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Chapter 11 Brianna's Revenge

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Brianna's found a weaker boy than Josh and things don't look too good for this boy

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The next morning Josh moaned thinking being locked up in a cardboad castle with Brianna Buttowski was a dream not knowing that his nightmare was just begining.
Brianna(Yawning) Morning Joshy I'm going to rustle us up some grub you just stay there like a good prince/prisoner not that you have much choice.
Josh(Groggy) What- are- you- talking- about?
Brianna(Sneering) You'll see what I mean when you're fully awake, I'm off to get us some doughnuts and chocolate milk, then we can talk about us.
Josh slowly opened his eyes to find some of Brianna's hair chopped off and triple tied to his wrists and the bed frame.
Brianna: Now as I said no leaving because there's not much choice but to stay here in my triple knotted French Braid that I learned how to make in the Brownies as a kid.
Josh(Struggling) You can't just keep me here Brianna I mean where do you have the right.
Brianna(Handing him a parchment) Right here because your mama signed it and your sister also signed it.
Josh(Fearful) They- signed- me- over- to- you?
Brianna(Nodding) MMMMMMMMHHHHHMMMMMMMMM and your friend John just became the newest and smallest Butowski, wait till he gets a load of his Older Sibling Bully Brianna he he.
Briana(Grabbing a backpack) Ciao I'm off to make a little sib.
Josh(Struggling) Let- me- go- you- maniac.
Brianna raised her arms as the locks binding Josh tightened and she cackled.
Brianna: I have full control over them, and if you think me in reality is bad wait till you meet three year old me in dreams my brother Kick is still traumatized by me as a three year old and he babysat me.
Brianna(Smirking) And what if I don't?
Josh(Smiling) Because if you don't your hair will never grow long again because you cut it and the Rapunzel in the Tangled movie lost her hair growing powers once she cut it.
Brianna(Sneering) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa that's why I'm Brianna Buttowski and not Rapunzel and you're no Flynn Rider yourself Josh.
Josh gulped as Brianna rubbed her fingers through her hair and it became longer as she chuckled evilly at him.
Brianna: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA looks like I have an untapped source for hair growing.
Before Josh could argue a ponytail met his mouth as Brianna kissed his cheek and skipped off her evil cackle echoing off the cardboard castles walls.
Meanwhile a boy with black hair and fighting eyes was ready for Briana not knowing that she had a secret weapon of her own.
Brianna(Swinging her backpack around) Time to get my Older Sibling Bully on he, he, he, heeeee.
The boy gulped as he saw his nightmare in the flesh and all the other boys stepped aside letting Brianna through.
Brianna: Tisk tisk Mr. Man looks like you and I have unfinished business.
Boy(Gulping) W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-we d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do I mean what kind of business do you have with me?
Brianna(Dragging the boy) You'll find out John as for the rest of you if I catch anybody following us I'm making you my new underwear seeing I need new one's desperately.
Boy: I volunteer myself for that job.
Brianna(Pinching his cheeks) AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you're so cute when your scared.
Boy: What are you going to do to me?
Brianna(Taking off her backpack) Well John first I'm going to make sure you and I grow to love each other as sisters.
John(Fearful) S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Sisters?
Brianna(Opening her backpack) Of course I mean who else to be my sister than the boy who almost got rid of me permanately?
John: It wasn't my idea it was Kick's, he said if I helped him that he would make it worth my while.
Brianna(Pulling a jumpsuit out) Rrrrrrrrriiiiigggghhhhhtttt and now I'm making you my sister which is worth my while.
John: What have you done to Josh?
Brianna(Giggling) He always was a sucker for the fairy tale girl's, I became Rapunzel and he's my Flynn Rider.
John: But he was the gateway to good dreams.
Brianna(Beaming) Yep now he's tied up in a triple knotted French Braid with a ponytail over his mouth.
John(Sighing) All right I give up I guess being your sister isn't too too bad.
Brianna: I was hoping you'd say that, here try these clothes on and come and meet me by the cardboard castle gates when you're dressed.
John walked into the girl's room with a pair of baby yellow underwear, a bright pink tank top, a purple denim jacket, blue jeans, magenta boots, and a tiara.
John(Taking his clothes off) Well here goes nothing.
John slipped the underwear on first as his butt became smaller with him not noticing.
John: I can't believe I'm doing this.
He put the tank top and Jacket on next as his midsection and chest grew three year old size.
John: Just the jeans the boots, and the tiara left.
Brianna(Skipping into the bathroom) You forgot thessssssssseeeeeee he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Purple tights met John as he slipped them on over the underwear his legs growing smaller, then he put the jeans on feeling the power of a three year old beauty queen rush over him.
John: Now for the boots and Tiara that got Brianna her first Beauty pagent win.
John slipped the boots on as an evil grin slipped over Brianna Butowski's face.
John: And last but not least the tiara then I'll be Brianna's little sister.
John put the tiara on as the hair binding Josh was released and an evil cackle met him at the bottom of the cardboard castle.
Brianna: Now to show John what real nightmares look like.
John's hair turned from black to golden blonde and he found it hard to resist tea parties, stuffed animals, kittens, and he had a newfound fear for Brianna.
John(Gulping) I-have-a-bad-feeling-about-being-Brianna's-little-sister.
Brianna(Skipping up to him) Well, well, welll look who joined the pagent quest.
John squeaked in fear as Brianna's shadow covered him and she cackled deeply grabbing his hand.
Brianna: Oh please I haven't even wedgied you yet.
John(Holding his butt) Wedgied?
Brianna(Nodding) I had two brothers as bully's when I was little, and that made me the perfect older sibling bully to you Brianna Jean Buttowski the 2nd.
John still held his butt as Brianna got an evil glint in her eyes licking her finger and sticking it in John's ear cackling at him.
Brianna: Wet Willies always worked too, my brother Kick hated my wedgies too probably because my brother Brad taught me how to really bunch up a person's underwear when he gave me wedgies.
John gulped tugging his butt harder as Brianna stuck her foot out tripping him as he rolled under her boots and she giggled looking down at him.
Brianna: Time for the tear jerker now Brad and Kick had different ways they shared the tear jerker with me, so to share it with you I'll use both.
Brianna cackled taking her jeans off and farting under John's nose and then she kicked her boots off as a green smoke evaporated from her socks and boots to under John's nose.
John: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is totally disgusting.
Brianna: Now Brad and Kick said I had to create one of my own tortures for the tear jerker so be prepared to meet your maker Mr. I Think I'll Try To Make Everyone Forget Brianna Jean Buttowski.
John squeaked fearfully as Brianna brought him close to her mouth and her cheeks puffed out as John laughed thinking it was a joke.
Brianna(Blowing her breath in his face) Meet Brianna Jean Buttowski's version of the tear jerker.
A green gas cloud appeared under John's nose as he fainted and Brianna cackled triumphantly leading him inside of his new house and laying him in her bed she had as a three year old.
Brianna(Sneering evilly) And this is just day one bully punching bag he, he, he, he he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
John's body molded to the clothes Brianna gave him as she pulled the sheets and covers to his chin grinning at how small he had become.
Brianna(Stretching) I'll look like a giant to you know littelest Buttowski sib, man it feels great to be the oldest for once.
Brianna skipped from her three year old room where posters of former Beauty Queens magically flooded the walls and she sneered knowing John would be like her as a three year old.
Brianna: Now to make Kick's day by showing him who was reserected as a three year old.
Brianna ran to Kick's room where she found him with a look of pure fear on his face as she snickered knowing why he was scared.
Brianna(Skipping up to Kick) Commmmmeeeeeeeeee on Kick I have someone I'd like you to meet
Kick: Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You do?
Brianna(Cackling madly) Yessssssssssss now hurry.
Kick was dragged by Brianna to her room as a three year old as John moaned and slowly opened his eyes and Kick screeched with fear knowing all too well who the person Brianna wanted him to meet was.
Brianna(Cackling) Just think Kick you have to go through babysitting me all over again, the accidents you have to clean up, the clothes you have to wash, the games you have to play, and the makeovers.
Kick(Shaking his head no) Nuhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh I'm never watching you again.
Brianna polished an apple and took a chomp out of it grinning down at Kick.
Brianna: Wanna make a bet?
Before Kick could protest three year old Brianna flooded through John and he started crying as Mrs. Buttowski ran up the stairs to console him.
Mrs. Buttowski: Awwwwwww my sweet, sweet, sweet little Bri what's wrong sweetie?
John(Bawling) K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kick-said-he-wouldn't-watch-me-ever-again-he'ssssssssss-sooooooooooooo-meannnnnnnnnnn.
Brianna(Smirking) And out comes the drama queen in me.
Mrs. Buttowski: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhh shhhh shhhhhhhhh I'll make sure Kick watches you precious.
John(Sticking his tongue out t Kick) Ha ha you're stuck with me now Kick.
Kick(Gulping) But-but-but-but-but we went over this I'm not babysitting another Brianna.
Mrs. Buttowski: Nowwwwwww Kick how could you say no to an angel like Brianna Jean Buttowski the 2nd?
John(Sniffling) Becuase he's a mean older brother that's why.
Brianna(Sneering) Maybe I can babysit Brianna 2 tonight mom, I mean after all she is named after me.
Kick: Great Idea I think we should let Brianna babysit her clone tonight.
John(Sucking on a lollipop) Fine but if I get older sibling bullied then it's going to be on like Donkey Kong Kick.
Kick skated off quickly before his mom could respond and he was gone leaving a shivering John with Brianna.
Mrs. Buttowski: All right little Bri you do everything your older sister tells you.
John made to run but Briannna grabbed him a sneer forming on her face.
Brianna(Wedgieing John) Get used to them bully bait because now that we're alone I can bully you all night.
John(Moaning) Kick-is-so-going-to-pay-for-this.
Brianna(Licking her finger) Wet Willy little sister and bullying tool of mine.
John screamed in anger as Brianna licked her other finger and gave him another one.
Brianna(Beaming) Besides Wedgies the Wet Willy is my calling card.
John's chin trembled in sadness as Brianna cackled and wedgied him again.
Brianna: Aren't you glad I grew up with two brothers that did this to me constantly?
John shook his head no as Brianna giggled and grabbed him the sneer never leaving her face.
Brianna(Shaking up tobasco sauce) Time for my famous tacos and FYI their fit to burst with Tobasco so good luck he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
John pushed the plate back to Brianna as she sneered her shadow overtaking John.
Brianna: You know for a little sister you sure don't know how to listen very well.
John: And what if I don't listen to you Big Sister?, What are you going to do about it?
Brianna: Well I'm going to give you a choice either you become my little sis or you become my servant.
John(Sneering) I'd rather be your servant than your slave.
Brianna grinned back knowing there was no way to take the clothes John had on off.
Brianna: Fine just take the clothes off and leave them here with me.
John tried pulling the jeans off and found they magically molded to his butt along with the underwear and the rest of the clothes also molded to him.
Brianna(Tisking John) Didn't I mention the clothes I made you wear were tailor made?
John(Grunting) So-how-do-I-get-them-off?
Brianna:You don't until you become my little sister obsessed with nightgowns, pagents, and me.
John gulped as Brianna pushed to plate back to John forcing his mouth open.
Brianna: Down the hatch sis, and careful they burn from the inside out.
John's face turned red as Brianna giggled tossing another one into his mouth.
Brianna: After this we can work on your version of the tearjerker.
John saw no way out as he quickly polished off Brianna's tacos and she grabbed his hand leading him to his new room.
Brianna: Now hit me with your best shot.
John farted under Brianna's nose, took his shoes off, blew bad breath at her, and then spread his arms as his whole body became a stink bomb and Brianna fainted as John smiled down at her.
John(Giggling) How's that for a tear jerker older sis?, now to find a way out of this house.
John skipped down the hall taking the stairs two at a time as Brianna moaned slowly waking up seeing she found Kick's downfall and it was three year old her.
Brianna(Running down the stairs) Ah ah ahhhhhhhhh Brie there's no going outside after dark babysitters rules, now let's go get you washed up and ready for beddy bye.
Before John could protest he was snatched up by Brianna and led to a tub filled with bubbles, bath toys, and makeup surrounding the sink.
Brianna: After the bath I'll show you how great it is to be a little sister by giving you your first makeover.
John was placed into the tub and he saw fighting Brianna wasn't an option anymore.
Brianna: See John you may be able to fight out of the tub, but in it my sis will win hands down because all girl's love bath's and showers.
John saw his body shrink as Brianna's full form towered over him and he squeaked in fear of her.
Brianna: And about that tear jerker, let's just say we found competition for Kick in this house.
John: We have?
Brianna(Ruffling John's hair) We sure have and there's no way Kick can fight back because it's against all boy laws to hit a girl.
John allowed Brianna to lather him up with soap and put shampoo in his hair her not knowing Josh found a way to escape but she had plans that involved mini her in a big way.
Brianna: Well let's get this hair in a ponytail and then it's off to bed, my favorite time because as a three year old I was all about throwing tantrums and not going to bed.
John sneered knowing the perfect way to get back at Brianna as she brushed his now long, blonde hair and made a ponytail in the back.
Brianna: Taduhh now let's get you dressed and ready for dreamland, not that you'll be sleeping tonight if you're anything like me at three.
John was forced into purple underwear, a pink satin nightgown, pink fuzzy slippers, and a tiarra with pink feathers decorating it as Brianna marveled at her creation.
Brianna(Pulling the blankets and sheets back) All right munchie time for bed we have a big day tomorrow.
John sneered folding his arms across his chest and shaking his head no at Brianna.
Brianna(Giggling) Have it your way, because Kick should be home soon and boy is he going to be glad to see you're still up.
John snickered girlishly as Brianna skipped down the stairs sneering knowing Kick was nothing with two sisters torturing him.
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