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Chapter 19 No More Mrs. Nice Tutor

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A tutor has emerged and boy is she strict

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Katie II formerly Katie was happy to be young again as she gained a pudgy stomach, a round butt, and a strong taste for junk food.
Katie Katie II's older sister moaned holding a platter filled to the brim with snacks and sugary sodas upstairs to her sister's room.
Katie(Walking slowly) Take it easy this stuff isn't exactly light. I mean why couldn't you do this yourself?
Katie(Backing into the door) Sheesh give me half a second already.
Katie II(Licking her lips) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM time for me to gorge out. By the way where's the cold pizza?
Katie(Growling) You-never-asked-for-cold-pizza-you-stupid-tike.
Katie II(Reading her Firefly file) Favorite food cold pizza ring a bell to anyone?
Katie(lying on her bed) Forget the pizza I'm not your live in maid.
Katie II(Raising her arms) Fine the stinky PJ's will just do what they do best.
Katie gagged as smoke in every color of the rainbow flooded the room with Katie II beaming up at Katie.
Katie II(Walking off) I'll just go get the pizza myself because as mama always says it's hard to find good help these days.
Katie(Making a disgusted face) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why must you wear those PJ's without washing them?
Katie II(Smiling) Because I know you hate them and they'll never get washed thanks to my mama pout.
Katie(Plugging her nose) Mama pout?
Katie II(Nodding) Yeaaaaaaaaa you know the one I use to avoid being grounded the aww such a cute little girl pout.
Katie: Yea but wouldn't you like that clean smell and that fresh out of the dryer feeling?
Katie II(Shaking her head) Nope water and a hair dryer is a much better experience.
Katie: What about when you have to wear the pj's somewhere?
Katie II(Looking at a Powerpuff Girl watch) Like where and hurry this up it's cutting into snack time.
Katie: Gee I don't know sleepovers and pajama day at school?
Katie II(Walking downstairs) I wear them of course.
Katie: Yea and I bet people avoid you.
Katie II(Beaming) Just the people who value their nostrils.
Katie(Opening a window) I know that's right I mean I'm scared for the birds out here.
Katie II cackled throwing her dirty socks on the windowsill airing them into the room.
Katie(Gagging) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww you are so going to regret doing that.
Katie II shrugged skipping down the stairs to get her cold pizza.
Katie(Supergluing Katie II's bed) Time to rip those nasty pajamas.
Katie sneered as she spread superglue all over her sister's bed giggiling maniacally.
Katie(Hiding the superglue) And done now to see her squirm under the superglue.
Katie II belly laughed as she dropped the pizza box and snapped pictures of Katie not being able to keep her laughter in.
Katie(Trying to move her hands) Hey what's going on?
Katie II(Reading the superglue tube) Must not come in contact with actual skin.
Katie(Trying to pull her hands off the sheets) Oww, oww, oww, oww, owwwwwwwwwwwwwww I hate you Katie II.
Katie II(Plopping down on her bed) Turns out the superglue is only under your hands.
Katie ripped her hands off the sheet screaming as the glue made her hands burn.
Katie(Moaning) Oww, oww, oww, oww, owwwwwwwwwww I'm telling mom on you.
Katie II(Chomping pizza) Go ahead I'll be up here eating cold pizza.
Katie stalked off as Katie II threw pepperoni's, hamburger, olives, and mushrooms into her mouth.
Mrs. Small(Walking into the room) As always I'm sure there are two sides to every story Kate. Munchkin were you playing with superglue on your bed?
Katie II(Shaking her head) No Katie was playing with it to get rid of my stinky PJ's.
Katie: She's a rotten liar mom she glued my hands to her bed.
Katie II grinned pushing play on a cassette player unveiling Katie's plan.
Katie II(Beaming) See it was all Katie's fault.
Mrs. Small(Rufling Katie II's hair) As I said two sides to every story.
Katie(Rubbing her hands together) Yea well if she wasn't so attached to those pajamas or airing her dirty socks in the room I never would have tried supergluing her.
Mrs. Small: Yea well I don't want to hear another peep from you two. I want the two of you dressed and ready to go out to dinner in T minus one hour.
Katie II: Hey I wasn't peeping or scheming that was all Katie.
Mrs. Small(Lying out Katie II's outfit) Good point now Kate run Katie II a bath and hurry up because you need to shower too.
Katie: But-
Mrs. Small: Our reservation is for 8:00 it's 5:00 now so no buts unless their in showers and baths.
Katie(Moaning) I told you before giving Katie II a bath is like bathing a baby great white shark.
Mrs. Small(Holding Katie II) Aww but how could you say no to that face?
Katie: Easily she doesn't treat you like she treats me.
Mrs. Small: Kate II sweetie you'll be a good girl and let Katie wash you right.
Katie & Katie II: Absotively possolutly mama bear.
Katie II: See I try to be nice and she makes fun of me.
Mrs. Small: Katie stop mimicing your sister I mean what are you teaching her?
Katie: Mom if you knew half the stuff Katie II does that I haven't taught her your head will blow up.
Mrs. Small: Just bathe your sister and make sure she's not wearing her bikini, her hair gets washed, and she has a little time to play in there.
Katie(Grumbling) Great her favorite game is Soaking The Sister.
Katie II(Grabbing a towel) Bbbbbbbbaaaaaattttthhhhhhh ttttiiiimmmmeeeee.
Katie(Stomping off) Let's go baby great white shark.
Katie II skipped off sneaking her bikini on under her stinky pajamas giggling as she was led into the bathroom.
Katie: Now so we don't have a repeat of last time take all your clothes off and that includes your stinky pajamas.
Katie II shrugged taking her pajamas which were emitting green smoke revealing her Bubbles The Powerpuff Girl bikini.
Katie II(Beaming) You never said anything about my Powerpuff Girl bikini.
Katie(Grabbing Katie II) Take the bikini off now.
Katie II(Dejected) Fine I'll bathe naked with just the lint from my stinky footies.
Katie: And don't you dare bite me because you haven't had your rabie shots yet.
Katie II: Hey I don't have rabies I'm not a dog.
Katie: Take the bathing suit off now dog. Then get in the tub and sudsy.
Katie II sneered slipping out of her bikini and she put her hands on her chin barking like a dog.
Katie(Angrily pointing into the tub) Get into the tub now Sudsy.
Katie II pounced onto Katie licking her face and wiggling her butt like she was wagging her tail.
Katie(Grunting) Get-off-of-me-you-big-fat-piggy.
Katie II continued licking Katie's face giggling as she barked happily and Katie with a lot of effort picked Katie II up and put her in the tub.
Katie(Moaning) I should be getting paid for this. I mean why is taking a bath so hard for you?
Katie II(Shrugging her sholders) Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, barkity, bark, bark.
Katie: Stop acting stupid and answer me now.
Katie whimpered like a sad puppy shrugging again lying back in the tub letting the suds cover her.
Katie(Grabbing a washcloth) Whatever at least your in the tub.
Katie II flexed her toes green smoke covering the bathroom.
Katie: Now lie still while I clean you from your head to your toes dog.
Katie II shivered due to the cold in the bathroom and in true dog style shook herself off with suds and all getting it all over Katie.
Katie II(Panting) Woof, woof, woof, woof, bark, bark, bark, bark.
Katie: I'm so glad you're adopted you little runt.
Katie II(Pouting) Hey-I'm-not-adopted-I-look-more-like-mommy-than-you-do.
Katie(Beaming) Ssssuuurrreee that's what mommy wants you to think.
Katie II splashed more water on Katie giggling as she barked licking Katie's face.
Katie(Putting shampoo in her hands) Now no repeats from last time so close your eyes and let the suds mold the grease away from your hair.
Katie II squinted her eyes shut as the shampoo was washed out of her hair with Mrs. Small passing by with a pink puppy robe for Katie II.
Katie II(Pouting) M-M-M-M-M-Mama Katie s-s-s-s-s-s-s-said I was a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-adopted.
Mrs. Small: Of all the dirty low down things to say Katie seriously?
Katie: She's acting like a dog licking and all.
Katie II: Only because she said not to bite her because I have rabies which reminds me.
Katie II smeared suds on her face growling and gnashing her teeth biting Katie's arm beaming as she was carried out by Mrs. Small.
Katie: Are you going to punish her for biting me?
Mrs. Small: No because you antagonized her.
Katie II shook off like a dog Mrs. Small giggling putting underwear on her youngest daughter.
Katie: So let me get this straight she antagonizes me by acting like a dog?
Katie II: After you called me one.
Katie: So in return I antagonize her by calling her adopted which in turn allows her to bite me?
Mrs. Small: She's three with a big imagination so call her a dog and you can't expect her not to act like one.
Katie(Stalking off) I'm never bathing her again she broke the skin.
Katie II: Careful you might get rabies.
Katie screamed in anger slamming the bathroom door to take a shower.
Katie II: Maybe I shouldn't have bit her.
Mrs, Small: Aww cutie she deserved it for calling you a rabid dog and adopted.
Katie II(Raising her arms) Let's get me dressed mama.
Mrs. Small threw a Bubbles T. shirt over Katie II and then put coveralls decorated in glitter over her legs strapping her arms.
Katie II: Taduh I'm Leonardo's ready.
Mrs. Small(Knocking on the bathroom door) Hurry it up Kate.
Katie(Mimicing Mrs. Small) Hurry it up Kate. I'm drying off now mother.
Mrs. Small: No more lip and get yourself ready young lady.
Katie swung open the bathroom door in her towel walking into her room not hearing the soft giggle of Katie II.
Katie(Rummaging through her closet) Now what should I-
Katie's nose gave a sniff smelling perfume and hairspray knowing that smell well.
Katie(Walking around) Out you little shrimp I know you're in here.
Katie II(Jumping out of the closet) Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cutest little sister in the world Katie Annabeth Small the 2nd he he.
Katie(Opening the door) Out you shrimpy pup of a human out, out, out.
Katie II: Ok ok sheeh don't pop a blood vessel.
Katie: And stop using my sayings and hashtags they belong to me.
Katie II: Blah, blah, blah talk to my backside hater.
Katie shook her head slamming the door in Katie II's face in the process.
Katie: Honestly calling me a hater who in the world does she think she is?
Katie continued rummaging through her closet finding the perfect outfit for dinner.
Katie(Getting dressed) Great now I'm ready for dinner.
Katie II(Singing in the hallway) Do you wanna build a snowman?
Katie(Looking out the window) It's not even snowing outside.
Katie II(Singing through the keyhole) Doesn't have to be a snowman.
Katie(Holding her head) Ughhhhhhhhhhh why did I introduce her to Frozen?
Mrs. Small: Shake a leg pre teen and tikes alike.
Katie opened her door finding Katie II shake her leg all the way downstairs going slow knowing it would irritate Katie.
Katie: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh must you go slower than a tortoise?
Katie II(Talking in slow motion) Yes- because- slow- and- steady- wins- the- race- Mrs.- Hare.
Mrs. Small(Picking Katie II up) Munchkin what have I told you about being a pest?
Katie II: Aww mama I was just trying to have some fun.
Mrs. Small: See Katie you call me unfair but I talk to Katie II all the time about being a pest.
Katie: It doesn't do any good she still acts like she owns the universe.
Katie II(Sticking her tongue out at Katie) Yea and you act bossy all the time.
Katie beamed as Katie II gulped knowing Katie knew a secret about her.
Katie: Mom did Katie II's daycare call you today?
Katie II(Squeezing Katie's lips shut) She doesn't know what she's talking about.
Mrs. Small(Looking at her phone) As A matter of fact the daycare did call today.
Katie II(Smiling with dimples) Only to tell you how sweet as candy I am.
Katie shook her head no mumbling as Mrs. Small stared angrily down at Katie II.
Katie II(Removing her fingers from Katie's lips) Ok fine but Katie would never have found out if she wasn't so snoopy.
Katie: At least I'm not Woodstock.
Mrs. Small: Somebody better tell me something.
Katie: Ok in a nutshell Katie II got kicked out of daycare for starting a fight with a special needs girl.
Katie II: She pulled my ponytail.
Mrs. Small(Outraged) I don't want to hear it Katie Annabeth Small the 2nd.
Katie: Anyways the girl tells the teacher and Katie II cries saying you told her to hit the girl.
Katie II(Sniffling) I had to say something Mrs. Bunny was so mad her face turned as red as yours mama.
Katie: And to let you know I wasn't snooping the daycare called as I was getting home and then ten minutes later Mrs. Bunny drops Katie II off.
Katie II: Mrs. Bunny said the only way I can come back is if I apologize to the girl I hit.
Mrs. Small: You will be apologizing to the girl you hit because you had no right to hit her.
Katie II(Crying) Yes- I- did- she- pulled- my- pony.
Mrs. Small: Being a pest will make people do that to you.
Katie II: Couldn't I just go to a new daycare?
Mrs. Small: Nope you started a war now you're going to be a big girl and end it.
Katie II sniffled then sneered loving Katie's game of tattling.
Katie II: Mama did Katie tell you she has a boyfriend that visits while daddy and you are at work and her report card is straight f's?
Mrs. Small shot an angry look at Katie who gulped shrinking into the shadows.
Mrs. Small(Agitated) You begged me to let you join cheerleading and you promised your grades wouldn't suffer young lady.
Katie(Smiling innocently) Yea but did I mention this is only the first quarter?
Mrs. Small(Getting nose to nose with Katie) I'd hate to see next quarters grades.
Katie(Slowly stepping back) They'll- be- better- I- promise- just- give- me- a- chance- to- prove- it.
Mrs. Small(Stalking off) Fine but until you do there is no more cheerleading or boys. As for you youngest lady you will not have any fun until you write an apology to the girl you beat up. Am I making myself clear?
Katie and Katie II: Yes mama.
Mrs. Small(Hugging her daughters) Good because I hate to be the bad guy but sometimes I need to- Katie II sweetie please tell me that's paint in your hair.
Katie stifled a giggle knowing what it was in Katie II's hair.
Katie II(Grabbing a mirror) What about my hair?
Katie II swiped the mirror up to her head and screeched finding purple on what used to be blonde.
Katie(Laughing hysterically) Kool-Aid-you-really-should-lock-your-bedroom-door-when-you-sleep-twerpette-you-look-like-a-big-giant-grape.
Mrs. Small: That's it Katie I gave you enough chances now Katie II, your, dad, and I are going out to dinner.
Katie(Chuckling) It-was-so-worth-it-to-see-Katie-II's-face-when-she-finds-out-that-she-has-to-be-seen-in-public-with-grape-Kool-Aid-hair.
Mrs. Small(Beaming) I know the perfect punishment for Katie.
Katie(Gulping) You do?
Mrs. Small(Nodding) We need a sitter and I'm going to let Katie II chose one.
Katie(Shaking her head) No,no,no,no,no,noooooooooo I learned my lesson and will never prank her again.
Katie II(Pretending to think) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who's it gonna be?
Katie: Please anyone but her. I can't even say her name it sends chills down my spine.
Katie II(Giggling) Then get ready to be chilled to the bones. Mama call Violet Parr and make sure she brings Jack Jack and Dash too Katie loves playing with them.
Violet Parr was on the lookout for a sister she could use to torture Jack Jack and Dash and Katie was numero Uno on her list.
Katie II(Dancing around Katie) Just think after tonight no more Fireside clubs, no more little sister, and no more pranking me ahhhhhhhhhhhh life couldn't get any better.
Katie: Yeaaaaaaaaaaa but being a hero is cool too. I'll be on TV everyday as a super powered little girl.
Katie II: True but whoever said you'd get super powers?
Katie(Smirking) Have we taken our daily dose of stupid pills this morning Kate? The Parrs are a super hero family so of course I'll have powers maybe I could even be a giant.
Katie II(Swishing her hair back and forth) Ugh I look like a giant California Raisin. you are so going down for this.
Katie(Making a muscle) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaa bigger muscles and giant are just the ticket.
Katie II: Yea well have fun being normal while it lasts because soon you'll have different problems super hero problems.
Katie shrugged walking into the living room as the doorbell rang and Katie II ran to answer it.
Violet(Smiling down at Katie II) Soooooooooooooo cutie what are you up to tonight.
Mrs. Small Kate JR. sweetie do you mind if daddy and I go out alone tonight.
Katie II(Hugging Violet) Nope maybe I'll be a super and Katie will have to focus on being normal.
Violet(Ruffling Katie II's hair) Sounds like fun to me.
Katie II(Jumping onto Violet's shoulders) Great so what are we waiting for?
Violet(Sneering) Katie's sitter.
Kendall Perkins as if beckoned walked up a backpack slung over her shoulder with schoolbooks.
Kendall(Throwing her backpack on the couch) Welllllllllllll tutored time to meet your tutor/babysitter Kendall Perkins.
Katie(Mucnhing a Mcdonald's burger) Oh yea well meet your match Kat-
Before Katie could finish Kendall grabbed the burger, fries, ice cream sundae and drink smiling down at Katie.
Kendall: Luxories like food will have to be earned through studying and test taking.
Katie: Heyyyyyyyyyyyy that was my dinner.
Kendall(Beaming) Yeaaaaaa and before you get it you need to study and take a test on Algebra.
Katie(Groaning) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh but it's so hard.
Violet(Throwing a happy meal Katie II's way) There you go sweetie now let me go find your supersuit.
Katie II(Sticking her tongue out at Katie) I get to be a hero now nah, nah, nah,nah,nah,nahhhhhhhh.
Kendall: Sooooooooooo what would X equal?
Katie: Ughhhhhhhh who cares X won't be in the real world with me.
Kendall(Mucnhing a fry) MMMMMMMMMMMM still fresh and your right X won't be in the real world with you and neither will food and drink if you don't find what X equals.
Katie: 2 X equals 2?
Kendall: Wrong and until it's right no food will touch your mouth.
Katie II(Licking her fingers) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM BBQ sauce fingers my fave.
Katie: How come the shrimp gets to eat and I don't?
Kendall(Getting eye to eye with Katie) Because I'm not the shrimps babysitter.
Katie II(Burping loud) Boy am I glad she's not. Math's hard for me too.
Katie: So if you're so smart smartie pants Kendall what does X equal?
Kendall(Beaming) I could tell you but then I wouldn't be a very good tutor.
Katie(Biting her pencil) At least tutor me in it I mean you're hired to do it.
Kendall(Sitting next to Katie) Fine here we go.
Kendall opened the book and taught Katie who had a dumb look on her face.
Kendall: Soooooooooooo there you go simple as 1-2-3.
Katie(Staring hungrily at her food) Yea for you my brain can't handle A= something X= something else and then here we are trying to discover what stupid A and idiot X equals.
Katie II: It's simple A= 3 and X= 5 so the answer's obviously 8 for the problem.
Kendall(Rubbing Katie II's hair) Absolutely right little one and that's why she's awarded dinner while your starving.
Violet(Producing a small onesie) One supersuit hot from the dryer just for you sweet pea sis now suit up cutie pie.
Katie II excitedly ran up to Violet and she led Katie II upstairs.
Kendall: Sooooooooooo are you hungry for knowledge and Mcdonald's?
Kendall(Smirking) Not for long.
Katie: What are you babbling about?
Kendall(Rubbing her head) Time for me to bring the fear of knowledge into that pea brain of yours.
Katie(Giggling) What are you gonna do take me to Knowledge Camp?
Kendall: Something like that Kiddo.
Katie screeched as her head pulsed and Kendall's did the same turning Katie into Kendall's little sister.
Kendall(Beaming) Time for Knowledge Camp as you call it Kara and after this you're going to wish you never doubted Algebra.
Katie moaned as a little girl and her head pulsated more with Kendall shoving her into a desk.
Kendall: Time for PSAT testing sis of mine.
Katie squirmed trying to get out of the desk but Kendall had other plans.
Kendall(Sneering) There's one thing keeping you alive and I'm going to take it from you.
A boy with glasses, braces, schoolbooks, and an inhaler landed into another desk in the dream.
Kendall(Laughing coldly) Sooooooooooooo glad you could make it John you're tardy but not by much so let's take the PSAT test shall we?
Katie(Squirming) John no you're the last part of me still alive.
Kendall(Sewing Katie's lips shut) No talking because it's a form of cheating.
John(Pushing papers back) I'm done.
Kendall(Laughing heartily) Aren't you forgetting something?
John(Gulping) Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no.
Kendall(Walking up to John's desk) Anatomy and seeing I'm a girl and you're a boy I say why don't we study that together.
John(Gulping) Uhhhhhhhhhh yea no thanks I'm good.
Kendall(Getting eye to eye with John) Then let's study French here let me help you.
Kendall's tongue darted from her mouth as she laughed evilly grabbing John's face and pulling it to her lips.
Kendall(Beaming) Awwwwwwwwwwww what's wrong Wheezy you've never French Kissed?
John: No please don't do this.
Kendall(Chuckling) To pass your PSAT you need to French Kiss me and I want to be sure you pass.
Before John could object Kendall threw her lips over his a gurgling evil laugh echoing from Kendall's chest.
Katie(Pulling the thread from her lips) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo leave him alone Kendallllllllllllllll.
Katie's desk locked and Kendall's chest became a vacuum sucking the life out of John.
Kendal(Sneering) Who's ready for round 2?
John(Wheezing) Noooooooooooooooooo-please-don't-i-can't-handle-your-slimy-tongue-anymore.
Kendall(Pulling John's face to hers) Round 2 coming up.
Kendall puckered and her lips touched John's her tongue lashing into John's mouth and he screamed as her chest puffed out more and she grew muscles all over her body John's dream power.
Kendall's POV: I guess someone should have given you a better set of lungs.
Kendall laughed coldly as her chest sucked the last of John's breath his ribs breaking, his face in a scared expression, and his eyes bulging out of his head.
Kendall(Cackling) Ooh la la your kissing is defintely up to par but your lungs need work ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa.
A pink light and a white light shot into Kendall's stomach screaming faces bulging out of it.
Kendall(Walking up to Katie) Entrusting your life in the hands of an asmatic is not the best of decisions.
Katie(Moaning) Sooooooooooooooo weak.
Kendall(Patting her stomach) Because I own John's soul, his dreampowers, and your soul now.
Katie gulped as Kendall sneered walking up to Katie's desk ready to end her.
Kendall(Holding her head) Any last words puny Pea Brain?
Katie(Weak) Please-don't-make-me-your-sister.
Kendall: Why not I mean word on the street is you've been an amazing big sister to Katie II.
Katie: No-I-haven't-I've-been-mean-like-extremely-mean-I-even-told-her-she-was-adopted-and-never-offered-to-play-with-her.
Kendall(Beaming) Exactly now it's high time you got treated the same way.
Kendall's forehead pulsed and a black vein took all her memories, knowledge, and imagination she had as a little girl and transfered it to Katie.
Kendall(Sneering) Revel in the newest and last Perkins child Kara Kendall Perkins.
Katie shook her head and noticed that now she had different urges and Kendall knew how to deal with those urges.
Kendall(Grabbing Kara) Well little sis looks like it's time for tutoring, home schooling, and earning your meals the Perkins way.
Kendall(Poking Kara's nose) Boop and nope it's time you learned how to be a Perkins the Kendall Perkins way.
Kara was carried out of the classroom and transported to Kendall's dream world Kendall's room only fit to burst with stuffed bears.
Kendall: Meet my fickle students Kara the stuffed bunch.
Kara looked around and gulped seeing kids clothes and skeletons of kids all over the floor.
Kendall: The stuffed bunch consists of kids that made fun of me when I was younger. I became their babysitter and they were never heard from ever again.
Kara(Gulping) Never-again-what-about-Kick-Buttowski?
Kendall(Picking up a white helmet with a red stripe in the middle) See for yourself Clarence became my very first and absolute favorite teddy bear.
Kara looked up and saw a giant bear with glittery purple lipstick all over his face and stains on the clothes.
Kendall(Beaming) Yep Clarence regrets calling me fat, big butt, and brainiac back then.
Kara: Am-I-becoming-A-stuffy-bear-too-sissy?
Kendall(Ruffling Kara's hair) Heck no I have worse plans for you because you see I've gotten used to being an only child.
Kara: Then why make me?
Kendall(Pushing Kara down) To bully you of course I'm also bored with the people I bully.
Kara(Whimpering) But you can only bully me in dreams so hah, hah, hah.
Kendal(Beaming) There's the little matter of me being your big sister and always being around you whether that be nightmares, daymares, daydreams or night screams.
Kara moaned tears rolling down her cheeks and Kendall cackled rubbing her hands together evilly.
Kendall: The only way to avoid me is by serving me, doing what I say, essentially your my slave now.
Kara(Holding out her hand) Alright deal sissy just stop bullying me.
Kendall(Giggling) Great now I want a foot rub and I want it now.
Kara(Getting on her knees) Alright put your feet in my face and let me rub them.
Kendall shrugged removing her socks and high tops green smoke emitting from them.
Kendall: Phewwwwwwwwww week long socks have not been friendly to my high tops.
Kara gagged getting green in the face and Kendall giggled having a bigger torture for Kara.
Kendall(Kicking Kara) Get rubbing slave and boy do I have a surprise for you.
Kara swallowed throw up and started rubbing Kendall's feet and a pair of pink tights, a leotard, and a ruffly tutu appeared in Kara's closet.
Kendall(Taking her feet back) Good luck getting feet funk smell out of your hands kiddo. By the way there's a pressent waiting for you in your closet.
Kara dashed off scared to be around Kendall and suddenly woke up being in her own room Joy from Inside Out decorating every inch of it.
Kara(Yawning) Morning Joy I'm checking my closet for my pressent.
Kara opened her closet and squeaked fearfully seeing the ballet attire.
Kendall(Shoving Kara) Yeppppppppp you get to be the clumsy ballerina just like me.
Kara(Wiping her eyes) Yea-well-I'll-just-pay-attention-that-way-I-won't-be-so-clumsy-and-I'll-be-more-popular-than-you-too-because-I'm-not-going-to-be-A-Know-It-All.
Kendall(Getting nose to nose with Kara) Good I'd love to see you fight your Perkins urges.
Kara took the ballet outfit and skipped off humming BingBong's theme song from Inside Out under her breath.
Kendall(Walking after her) Looks like I'll just have to up my bullying sibling/babysitter game.
Kara plopped down on the couch putting Inside Out on her attire all featuring Joy.
Kendall(Grabbing the remote) Sorry Squirty but I was born first and that makes me the boss around here.
Kara(Grabbing her Blue Ray Disc) Fine I'll watch Inside Out in my room.
Kendall(Blocking Kara's exit) Not so fast Squirty I want nachos and you signed your life over to me.
Kara(Pushing Kendall) No I didn't now move I have plans to have fun with a capital F-U-N today.
Kendall was caught off guard and tumbled into the wall as Kara dashed off and closed her bedroom door locking it with a smile on her face.
Kara(Mimicing Kendall) Sorry Squirty I was born first and that makes me the boss around here. Gimmie a break Kenny.
Kendall picked herself up and grinned knowing soon Inside Out would be interupted by ballet, homeschool, and older sibling bullying.
Kendall(Walking up the stairs) Enjoy Joy while you can Carrie Bear soon you're going to hate your two left feet he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Kara snuggled under her Joy throw blanket clutching her life sized Joy stuffed animal clutched under her arms.
Kara(Kissing Joy's cheeks) At least I'll always have you Joy.
Kendall(Stretching onto her bed) In 3-2-1.
The front door closed and Mrs. Perkins walked upstairs giving her eldest a disaaproving look knowing Kara wasn't dressed for ballet yet.
Mrs. Perkins(Glaring at Kendall) Oh please don't get up I mean your day has been so hard being home all day and whatnot.
Kendall(Shrugging) Hey if you can get into her room to get her ready for ballet be my guest.
Kara smiled mischevously unlocking her door quickly hearing Mrs. Perkins approach her door.
Mrs. Perkins(Opening the door) Wow that was extremely hard Kendall I must be working out.
Kara(Raising her arms) Ready to get dressed for ballet mama.
Mrs. Perkins: Great Carrie Bear let's get you ready maybe you'll be better than Kendall.
Kara: I definitely will because Kendall's not what I'm striving for I want to be my own person.
Mrs. Perkins(Kissing Kara's cheeks) Good because Kendall's too much of a know it all to be a Prima Ballerina.
Kara(Sticking her tongue out at Kendall) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa Know It All Queeny.
Kendall(Shoving Kara) Not to worry you'll be a Know It All Pre Scholar Queeny soon enough.
Kara(Walking off) Not if I don't want to answer a question.
Kendall: Then you'd be labeled as a dummy and still have no friends.
Kara(Beaming) Nope see I'll answer questions if and only if I'm called on, my tests and school work will be perfect and I'll have friends for not boasting on how smart I am.
Kendall(Flipping her hair at Kara) Good luck with that because sooner or later your so called friends will start calling you a know it all just like my friends did when I was in school.
Kara(Hopping onto her mom's shoulders) Ballet Hooooooooooooooooooooo.
Mrs. Perkins: If you do your best I'll buy you a blizzard of your choice from Dairy Queen.
Kara(Licking her lips) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ballerina's love Dairy Queen.
Mrs. Perkins walked out the door driving Kara to a school ready to watch her youngest try and be a ballerina.
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