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Chapter 20 A Reform In The KND Treehouse

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A new law has been passed in the KND treehouse and now nobody's safe

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Katie II was dressed into a red Incredible outfit as Violet grinned seeing how perfect it fit her.
Violet: Dash and Jack Jack are going to flip their ever loving lids.
Katie II(Spinning around) I don't feel any different.
Violet(Lying Katie II down) Because you need injections and they will make you a super powered ballerina.
Katie II(Gulping) Injections-meaning-needles-needles-needles-and-more-needles?
Violet(Sneering and nodding) Then after that you'll get the painful urges of having super powers.
Katie II(Trying to rip the costume off) The-deals-off-nobody-said-anything-about-needles. Hey why won't the stupid suit come off.
Violet(Snuggling Katie II) Because it's one size fits all and once it fits nothing not even the jaws of life can remove it.
Katie II shrieked not liking what she got herself into and a boy fell into the dream ready to rescue his damsel in distress Katie II.
Boy: Hold it right there Meanie I have a little something for you.
Before Violet could respond the boy zapped her with a laser and it converted her powers into the gun.
Boy(Beaming) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa and I thought this was going to be hard.
Violet(Weak) Nooooooooooooooooooooooo-not-my-powers-anything-but-those-I-need-those-to-save-Traverton-from-villains.
Boy(Laughing) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well I saved my damsel and that's all that counts.
Katie II ran into the boys arms as Violet grinned standing up and grabbing the boy.
Violet: Actually you just did me a huge favor kid. See those powers were holding me back and I didn't have the new strength I have now.
Boy(Scared) Wait you have red hair on your shoulder.
Violet(Sneering) What this red hair? It's from a friend of mine that just so happens to want to haunt you every night.
Violet led the boy to a dark part of the dream giggling as an evil cackle was heard in the shadows of the darkness.
Violet: Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh chilly like down the spine chilly well see ya.
Violet grabbed Katie II an evil in her eyes and she turned Katie II so she could see the demise of her gallant knight.
Violet: First you'll see his true fears then you'll be turned into yours a popular girl, a cheerleader, and a ballet dancer all in one amazing package.
Katie II squealed in fear as the boy Josh Andrews gulped hearing the cackle get closer and Violet grabbed popcorn throwing it into her mouth enjoying Josh' fear.
Girl(Grabbing Josh) Alright Shrimp Bait time to pay up big time.
The girl Fanny Fullbright' voice was thick with Irish accent and she wore an ornage dress with a mustard bottle on it, a green sweater, brown boots, a white training bra, and her secret weapon days of the week underwear.
Josh: Listen Fullbright maybe we could come up with some sort of deal?
Fanny(Sneering) Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we tried that and then you burned me literally.
Josh(Squirming) It-wasn't-just-me-the-KND-helped-a-lot-with-that-I-mean-Nigel-Uno-Hoagie-Gilligan-Harvey-Mckenzie-and-Wally-Beatles-helped.
Fanny(Throwing Josh to the ground) Yea but who led them? who told them where I was? who chanted burn the bitch, burn the bitch, burn the bitch? The answer is all you.
Josh made to run but Fanny stepped on his pants leg and tripped him making him fall in front of her.
Fanny(Beaming evilly) Now let's see what day of the week it is.
Josh: It's Monday every stupid kid knows that and if you don't you must be dumber than you look.
Fanny(Lifting her skirt) Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my undies say it's Friday and purple and glittery.
Josh was blasted with green smoke and Fanny cackled evilly seeing him pass out and she led him to the KND Treehouse giggling knowing how to get even with Josh, Nigel, Hoagie, Harvey, and Wally.
Fanny(Opening the treehouse door) I do hope you like my room Joshy because three year old Fanny will be you and you'll grow old as a Fullbright he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Fanny opened her room door and dragged Josh to the bed throwing him onto it easily then she rummaged through her closet finding three year old her clothes including the days of the week underwear.
Fanny(Wiggling her fingers) First let's make these clothes wayyyyyyyyyyyy too big for you.
Josh's clothes became like parachutes and Fanny giggled burning them and then going through her clothes drawer hoping to find Friday underwear and she was in luck as all the underwear including the Friday ones were doused in green smoke.
Fanny(Sneering) Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww we're going to have a sleepover and the first game we're playing is makeovers.
Fanny's door shut and locked Josh's name being etched into it in blood an evil cackle echoing through the treehouse.
Wally: Then I was like oh yea you stupid Irish Shelia take that and that and that and that.
Nigel: Yea then I threw the gasoline on her.
Hoagie: I made the idea to burn her.
Harvey: Then I burned her once Josh told us where she was hiding.
The boys slapped each other five and laughed until an oh so fammiliar chill down the spine met them.
Wally: We-did-burn her right?
Nigel(Laughing fearfully) Right we did I saw the boiler room go up in flames.
Hoagie and Harvey: So did we.
Nigel: Still if we burned her then why are we still getting chills down our spine?
All the boys shrugged walking down the hall to their rooms as Rachel Mackenzie sneered knowing Fanny her BFF wasn't dead after all.
Rachel(Looking at a list) If Fanny get's a little sister then so do I and I know the perfect candidate.
Nigel(Yawning) Maybe a nap is called for I mean I'm exhausted.
Nigel closed his eyes and Rachel shrieked in evil laughter finding the one boy weak enough to fall asleep.
Rachel(Slinking up to Nigel's door) Nigey time for you to meet Rosita the newest piggy on the block and your new obsession.
Rachel picked the door to Nigel' door and snuck in a Rosita pig from Sing backpack swinging this way and that in the process.
Rachel(Taking Nigel's clothes off) Rosita's biggest fan party of one your tables ready.
Rachel pulled the blankets back to find a pumpkin and a scarecrow body in Nigel's bed a trick she knew all too well.
Rachel(Shoving the makeshift Nigel away) Alright Nigel if you want to play Hide And Go Seek we'll play.
Rachel walked around Nigel's room sniffing like a bloodhound until she caught his scent and sneered walking up to the closet.
Rachel(Giggling) The closet yea real original Nigel my soon to be Rosita obsessed daughter of mine.
Rachel threw open the closet door and grabbed Nigel who tried to run off to find a new hiding place.
Rachel(Snuggling Nigel) I did warn all the boy agents to never fall asleep and yet here you are napping and not heeding my rules.
Nigel(Struggling) Look-Rache-I'm-sorry-I-left-you-but-you-have-to-know-playing-the-crazy-ex-girlfriend-isn't-helping-anyone.
Rachel(Sneering) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you think I still have feelings for you how sweet.
Nigel managed to escape Rachel's grip and ran off as another boy suddenly formed in Rachel's brain.
Rachel(Looking at her list) Abandoned check, feeling lonely check, Rosita obsessed check, getting constantly picked on triple check, and being the perfect candidate to be my sister and Harvey's demise quadruple check.
Rachel cackled skipping off to a new training agents room which as luck would have it was as lonely, picked on, and Rosita obsessed as Rachel said he was.
Rachel' Vengance
Rachel slowly opened the door of John Ward's treehouse door and once she walked in she heard the shower going and him moaning and crying every inch of him multicolored.
Rachel(Looking around John's room) Eleven brother's and sisters yeaaaaaaaaaaaa he'll do nicely, he'll do just fine.
John covered himself in a towel as Rachel continued to survey the room and she noticed every inch was covered in Rosita The Pig from Sing.
John(Surprised) Numbah 362 what a nice surprise ma'am. So what brings you around here today?
Rachel(Walking up to John) A proposition and I want you to consider all the options before you make a decision.
John(Sitting on his bed) Ok I'm all ears ma'am.
Rachel: Now as you know there's a kind of contest going on to find the perfect agent to be my sister and newest training agent.
John(Pulling out a flyer) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I may have heard something about that.
Rachel(Walking up to John's bed) The person I'm looking for has got to be lonely, made fun of constantly, and Rosita from Sing's hugest fan.
John: Check, doule check, and triple check I mean eleven brother's and sister's have made me lonely, the training agents think I'm weak because I love piggies, and that brings me to being Rosita's Numero Uno fan.
Rachel(Sitting next to him) Good now the final things my sis needs are a bossy attitude, an agel smile, blue eyes, blonde hair, and a servant.
John: Done I have all those things and what I don't have I can get and learn. I mean I had a bossy attitude once.
Rachel(Holding out parchment) Excellent all's you have to do is sign this agreement in blood your blood and then we can get started.
Nigel(Running into the room) No-don't-sign-anything-training-agent-Numbah-85.
John(Shocked) OMG Numbah One visiting me too this is the greatest day ever.
Rachel(Snuggling John) Don't listen to him he just wants you to have to go through life tortured beyond belief.
John's shocked face faded and he saw that Rachel may be right about Nigel.
John(Looking at the paper) Sooooooooooooo does anybody have something sharp that can pierce my skin?
Nigel: No Numbah 85 she's getting into your head and she knows where you hurt the most trust me I know.
Nigel: Because she sees how abused you are by the agents and your home life and she uses that against you. I mean can't you see she's just looking for a sister and once she get's one the KND Preschool Edition can begin.
John(Looking around his room) Good I'll be the first candidate. Now if you're done talking help me find something sharp to pierce my skin.
Rachel(Going through her makeup bag) Here we go a nail file or a clothes pin your choice Future Sis Of Mine And KND Preschool candidate.
John picked the clothes pin and pierced himself droplets of blood falling onto the paper making his blood sizzle as his name magically signed itself to the parchment.
John(Sticking his tongue out at Nigel) Nah nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I'm not a training agent I'm prime meat for KND Preschool Edition.
Nigel(Running at Rachel) Not if I end her first stupid boy.
John closed his eyes knowing Nigel's worst fear and he was going to make that come true tenfold.
Lizzie(Walking into John's room and grabbing Nigel) There you are Nigey I think you and I should have a talk.
Nigel(Squirming) Nooooooooooooooooooooo John you have to kill Lizzie again she's dangerous.
John(Sneering) Not as dangerous as a boy with an overactive imagination.
Rachel(Ruffling his hair) True that little sis now let's get you looking more like a Mckenzie and less like a Ward.
John(Skipping next to Rachel) I'm yours for the molding big sister.
Lizzie(Carrying Nigel away) I can not believe you tried killing me Nigey. But no worries I have huge plans for us.
Rachel(Slapping Nigel) Watch your mouth in front of the three year old Nigel.
Nigel: Look we can try again I mean you've given me chances before Rache.
Rachel(Sneering) Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I gave you wayyyyyyyyyyy too many chances.
John(Munching a burger) Yeaaaaaaaaaa just since I've been here she's given you more chances than I can count on my fingers and my toes.
Rachel(Giggling) See my little sis knows.
Nigel: Yea but the reason I needed so many chances was because you went through the dating rule book and pulled out all the stops.
John(Slurping a soda) That's just what girls like us Mckenzie's do.
Rachel(Chuckling) That's right and we're imaginators by nature.
Nigel: John don't you like being a boy?
John(Being sarcastic) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea being ignored by my family and made fun of by people I'm supposed to get along with is really fun.
Rachel: See Nigel I pick the weakest link and I show them how to shed that link and become a stronger link.
Nigel: See she's using you for her own entertainment.
John(Shrugging) I'm used to it at least she's using me for something.
Lizzie(Carrying Nigel off) KND Preschool Edition doesn't sound half bad Nigey.
Nigel(Fearful) What's that supposed to mean?
Lizzie and Rachel(Sneering) You'll see.
John took his towel off and shook out his hair as Rachel grinned throwing a Rosita Pig from Sing backpack at him.
Rachel(Walking up to him) I believe you'll find everything you need in there.
John dumped the bag onto his bed and found a ballet outfit, a cheerleading outfit, a unitard, a pair of Rosita underwear, and a pair of lion footies multi colored.
Rachel(Handing John the underwear) These on first littelest sis.
John pulled the underwear over his butt and up to his waist and he felt his butt become bigger.
Rachel(Looking at her watch) HMMMMMMMMMMMM seems ballet class starts soon so let's get you dressed for that.
Rachel led John to the bathroom where she forced XXL tights, an XXL leotard, an XXl tutu, and a pair of five and a half ballet slippers over him smiling at her creation.
Rachel Sey Magnifique you look just like I did at your age.
John's stomach, butt, thighs, and waist became huge and he giggled not caring what he looked like as long as he was Rachel's bossy, needy, spoiled, Rosita obsessed little sister.
Rachel(Looking John up and down) Now you really look like I did at your age.
John(Loooking down) I guess you liked junk food a lot at three. Either that or someone filled you with helium.
Rachel(Throwing chips into her mouth) Yeaaaaaaaaaa the junk food stayed the three year old fat was lost when I was seven and hit a growth spurt.
John allowed Rachel to lead him to her car where ballet class was waiting for them.
Josh' Demise
Josh gulped as Fanny giggled evil dripping all over her as she held him down easily with one hand.
Fanny(Pretending to think) Hmmmmmmmmmmmm where have we met before? I mean your name god damn it is right on the tip of my tongue.
Josh(Gasping) I-wasn't-the-only-one-that-tried-to-kill-you.
Fanny: Point taken and I will deal with them in due time but you my friend well you led the herd to the cattle.
Josh: Yea-because-you-haunted-us, burned-my-girlfriend, then-took-the-form-of-her-to-tempt-me, and-you-also-tried-making-me-your-sister.
Fanny(Beaming) That's right and this time I'll succeed because this time your little friends aren't here to defeat me.
Fanny cackled evilly lying herself on top of Josh her eyes spewing evil.
Fanny(Chuckling) You knowwwwwwwww I have been waiting to get at you ever since you painted my hair green with finger paints in pre school.
Josh(Grunting) Ughhhhhh-you-weigh-a-ton-Fullbright-why-can't-you-just-continue-haunting-me-I-mean-you-need-someone-to-haunt-to-live-am-I-right?
Fanny(Scratching her chin) Hmmmmmmmmm someone to haunt but not you because I'm giving you the pleasure to be a Fullbright but Chad he can live forever in dreams meaning I can hurt him and he'll never die.
Josh(Trying to squirm) Yea-but-where's-the-challenge?-I-mean-where-is-the-fun-in-haunting-an-immortal?
Fanny gave a rumbling laugh lifting her shirt and we see screaming faces on her stomach and they ranged from kids to teens.
Fanny(Smiling satasfyngly) Yeppppppppppp these are the souls that believed enough in me to haunt them. See I want Chad because I can't kill him like I killed them in fact I hope you liked him because my little sis is now Chad Emmerson's nightmare monster.
Josh: And-If-I-refuse-what-are-you-going-to-do-to-me-if-I-refuse-to-haunt-Chad-making-mini-you-parts-in-ghost-stories?
Fanny(Standing tall on Josh) Thennnnnnnnnnnn I'll haunt him and you get his brother the easiest scaredy cat in scaredy catville.
Josh: What-If-I-don't-haunt-anybody-then-what?
Fanny(Cracking her knuckles) Then I'll have to show you why being the younger sibling sucks. just like I showed the other souls why they should fear me.
Josh seeing Fanny wasn't going to give up thought quick and punched her chin making her fall off of him and bleed and he ran as she wiped her chin sneering.
Fanny(Walking off) I love the thrill of the hunt.
Josh panted finding Fanny's room one big nightmare world to him giant clothes, giant stuffed animals, giant panties and bras, giant blankets and sheets, a giant bed, and giant boots as Fanny giggled grabbing him from behind.
Fanny: Killing me was smart but telling John the ignored, abused, feel bad boy of the KND how to bring me back was stupid because he's Rachel's and you're MINE ALLLLLLLL MINE HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel's sister Gabby giggled walking up her butt and her stomach jiggling as she was dressed in an all Rosita wardrobe.
Gabby(Bouncing) Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, bbboooiiinnnggg look Fanny my butt and tummy jiggle when I jump.
Josh(Moaning) Johnnnnnnnnnnn fight her this isn't you this is numbah 362.
Rachel(Sneering) Too late as soon as ballet class started and he was made fun of for his figure he became SLIT which is what little sis?
Rachel(Smiling) Just like me at her age see John disappeared when he signed up to be my sis and obsessed to the brink with Rosita.
Gabby(Jumping up and down) And-you-haven't-heard-the-best-part-boy-and-Fanny.
Fanny(Linking her fingers) She's helping my plans fall into place.
Gabby(Kneeling on Josh) I'm going to be Surpreme Leader and once that happens KND will be a girl's only club just like the girl scouts.
Fanny(Laughing evilly) Yeppppppppppppp except we won't sell cookies or wear goofy outfits.
Fanny(Ruffling Gabby's hair) Just like I taught her now she's not only a Mckenzie but she's a Fullbright in training.
Rachel: Don't forget fat and Rosita obsessed and the boys here are ours for the taking meaning all Rosita all the time for any unlucky boy my sis meets.
Fanny(Unshouldering a backpack) Nowwwwwwwwww enough games time for Josh to join the new and improved Kids Next Door Girl Edition.
Josh gulped as Fanny produced day of the week underwear, a short skirt, a white Buttercup The Powerpuff Girl shirt, a green Buttercup the Powerpuff girl sweatshirt, Perriwinkle tights, and a white training bra beaming wider after each article of clothing was shown.
Fanny(Looking at Gabby) Teamwork Gabs you use that huge bottom of yours and sit on him while I rip all his clothes off.
Josh gasped in pain as the 300 pound Gabby bounced onto his stomach and Fanny unbuttoned and unzipped Josh' shorts first.
Fanny(Giggling) It's great to have a 300+ girl on my side for just occasions such as this.
Gabby(Standing on Josh and stretching) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh great to stretch after ballet my poor, aching, pulsing, on fire muscles could use a break.
Josh(Grunting) Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww get off of me you piglet.
Gabby(Smiling) Not even I mean I wish I were a baby piggy but instead I got Mckenzied not that I'm complaining.
Fanny ripped the rest of the clothes of of Josh as Nigel panting and nude stormed into Fanny' dreamland with one mission saving Josh and John.
Nigel(Punching Fanny) Alright Fullbright pick on someone your own size.
Gabby(Rolling up to Nigel) Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that wasn't very nice Mr. Uno. Learn to play nice or you'll suffer.
Nigel(Grinning) What are you going to do pout at me and play the please game until your voice gives out?
Gabby(Grabbing Nigel) Nope I'm a more civilized three year old and that means bad things for you Mr. Nigel.
Nigel(Spitting on Gabby) Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hurt the wittle piglet wittle feelings awwwwwwwwwwwwwww boo hoooooooooo.
Gabby growled and her body grew into a giant form her clothes growing with her.
Rachel(Wincing) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so that's what Lara meant when she said keep her happy.
Fanny forced both of Josh's feet into the legs of Friday underwear green smoke emitting from them.
Fanny(Pulling the underwear to Josh's waist) He, he, he, heeeeeeeeee three weeks ago and still rank all your underwear is rank thanks to the fact that you wear them three times a week and not even on the correct day.
Lizzie angrily stomped into the room a white see through nightgown, huge pink underwear, huge pink slippers, a ginormous white undershirt, a white training bra, and a brush in her arms.
Gabby(Pulling back Nigel's underwear) SSSSSSLLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGSHOTTTTTTTTTT BACK TO YOUR DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabby snapped the underwear and became her normal size again giggling as Lizzie sat on Nigel dressing him.
Gabby(Tossing a paper on Nigel) And in case you haven't heard KND is now a girl's only club and the boys are doomed to the tortures of the girls.
Fanny(Beaming) Small patootie check next ar my favorite the tights which ride up like a saddle but as my mom said you'll learn to live with them at least she did ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa.
Fanny forced the tights on Josh as Nigel screamed in defeat the training bra being forced on his chest and the nightgown billowing over him.
Gabby(Skipping up to Nigel) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goodie another fatty for me to make friends with.
Nigel(Weak) K-N-D-World-Federation-will-never-agree-to-banish-boys-it's-boys-that-clean-up-your-messes.
Woman(Walking up) Actually Mr. Uno Gabby Mckenzie made a bunch of good points and she also showed us your last mission that the girls had to clean up.
Gabby(Getting nose to nose with Nigel) Soooooooooooooooo KND has appointed my big sissy World leader, Fanny's Surpreme leader, Lizzie's leader of the VND Villains Next Door, I'm Surpreme Leader In Training, and the boys are bully bait for the girl's here.
Nigel: Wally-Beatles-will-beat-you-he-beats-all-the-girls-who-try-banishing-boys.
Gabby(Smiling) Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaa well he's never met the Rosita obsessed Gabby Mckenzie yet.
Josh screamed in defeat as Fanny grinned forcing the white training bra, white Buttercup shirt, and green Buttercup sweater on him leaving the two best things for last.
Fanny(Sniffing) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM smell that stupid boy? That's the smell of defeat and I thrive off it.
Josh(Weak) Please just let me go.
Fanny(Cackling) After all this stuff I did to you not a chance. Soooooooooooo any last words youngest and last of the Fullbright line?
Josh(Punching Fanny) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa I'll see you in hell.
Fanny cackled forcing the skirt and a pair of black boots on him her smile becoming the evilest seeing the clothes take Josh's body.
Fanny(Kissing his cheeks) Tell em Fanny sent ya ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Nigel(Weak) Ohhhhhhhhhh noooooooooo I feel like, I feel like, I feel like, I feel like.
Gabby(Giggling) Embracing your inner Devine?
Nigel screamed as Gabby closed her eyes making the nightmares of Josh and Nigel ten times worse as they became girls for KND Preschool Edition and KND Girl Edition.
Gabby(Beaming) Never underestimate the power of a three year old obsessed with dreams and Rosita gentlemen.
Josh was Annalise Fullbright and Chad Emmerson was targetted by her, Nigel was Rebecca Devine and Hoagie and Tommy Gilligan were targetted by her and Gabby targetted Joey and Wally Beatles all three girls ready to rid the treehouse of boys forever.
Well that's it for now so R&R not that you will but I hope i get one fingers crossed.
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