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Chapter 14 Kendall II's Reign

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Kendall II is haunting nightmares just like her big sister and one boy just learned to never mess with a Perkins

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When Jessie got home as a three year old he was amazed that his mom wasn't the least bit concerned that he went to Brianna Buttowski's house a 10 year old and came out a 3 year old.
Jessie's mom: You should have called my Pokey Little Puppy. I mean honestly walking home alone what were you thinking?
Jessie: I was thinking that I went to a girl's sleepover 10 and came out 3 why don't you explain that to me?
Jessie's mom(Ruffling Jessie's hair) You're growing up too fast Jess. Enjoy being a kid for a little bit longer.
Jessie: Curse Kendall II Perkins and her stupid older sister's it's their fault I'm like this now.
Jessie's mom: Kendall II Perkins is an angel and I think you two should spend more time together.
Jessie: All right now you're on her side? Need I remind you who your son is?
Jessie's mom(Leading Jessie upstairs) Maybe some shut eye will make you feel better.
Jessie(Yawning) Yeaaaa you know crashing sleepovers and being turned into a three year old is hard work.
Jessie's mom(Tucking him in) Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.
Jessie slowly closed his eyes and at Brianna Buttowski's sleepover Kendall II did the same thing determined to get Jessie right where she wanted him in her dream world.
Jessie found himself in an empty classroom with a test on a desk that was far too advanced for a three year old.
Jessie(Walking around) Where am I?
An evil giggling was heard and Jessie gulped trying his best to be brave.
Kendall II(Twirling around) Sooooooooooo do you like it because if not then tough I worked hard on this dream world.
Jessie: And why did you bring me here?
Kendall II: Wellllll I figured since you and I are going to be two peas in a pod I should make sure you're Kendall II Perkins boyfriend/friend material.
Jessie(Gulping) Two peas in a pod?
Kendall II(Nodding) Sure I already have our Halloween costume picked out two peas in a peapod we're going to look so cute.
Jessie(Flipping through the test) This is going to take forever.
Kendall II(Beaming) I knowwwwww why do you think I made it that long?
Jessie: So question torturing three year old. when are you going to change me back into a 10 year old?
Kendall II(Handing Jessie a pen) Never now finish this before the sand reached the bottom of this hourglass or I'll make you wish you were still 10.
Jessie was pushed into the desk and the test was shoved in front of him.
Kendall II(Tipping an hourglass) Aaaannnnddddd begin and be sure to answer every question.
Jessie looked at the test and quickly answered question after question until he reached the last one with time to spare.
Jessie(Beaming) Done this is a dream after all and I can do what I want in dreams.
Kendall II(Taking the test) Hmm let's see very, very, very good now let's get to know each other better.
Kendall II grew into a super hero outfit as Jessie just stared afraid on what Kendall II was going to do to him next.
Kendall II: My mama says I can be whatever I want in my dreams so I want to be bigger- stronger- beautiful- and scarier than you.
As Kendall II said this she grew until she was 10 ft bigger than Jessie full of muscles, pretty and a scream that could clear anyone out of hiding.
Kendall II(Booming) Seeeeeeeee I can do whatever I want so join me as my boyfriend or you could be my enemy/ villian and I'll visit you every- single- night.
Kendall II poked Jessie's chest as she said every single night which knocked the air out of him.
Kendall II(Beaming and holding her hand out) Do we have a deal?
Jessie(Smiling) No because if you can do what you want in dreams so can I and I want to be bigger- stronger- better looking- and scarier than you.
Jessie saw he was still thin and scrawny as Kendall II picked him up laughing in his face.
Kendall II(Squeezing Jessie) Don't you get it yet? I'm the dream master not you and I make the rules for punks like you to live by in dreams. well that and this is my dream not yours so it's my rules.
Jessie was thrown against the wall as Kendall II laughed a booming laugh her shadow covering him even though they were the same height when the dream started.
Kendall II(Picking Jessie up) Wanna see my freckles?
Jessie(Struggling) Nooooo-I-don't-want-to-see-your-stupid-ugly-spotted-face.
Kendall II(Grinning) Who said they were on my face?
Kendall II's pink Tina Sometimes nightgown fluttered to the floor and she removed her purple, ruffly, underwear sticking her butt in Jessie's face as she farted a loud one and he passed out due to her stink.
Kendall II(Shrinking to normal size) Ooooops I keep forgetting to act ladylike. Ohh well I'm sure Kendall can teach that to me when I'm in class Monday he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeee.
Kendall II was huge again and grabbed Jessie dragging him off to his dreamworld where she was going to rule as his nightmare monster or his girlfriend or maybe even both.
Kendall II(Walking through a portal) Time to branch out as a nightmare monster ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa.
Jessie moaned as the smell of baking pizza met him and thinking he was rid of Kendall II jumped up to the counter and saw a pepperoni pizza waiting for him.
Jessie: MMMMMMMMM It can't get better than this
Jessie(Gulping) KendallIIzilla?
Kendall(Cackling) Yep and boy are you in for it. she's after your dream world after all.
Jessie: And how did you get here?
Kendall: I can dream travel just as much as the next person
Jessie: Great so you just decided to come to my dreams?
Kendall: I wanted to see this deathmatch play out, my little sister is not to be messed with on her best day.
Jessie heard people screaming and red lasers demolished buildings and Kendall II roared and screamed crushing everything in her path.
Kendall(Looking at her watch) Well looks like it's your older brother's bedtime so lots of luck and you may be lucky enough to witness your older brother's Roach Motel death tonight he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Jessie looked back and Kendall was gone with Kendall II destroying his dream world with her laser eyes.
Jessie(Getting up) Time to settle this once and for all.
Jessie: Hey Roaralots pipe down and shrink then maybe we can talk.
Kendall II(Beaming and grabbing Jessie) You're in no position to tell me what to do.
Jessie(Struggling) Heyyyyyyy-let-me-go-you-giant-tantrum-throwing-gigantic-idiot.
Kendall II(Pointing at her head) I'm not an idiot I'm smarter than you and my brain proves it.
Jessie was blue in the face as Kendall II giggled and walked him to a theater where they would witness Kendall in action killing Jessie's older brother.
Matt Walsh was weight lifting in a garage Rock music flooding the garage with him becoming stronger with each rep or so he thought.
Matt: I'd like to see any dream spook come for me with guns like these.
Matt continued to lift his weights not feeling the change from reality to dreams and not being able to notice Kendall Perkins in the darkness sneering at her prey.
Matt(Tired) 95-96-97-98-99-100 there 100 reps now nobody can be stronger than me.
Kendall(Whispering) Wanna make a bet?
Matt made to stand up but Kendall's foot met Matt's chest and she beamed having him trapped.
Kendall: Matt Walsh I presume? The Matt Walsh who made fun of me every chance he got, the Matt Walsh who stood me up at the third grade hoedown, the Matt Walsh who showed me that love doesn't exist until I met Kick Buttowski?
Matt(Nervous) Perkins I thought you skipped town.
Kendall(Laughing) That's what I wanted you to think Matt. You're vulnerable now and I'm going to show you what presuming can do to a person.
Matt: I still have Jessie to defend me.
Kendall(Roaring with laughter) Not-even-he-can-resist-the-blue-eyes-of-a-Perkins-girl-my-sister-and-him-are-becoming-very-close.
Matt(Pushing Kendall off him) Then I'll just have to fight you myself. and with guns like these you're going to wish you never met me.
Kendall easily pushed Matt down and grabbed the barbells adding more weight.
Kendall: Maybe you should bench press what I bench press weakling. 100 of those will make you damn near stronger than anyone.
Matt(Groaning) Too-much-weight-can't-lift-weight-too-weak-please-don't-hurt-me-Perkins.
Kendall(Pushing down cackling) Wellllll you know what they say no pain no gain.
Matt screamed in pain as Kendall pushed harder making his arms break like they were glass.
Kendall(Cackling) Run, run, run scaredy cat I have plans for mean boys like you.
Matt screamed as the dream changed from his garage to another room a girl's room and he knew perfectly well who's room it was by the Fireside Girl's uniform and Baljeet pictures all torn in the trash.
Kendall(Grabbing Matt) First I squash you as a roach and then Ginger Hirano and you can do whatever you like because your soul belongs to her because of some weird mexican chant she did.
Before Matt could plead he was back in his garage his arms becoming roach legs with him moaning for his soul.
Kendall(Booming) Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa you're already looking like a pretty pathetic weight lifter and now you're going to be the most pathetic bug on the food chain.
Matt's skin peeled off of him and he was in a white box marked Roach Motel with other squealing roaches.
Kendall(Giggling) Recognize them yet? They were the boys you ran with that made fun of my not so strong muscles but who's stronger now?
Matt couldn't answer and Kendall shook the box and Matt's face fell in some goo that made his face rip off.
Kendall(Laughing Triumphantly) Wellllllll you know what they say they check in but they don't check out except for Matt who will have a cutey pie Fireside Girl to deal with.
Kendall squashed the box and two white light's shot into her and Matt lied on the floor dead but his soul still survived.
Kendall(Placing Matt in bed with Ginger) You're going to love her trust me I know I babysit her. She's going to make your life a peppy, girly, sunshiny, living hell.
Matt moaned slowly turning over and Kendall left with two more souls than she had when she came.
Kendall II roared with laughter and Jessie was starting to see how serious the Perkins girl's were when they wanted something.
Jessie(Crying) She-she-she-she-she-she squashed him like a bug. What are you going to do to me?
Kendall II(Beaming) Make you my boyfriend acourse. I mean pre scholars always chase boys but I don't have to because I already have one.
Jessie: And this Ginger is she a friend of your's?
Kendall II(Nodding) Sure she likes me she tells me I'm cute. and I go with Kendall to every Hirano babysitting gig.
Jessie: So if I agree to date you you'll stay small and not haunt my dreams anymore?
Kendall II: Now I never said that I just said I was going to make you my boyfriend.
Jessie: So like it or not I get nightmares of you?
Kendall II(KIssing Jessie) You betcha sweetie pie. I can't risk you forgetting about me now can I?
Jessie: What if I just wake up now?
Kendall II: Go right ahead I've put so much fear into you in one night that you're never going to be rid of me in your nightmares or your dreamworld which will be mine.
Jessie(Cracking up) Yea good luck with that.
Kendall II(Kissing Jessie's lips) Don't worry I don't believe in luck I believe in fate and so will you soon enough.
Jessie's eyes snapped open and he found himself in his room with poster's of Kendall II all over the walls her cackle screeching across the room.
Jessie(Shrugging) At least she doesn't own my dreams and she never will.
Jessie drifted off having no idea how doomed Matt and he was of becoming stuck in dreams forever.
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