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Chapter 17 Sasha's First Sleepover

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Adyson's sister has decided to crash a sleepover and that means doom for the boys sleeping

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That night boys got together for a sleepover hoping John would show up soon not knowing his fate yet.
Boy #1: If he's not here in five seconds I say we start without him
All the other boys nodded in agreement starting to set up their sleeping bags until one of the boys discovered John and the assassin's fate.
Boy #2(Looking at a comic book fearfully) Uhhhhhhhhhh I think I found John and our protector.
Boy #1(Snatching the comic book away from boy #2) Gimmie that you twit.
Boy #1 gulped seeing Katie, Adyson, Katie II, and Sasha on the cover. The cover was 3D and showed John and the assassin become Katie II and Sasha.
Boy #1: Ok there's going to be no sleeping tonight because we have Doc Mcstuffins and Sophia The 1st after us.
The boys all looked scared because they knew staying awake forever was going to be impossible.
Boy #1: Well since John's a Doc Mcstuffins girl now I'm taking charge.
Boy #2(Walking off) Fine with me I'm going to find a comfy room.
Boy #1(Blocking the boys path) Remember don't fall asleep.
Boy #2: Yea, yea, yea gimmie a break would ya?
Boy #1 walked off and boy #2 Jessie Wilson went into the first unoccupied room and laid on a bed.
Jessie(Mimicing Boy #2) Remember don't fall asleep, remember don't fall asleep, remember don't fall asleep. Since when did he become king of the sleepovers?
Jessie yawned and gently closed his eyes as the door to his room shut and locked with the word Doc written in pink glitter on the door.
Katie II(Putting on a doctor's jacket) Looks like I found my first patient.
Jessie's bed turned into a doctor's bed equipped with bars on the side like the real doctor beds.
Katie II(Giggling) Morning patient now let's see what animal of the stuffed kind you'll become.
Jessie(Shrieking) Wait where am I?
Katie II(Cackling) My dreamland and I call it Doc Mcstuffins' room/office.
Jessie: What did you mean by what kind of animal of the stuffed kind I'll become?
Katie II(Walking up to the bed) Welllllll you see I'm not your average run of the mill Doc I'm a Doctor for stuffed animals and toys.
Jessie: Noooooooo Doc Mcstuffins is a Doctor for stuffed animals and toys.
Katie II(Humming Time For Your Check Up) Yea wellllllllll since she's my hero I've decided to become exactly like her in every way.
Jessie(Struggling) I-doubt-she-ever-took-people-and-turned-them-into-stuffed-animals.
Katie II: Well that's where her and I are different she had a MaMa that brought her toys and stuffed animals while me well I'm making my own.
Jessie: So why am I first again?
Katie II(Shrugging) Well you were the first one to fall into my office/bedroom.
Jessie: What if I don't chose a stuffed animal to become?
Katie II(Rubbing her hands together) Then I chose and I hope it comes to that because Katie my big sister has the cutest pet fox she names Jenny but I want one named Foxy.
Jessie: So it's become a fox or pick an animal I like?
Katie II(Nodding) Your catching on.
Jessie(Thinking) Hmmmmmmmm well I guess I'd have to say I want to become a combination of a dog and a wolf.
Katie II(Clapping her hands) I can name you Wolfy.
Jessie(Sighing) Great I couldn't have gotten the original name caller I got the cliche name caller.
Katie II(Kissing Jessie's nose) Yea well at least it's better than me haunting your dreams forever which will happen to a very lucky boy at this sleepover.
Jessie(Struggling) Soooooo-how-are-you-turning-me-into-a-stuffed-dog/wolf-again?
Katie II(Picking up a scalpel) We're going to need to operate and that means cutting you open and putting stuffing instead of organs and blood in you.
Jessie(Gulping) O-perate nobody said anything about o-perations and they scare the willies out of me.
Katie II(Getting a gas mask) No worries you'll be asleep while I do it and when you wake up you''l be a wolf named Wolfy and the leader of my Stuffy's.
Jessie: And I won't feel a thing?
Katie II(Nodding) That's right so what do you say?
Jessie: Put the mask on and let's get me under.
Katie II(Putting the mask over Jessie's face) Breathe in and count bacwards from 10 Wolfy.
Jessie did as he was told and before he knew it he fell asleep and Katie II cackled cutting open Jessie's stomach giggling as she took out his organs.
Katie II(Getting a machine) Now let's drain all the blood from you and make you the cuddliest wolf ever because like Lamby before you loved cuddles so will you.
Katie II started the machine and like magic Jessie's blood ran through a tube and went into the machine as if feeding it.
Katie II(Beaming) Nowwwwwww my favorite part stuffing you just like a Build A Bear and adopting you like one too.
Katie II grabbed another machine with white stuffing and she turned it on watching the stuffing swirl in it and stuff Jessie until Katie II was satasfied with it.
Katie(Throwing her backpack in Katie II's room) Ughhhhhh what a long day of work so how was your day little sis?
Katie II(Pointing at the floor) Uhhhhhhh yea no contaminating my office if you please. As for my day it was awesome because I have my very first stuffed animal to cuddle, care for, and torture with my Small ways.
Katie(Picking her bag up) Sheesh you know this isn't a real doctor's office and you aren't a real doctor right?
Katie II: This is a real doctor's office and I am a real doctor and the sooner you realize that the better. Now I just need to stitch my patient up and give him some snazzy clothes to wear.
Katie(Walking out) You-are-losing-it-little-sis. Best believe mom and dad will hear all about this.
Katie II(Waving Katie away) Shoo I have a patient to care for and he doesn't need your germs in this uncontaminated room.
Katie mumbled whatever and walked off as Katie II picked up a needle and white thread to match Wolfy's stomach and sewed Jessie up and his green eyes became glassy.
Katie II(Hugging Wolfy) Se Magnifique now look at those shelves on my wall they are for the other unlucky souls to become animals but you lucky duck will sleep with me on my bed.
Jessie slowly came to and noticed three things one he had a raspy voice, two he had grown grey fur and a tail, and three he had on a red shirt, coveralls, and converse shoes stuffed animal size.
Katie II: Great you're awake because we have things to discuss and they involve me, your little friends, and you in a big way.
Jessie: All right so what would you like me to do?
Katie II: I have another friend who has drawn an ivisible line in the world of dreams and reality.
Jessie: So?
Katie II: Soooooooo she wants things too and they are things no boy will ever want to become.
Jessie(Sneering) Like what?
Katie II(Beaming) Undies, nightgowns, undershirts, and even more undies. In fact undies more than anything else.
Jessie(Cackling) Great they're still at the sleepover and they look pretty tired.
Katie II(Snuggling Jessie) Good because that imaginary line will also get you some new friends that will occupy those shelves.
Jessie(Putting his paws on his head) Time for me to use my dream power to get the others to sleep.
Katie II and Jessie cackled knowing Sasha Sweetwater was going to get what she wanted next.
Sasha's New Friend
Boy #1 who was Matthew Jenkins was transported to a castle with cobllestoned floors as he slowly stood up and looked around seeing everybody fleeing from the castle.
Matthew(Shrugging) Maybe they saw a dragon or something?
Matthew shoved past people trying to get a glimpse at what they were running from.
Man: Run hurry she's let the power go to her head and now no one in this castle's safe.
Matthew(Guffawing) Let-the-power-go-to-her-head is that all?
Man: I'm telling you she's dangerous boy you have to go now.
Matthew(Shoving past the man) I'll take my chances.
Matthew reached the front where a girl dressed like Sophia the first smiled down at him.
Man(Running out the door) Don't say I didn't warn you.
Sasha(Standing from her throne) Matthew Jenkins I've been expecting you.
Matthew(Getting into a fighting stance) Yea well let's get this over with quick so I can get back to my friends.
Sasha(Chuckling) We're not going to fight Matthew. I'm a lady a princess none the less and we don't hit for anything.
Matthew(Hitting Sasha) Great then this will be quick.
Sasha slowly wiped her bleeding mouth and caught Matthew running for the door.
Sasha(Raising her arms) And just where do you think you're going?
The door slammed shut and locked with Sasha giggling triumphantly.
Sasha: See you should have listened when you were warned. I did let the power go to my head and it feels amazing.
Matthew(Pounding on the door) Let me out of here now.
Sasha(Grabbing Matthew) Sorry but I'm the only one giving order's here.
Matthew(Struggling) I-thought-princess's-didn't-like-confrontation.
Sasha(Sneering) Noooooooo I said Princess's don't hit for anything and this is not hitting is it?
Matthew continued to struggle as Sasha led him to an enormous room in the castle.
Sasha(Raising her arms) All this is mine and I'm going to get more things real soon because my birthday's coming up.
Matthew: What does that have to do with me?
Sasha: You are going to be my early birthday pressent and of course it's every girl's best friend.
Matthew: Shoes?
Sasha(Shaking her head) Try again
Matthew: makeup?
Sasha: Again?
Matthew: Barbie dolls?
Sasha: Nope it's clothes and you are going to find my butt most painful which is why my mom said I'm a pain in the butt.
Matthew: I'm starting to see why your mom calls you that.
Sasha(Picking up a sceptor) You have no idea you little twerp.
Matthew(Standing tall) I'm taller than you.
Sasha(Waving the sceptor) Not-for-long-runt.
Matthew saw a white light and was smaller with Sasha standing tall in front of him.
Sasha(Beaming) Who's taller now?
Matthew(Jumping up) Heyyyyyyyyy-make-me-big-again.
Sasha(Opening her drawers) Youuuuuuu made fun of my sissy when you and her were in school now it's time for me to make fun of you.
Matthew(Punching Sasha) Then-meet-the-TEMPER-TANTRUM- you little idiot.
Sasha(Giggling) I'm not so little anymore you are.
Matthew: Yea-well-that- doesn't-make-you-any-bigger-of-an-idiot-you-little-idiot.
Sasha: See I was going to make you clothes for me but there are so many boys in tow for that. You are going to meet a new babysitter and she's already known to you.
Matthew(Pouting at Sasha) I-very-highly-doubt-that.
Sasha cackled triumphantly pushing Matthew out of her room and he heard the doorbell ring downstairs.
Matthew's mom: Matthew come on down and meet your babysitter buddy. Daddy and I have a date tonight and the babysitter's promised fun with a capital F.
Matthew dashed down the stairs and the door opened to Adyson Sweetwater snickering down at Matthew.
Adyson(Rubbing Matthew's hair) I have so many fun activities planned for the three of us tonight.
Matthew(Gulping) Three of us?
Adyson(Nodding and beaming) Uh huhhhhhhhhhh my little sister, you, and I.
Matthew(About to cry) So-so-so-so-so Sasha's staying?
Adyson(Nodding) She used to be my only babysitting client until your mom called in with a request.
Matthew's mom(Kissing his cheek) Enjoy your fun filled night buddy.
Before Matthew could protest his mom left leaving Adyson and Sasha being his only company.
Matthew: Soooooooo what fun activity is first?
Adyson: Ordering up some grub and then helping Sasha find your little friends so she can have pajama's tonight and so can you which I brought for you.
Matthew: Why are you being so nice to me?
Adyson: Because even though you were mean when we were kids I'm your sitter now and that means I have to make you feel comfy cozy and so does Sasha.
Sasha(Throwing her arm around Matthew) Right and we're going to be the best of friends.
Matthew(Intrigued) Sooooooo you brought pajama's for me?
Adyson(Holding a Wal Mart bag) I sure did and I hope you like them Matty.
Matthew(Taking the bag) Matty?
Adyson: Sure all my clients have nicknames and you're no different.
Matthew(Looking in the bag excitedly) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy Jake And The Neverland Pirate pajama's with a plastic sword and an eyepatch that's so cool.
Adyson(Beaming) Glad you like them so do we have a deal?
Matthew(Running for a bathroom) Sure we do now excuse me but I'm going to try these on.
Adyson(Linking her fingers) Perfect now to get to your friends who taught you all about picking on me.
Matthew came out of the bathroom looking just like Jake from Jake And The Neverland Pirates TV show having a newfound love for Adyson for being generous to him.
Adyson(Ruffling Matthew's hair) Welllllll I lived up to being the best baysitter ever and now you tell me where the other's are hiding.
Matthew(Swinging his sword) Arrrrrrrrrr Mates they be asleep at an abandoned orphange arrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Adyson(Leading John to the kitchen) Excellent and what are they doing sleeping in a abandoned orphanage?
Matthew: Arrrrrrr they be throwing a sleepover with ghost stories and junk arrrrrrrrrr the skaliwags believe that ghosts haunt the orphanage arrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Adyson(Sneering) Looks like Sasha, you, and I are going to have some very scared boys on our hands tonight.
Matthew: You got that right their doing a seance and everything.
Adyson: Where exactly is this orphanage located?
Matthew: Located?
Adyson: Where is it?
Matthew(Pointing across the street) Over there and they never even invited me.
Adyson(Chuckling) Then I guess I got lucky tonight huh?
Matthew(Grabbing a slice of pizza) Yea I guess so.
Sasha(Skipping into the kitchen) Soooooooo when do we leave?
Adyson grabbed three spring coats and handed Sasha and Matthew theirs before putting hers on.
Adyson: OK Matty lead the way.
Matthew: Arrrrrrrr they're going to wish they walked thee plank.
Sasha(Ruffling Matthew's hair) I like you better this way.
Matthew(Smirking) Yeaaaaaaaaa I forgot how much fun being three was.
Adyson: Alright human compass and Pirate Talker lead the way.
Matthew: Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr they be east by the old oak tree.
Adyson: Then east we shall go.
Matthew led Adyson and Sasha to a graveyard and Sasha gulped and her teeth chattered.
Sasha: Uhhhhhhhhhh why is the gate so squeaky?
Matthew(Taking her hand) Here I'll protect you because I'm brave like all pirates are.
Adyson(Opening the gate) In we get I guess.
Matthew(Positioning a bandana on his head) Straight ahead the door's opened a crack.
Sasha(Putting a sheet over herself) Wellllllll then let's get our scare on.
Matthew opened the door leading Adyson and Sasha to a room where boys occupied the floor.
Sasha(Sneering) Me first I need undies, a nightgown, undies, makeup, undies, stuffed animals, and lastly undies because a girl can never have enough undies.
Adyson(Ushering Sasha) Well you get first pick, Matty's next, then me and whatever's left the order will start again.
Sasha found a pudgy boy giggling because gummy things, soda, and chips were not kind to her butt.
Sasha(Sneaking into the boys sleeping bag) Nowwwwwww let's make some undies.
Adyson(Shielding Matthew's eyes) You mayyyyyy want to shield your eyes for this part.
Matthew closed his eyes as Sasha took her skirt off and removed an old pair of underwear with holes and rips in them giggling maniacally.
Boy(Groggily) Whuh-what's-going-on?
Sasha(Wiggling her butt) You called me Bubble Butt now you will meet my Bubble Butt as you call it.
Boy(Grabbing Sasha) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm soooooooooooo petrified you Bubble Butt Little Creep.
Sasha(Sneering) I have an idea and it involves making you my undies. FYI you have a bigger bubble butt than me.
Matthew: Can I open my eyes yet?
Sasha(Puckering her lips) Soooooooooo let's work some magic.
Boy(Disgusted) Ewwwwwwwww what are you doing?
Sasha(Kissing the boy) Making me some real comfy undies.
The boy screamed as Sasha kissed him and his legs and feet started growing perriwinkle material soft to Sasha's touch and the boy saw he was losing to her.
Sasha(Feeling the material) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh soft and silky my two favorite things and getting even is a close third.
The boy screamed as the material twisted around him sealing his fate.
Sasha(Marveling at her creation) Aaaaannnnnddddd Sey Magnifique. I must say my undie plan is genius.
Sasha put the underwear on and a white light that was the boys soul shot into her underwear.
Sasha(Giggling) You can open your eyes now Matty and now it's your turn to make something.
Matthew walked up to a thin, tan, good looking boy and knew the perfect thing to make him.
Matthew(Getting into the boys sleeping bag) I want a Jake And The Never Land Pirates stuffed animal of my favorite character Jake.
Sasha(Sneering) I don't think he has any of his teenage self left.
Adyson(Beaming) I am such a genius.
Matthew snuck into the boys sleeping bag a stuffing machine in tow ready to make this boy the stuffed animal he'd never leave behind.
Boy(Mumbling) Uhhhhhhhhh what's going on?
Matthew(Beaming) Marcus Simms you put together this shindig and you didn't even invite me.
Marcus(Rubbing his eyes) Ma-tthew what happened to you?
Matthew: I met a girl who changed my outlook on life amongst other things like my height.
Marcus(Laughing hysterically) You-actually-think-you-can-beat-me-with-you-this-small?
Matthew laughed pinning Marcus to the floor pulling out a Jake And The Neverland Pirates outfit for him.
Matthew(Motioning for Sasha) Assistant I need a scalpel, a Coke, and some candy stat.
Marcus: What is the costume for?
Matthew: As you can see Jake And The Neverland Pirates is kind of a theme with me so you my mean spirited, angry, feeding off of other people's jealousy boy is going to be my only stuffed animal.
Marcus(Laughing) Nowwwwwww-you're-dreaming-you-little-idiot.
Sasha(Beaming) Scalpel, Coke, and candy My dear now show this boy what we do to people who make fun of us.
Matthew slashed into Marcus' back much to Marcus' complaints and Matthew cackled turning his stuffing machine on watching it swirl into his body.
Sasha: I should have thought of this because as it looks he's in a lot of pain right now.
Matthew(Towering over Marcus) You know what I hate most about you?
Marcus(Weak) What's-that?
Matthew(Slashing Marcus' stomach) Your-smug-little-I-can-do-whatever-I-want-to-other-people-attitude.
Sasha(Grasping Matthew's hand) He has better friends now.
Adyson(Beaming at Marcus) And a better babysitter.
Matthew(Stuffing Marcus' stomach) And a stuffed animal ripe for the love and spoiling worse than milk past the experation date just not so chunky.
Sasha(Making a disgusted face) Ewwwwwwwwwwww thanks for the visual Matt.
Marcus tried squirming as he saw Matthew threading a needle to sew him up.
Sasha(Holding Marcus still) And this is why I'm the assistant.
Matthew(Threading a needle) TIme for you to become Jake and stuffed. Once that happens I'm going to take you everywhere.
Adyson: Aaaaaannnnnddddd meet the three year old in him who will be embraced by him for a very long time until he turns four at least.
Matthew(Beaming) And my Neverland Pirates obsession ends at 11 when I discover other things.
Adyson(Giggling) He means girls.
Sasha(Throwing her hand over Matthew's shoulders) Yeaaaaaaaa like me.
Adyson: And wellllllll her but at least they'll have each other.
Sasha: Uh huhhhhhhhh and I'm going to be a Firesider which as coincedence would have it is Matthew's girl obsession a Firesider.
Matthew laughed triumphantly as Marcus became a Jake from Jake And The Neverland Pirates stuffed animal.
Adyson(Cackling) Nowwwwwwwwwww it's my turn and the rest are going to be a uniform for my cutey sister.
Sasha(Slinking up to Matthew) Yepppppp and you can be my boyfriend and ride my skirt tails all the way through the Fireside clubs.
Matthew(Blushing) W-W-W-W-W-W-W-Well g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-good because I w-w-w-w-w-w-w-want a girl like you in my l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-life.
Adyson(Raising her arms) Now you dumb boys become my little sisters uniform for the Fireflies.
Sleeping bags zipped up as the boys screamed and Adyson cackled evilly knowing they were all doomed to be worn by Sasha now.
Matthew(Pointing) Look someone's trying to get away.
Adyson(Zapping the escapee) Not on my watch.
The boy that tried to leave became a brown skirt just Sasha's size and she skipped up throwing the skirt in her backpack.
Adyson(Lowering her arms) Aaaaaaannnnndddddd it looks like we have a perfect uniform for my little Firefly sister.
Sasha(Throwing the clothes in her backpack) Now let's get me signed up for Fireflies sissy.
Adyson cackled evilly knowing that with Matthew and Sasha there was no stopping her from haunting dreams again.
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