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Chapter 18 Sibling Rivalry

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Katie and Katie II can't stop fighting so one of them has to come up with a plan.

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Katie II beamed getting a poster of all the Doc Mcstuffins characters including Lamby her favorite tacked on her wall.
Katie II(Talking to a stethoscope) Wolfyyyyyyyyyy guess who's home?
Wolfy ran to Katie II hugging her as Katie II giggled kissing his snout.
Katie II(Admiring her room) A perfect replica of Doc Mcstuffins' room.
Wolfy: Not yet Kate you still need all of Doc's stuffed animals.
Katie II(Sneering) Not to worry I targetted bullies to become Stuffy, Chilly, Hallie, Doc, and my second favorite you being the first Lamby.
Wolfy(Looking at the shelves) Good because all those shelves are doing now is collecting dus-
Wolfy never finished as Katie II's door slammed open and Katie walked in without knocking and threw her backpack on Katie II's floor.
Katie: Whewwwwwwww what a day I've had little sis.
Katie II(Stouting) Don't you know how to knock?
Katie(Beaming) Sure I can knock but the door was unlocked.
Katie II: Why should that matter?
Katie: I thought it was all right to walk in seeing the doctor's door was unlocked.
Katie II kicked Katie's backpack out the door as she sighed angrily.
Katie II: Speaking of this is a doctor's office and you will not contaminate my office floor with your contaminated things anymore.
Katie(Putting her socks and shoes on the floor beaming) What were you saying?
Katie II(Throwing the socks and shoes out) Ewwwwwwwwwww stop infecting my office with your germs you big sister bully.
Katie(Throwing her clothes on the floor) Oops looks like my germs are all over this office now and Wolfy or you may catch the flu I'm getting over.
Katie II gasped fearfully as Katie added her backpack, socks, and shoes in the mix again cackling at her scared little sister.
Katie(Rubbing her toes on the bedroom floor) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you have no idea where my feet have been.
Katie(Cackling) And I'm just getting started.
Katie rubbed her naked body all over Wolfy, Katie II's bedsheets, blankets, and doctor lab coats.
Katie(Beaming) And now my good deed for the day is done so time for a nap.
Katie skipped out of Katie II's room grabbing everything that was hers then before leaving licked Wolfy's tail sticking her tongue out at Katie II.
Katie: I hope he catches the flu along with his pediatrician.
Katie II(Rubbing Wolfy's tail) Poor thing he's a germophobe like me.
Katie(Beaming) Good my nakedness holds a bunch of germs I bet.
Katie II ran off to find her mother as Katie snickered walking into her bedroom not knowing her dreams were going to be terrifying.
Katie(Putting a nightgown on) I'm the best sibling bully ever.
Katie's green eyes fluttered closed and a light snore was the only sound in Katie's room.
Katie II sniffled as her mom threw Wolfy in the washing machine pouring laundry soap in and both of them watching the suds make Wolfy disappear.
Katie II(Sniffling) I hate Katie I hate her I hate her I hate her.
Mrs. Small: Yea well you're sisters and fights are expected.
Katie II(Rubbing her eyes) Yea well she contaminated my bedroom and poor Wolfy poor, poor Wolfy. He told me he hates the washing machine.
Mrs. Small: Well why don't you contaminate her room and Jenny?
Katie II(Scratching her chin in thought) I could do that and then we'd be even.
Mrs. Small(Walking off) I'll dry Wolfy when his bath's done you go get even with Katie.
Katie II(Skipping off) I will she's going to wish she never messed with me and Wolfy.
Mrs. Small(Ruffling Katie II's hair) You go Sweetie Pie.
Katie II(Giggling) Has Katie ever dreamed of being a ballerina?
Mrs. Small: More than that she was one as a little girl.
Katie II(Racing upstairs) Lamby here I come.
Katie II ran to Katie's room to find her lightly snoring and she snickered putting her stethoscope on and traveling into Katie's dream.
Katie(Lying on a beach) Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is the life lemonade, fun, and sun how could this get any better?
Katie II skipped across the beach putting a towel featuring Lamby next to Katie.
Katie(Sipping her lemonade) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM even the lemonade's perfect here.
Katie II(Lying down) Yep you sure know how to make a nice dream.
Katie(Looking next to her) Don't you get enough of me without dreams?
Katie II produced an auburn furred fox as Katie gasped seeing a scalpel in Katie II's hand.
Katie: Katie II don't be hasty I've had Jenny since forever and I would die if anything ever happened to her.
Katie II(Rubbing Jenny's stomach) Don't worry Jenny's just a little preggers and since I've always wanted a fox like Jenny one of those foxy babies are mine.
Katie: Uhh ok you can have one of the baby foxes just give me Jenny back.
Katie II(Lying Jenny on Katie's towel) In a sec she's gonna pop.
Katie: Katie II I'm warning you give me Jenny this second or I'll-I'll-I'll-I'll.
Katie II(Smirking) You'll what cry until I'm done delivering her cubs or whatever baby foxes are?
Katie snatched Jenny from the towel kissing her nose not seeing how she could have been pregnant.
Katie(Kissing Jenny) Are you all right? Did the meanie pretend doctor hurt you?
Katie II: Katie I think you should know that I'm a real doctor no matter what you say.
Katie(Kicking sand into Katie II's face) To what stuffed animals. I mean so what if Jenny's butt looks big she's not pregnant.
Katie II(rubbing her eyes) You're going to wish you never did that.
Katie(ying on her towel with Jenny) Yea and what are you going to do about it?
Katie II(Holding her head) Introducing Katie Elizabth Small the 2nd's dream land.
Katie gulped seeing the sand go into an hourglass with Jenny and her trapped inside.
Katie II(Peeking inside) Look at it this way at least you can take a piece of the beach with you.
Katie(Pounding on the glass) Let Jenny and I out right now.
Katie II(Walking away) Sorry but you've been mean to me all day so now I'm getting even with you and stupid unpregnant Jenny.
Katie(Banging on the hourglass) LET US OUT NOW, NOW, NOW, NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
Katie II(Sticking her tongue on the hourglass) Nah nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you two are trapped and I'm not.
Katie(Kicking the glass) Come- on- Katie- II- you- know- how- I- feel- about- being- completely- covered- in- sand.
Katie II: Right you're scared of being buried aren't you?
Katie: Sis please let Jenny and me out.
Katie II shook her head no cackling her pigtails swinging with her.
Katie: But if this sand buries me then you won't have an older sister anymore.
Katie II: I can handle that. By the way until you treat me nicer your dreams will be nightmares so you know work on being nice.
Katie(Pushing the glass) Come on stupid thing fall and smash.
Katie II(Lifting the hourglass) Who's ready to see Time fly?
Before Katie could respond Katie II threw the hourglass against the wall shattering it.
Katie II(Beaming) I guess time can't fly just yet.
Katie(Running at Katie II) I'll show you what can't fly yet.
Katie II(Tripping Katie) Whoops I guess you should watch where you're going clutzy.
Katie tried to stand up but Katie II's foot had other plans.
Katie II(Placing her foot on Katie's chest) Kate, Kate, Kate just what am I going to do with you?
Katie(Squirming) Please-let-me-up-I-mean-just-what-size-shoe-are-you?
Katie II(Giggling) In reality 5 and a half in dreams like a bazillion and a half.
Katie: What do you want with me?
Katie II(Getting nose to nose with Katie) Funny you should ask Katie.
Katie: Are you gonna answer me?
Katie II: Welllllllllllll as you know I'm all about Doc Mcstuffins and her stuffed animals.
Katie: Big shocker.
Katie II(Pinching Katie's lips closed) Anywhoooooooooooo I'm looking to make stuffy's from my bullies and you're first older sister bully.
Katie shrieked seeing her old ballet costume fall from mid air.
Katie II(Sniffing it) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM washing machine and dryer fresh.
Katie II let go of Katie's lips and Katie saw a full boddied lamb costume combine with the ballet costume.
Katie II: I can see you're a little slow so fine I'll be as simple as possible you are going to be my Lamby get what I'm throwing down?
Katie(Laughing hysterically) What-makes-you-think-I'll-become-your-Lamby?
Katie II(Taking her shoes off) Have you ever had someone's toes sink into your tummy?
Katie(Shaking her head) Please no anything but that.
Katie II(Sneering) Seems to me that I have a bargaining chip. Either become Lamby or feel my little toes sink into you flat, washboard, tummy your choice.
Katie moaned seeing Katie II raise her foot and it was then that she knew what she had to do.
Katie(Tightening her stomach) Ok, ok I'll be Lamby just please don't sink your toes into my stomach.
Katie II(Beaming) Good choice because I hardly ever cut my toenails and boy do they scratch.
Katie(Grunting) Your feet weigh a ton can we maybe get this over with?
Katie II(Looking through a crystal ball) Sure I just need to make sure I find Stuffy, Chilly, and Haley too.
Katie: Do you have to do it standing on my chest?
Katie II: Ugh whine, whine, whine it's all you ever do.
Katie huffed angrily as Katie II beamed finding the perfect boy to be Stuffy.
Katie II(Giggling) Finished now to make my Doc Mcstuffins collection Doc included.
Katie(Sighing) Finally are you going to talk all your victims to death?
Katie II(Taking Katie's shoes and socks off) Ballet leotard, tights, and slippers first.
Katie: Uhh I stopped wearing those when I was five there's no way they'll fit me.
Katie II stretched the clothes and costume until they were Katie's size.
Katie II: There are we satasfied?
Katie: Hey I was just thinking if I'm going to be wearing these clothes for the rest of my life the least they can do is fit.
Katie II: Funny that you think this will be all you wear. See girl's like Lamby and I we're trendsetters and trendsetters need clothes upon clothes upon even more clothes.
Katie: But Lamby only wears her stupid ballet outfit the whole time.
Katie II: Not to bed and since you're my Lamby I chose what you wear.
Katie: Fine I was just making a point.
Katie II(Sneering) But since you hate ballet and I know you do we can never go wrong with a classic.
Katie: I only hated ballet as a little girl because mommy was such a stickler when I did it.
Katie II(Beaming) A stickler huh? Then I'll be the same for Lamby who definitely needs self control with all the cakes and candy she eats.
Katie: Ughhhhhhh are you going to talk all day or turn me into a stuffed lamb?
Katie II(Forcing the lamb costume on Katie) There we are and FYI it sweats and itches something fierce so lots of luck with that.
Katie(Sniffing the costume) Ewwwwwwwwwww did you pee in this?
Katie II(Beaming) I sure did last Halloween ther wasn't a bathroom anywhere and I needed to go mega bad but it's absorbant.
Katie II forced the leotard, a pair of pink Lamby underwear she made herself, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers forcing them on Katie's big feet.
Katie II(Pulling out a pink vial from her bathing suit) This is what I call essence of Lamby Kate. See I bottled her cuteness and snuggling power and this is what came out.
Katie(Biting herself) What-did-you-infest-this-costume-with-fleas?
Katie II(Laughing) No I told you it itches.
Katie II poured the essence of Lamby on Katie as the costume, clothes, and Katie shrunk growing a tail, a pink bow on her head, an extra pair of ballet slippers on her hands or in Katies case now paws a pink face and a great big smile on it.
Katie II(Hugging Lamby) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww looks like someone needs a cuddle.
Katie's soul flew into Katie II's stomach as she patted it smiling.
Katie II: Hey I warned you to be nicer Kate.
Wolfy fell into the dream meeting Lamby and Katie II grinned putting Lamby and Wolfy into a backpack.
Katie II(Skipping off) Now to show Katie's boyfriend what calling me a shrimp can do.
Lamby: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww this Wolf could use a cuddle.
Katie II cackled evilly making a portal to John Ward's bedroom not knowing he had a little brother obsessed with Stuffy the dragon.
John's brother Bastion ran around the house in a Stuffy costume he made himself growling and roaring at anybody that got close to him.
John(Holding his head) Bastion calm yourself I'm trying to do my homework and your constant roaring and growling isn't helping.
Bastion(Shaking his back) Cool wings huh mommy says they're just like Stuffy's.
John slammed his book closed and locked eyes with his brother who locked eyes back with him.
John(Breaking Bastion's wings) I don't care about your stupid wings or your stupid costume. What I care about is doing my homework.
Bastion(Bawling) I-I-I-I-I-I-I just wanted to hang out with you and show you my costume but you've gone and broken it Jerk Face.
Bastion in true little brother style purposefully knoced a can of soda on John's desk over the ran off screaming for his mother.
John(Picking up his math book) Ugh it's completely soaked I swear sometimes I wish I never had a brother.
John got a towel cursing Bastion seeing his homework was also soaked with soda.
John: If I had a genie all three wishes would be to abolish younger siblings like Kate's shrimpy sister.
John's mom cleared her throat angrily as he slowly looked up to also find a sniffling Bastion nursing one of his broken wings.
John's mother: I want an explanation young man.
John: He was running around my room growling and roaring even after I told him a million times to stop.
John's mom: So you haul off and break his wings because he was annoying you?
John: Sure when you say it like that it sounds bad.
John's mom(Kissing Bastion) Alright well you're grounded and Bastion sweetie your wings will be mended in no time.
John: He poured soda all over my desk getting my school books and homework wet.
John's mom: In anger he got even for you breaking his perfectly good wings.
Bastion: Will they ever work the same mama?
John's mom(kissing his cheeks) Sure they will now come on John needs to start his homework over and he's grounded.
Bastion skipped down the stairs after his mother and John slammed his door locking it which was a mistake.
John(Opening his math book) At least it's dry now. Time for some Algebra.
Katie II snickered her portal bringing her to John's bedroom as she took the form of Katie with John dozing off.
Katie II: Awwwwwwwwwww what's the matter Algebra taking it's toll again?
John(Yawning) Yea double for me because Bastion The Horrible destroyed my book and perfectly good work.
Katie II(Sitting on John's lap) You just let Nurse Katie finish this for you.
John grinned kissing Katie II's neck not knowing what she had in store for him.
Katie II(Unbuttoning her top) Finished with Algebra now let's work on Anatomy.
John grinned taking Katie II's top off not seeing the top of Katie II's Lamby bathing suit.
Katie II(Unbuttoning her pants) We better be quick word on the street is you're grounded.
John puckered up kissing Katie II as the pants fell revealing her Pink Lamby one piece bathing suit.
Katie II(Flipping her hair at John) I think another kiss is called for here I mean I did just finish your Algebra homework.
John didn't have to be told twice as he kissed Katie II again and suddenly he noticed he was shriking along with Katie II to her actual size two and a half inches taller than him.
Katie II(Giggling) Katie was right you are a good kisser and being that has made you the shrimp now shrimpy poo.
John(Looking at himself) Wha- why am I so small? Shrimp what have you done to me?
Katie II(Beaming) I made you five years old again and FYI I'm the same age and two and a half inches taller than you.
John(Running for his door) MAMA HELP I'VE BEEN TRICKED, SHRUNK, AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH A FIVE YEAR OLD BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie II(Snickering) Hardly I just wanted you to be a five year old so we could date. Don't worry Bastion get's his dream of being Stuffy made into a reality too.
Katie II(Standing on her tiptoes) See even on tiptoes I'm taller than shrimpy old you.
John tried scratching on his door again spying Lamby and Wolfy in the Doc Mobile.
Katie II: Soon Stuffy will join them in the Doc Mobile and I could always use an assistant.
John(Lying on his bed) Forget it you're still a shrimp to me and I don't work with shrimps.
Katie II(Smiling) Fine good luck fighting my cooties coursing in your veins and a newfound love for everything me.
Katie II unlocked the door pulling the Doc Mobile with her snnering evilly knowing John was now her boyfriend and like it or not her assistant.
Katie II(Giggling) In 3-2-1 and we have a lost puppy named John.
John: Alright why can't I stop following you around?
Katie II(Swinging her hips) Maybe it's because no five year old boy within a 5 mile radius can resist me, maybe it's because you loved Katie and since I'm like her you are over the moon for me, or maybe it's because my kiss is intoxicating who knows?
John(Walking behind Katie II) Fine whatever I'll be your boyfriend and assistant but only until this spell wears off.
Katie II(Beaming) That'll be the twelveth of never thanks to my intoxicating kiss and irresistable body.
John: So Doc since I'm the assistant where we off to?
Katie II: To find the Stuffy obsessed fan himself your brother Bastion.
John: Good then I'll be an only child.
Katie II: Yep and you'll have a girlfriend too so let's go find that dragon loving boy Bastion.
John led Katie II to Bastion's room where his costume of Stuffy the dragon was good as new.
Bastion(Spreading his wings) I'm a brave dragon RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John: There he is my annoying little brother.
Katie II(Walking up to Bastion) Bastion how would you like to be Stuffy instead of just pretending to be him?
Bastion(Unzipping his Stuffy costume) No thanks I mean fun is fun but being Stuffy for real sounds boring.
John(Pinning Bastion down) I may be five years old again but I'm a tough five year old and this doctor's assistant.
Katie II(Going through her Doc Mobile) Nope, no, not what I'm looking for, and veoula perfect for a stuffed dragon named Stuffy.
Bastion(Gulping) Uhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe my obsession with Stuffy has gone too far like John said it would.
Katie II: Bastion sweetheart a boy your age can never go too far with an obsession. In fact I'd say you have a healthy obsession with Stuffy the dragon.
Bastion(Looking at John) Could you let me up now?
John looked at Katie II for confirmation and she shook her head no.
John: Sorry punk the doctor has spoken.
Katie II(Zipping Bastion up) I don't think you're thinking clearly Bastion. Stuffy has got to be the perfect choice for you.
Bastion: As I said fun is fun but turning me into Stuffy is just insane.
Katie II(Getting eye to eye with Bastion) You'll find that calling me insane is spot on.
Bastion gulped not liking the insane look in Katie II's eyes one bit.
Katie II(Going through a garbage bag) There we are Stuffy's old costume. Being on the Doc Mcstuffins Ebay account so rocks harder than hard.
Bastion(Gagging) Has that ever been washed?
Katie II(Giggling) Washed-you-are-so-funny. Why-would-I-wash-it-if-it's-worth-more-dirty? Just-ask-Lamby-she's-my-curator-on-all-things-Doc-Mcstuffins.
Lamby(Looking at a clipboard) Yep worth more dirty than clean she's absolutely right.
Katie II: Now you have two choices here A you wear the man or in your case woman made costume of Stuffy made by your mommy. Or you wear Stuffy's original costume.
Bastion kicked John off of him and ran off to hide Katie II close behind loving hide and seek better than Doc Mcstuffins characters.
Katie II(Chuckling) This should level the playing field a bit.
Katie II stretched her fingers out and suddenly Bastion and John were both naked.
Katie II(Giggling) Now whoever puts either the original or woman made Stuffy costume on becomes Stuffy while the other get's a suprise from me.
Bastion emerged from a closet naked and wrestled John for the woman made Stuffy costume as Bastion put it back on turning around so Katie II could zip him up.
Katie II(Zipping Bastion up) I knew you'd make the right decision Bastion. I mean who could ever resist being a brave dragon?
Bastion: Well if I wasn't naked and freezing I never would have chosen either of the Stuffy costumes.
Katie II(Sneering at John) And that means lucky you gets to be Chilly.
John: I already am chilly.
Bastion and Katie II laughed as Katie II threw a black hat on John's head.
Katie II: Not that Chilly I meant Chilly the hypochondriac snowman.
Bastion(Spinning around) And I get to be Stuffy.
Katie II: You got that right my little Stuffy now to complete your look.
Katie II put a red dog collar on Bastion with tags that said Stuffy property of Katie II AKA Doc Mcstuffins written on it immeadiately turning Bastion stuffed.
Katie(Cackling) Now let's see how my Chilly's doing.
John moaned on the ground growing into a snowman with black buttons on his stomach, a purple and blue green scarf on his neck, a carrot on his nose, black marbles for eyes, and a green stripe on the hat.
Katie II(Snatching John and Bastion up) Chilly welcome to the club I'll make a file for you first thing tomorrow seeing your what they call a frequent visitor in Doc Mcstuffins office.
John(Laughing) It seems Bastion and I forgot to mention one thing.
Katie II shrieked as a dog bit her butt and John smiled.
John: Meet Ravage the family dog.
Katie II: Awwwwwwww aint he the sweetest but there's always room for improvement when being sweet.
John(Gulping) What are you going to do?
Katie II(Kicking Ravage off of her) Ravage meet Haley the last of the Doc's entourage for now at least.
Katie waved a stick and threw it knowing dogs and fetch John not knowing how magical the stick was.
Katie(Patting John's head) You should work more on make believe symptoms and less on defeating your master soon to be Chilly the snowman.
Ravage trotted back to Katie II as the dog's body became rounder and he grew purple skin, a candy striper suit, red glasses, and a white hat on her head the mean Ravage being taken by Haley the hippo.
Katie II(Tossing Haley into the Doc Mobile) There all the main characters except Doc present and accounted for.
A friend of Bastions knowing Katie II's plan ran at her and she beamed finding her stuffed Doc Mcstuffins completing the main characters.
Boy: What did you do to Bastion and his brother Small?
Katie II(Hugging Stuffy and Chilly) Well Bastion's obsession overcame him and John's still iffy on the whole hypochondriac snowman thing.
The boy was Jessie Hendricks and he grew into a warlock pointing a wand at Katie II.
Jessie: In the name of the devil demon be gone.
A red light shot from Jessie's wand hitting Katie II as she chuckled and as if she had Jessie on a string pulled him to her.
Katie II(Grabbing Jessie) Sorry kid I don't believe in fairy tales but my friend and yours Chilly does.
John: Noooooooooooooooooooo-I'm-getting-weaker-weaker-and-wwweeeaaakkkeeerrr.
Katie II(Writing down John's symptoms) Weaker right any other ailments?
John: You-did-this-to-me.
Katie II(Slapping a Powerpuff Girl's sticker on his hat) You'll be fine you're just suffering from up all nightitosis. My prognosis just get more sleep Chilly.
John: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my tummy hurts too.
Katie II: Weak and an upset tummy gotcha Chilly. Anymore ailments?
John(Rubbing his throat) My throat's a little scratchy.
Katie II: My diagnosis too much sleepovertosis my prognosis again I think you just need more sleep Chilly.
John embraced being Chilly as his soul joined Katie's, Bastion's, and Ravage' in Katie II's stomach John snoring lightly.
Katie II(Kissing Chilly's hat) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chilly.
Jessie was stuck on a wall as Katie II sneered skipping up to him.
Katie II: As Lamby always says Jessie curiosity killed the lamb.
Lamby: Yea and trust me I've seen it happen my five sisters got killed because of their curiosity.
Katie II(Pulling out pink glittery slippers) These first Doc then we'll get the rest of the things on you turning you stuffed like your friend.
Stuffy: You know curiosity killed some dragons too. My brothers were too curios for their own good.
Lamby(Hugging Stuffy) Yea that was the day we first met Doc in the toy store.
Katie II forced the pink slippers over Jessie' feet making his feet smaller and stuffed as a nightgown and a doctor's hat quickly joined his body making it all stuffed.
Katie II(Putting Jessie in the driver's seat of the Doc Mobile) Doc take us home.
Jessie's soul joined the others as Katie II snapped her eyes open getting surrounded by her new friends.
Mrs. Small(Opening Katie II's ) Katie sweetie didn't you hear me? I said time for dinner.
Katie II(Yawning) O-k I'll be right down mama.
Mrs. Small(Kissing Katie II's forehead) You're burning up no school for you tomorrow young lady.
Katie II: Ok my stuffy's will make me feel better in no time.
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