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Chapter 16 Meeting Sasha And Katie II

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Two new girls join this nightmarish fanfic and it's about time you met them

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Adyson dragged the assassin to her bedroom beaming when they reached the landfill that was her room.
Adyson (Pointing at all the garbage) you can start there and then we'll talk more long term after that.
Assassin (Chuckling) you have no leverage over me like Ginger did. You don't have her smell or her evil plans.
Adyson giggled donning a leotard with pink sparkles and a big A on it in red spray paint as the Assassin laughed at her.
Assassin: What are you a ballerina?
Adyson(Pinning the boy to the floor) Nope I'm a wrestler and you're about to learn why other people hate being around me.
The Assassin winced as Adyson pinned him to the floor beaming down at him.
Adyson(Kneeling on the boy) The A stands for Adyson and as you can see I also have brute strength to back myself up.
Assassin(Trying to push Adyson off) Get-off-of-me-you-crazy-preteen-girl.
Adyson(Smirking) Not until you agree to clean my room before my mom gets home.
Assassin(Grunting) Forget-it-you-stupid-wrestler-wannabe.
Adyson(Standing on the assassin) Fine then I'm going to stand on your tummy until you give in or I find your weak spot.
Assassin(Smiling) Good luck with that.
Adyson scrunched her toes up and dug deep into the boys stomach as he moaned and she giggled her eyes asking him to give up.
Assassin(struggling) Get-off-of-me-you-little-punk.
Adyson(Standing taller) Ready to give up yet?
Assassin: You-wish-you-stupid-germ-infested-girl.
Adyson(Shrugging) Fine with me no hair off my leg.
Assassin: Fine-I-can-go-just-as-long-as-you-can.
Adyson: I'm not the one gasping for air am I?
Assassin(Swiping at Adyson) You-will-be-once-you-get-off-of-me-you-piglet-wrestler.
Adyson(Lying on the boy) Looks like this stupid, germ infested, girl will have to result to germ warfare.
Adyson kissed the boy and blew her nose on his shirt green snot sticking to him as she beamed.
Adyson: I'm fighting a cold or a flu or something like that so good luck with that boy.
The assassin sniffled as Adyson's laugh boomed knowing her sickness started as a sniffle and turned into a full blown sickness in no time.
Adyson: Awwwwwwwwwww someone's caught my sniffles now let's see if I have medicine for my cold and flu patient.
Adyson cackled walking off to find the nastiest medicine she ever tasted and was more than willing to make the assassin try it.
Mrs. Sweetwater: Addy sweetie looks like you're getting better so no more medicine for you Sweet Little Butterfly.
Adyson(Grabbing the bottle) I have a friend with the sniffles who needs this now Mama.
Mrs. Sweetwater(Handing a cup to Adyson) A full cup sweetie and be sure they drink every last drop.
Adyson(Twirling around) Cool leotard huh Mama? I made it myself.
Mrs. Sweetwater: I love it sweetheart now go make your friend get rid of those nasty sniffles.
Adyson(Skipping off) Don't worry mama I'll make him feel so much better mama.
Mrs. Sweetwater: Him huh? Well I hope you two find love in each other someday.
Adyson's eyes turned into evil slits as she ran upstairs to her room to find the assassin trying to escape.
Adyson(Pouring liquid into a cup) Alright sweetie pie now open wide and drink the whole thing down quick at least that's how I did it when I took it.
The assassin was tight lipped as Adyson smirked having another plan for him.
Adyson: Fine don't open your mouth I could pull a Ginger and make you my little sister.
The assassin was still tight lipped as Adyson pulled out nightgowns and slippers for her new sister.
Adyson: Last chance open wide or I'm going to make you my cute, little, bundle of joy, sister.
The assassin saw Adyson wasn't kidding around as he opened his mouth and Adyson snapped her fingers in mock defeat.
Adyson(Dumping the medicine into the assassin’s mouth) MMMMMMMMMMM isn't that so yummy?
Assassin(Making a disgusted face) EWWWWWWWWW you actually drank this? It tastes like mouthwash and garbage.
Adyson(Slinking up to the boy) You know what else helps fight my sickness?
Assassin(Gulping) What?
Adyson(Kissing the boys lips and blowing her nose on him) Germs they're pesky little buggers and they can make you better at the same time.
Assassin(Moaning and holding his stomach) Ohhhhhhhhhh I don't feel well.
Adyson(Beaming) And meet phase 2 the vomiting and feeling yucky phase.
The Assassin ran off with his hands over his mouth as Adyson cackled following him.
Adyson(Beaming) Boy am I glad I got rid of that phase it took a solid month but I finally beat it.
The assassin hating Adyson threw up all over her and beamed as she beamed back throwing her puked on clothes in the dirty clothes basket.
Adyson(Twirling around in her underwear) Looks like you just earned yourself a one way ticket to be a contestant on What Little Sister Will I Be.
Assassin(Gulping) What Little Sister Will I Be?
Adyson(Dragging the assassin) What is there a parrot in here? Yes What Little Sister Will I Be now for the rules.
Assassin(Grinning fearfully) You know me throwing up on you was an accident and accidents happen.
Adyson: Not when people are beaming they don't. Now the rules are I will show you two pairs of undies and two pairs of PJ's and you need to pick one of them or I'll chose for you.
Assassin: Don't I have a say in this.
Adyson(Agitated) You have a say I said you get to choose a pair of undies and PJ's which will determine who you will be a little sister to Katie Small or me?
Assassin: When did Katie Small become a part of this and how do I know what your undies look like?
Adyson(Beaming) You should have been paying attention when I wanted you to be my sister Mr. Tight Lips.
Assassin(Exasperated) Finnnnnnneeeeee let's play What Little Sister Will I Be.
Adyson opened her bedroom door where one pair of Doc Mcstuffin underwear, one pair of Monday underwear, one nightgown, one pair of shirt and pants pajama's with Doc Mcstuffin on the shirt, purple slippers and Stuffy from Doc Mcstuffins paws that were slippers.
Adyson: Now the rules are simple you have five seconds to choose or I'll chose for you and as you can see there is a theme to one of the pajama outfits.
Assassin: All right let me think for a second.
After the Assassin said this a boy fell into the dream Adyson had the assassin in and she grinned evilly and so did Katie.
Adyson: Scratch that since we have two contestants I'll give the first one to go an hour to choose What Little Sister Will I Be and the other gets what the first one doesn't choose.
Katie: And since I have a connection with John Ward who is the boy that fell through the roof of the house I'm hoping the assassin choses your PJ outfit Addie.
Adyson(Nudging the assassin to the PJ's) Tick Tock on the clock assassin you need to choose in an hour.
Assassin: I don't need an hour I know what PJ's I want right now.
Adyson(Beaming down at him) Welllllll then give me your choice and I'll tell you Who's Little Sister You Will Be I'm changing the game show name seeing I made it up.
Assassin(Scratching his chin) Well I don't want Katie Small as an older sis because I heard she's not getting older sister of the year anytime soon.
Katie(Beaming) Right you are because I'm a bullying older sibling and everybody hates being my little sister.
John(Gulping) Wait-I-remember-the-blonde-one-now.
Katie(Cackling) Of course you do because I've been giving you bad dreams since birth and boy are you a scaredy cat.
John(Staring at Katie in fear) Anybody would be a scaredy cat with you as their nightmare monster.
Katie(Beaming) I do give them a certain scary feel don't I?
John was tied to the wall by Katie's ponytail which grew an amazing length and turned into a French Braid on John's wrist, mid-section, legs, ankles, and feet.
Adyson: All right contestant numero uno what PJ's would you like?
John(Fearful) Chose the Doc Mcstuffin one's their cool looking.
Assassin: Thanks but no thanks there's blonde hair all over them and they just reek of Katie Small age three so I chose the Monday Underwear, nightgown, and purple slippers if you please.
Adyson(Cackling) I knew you were smart now let's get you dressed you sick one sister and then Mama and I will take extra good care of our sick bay patient.
The assassin not wanting Adyson to change her mind allowed her to burn his old clothes and dress him up in her wardrobe as a little girl.
Adyson: Now for the piece la resistance.
Adyson tied a red ribbon in her new little sister's hair and it turned from blonde to dark brown and Adyson laid her new sister down placing a thermometer in her mouth.
Adyson: Now no talking until it beeps and there will be no horseplay until you're feeling tip top shape New Little Butterfly seeing I hate that nickname Sasha.
Katie(Locking eyes with John) And guess whoooooooooo gets Doc Mcstuffined?
John: Wait my family will miss me.
Katie(Handing John a piece of paper) They signed you over to the Small flock and that makes you my Doc Mcstuffin obsessed little sister.
The thermometer beeped and Adyson took it out showing it to her mom and they both tisked it knowing they would have to make Sasha Sweetwater the newest Sweetwater feel better.
Katie(Cackling) Looks like I got you all French Braided up.
John(Struggling) You-know-that-if-you-make-me-your-little-sister-you'll-have-to-stop-giving-me-nightmares.
Katie(Laughing triumphantly) Nooooooooooo I won't I can give you nightmares and a bad reality to boot now.
Sasha: From what I hear fighting Katie Small isn't in your best interest.
John: Jessie fight her I mean you're an assassin and you can fight a little girl's body on your best day.
Sasha(Shaking her brown hair) Nope he's a Sweetwater now and he's about to be pampered until he feels better from this flu.
Katie(Hocking a Loogie on John) Which reminds me I have the flu and I was looking to pass it to my younger sister sooner or later.
John(Gulping) You-don't-mean
Katie(Nodding) Not only are you in store for a sibling bully but you are also going to be sick as a dog for a couple weeks at least.
John made to run but Katie stomped on his pant legs and he fell with her sneering down at him.
Katie(Ripping John's clothes off) Now you're naked and I'm going to make you look more ladylike young lady.
John screamed but it was drowned out by Katie's French Braid that covered his mouth and she giggled taking the Doc Mcstuffin underwear first and pulling it over his waist.
Katie(Beaming) Hah,hah,hah,hah,hah,hah,haaaaahhhhhh, hahhhhhhhhhh looks like your butt's the first to go.
John shrieked as his butt molded to the underwear and Katie giggled evilly having another way to torture him.
Katie(Showing John a form) Mama I need a parents signature so our new Little Firesider can start as a Firefly.
Mrs. Small(Taking out a pen) Still a boy I see? Well give it time Katie will put you through hell starting as an infant all the way until you're a teen and you fight back.
John(Staring up at Mrs. Small) Don't you even wanna know why she chose me?
Mrs. Small(Shaking her head) I just do as she asks because she has a very bad temper tantrum gene which I discovered when she was three and needed a certain boy talked to.
John: If I knew hurting Katie would come back to haunt me I never would have done it.
Mrs. Small(Kissing John's cheek) Word of advice earplugs make friends with them because if you don't then you'll go deaf from all of my Katie's screaming.
Katie(Beaming) Not to mention that I suddenly took a commanding lead in the height category.
John gulped as Katie's shadow swallowed him up with Sasha giggling.
Sasha: I told you fighting her wasn't in your best interest. As for your friend well he's not coming back because he tends to really like it without his eleven brothers and sisters.
John saw Katie pick up the pants to the pajama outfit next as Mrs. Small under her daughters orders signed John up for The Fireflies.
Katie(Dancing the pants under John's eyes) And if you thought I was scary in nightmares you're going to love me in reality little sis.
Sasha(Excited) Mama Mama Mama can I join The Fireflies too. I mean the boy about to become a girl is going to need a friend right?
Mrs. Sweetwater(Signing a form) All's you needed to do was ask because Sweetwater’s as well as Smalls and Shapiro's are The Fireside Clubs bread and butter.
Sasha(Sticking her tongue out at John) Nowwwwwww you have a friend in me and Katie's going to make sure you're not a yucky boy anymore.
Katie(Standing in front of John) Now we can do this three ways the easy way, the hard way, or the Margot Small way.
John: The Margot Small way?
Mrs. Small(Waving) You can call me mom.
Katie: She had a very effective way of changing kids me especially.
John: So what's the easy way?
Katie(Looking into John's eyes) You lie still and let me dress you up like a life sized dolly.
John: What's the hard way?
Katie(Squirming in front of John) You do this and I sit on you until you stop and I force the pants on you.
John: Finally what's the Margot Small way?
Katie(Sneering slyly) That's a family secret.
Mrs. Small: And I'd have to recommend you don't ask for it because it isn't pretty or fun.
John(Smirking) Sounds like my cup of tea so Margot Small me.
Katie(Stretching her fingers) Are you sssssssuuuuurrrrreeeee?
John(Squirming) Does-this-answer-your-question?
Katie(Grinning) Pretty much now taste the medicine that is Margot Small.
Sasha(Moaning and holding her stomach) Oooooohhhhhhhhhh I don't feel well.
Katie(Sneering) I just upgraded you to the Sasha Sweetwater/ Katie Small way.
Mrs. Small(Walking out) I'm outta here because I know what she has planned.
Katie grabbed John and stood him in front of Sasha who's cheeks bulged and Katie's did the same.
John(Scared) Uhh exactly what is your-
John didn't get to finish as both Sasha and Katie puked all over him remarkably missing the Doc Mcstuffin underwear.
Katie(Wiping her chin) Unless you'd like more of that I suggest you let me get the bottoms, top, and Stuffy slippers on you.
Katie(Grabbing his lips) Now now little sis there is no need for an outburst because if you want one I'll give you one.
Sasha(Weak) And FYI the Margot Small way was tickling and Katie knows exactly where you're ticklish.
Katie: I was so hoping to hear that angel laugh too.
John started squirming again as Katie giggled tickling John's stomach until he was out of breath.
Katie: You're lucky I have no throw up left in me.
Sasha(Holding her stomach) Hold-that-thought-Katie.
Katie watched Sasha bolt and Adyson with Mrs. Sweetwater put soup, juice, and more medicine on a tray in front of Sasha's bed.
Katie(Picking up the bottoms) Now we have played around long enough either stop squirming or my big, fatty, bony, butt will make sure you do.
John taking his chances squirmed even more as Katie sat on him her eyes evil slits ready for him.
Katie(Counting on her fingers) Asking nicely didn't work, forcing the undies on you didn't work, throwing up on you didn't work, tickling you didn't work, but this sure will because there's no way you can move now.
John(Trying to move) Heyyyyyyyyyy you aren't playing fair.
Katie(Giggling evilly) Who said I'd play fair?
John: You need to give me a chance to explain myself.
Katie: You had that chance now it's my turn to cheat and FYI cheating is kind of my thing.
John(Trying to move) Can't-move-it-hurts-can-we-maybe-wrap-this-up?
Sasha(Sipping juice) There much better now. Katie hurry up it'd be great to have a fellow Firefly in sick bay with me.
John(Sneezing) What are you talking about?
Sasha(Giggling) The sniffles, sneezles, yuckyles of course. Katie has contaminated you.
Katie(Forcing the bottoms on John) Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhh goodbye pre-teen waist hello three year old waist.
Sasha(Smiling) Just the top and slippers left whatever your name is.
Katie(Smirking at John) Katie Annabeth Small the 2nd will be his name.
John(Wiping his nose with his sleeve) You're naming me after you?
Katie(Nodding) I thought it'd be a good way for us to bond. I'm also going to school you in how to act like me too.
John: I guess being somebody else would be better for me.
Katie(Standing up) That's the spirit now arms up Katie II so sissy can get the top on you.
John like Katie's puppet did what she asked and the top fell over his arms, chest, and stomach making them three year old size.
Katie(Picking up the slippers) Feet out Beautiful and we'll complete the Small process.
John: But if I'm so obsessed with Doc Mcstuffins why don't I have any stuffed animals of her or her friends?
Katie(Tickling John's toes) That's what the sleepover you planned tonight is for an all you can eat Doc Mcstuffins stuffed animal buffet.
Sasha: And I'll get Sophia The First stuffy's seeing I'm suddenly all about her and her princess ways.
John put his feet out and Katie put the slippers on him as his feet finally shrank with Katie and Sasha cackling.
Sasha(Pulling covers out for John) Lay down here friend and we can get through this sick bay thing together.
John shrugged as he laid down next to Sasha and they watched Disney Junior together.
Katie(Snickering) Ohhhhhhhhhhh howwwwwww willlllllll your friends everrrrrrrrrr live without their oh so fearlessssssssssss leaderrrrrrrr? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaahhhhhh.
A crystal ball appeared in Katie's hands and she saw all of John's friends getting ready for the night of their lives.
Katie(Cackling triumphantly) I doubt there'll be any sleeping going on with Princess Sophia The First and Doc Mcstuffins on the loose.
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