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Chapter 15 Ginger's New Enemy

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Ginger Hirano is going to get a sister if it kills her too bad it won't kill her

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The next morning at the Hirano house Ginger slowly opened her eyes to find her favorite teddy in her arms, a Fireside girl sash fit to burst with patches, and the boy she knew she was going to get even with one day.
Ginger(Smirking) Wakey wakey Eggs And Bakey Matt Walsh. I can't believe my chant worked I mean Stacy said it would but she's told me lies before.
Matt moaned as Ginger quickly grabbed her old Lil Spark uniform and tied the sash around Matt's arms and the shirt around his legs.
Ginger(Beaming) You said I was weak but at least I'm real. You're a soul stuck in my room forever and best believe we are going to have so much fun alone here every night.
Matt(Struggling) Untie-me-this-minute-Hirano
Ginger(Giggling) You sound as bad as my mother and when she talks to me like that I don't listen.
Ginger: Well someone's a Grouchy Gus in the morning aren't they?
Matt grumbled looking directly into Ginger's eyes as she applied lip gloss.
Ginger: You know it's too bad I have school today or I'd be here with you all day.
Matt(Being sarcastic) Awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaa that really is too bad.
Ginger(Dejected) There is no need for sarcasm.
Matt: So what you're going to tie me here all day until you get home from school with no food or water?
Ginger(Nodding and beaming) The human stomach can live off of your gasses for a lifetime. man it rocks being the smartest girl in school.
Matt: Yea and what's stopping me from chewing my way out like a wolf cub?
Ginger: If you like the taste of polyester then be my guest.
Matt chewed through the clothes and angrily shoved Ginger against the bedroom wall.
Matt: Here's the deal Hirano A you don't own me B you and I aren't dating
Ginger(Grinning) C taste a little bit of my power and D the Mexican Gods of dreams may have something to say about me not owning you after I summoned them.
Ginger raised her hands and like a gust of wind blew him back Matt sailed to the other end of the room.
Ginger: See you're my puppet and I'm your master so what I say goes. Now I need to get yet another outfit to tie the hungry wolf up with.
Ginger walked to her coset and Matt saw millions of Fireside and Lil Spark uniforms in it.
Ginger(Beaming) I'm the new leader of the Fireside girl's seeing Isabella took on another club called The Wolf Cubs which is the boy counterparts of The Fireide Girl's.
Matt: What does that have to do with me?
Ginger(Scratching her chin) Wellllll Stacy's off to College and I'll be here with just my mom so I had the most brilliant plan.
Matt(Gulping) You did?
Ginger(Sneering) You bet I did. See I called to the Mexican Gods of dreams to bring me a boy to make into my little sis and last of the Hirano Girls.
Matt(Scared) Wait you're going to turn me into a girl?
Ginger(Nodding) My little sister and I'm going to be the boss of someone for once.
Matt: Yea but if I become younger I can get what I want by a bat of my eyelashes and a pout.
Ginger(Opening one of her drawers) Yea true but I can torture you by making you do things for me like Stacy did to me.
Matt: Can't we come up with a kind of deal?
Ginger(Cackling) Nope I asked for a boy to become my sister and here you are old for now but when I'm done you'll be a three year old girl obsessed with her older sister me.
Matt saw Ginger throwing small pairs of underwear from her dresser humming as she did it glad she found someone to serve her like she served Stacy.
Ginger(Closing the drawer) All right we have enough undies it's a good thing my mom is a pack rat when it comes to Stacy and my clothes.
Matt saw a second drawer open and play clothes were thrown from it and he noticed most of the play clothes were overalls with different shirts to go with them.
Ginger: I was the overall queen as a kid I didn't go anywhere without a pair.
Matt: What makes you think I'll cooperate?
Stacy(Walking into the room) Her Fink of course.
Matt: Fink?
Ginger(Beaming) Yep Fink it's foot stink and if you don't want to smell it I suggest you cooperate with me.
Matt(Laughing hysterically) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh-please-it-can't-be-that-bad.
Ginger(Putting her sneakers under his nose) I don't know you tell me.
A green smoke emitted from the shoes and Matt's face turned as green as the smoke with Ginger giggling.
Ginger(Laughing Triumphantly) A stink you'll know well because it's going to be your stink one day and you'll get used to it. Also Fink is my punishment for people who don't do what I ask.
Stacy: Yeaaaaaa I stopeed ordering her around once she introduced me to Fink and I passed out.
Ginger: See I have the upper hand because either you become my sister willingly or you pass out and I make you my sister while you sleep.
Stacy(Kissing Ginger) Well I'm off to College so good luck with this boy. and boy good luck surviving Ginger's reign as the older sister.
Ginger(Giggling) Yea because as a three year old I'll have lots for you to do seeing we're sharing a room. and you'll be a Lil Spark whether you like it or not.
Stacy: Looks like you're following in your sister's footsteps Ginger Marybeth Hirano the 2nd.
Ginger: Yepppppp my mom says I get to name the new sister and you'll be named after me.
Matt(Taking heaving breaths to avoid the Fink) You'll-have-to-make-me-a-girl-first.
Ginger: That's after breakfast and FYI I quit school to babysit each-and-every-day HA,HA,HA,HA,HAAAAAAAAAAA.
Matt: You're mom wouldn't let you quit school.
Ginger(Smirking) It was her idea because she's a workaholic and she doesn't want an expensive sitter to watch over you.
Matt saw sparkly purple underwear meet his eyes as Ginger nodded in approval a cackle escaping her as it echoed across the room.
Ginger(Wiggling her fingers) Now since you're such a Gloomy Gus and don't want to participate I'll make you.
Matt(Gasping) Where-are-my-clothes?
Ginger(Holding out Matt's clothes) Looking for these.
Matt saw Ginger was suddenly much taller than him and she giggled holding the clothes in front of him.
Ginger: Well if you want them you're going to have to take them.
Matt reached for them as Ginger held them out of his reach giggling at him.
Ginger: Just like a kitty and a cat toy. I always wanted a kitty but you won't make a good kitty but as a little sis you rock.
Matt(Jumping up at Gretchen) Give-me-my-clothes-back.
Ginger(Sneering) What's the matter small fry did the big hamburger steal you're clothes?
Matt(Whining) Just-give-them-back-please-please-please-pppllleeeaaassseee.
Ginger(Cackling) Whining is a no fly zone in this house. I once whined for an entire week because Stacy snatched all my teddy's except Grape my favorite one and my mom didn't even bat an eyelash.
Matt(Crying) But-but-but-but-but-but I don't want to be a little girl I want to be a boy and your bully.
Ginger(Sneering) Funny I never asked what you wanted.
Matt: Can't we make a deal?
Ginger: Now what would I want with a three year old boy?
Matt: Maybe I can be your brother and you can force me to do things for you as a boy?
Ginger: Nope I want a sister because I also want someone who'll look up to me and take on my traits.
Matt moaned as Ginger whistled ignoring him having the Hirano whining ignore gene pressed into her.
Ginger(Throwing nightgowns onto the bed) Well looks like we have enough jammies for years to come. now let's hunt down some slippers to match these nightgowns because not only was my mom a pack rat but she was a accessorizer too.
Matt saw millions of slippers in a row by his bed and Ginger cackled evilly spraying the slippers with a perfume bottle that had her face on the front.
Ginger(Twirling the bottle) I manufactured my Fink to get a Fireside badge. Of Course Isabella and the rest hated that idea but I got the badge and they didn't.
Matt(Plugging his nose) That smells worse than your Fink now.
Ginger(Giggling) Because that Fink's 7 years old where as my Fink that I used on you is not aged yet but it will be.
Another boy slowly crept up the stairs to the Hirano ressidence knowing that there was only one way to save Matt and that was to give Ginger a funeral she wouldn't soon forget.
Boy(Twirling a knife in his hand) Time for you to meet a casket Hirano and I'm going to put you in it.
The boy climbed the steps having no idea what Ginger may do if she was ticked off in any way by anyone.
Boy(Stopping at Ginger's door) All right Hirano let's see what you got.
The boy opened Ginger's door and sweat sock bombs met him and he fainted due to the Fink and Ginger dragged the assassain to her bed.
Ginger(Tying the boy up) I swear boys get dumber and dumber in dreams.
Ginger(Sneering) You bet you are and it's about time you got changed cutie pie.
Matt knew one way out of putting Ginger's clothes at three on and he started squirming when Ginger tried to put the underwear on him.
Ginger(Sneering) Just like me at your age and I got a solution you-are-going-to-love.
Ginger sat on Matt's legs and he winced due to her weight on him and she giggled pulling the purple underwear up to his waist.
Ginger(Beaming triumphantly) See my mama did the same to me when I wouldn't get changed.
Matt(Moaning) Ohhhhhhhhhhh why couldn't I bully Katie Cooper instead of you.
Ginger(Whistling) Sorry I can't hear you or your whiny, moany, crying voice.
Matt(Looking at Ginger smirking) Sure you can because you acknowledged it.
Ginger's assassain moaned slowly opening his eyes to see himself bound to Ginger's bed with sash's of different sizes.
Ginger: Morning sleepy assasain. and how are we this morning?
Assassain: LET ME GO RIGHT NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
Matt: It's no use she's not going to do what you say.
Assassain(struggling) Then-I'll-just-have-to-find-my-own-way-out.
Ginger: Good luck because Matt has been playing that tired old card all morning.
Assassain: I'll make you a deal Hirano. You let Matt go and I'll take his place as whatever you want him to be.
Ginger: Sorry but Matt's not for sale he's a soul I summoned to make into my little sister.
Matt(Wiggling his butt) Look my butts already three year old size.
Ginger(Snatching him up) Play shirt and overalls next Matt. Now are you going to be a good boy and let me dress you or am I going to have to sit on you again?
Matt stood up straight with his arms up and Ginger put a paint specked T shirt on him and then had him put his legs into the overalls and she buckled them.
Ginger(Giggling) Looks like Matt learned quick that I always get what I want and you will go to a friend of mine not me.
Assassain(Struggling) What-kind-of-stupid-girl-would-be-your-friend?
A girl with brown hair, A Fireside girl's wardrobe, and a red hair tie in her hair walked into Ginger's room sneering at the assassain.
Girl: You know you'd think me giving you nightmares is enough but it's not. Adyson Sweetwater at your service and you just gained the right to be my assistant in the Fireside Girls.
Ginger winced after Adyson said this and Adyson cackled dumping a backpack on Ginger's bed and she found a sharpie and labeled the assassain Adyson's assistant.
Assassain: And what is so bad about being Adyson's assistant?
Ginger(Shaking her head) Half of them date her and she scares them that way. Or they end up in a looney bin mysteriously disappearing a couple days later.
Adyson(Beaming) Or they serve me which is what you have to do being my assistant and all until I send them away with horror stories of things I made them do for me.
Matt: Uhhhhhhhhh yea still here and looking to finally stop fighting being a girl.
Ginger(Picking up a pair of socks and shoes) All right feet out and don't mind the smell you'll get used to it.
Adyson(Gagging) Unfourtantely I never will. come on assistant I have a ton of homework for you to do.
Matt put the socks and shoes on and Ginger saw him grow long black hair and tan skin like hers.
Ginger(Laughing triumphantly) Hahhhhhhhhh hah hah hah hah hah hah hahhhhhhhhhh. now let's get some breakfast in you then we have a full day of babysitter and client to get through.
Matt(Hugging Ginger) I love you sissy.
Matt had a girl's voice and now answered to Ginger Maryanne Hirano the 2nd.
Ginger(Sneering) Give it time little sis you won't be saying you love me at the end of the day.
Matt shrugged as Ginger led him downstairs for breakfast Matt's nightmare just begining but it was nothing compared to the assassains nightmare.
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