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Chapter 13 Kendall II's Origin

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Kendall's new little sister is just like her in every way and now Kendall II found a boy to torture boy do I feel bad for him

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Kimmy snuggled up with Josh who was now her little sister as Kick kissed Kendall and she snuggled with him watching Tina Sometimes.
Kick(Thinking) Hey Kendall my job is being a daredevil and yours is being my camera woman and fan base but isn't babysitting also a good job for you?
Kimmy(Sneering) I can see someone remembers the time I babysat them.
Kick: I sure have which is why I think you should strike fear in other kids who need a strict babysitter like you.
Kendall(Handing Kick a flyer) So what do you think did they get my good side?
Kick(Kissing Kendall) You have a bad side?
Kendall(Pulling Kick close to her) Ronaldo seems to think I do but I'm starting to wonder if he was wrong.
Kick(Looking at the flyer) Well this is your good side and I bet your other side is good too.
Ronaldo walked into the party with a smile on his face handing Kendall a box of her things and Kick a roll of paper.
Ronaldo: Her rules for boyfriends there are 1000 of them and one of them is that you have to stop being a daredevil.
Kendall: I can see someone can't read Ronaldo. Rule 500 says either he quits being a daredevil or I join him for the ride.
Kick: And since me quitting is out Kendall has become my camera woman and fan base. And FYI Kendall doesn't have a bad side.
Ronaldo(Cracking up) Not-a-bad-side-ohhhhhhh-you-crack-me-up-Buttowski-I-mean-you-hardly-even-know-her.
Kick: I grew up with her from Pre School. When did you meet her?
Ronaldo: First Grade and all's she talked about was how awesome you were.
Kick(Grinning) You think I'm Awesome?
Kendall(Hugging Kick) Sure I do I mean who else would put their lives in danger every hour on the hour?
Ronaldo: So he's awesome because he puts his life in danger?
Kendall(Counting on her fingers) And he kisses me, tells me I don't have a bad side, calls me sweetie, and he says he loves me.
Ronaldo(Shaking his head laughing) You haven't seen her on a bad day yet Buttowski. Once you see that you'll see why I said she has a bad side.
Kick: That's very doubtful.
Ronaldo: Where do you think her sister learned to scream like a banshee?
Kick: She picked it up on her own.
Ronaldo: That's what Kendall wants you to think.
Kick(Giving Ronaldo a flyer) You just better watch your back and your front because Kendalls back in the babysitting business.
Kendall(Beaming) That's right and I'm not going anywhere fast so as Kick said watch your back and your front.
Ronaldo: Why I'm not three years old so I have no need for sitters.
Kendall(Giggling) Your mom may have something to say about that.
Ronaldo gulped as Kick smiled and Kendall cackled pulling Kick closer to her.
Kendall: See Kick unlike you loves me and he always will won't you sweetie?
Kick(Nodding) Yea I mean I gotta admit having a girlfriend rocks so hard.
Ronaldo(Shaking his head) Just you wait Buttowski she's just breaking you in like a new pair of shoes.
Kendall's eyes lit up as she stared Kick down and he got a stupid in love look on his face once he met her blue eyes.
Kendall: Speaking of shoes Kick sweetie can we go shoe shopping tomorrow?
Kick: Sure but I don't have any money.
Kendall(Kissing Kick) No worries I do and Ronaldo always hated going shoe shopping with me.
Ronaldo: Yea because with the shoes comes the skirts, tops, handbags, and other acessories. I mean she takes forever.
Kick: No wonder you were scared of her so much she probably beat you six ways from to Tuesday for picking on her.
Kendall: There was that and the fact that every argument we ever had was started by him.
Kick(Kissing Kendall) That's ok you're with me now Kenny sweetie. and FYI I have a girl's best friend plastic so if you're going shoe shopping tomorrow we're going to do it right.
Kendall(Giggling) I think I just fell in love with you even more Clarence Buttowski. Ronaldo has a credit card too but he never used it on me.
Ronaldo(Smirking) Clarence all's I can say is good luck my enemy. With plastic in her hands she's going to go on an all day shopping binge.
Kick: And guess who's joining her? I'm not cutting her off like you would either.
Ronaldo walked off cackling as Kendall got comfortable under her blanket with Kick smiling at her the whole time.
Kendall: All right half the stuff Ronaldo said about me was false. A I don't scream like a banshee, B I don't argue unless I'm started with then you can never shut me off, and C not all girl's like plastic but it does make a handy turnekit when their angry.
Kick kissed Kendall again as we see Josh who was now Kendall Maryanne Perkins the 2nd and Kimmy were mesmerized like the rest of the girls by Tina Sometimes.
Kimmy(Going through her backpack) Hey sis why don't we do each others nails? I mean this is a party after all.
Kendall II: All right Kimmy let's paint each others nails. I mean it could be fun.
Kimmy opened a glittery purple nail polish and started decorating Kendall II's toes with it.
Kimmy: See I'm the fun of the Perkins girls, Kendall's the smart one, and you're the poor one who has to be both fun and smart.
Kendall II: Yeaaaaaa but at least Ryan get's to come along for the ride.
Kimmy: Good point now that your toes are done you can paint mine and then we can paint each other's finger nails.
Kendall II took the brush out and started painting Kimmy's toenails and Kimmy giggled seeing more of a girl and less of Josh in Kendall II.
Kimmy: Good enough now let's paint our finger nails and do each other's hair.
Kendall: Mind if I join you?
Kimmy: No I was actually going to ask you to because you're the best hair designer ever.
Kendall(Smiling) Now I wouldn't say that but I'm defintely in the top 10.
Kendall II: So when do we start tutoring Kendall?
Kendall(ruffling Kendall II's hair) Monday I'll give you the weekends off and Friday counts as a weekend in my eyes.
Kimmy(Handing Kendall a brush) French Braid please.
Kendall gently brushed Kimmy's soft blonde hair until it was straight and then she started twisting it into a French Braid the way Kimmy liked it around her head and also in the back of her head.
Kendall(Handing Kimmy a mirror) Aaaaaaannnnnddddd done now Kendall II how would you like you're hair?
Kendall II: A simple ponytail will be fine.
Kendall: Easy enough now hold still and watch your oldest sister work.
Kendall II didn't move an inch as Kendall brushed her hair until it was straight and then she made a ponytail fastening it with a hair tie and then putting her pink headband also in Kendall II's hair.
Kendall(Handing Kendall II a mirror) Taduhhhhhhhhhh now you look just like me at your age.
Kendall II moved the mirror around her hair and met the ponytail giggling at how pretty she looked.
Kendall: Now let's pig out on junk food and watch Tina Sometimes until we drift off.
The three girls screamed in glee as another boy crashed Brianna's sleepover and Kendall II giggled having a plan of her own for this boy.
Kimmy: You go get him little sis Kendall and I have had our fair share of scared boys.
Kendall(Hugging Kimmy) We sure have now let's see how Kendall II handles this boy.
Kendall II(Looking at the boy) Sorry but this is a no boys allowed party and I'm giving you three seconds to leave before I make you want to.
Boy(Laughing) What could you possibly do to me?
Kendall II: Stick around after three seconds and find out.
Boy(Counting on his fingers) 1-2-3 now let's see what you have planned.
Kendall II: Well looks like someone knows how to count to three and not see true fear when it's staring them in the face.
Boy(Laughing hysterically) T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-True f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fear what a comedian you a-a-a-a-a-a-are.
Kendall II(Grabbing the boy's hand) You're about to see your final act.
Kendall(Snickering) He has no idea how angry I got when I was a little girl.
Boy(Smiling) So what are you going to do pout at me?
Kendall II(Beaming) Nope I'm going to give you the Perkins special. And trust me you sooooo asked for this.
Boy(Gulping) When you say Perkins that might not happen to be Kendall Perkins would it?
Kendall II(Nodding) She's my big sister and Kimmy is also my big sister I learned a lot from the both of them tonight.
Boy: L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-Like w-w-w-w-w-w-what sweetie pie?
Kendall II(Snickering) It's too late for that boy. You made fun of me, crashed my best friend's sleepover, and now you're going to suffer the consequences with the Perkins special.
The boy was tied up by Brianna and Kendall II giggled walking up to the struggling boy with a sneer on her face.
Kendall II(Lifting her nightgown) The 1st torture in the Perkins special showing you my undies which was Kendall's first flirty thing to do to Kick.
Kendall(Smiling) The same pair I used to have too.
Kendall II(Applying lip gloss) 2nd torture in the Perkins special kissing you with berry tasting lips which is Kimmy's go to torture for any boy.
The boy moved his lips away from Kendall II who grew a stout on her face and Kendall knew that soon she was going to blow up.
Kendall and Kimmy(Snickering) In 3-2-1 and ignition.
Boy(Not facing Kendall II) You have cooties as all girl's do and I'm not going to ctach them.
Boy: That's what mean, evil, altogether torturing little girls like you want me to think.
Boy: Your sister made Kick Buttowski fall in love with her. If that's not cooties I don't know what is.
Boy: That's not what Ronaldo says and I believe him over anyone else.
Boy: Nuh uhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not going to catch your cooties.
Kimmy and Kendall rushed to Kendall II not wanting to anger her more than she already was and they moved the boys head to Kendall II's lips.
Kendall II(Puckering) Cooties how stupid could you be?
Kendall II kissed the boy and he made a disgusted face as Kendall II smirked being at her torture for the Perkins special.
Kendall II: Now Kimmy and Kendall told me to pick a torture for the Perkins special and I have the perfect one.
Boy: You do?
Kendall II(Nodding) Jessie Simms I hereby make you my new best friend and that means that you're never going to be rid of me as long as you live.
Jessie(Gulping) As long as I live?
Kendall II(Nodding) Now my sister Kendall has a new perfume to try out and once it's sprayed on you you're going to be a three year old all over again and we'll go to pre school together.
Jessie: Wait I went through pre school with a Perkins already Kendall and I were in the same class.
Kendall II(Sneering) Then dealing with her as a three year old all over again should be a cinch.
Kendall took the perfume Kendall II was talking about from her backpack and sprayed it on the boy as the three Perkins sisters giggled seeing Jessie shrink.
Kendall: Sorry but I really have to do as she says because she's a volcano just waiting to erupt and I don't want that happening again.
Kimmy(Holding her ears) Neither do I my eardrums are buzzing.
Kendall II: Now Jessie here's how being my best friend works I tell you to do something and you do it. Kendall said her and Kick had the same deal in pre school.
Kendall(Nodding) Until he became a dare devil and met Gunther.
Kick: Yea but I always thought of you even when we were pretneding to be enemies.
Kendall(Kissing Kick) Awwwwwww you say the sweetest things.
Kendall II: Yea you two stay lovey dovey I have a new friend to break in.
Jessie(Smiling innocently) Couldn't we just go our separate ways and promise to never cross each others paths again?
Kendall II(Laughing hysterically) Yeaaaaaa but then where would we be?
Jessie: You know if people see you around me all the time their going to think we're dating.
Kendall II(Grabbing Jessie) Let them think what they want. I wouldn't date you if you paid me but being your friend for so long well who knows what might happen?
Jessie moaned with Kendall II grinning leading him to a new sleeping bag given to her by Kendall and Kimmy giggled knowing Jessie was pretty much doomed to see Kendall II everyday.
Kendall II(Handing Jessie a cell phone) Here this is how we keep in touch with each other. I'll text you and you better answer it and be there in 5 minutes if you want to keep me happy.
Kimmy: And I think we already saw what happens when she's angry. And I thought I was bad at throwing temper tantrums I guess Kendall was better than me and Kendall II is better than anyone.
Kendall(Kissing Kick) So tomorrow after shopping I'll make a website for my little daredevil and then we can start shooting your stunts whenever you like.
Kick: How about Monday after tutoring you can start filming me then. I mean your sister needs you too.
Kendall: Great after I tutor Kendall II I'll meet you at your house and the filming can begin.
Kick(Smiling) With you as my fanbase I think a lot of people will love to become a fan of Kick Buttowski.
Kendall(Beaming) With me by your side nobody will have a right mind to deny you sweetie.
Kick and Kendall cackled as Jessie was forced into the sleeping bag with Kendall II.
Jessie: But we're not dating now are we?
Kendall II(Mouthful of Gummy worms) Whattttt I can't sleep without something next to me.
Jessie(Pointing at Ryan) What about Mr. Bear over there.
Kendall II(Stouting) His-names-Ryan-now-apologize-to-him.
Jessie: You've got to be kidding me.
Kimmy(Throwing everyone but Jessie earplugs) You guys are going to need these she's going to blow again.
Kendall, Kick, Kimmy, and Brianna all put their earplugs in seeing Kendall II get redder.
Jessie(Gulping) Sorry Ryan I didn't know your name and next time I'll be sure to ask Kendall II what your name is first.
Kendall II(Beaming) Good and the reason Ryan doesn't sleep with me is because he says I have a stinky butt. what do you think Jessie.
Before he knew what was happening Kendall II shifted her body until her butt faced Jessie and a green smoke emitted from it making him faint.
Kendall II(Beaming) I guess Ryan was right weren't you my wittle Wyan?
Kimmy(Cackling) Looks like she's learned to become a true Perkins with that butt of hers.
Kendall(Nodding) Jessie's in for a long, hard, 10 to 15 years with Kendall II.
Kendall II(Snuggling Ryan) Well Ryan looks like it's just you and me seeing I Just Passed Out Due To My New Crush's Stink over there won't be waking up ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaaaa.
Jessie moaned seeing Kendall II in his dreams and she giggled knowing the perfect way to torture him for crashing Brianna's party.
Kendall II: Time to introduce you to my favorite kitty and yours Hansel.
Kendall(Cackling) Man is Jessie in for it. Hansel was the strongest kitty in the world in his dreams. and he had an unlimited supply of tuna with a huge can opener.
Jessie(Rolling around) No,no,no,noooooo big kitty what do you want with me?
Kendall II(Kissing Jessie's lips) Time to wake this cutie and inform him that I changed my mind about dating him.
Jessie snapped his eyes open as Hansel walked across the sleeping bag and Jessie screeched in fear of him.
Kendall II: Awwwwwwwww you scared him but no matter I have a surprise for you.
Jessie(Smiling) You do?
Kendall II(Nodding) Close your eyes and get what you deserve.
Jessie closed his eyes and Kendall II kissed him as he opened them and saw the flirtatous look in her eyes.
Kendall II(Beaming) I've been thinking see Kendall and you always had this crush thing going before she met Kick and now that you're here again and I'm not going to let you go anywhere I think us dating could be fun.
Jessie(Pushing Kendall II away) No I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do to make me fall in love with you.
Kendall II(Smirking) Are you sure about that?
Jessie(Stalking off) Yes and now thanks to you and your creepy family I have to walk home as a three year old.
Kendall II: Well good luck and just remember you asked for this Jessie Andrew Simms.
Jessie ran out as Kendall II giggled knowing there was one place Jessie wasn't safe and she was going to get him there.
What happens when Jessie meets Kendall II again read part 14 Jessie's Final Act and reply to part 13.
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