna: I've never had a boy up here with me before, it was always just me and my long locks of blonde hair.
Josh(Squirming) All- right- just- make- me- your- sister- and- quick, I- don't- have- all- day- you- know.
Brianna(Sneering) And I said I'm a pathological liar so anything I say could or couldn't be a lie, unfortunately for you making you my sister was.
Josh screamed as Brainna cackled evilly walking up to him her purple dress trailing against the cobblestoned floor.
Brianna(Kissing him) No worries at least you have me, I mean you're not here alone like I was for so long.
Josh(Begging Brianna) Please become my sibling bully, please, please, please, plese, pppllleeeaaassseee.
Brianna(Kicking her slippers in his face) Nuh uh see you locked me in here and now you and I are going to suffer this punishment together.
Brianna's slippers emitted a green smoke as Josh gagged and Brianna giggled throwing her socks at him next as he passed out and she tucked him in with her next to him.
Brianna: And just think this is only the first day Joshy boy.
What happens next read the next chapter to find out
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