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Chapter 12 The Sleepover

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Brianna and CO. are having a sleepover. There goes the neighborhood

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As soon as Kick got home he knew trouble was waiting for him in the form of his new little sister Briana Jean Buttowski the 2nd.
Kick(Quivering all over) Uhh Brie where are you and mini you?
Kick heard a gurgling giggle as he ran for the front door as it slammed and locked itself.
Briana(Walking down the stairs) Kick don't you know it's impolite to ignore your little sister, I mean goodness she's been waiting for you to get home all night.
Kick(Gulping) S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-She h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-has? and why h-h-h-h-h-h-h-has she been waiting f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-for m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-me?
Briana(Sneering) She's learned a lot tonight and she needs a test subject.
Kick ran off hoping to find a place to hide from his fate not knowing that the new and improved Mini Briana was a hide and seek genius.
Brianna: Looks like Kick wants to play both of his little sisters' favorite game, Oh Briiiiiiiiieeee let's play hide and seek with Kick.
Brianna 2 skipped down the stairs in a Tina Sometimes nightgown, purple slippers, a tiara, a bowl of popcorn, and a soda.
Brianna: Come on Brianna 2 the Tina Sometimes marathon starts soon and Kick wants to play party games, the first one is my favorite and yours hide and seek.
Brianna 2(Looking on the couch) Seriously Kick you've got to get better hiding places, I mean at least Brianna gave me a bit of a challenge before I found her in the dryer and begged her to let me join her sleepover tonight.
Brianna 2 moved throw pillows and found Kick smiling up at her a look of pure fear on his face.
Brianna: Kick congratulations on being invited to another Tina Sometimes Marathon sleepover, now there is a theme we have going here so learn to live with it.
Brianna went into her backpack and threw a Tina Sometimes nightgown over Kick and Brianna 2 grabbed a jump rope and a chair.
Brianna: Thanks sis and Kick I hope you like Tina Sometimes because come 3:00 in the afternoon she's going to be all you see and the party games you made us play last time will be played again.
Brianna 2 shoved Kick into the chair and Brianna triple knotted the jump rope a smug smile on her face at seeing Kick struggle.
Brianna(Showing Kick a patch) The triple knotting patch I got it in brownies today and man was I hankering to use it. I also got the using long and big words patch.
The doorbell rang as Brianna ran to answer it knowing very well who it was.
Brianna(Giggling evilly) Josh well looks like you found a way out of the tower but you'll never make it out of this house tonight without falling head over heels for three year old me.
Brianna 2(Shooting her hair at Josh) I heard you liked to be all tied up Josh, I'm Brianna Jean Buttowski 2 and you're worst nightmare.
Kick(Struggling) Mom-and-dad-will-be-home-soon-and-they-won't-like-what-they-find-double-trouble.
Brianna(Scratching her chin in thought) Hmmmmmmmmm double trouble I like it as a nickname for us, because alone we're nothing but together we're-
Brianna 2: Don't worry Brianna taught me how to use my baby blues to my advantage just like her.
Brianna: And mom and dad let me do just about anything because of my baby blues.
Brianna 2(Skipping up to Josh) I hope you like Tina Sometimes and no boys allowed fun, Brianna has the whole night mapped out.
Brianna: And all the games are for girls so have fun boy prisoners.
Josh: Did your sister ever tell you how she wanted to make me her little sister before you?
Brianna 2(Sneering) She may have wanted you but she got me instead.
Josh: She also wanted to make me her boyfriend.
Brianna 2(Yawning) And her prisoner yea, yea, yea I heard the Fairy Tales.
Brianna: Luckily John didn't have much fight in him.
Brianna 2: And besides I don't want a boyfriend but I do know a girl who's looking.
Brianna(Sneering) So do I and that's why they call us-
Josh(Struggling) And-just-who-is-this-mystery-girl?
Brianna 2: Patience Josh she's on her way here now and she's just getting over a big breakup.
A knock was on the door as both the girl's screamed with evil glee and ran to the front door where Kendall Perkins was waiting applying her lipstick.
Brianna: Kendall so sorry to hear about Ronoldo and you, but I have a boy tied up who just might fill the void.
Brianna 2: We actually have two so you can pick or chose who you want to kiss every single day.
Kendall was led to the living room where Kick gulped and Josh could just stare at her beauty hoping she would pick him.
Kendall: Hmmmmmmmmmm this is a hard choice because Kick or Clarence to me is my obsession and the new one can't take his eyes off me.
Brianna: Well let's sweeten the deal you have a little sister coming to watch the Tina Sometimes marathon tonight to become my little sister's BFF so whoever you don't chose becomes Kimmy Perkins' crush.
Kendall(Skipping up to Kick) Deal come on Clarence we have a lot of kissing to catch up on, after kissing you can watch me try on clothes until you either die of boredom or become as domesticated and all about me as Ronoldo was.
Kick was dragged off against his wishes as Kendall took one look at Josh and cackled at him knowing she found a Kimmy repelent and she needed it seeing Kimmy was at the age where she wanted to go on every date with Kendall and follow her around.
Kendall: Word of advice never,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever tell my little sister no because she has a set of lungs on her that can go for hours on end.
Kendall cackled good luck and dragged Kick still tied to his chair up the stairs and into the nearest room which happened to be his.
Kendall(Applying lip gloss) I'm sooooooooooooo going to enjoy this Clarence Buttowski, I mean the girlfriend of a famous daredevil what more could a girl ask for?
Kick(Gulping) Listen Kendall there are other boys out there better boys than me, and their all just itching to be domesticated.
Kendall(Slinking up to Kick) Yeaaaaaa but they aren't daredevils like you, I mean whooooooooooo the way you risk your life every day makes me love you even more.
Kick(Trying to push Kendall away) Kendall please you have no idea what you want right now.
Kendall(Snickering) Clarence, Clarence, Clarence I know exactly what I want and it's Y-O-U with a capital Y.
Kick: All right I'll be all yours if you untie me Kendall, I mean how much fun can we have with me tied up?
Kendall(Puckering up) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo I'm kissing you first then I'll untie you, my kisses have been known to wow any boy to come in contact with them.
Kick saw no choice as he puckered too and Kendall slowly leaned in kissing Kick and he kissed her back and suddenly heart's formed around their heads and Kendall giggled bashfully untying Kick and placing him on his bed.
Kendall: See now was that so bad? I mean now you have a girlfriend and Wacky Jackie can shove over making M-E with a capital M your biggest fan.
Kick(Smiling) I love you Kendall.
Kendall(Looking at her watch) So much faster than Ronoldo Clarence, Kick will be a nickname given to you by me but Clarence is your full name and I'll use it whenever I can.
Kick and Kendall kissed again and Kendall quickly pulled out of the kiss hearing a singsong voice downstairs and knowing all too well who it was.
Kendall(Grabbing Kick's hand) Come on boy toy let's join the party.
Kick allowed himself to be pulled downstairs and all the girl's saw purple glittery lipstick on his face and a tatoo of Kendall on his helmet.
Kendall(Shrugging) What can I say I work fast and know how to establish myself as a girlfriend girls.
Brianna 2(Grabbing Kendall's hand) Follow me your sister just got here and boy is Josh in for a long night.
Kendall cackled as she saw Kimmy sitting on Josh's lap in TIna Sometimes everything ready for the marathon.
Kendall: Too bad Kick can't join in your pain, he's in love with a capital L and now I have a Tina Sometimes marathon to share with my boy toy.
Kick plopped on the couch with a smile on his face and snacks all around him with the girl's joining him Kendall plopping down next to him.
Kimmy(Nuzzling Josh) I want a boy toy too and my sissy says that Perkins always get what they want.
Josh(Grinning) Sorry Pint sized but you're shorter than me and younger, now if you must know there's a height and an age limit to date me.
Brianna 2(Handing Josh a soda) Here compliments of my sister and I, drink fast you look pretty thirsty.
Josh drank the soda and Kimmy giggled raising her arms in triumph as Josh shrank shorter than her and that was just the way she wanted him.
Brianna(Sneering) All right girl's time to pick our sleeping partners and the sleeping partners are also your Tina Sometimes Marathon partners.
Kimmy squeezed Josh against her and Kendall did the same to Kick as the girls snapped their fingers in defeat and each girl found another girl to be their sleeping partner.
Kimmy(Eyes dancing evilly) You were saying?
Josh(Gulping at Kimmy's height) Uhhhh I was saying that now there's no age or height requirement.
Kimmy(Nuzzling Josh) That's what I thought now let's see if my sleeping bag's big enough for two.
Kimmy squeezed Josh and her in the same bag snuggling close to him for warmth.
Kick: Uhh Kendall why don't we see if your sleeping bag's big enough for two?
Kendall(Pulling out a backpack) Because I don't have a sleeping bag but I do have a blanket so let's get comfy with the other girls on the floor shall we?
Kick nodded as his helmet was removed and we see blonde hair under it and Kendall giggled seeing they had the same hair color.
Josh(Mumbling) This is sooooooooooooo the opposite of fun.
Kimmy(Looking at him) What was that?
Josh(Gulping) Nothing Kimmy I was just talking to myself.
Kimmy(Kissing Josh) That's what I thought and you better start having fun or I'll make you have fun.
Kendall(Sneering) Having fun yet Josh? She's just like me at her age demanding and willing to do anything to get what she wants.
Josh(Struggling) Come-on-Kick-help-me-I-mean-how-many-kisses-can-one-daredevil-take?
Kick(Shaking his head) Nope I don't want to anger Kendall, she isn't very loving when she's angry which is why I'll remember that our anniversary is during the Tina Sometimes Marathon.
Josh: She's domesticating you Kick and she's trying to make you forget about doing stunts.
Kick(Shaking his head) Nope she's my biggest fan and she said she has a camera and she's going to videotape every one of my stunts.
Josh(Struggling in the sleeping bag) How can one girl be so fat?
All the girl's and Kick gasped after Josh said this and we see Kimmy with her cheeks blown out and her face a dark shade of red.
Kendall(Placing earplugs in Kick's and her ears) We're soooooooo going to need these boy toy of mine.
Brianna(Tossing earplugs to the girls) Put these in quick she's going to pop real soon.
Josh gulped not liking the sound of what Kimmy said and he was regretting it even more when Kendall joined her.
Kendall(Scratching her chin in thought) Welllllllll you always did want a little sib, and Josh did make a big mistake just now.
Kimmy(Forcing Josh out of the sleeping bag) Kendall will work on your make-up, hair, and wardobe, I'll work on the fun parts of being a little girl.
Kendall(Kissing Kick) Don't move an inch sweetie, and make sure nobody steals our spot because we have prime seats right now.
Kick(Saluting Kendall) Whatever you say Kendall baby.
Kendall(Blushing) I love it when you call me baby.
Josh: Kick save me you know you can do it.
Kendall(Forcing Josh into the bathroom) Boy are you and Kimmy going to have fun tonight, tomorrow I'll introduce you to my wardrobe seeing Kimmy refuses to wear it.
Josh(Struggling) And what makes you think I'll wear it?
Kendall(Giggling) I'm going to make you wear it HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Josh was shoved on the ground thanks to a strength he never knew Kendall had.
Kendall(Kissing her muscles) On top of studying, my presidency in school, my shoe in for Valedictorian of my Junior High class, and my new boy Clarence I bench press 300 pounds and am not afraid to show it.
Josh didn't have a chance to respond as Kendall's arm was on his throat making it hard for him to breathe.
Kendall: You'll also have a study schedule because if you're going to idolize me and you are going to idolize me you're going to need to act like me.
Josh(Gasping) What-about-Kimmy?
Kendall: She'll be the fun part in your life me I'll be the rest and I'm so glad I have control over my new sis.
Kendall unzipped a Tina Sometimes backpack and produced silk purple pajama's, plaid underwear, bows, ribbons, and a stuffed bear.
Kendall: Meet Ryan I named him that when I first got him and he'll keep that name, now let's introduce you to perfume, make-up, and girly clothes.
Josh was pulled back up by Kendall and he saw bulging muscles with black veins on her arms.
Kendall(Taking Josh's clothes off) All right phase 1 complete now let's get you into these pretty clothes waiting for an owner shall we?
Josh shook his head no as Kendall nodded her cackle echoing across the house and Kick was glad he didn't act like a hero trying to save Josh.
Kendall(Pulling the underwear onto Josh) Taduhhhhhhhhhhh plaid and I hope you like plaid because my original wardrobe consists of it or at least my sweater does.
Josh closed his eyes tight aware that little kids had giant imaginations but Kendall came prepared as Kimmy walked up her eyes also closed tight.
Josh(Fearful) Wait why is my butt smaller?
Kendall: Because if you're going to worship me you're going to do it as a three year old their so much easier to manipulate.
Kimmy: Yea I'm seven and I don't want to be anything like Kendall but if you're younger than me maybe you'll be like her who knows I mean geez she even gave you Ryan and she's never done that for anyone.
Kendall(Pinching Josh's cheeks) And Ryan holds a special bond to me so good luck fighting my urges with him around.
Before Josh could respond the silk purple pajama's were thrown onto him and Kimmy cackled at his smaller body spraying perfume on him.
Kimmy: Kendall says that all girl's have a distinctive smell and well hers is wildflowers and strawberries brought at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20.00 a bottle.
Kendall cackled triumphantly applying lipstick to Josh and then the ribbons and bows went into his hair.
Kendall(Sneering) Girly urges table for one your table's ready, now for the piece la resistiance.
Kendall placed Ryan into Josh's hands and all his boy urges were gone as his soul flew into Kendall's tummy.
Kendall(Chuckling) The muscles come from the 300 pound bench presses and the souls that get collected by me every day he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeee.
Josh was handed a sleeping bag by Kendall as he laid in front of the TV with the rest of the girls letting Tina Sometimes amaze him.
Kendall: Have all your fun tonight Josh because tomorrow tutoring begins and that is the least fun ever trust me I know.
What happens when Josh becomes Kendall's clone read the next chapter and find out.
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