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Chapter 5 Lizzie's Two Victims

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Lizzie Devine is about to show two boys why she's not so Devine

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The next morning Joey woke up early thinking meeting up with Kuki and Mushi was a nightmare until he saw how puny he was and he was wearing three year old Kuki's pajama outfit.
Joey(Looking scared) Nooooooooooo this can't be real, it has to be another nightmare, I'm still asleep and when I wake up I'm going to be in my own room sleeping.
Mushi(Skipping up to Joey's bed) Fat chance Joey, you're a Sanban now and your going to have to learn to deal with it.
Joey(Staring at her) No this girl voice, this girl body, this girl hair, this girl everything is a dream and I'm going to wake up.
Mushi(Pinching Joey) There now usually people would wake up but you're not normal people anymore Joey Beatles, you're a Sanban through and through so hah.
Joey: No I'll wake up and you'll be a memory while I vow to never sleep again.
Mushi(Ruffling Joey's hair) Don't be a silly bo Billy Min of course you'll sleep again, I mean who's going to give three year olds a run for their money?
Joey looked at Mushi as she stared back a prideful and triumphant grin on her face as she snatched Joey's hand and led him to the kitchen for breakfast.
Mushi: This is the kitchen Min usually the nanny will cook us something yummy because mommy and daddy are always working.
Joey(Trying to pull away from Mushi) Who is this Min you're talking about?
Mushi: You are acourse, I mean why else would I be looking into your eyes and saying Min?
Joey saw he was doomed as he shrank even more and Mushi's undies, undershirt, and Kuki's PJ's were feeling comfortable to him.
Mushi(Kissing Joey's cheek) Soon my pretty real soon, then you'll be able to appreciate all of the Disney princess's just like your big sissy's.
Joey: But what about Joey Beatles I mean my mommy and daddy aren't just going to forget me.
Mushi(Twirling around the kitchen floor) They will once my mommy get's a hold of your birth certificate.
Joey saw a piece of paper resting on the table and Mushi cackled showing Joey his new name Min Lillian Sanban and Joey knew that he was going to have to give up soon.
Mushi: Your mommy and daddy gave you up because they have their hands full with Wally and well you're the youngest.
Joey started crying as Mushi giggled grabbing his hand and a bowl of popcorn and soda as she led Joey to the living room where Mushi's The Little Mermaid DVD was ready to start.
Nanny(Kissing Mushi and Min's forehead) I'll cook breakfast munchkins, you two just enjoy Ariel and her underwater friends.
Joey made to leave as Kuki's oversized purple sleeves held him in place and she smirked pressing play on the remote and the movie was starting.
Mushi: After this nanny usually cooks me lunch and with the two of us we can both have lunch.
Joey's feet shrank into three year old Kuki's slippers as Mushi grinned knowing she had Joey right where she wanted him.
Mushi(Singing) I'm gonna be a big sister, I'm gonna be a big sister, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa.
Joey(Moaning) Not- If- I- can- help- it.
Mushi(Playfully poking his nose) You can't because if it looks like a girl, acts like a girl, and sounds like a girl chances are it's a girl.
Joey screamed painfully as Mushi giggled seeing Joey's body become even smaller and her insides were jumping for joy.
Mushi: It's a good thing you're not Tommy because his nightmares coming next and his is a real doozie.
Joey's eyes grew fearful as Mushi giggled moving his eyes to the TV and she sang along to Joey's lullaby the loudest and Joey knew it was over.
Mushi(Rubbing Joey's hair) It's great to have a little sis around to talk to, I mean with Kuki in school all the time and all I get bored here all by my lonesome.
Joey finally gave in and started watching the movie as Mushi hugged him like a teddy grinning an evil smile with eyes red as fire.
Mushi: I always get what I want Joey and right now I want you as my little sis.
Joey moaned as he could feel girlish urges wrestling with him and Mushi giggled tickling his chin.
Mushi(Shoving his head to the TV screen) Look isn't she beautiful just like me?
Joey couldn't help it as a girly laugh escaped inside of his tummy and Mushi cackled knowing she had him where she wanted him.
Mushi(Poking Joey's nose) You'll be cuter than me but your a baby of course your cuter than me.
Joey grew into a diaper, a onesie, a pair of pink booties, and long black hair with ponytails as Mushi grinned.
Mushi: Now we're talking Min, after The Little Mermaid we can watch Mulan my other favorite Disney Princess because she looks like me.
What happened to Joey was nothing compared to what was happening to Tommy and Hoagie as they were both targeted by Lizzie Gordon.
Hoagie(Crawling) You stupid bitch you may have me, but Tommy's harder to catch he's younger with a bigger imagination.
Lizzie's POV: So was I at his age, we all were and you'll learn that my imagination is greater than his.
Hoagie screamed as his stomach grew even bigger and his skin was shedding.
Lizzie's POV: Just like a snake when they get older, they shed their skin for a new one.
Hoagie(Screaming) Tommmmmmmmyyyyyyyy I lied help please help me, I need your help Tomyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Lizzie's POV(Cackling) Are you sure you want him to witness the birth of the evil babysitter to end all evil babysitters?
It was too late as Tommy ran into the bathroom to find Hoagie's eyes pleading with him and Hoagie knew there was only one chance.
Hoagie: Imagine Tommy that's how you beat her imagine me safe and you with your big brother.
Tommy: Why would I do that?, I wanted to save you last night, but then I got to thinking what good is it to save you if your just going to pick on me?
Lizzie's POV: Yes Hoagie why would he save you if you pick on the poor thing?
Hoagie: Because if you can't save me Lizzie Gordon's coming back, you remember her don't you?
Tommy(Licking his lips) MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHMMMMMMMM she used to babysit me and bring me pizza and hot wings with soda.
Hoagie: She was fattening you up for the big show Tommy, she wants you as a little girl.
Tommy(Laughing) Now who has the wild imagination Hoagie, I'm out because I need to refuel on food have fun.
Tommy shut the door as Lizzie's cackle echoed off the tiled walls and Hoagie saw he was fighting a losing fight.
Lizzie's POV: Just give up Hoagie, it'll make what I'm doing to you less painful.
Hoagie moaned as his stomach was so big that his pants ripped and he donned purple panties as Lizzie cackled.
Lizzie's POV: I'm winning Hoagie and there's no way for you to win, just give up and I may take it easy on you.
Hoagie(Screaming) Never I'm going to beat your ass so hard you'll be screaming for more.
Lizzie(Cackling) Sounds kinky to me, in fact little did you know that beating me up is my turn on.
Hoagie(Moaning) Just- get out- of- me- you- stupid- fat- ugly- bitch.
Lizzie cackled louder as Hoagie's shirt ripped next and a silk, purple bra showed itself on Hoagie.
Lizzie's POV: Now to find my clothes, unless you want to be a good boy and cooperate Hoagie.
Tommy giggled evilly knowing where Hoagie hid Lizzie's clothes as Tommy neared the basement and reaching into the cold steel of the heater seeing it was Summer.
Tommy: I'm not letting my big brother torture me anymore, Lizzie's more my cup of tea anyway.
Tommy grabbed the yellow shirt, blue skirt, white socks, white high tops, and glasses cackling his way back to the bathroom.
Tommy(Singsong voice) Here are your clothes Lizzie, take my brother away, away, aaawwwaaayyyyyyy.
Lizzie cackled picking the clothes up and rubbing Tommy's hair.
Lizzie's POV: And these here, and the shirt goes here and the skirt goes here and the Hoagie becomes me.
Hoagie screamed as Tommy giggled seeing Hoagie's skin rip and he saw longer brown hair form on his head and he grew pigtails with blue hair ties in his hair.
Lizzie(Giggling) Taduhhhhhhhhh back by popular demand is everyone's favorite babysitter Elizabeth Lauren Gordon the 1st.
Tommy(Jumping up and down) Yayyyyyyyyy let's get hot wings, pizza, and soda, then we can watch TV just like we used to.
Lizzie(Smiling down at Tommy) Sounds great kiddo and as usual you can chow on your own and I'll have my own large pizza with two sides of large wings and two 21 ounce Mountain Dew's.
Tommy: I'll go start the TV watching while you get changed.
Tommy skipped off as Lizzie grinned pulling a pink backpack from thin air.
Lizzie: Little does he know that this is his last meal as a little boy, but as a little girl he will have this meal breakfast lunch and dinner like I did until he get's sick and wants something else.
We see Hoagie on the other side of the mirror banging on it as Lizzie giggled evilly and pressed her lips against the glass kissing him and leaving purple lip smears on it.
Lizzie(Making a fist) Now your soul is mine too, and I have to say your body is quiet cozy.
Lizzie smashed the glass of the mirror cackling as she quickly cured her hands like magic and grabbed the pink backpack and ran downstairs to claim her prize.
Lizzie: Heyyyyyyyyy Tommy let's get our chow and TV watching on then you and I can play a new game I made up.
Tommy: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh goodie I love games, is it better than hide and seek?
Lizzie(Grinning) Once we play this game hide and seek is going to be a thing of the past.
Lizzie picked up the phone and ordered her and Tommy's food as Tommy flipped through the TV channels until he found cartoons and Lizzie grinned seeing herself as three in him.
Lizzie: You're just like me as a three year old kid, in fact that's part of our game and you're going to love it.
Tommy(Clapping his hands) I'm soooooooo glad you're back Lizzie, the other sitters were so mean to me.
Lizzie(Kissing Joey's cheek) Don't worry I'm here now and nothing will stop me from taking you.
Tommy(Looking scared) Taking me where?
Lizzie(Rubbing her hands together evilly) Ohhhhhhhhhh you'll see, it's a- uhhhhhhhhh- ummmmmmmm- a surprise that's right a Lizzie and Tommy surprise.
Tommy(Smiling) Oh boy I love surprises what seven year old doesn't?
A knock came on the door as Lizzie grinned and ran up to get the food and pay for it as Hoagie's soul shot into her stomach.
Lizzie(Rubbing her stomach) MMMMMMMMMMMMM definitely worth the wait on making you torture.
When Lizzie opened the door she saw two pizza boxes, two chicken wing boxes, two Mountain Dew bottles, and four brownie bite boxes as she rubbed her hands together.
Pizza boy: $30.00 plus tip lady, and I hope you don't expect on eating that stuff all on your own.
Tommy(Licking his lips) Ohhhhhhhhh goodie brownie bites too?, you are the best sitter ever Lizzie.
Lizzie(Kissing Tommy's cheek) Tell me something I don't know munchkin, now go get ready and I'll get the food and drinks ready for us.
Tommy dashed off as Lizzie paid and slammed the door in the pizza boy's face as she then pricked her finger and mixed her blood into Tommy's Mountain Dew.
Lizzie(Grinning) Little does the twerp know that there are no rules to my game, and I just took a commanding lead.
Lizzie took everything to Tommy also mixing her blood into Tommy's food as his mouth became a vaccum and gobbled up all the food as Lizzie handed him the drink.
Lizzie(Smiling) Drink up you porker and then we'll play the new game I made up.
Tommy chugged his drink as his parents came home smiling knowing no more Tommy or Hoagie meant more time to themselves.
Lizzie: Chug, chug, chug you would so be a great frat boy Tommy boy.
Tommy didn't notice his body becoming smaller as he finished his drink and Lizzie towered over him and he gulped.
Lizzie: Now for our game, and to let you know Hoagie was right I was fattening you up for the big show, now finish the brownie bites and then I'll give you a bath.
Tommy was being controlled by Lizzie like a puppet and he ate the rest of his brownie bites and his stomach bulged out becoming smaller, the same with his legs, feet, arms, and hands.
Lizzie(Picking Tommy up) Now let's get you into the bath you little piggy, and then we'll get you dressed for bed.
Tommy(Scared) But I don't want to be a little girl, I want to be a boy and live here with my mommy and daddy.
Lizzie(Poking his nose) You- lost- that- chance- when- you- refused- to- save- your- big- brother- now- it's- too- late.
Tommy(Closing his eyes) I imagine Hoagie back, and nobody remembers you Lizzie, I imagine me with my big brother being babysat by someone new.
Lizzie(Grinning down at him) And I imagine you in a nice hot tub becoming a little girl, and your brother Hoagie stuck in hell waiting for me to marry him.
Tommy: Nooooooooooooooo your imagination can't be bigger than mine, I'm younger I should have the biggest one.
Lizzie: When you use your imagination on a daily basis it becomes greater than even the littlest munchkin can break.
Tommy(Closing his eyes tight) I imagine you in hell and Hoagie as my babysitter, I imagine you as a lost soul in hell so there.
When Tommy opened his eyes Lizzie had her eyes closed and he saw it was useless to use his imagination against her.
Lizzie(Cackling) My imagination is like a shield to your imagination, so consider me King Arthur and you the knight that just lost to me.
Tommy cried as Lizzie cackled leading him to the bathroom where Hoagie appeared back in the mirror and Lizzie took Hoagie's voice.
Lizzie: I told you to beat her Tommy, your imagination is useless when you're little because she's used hers longer, but if you were seven you may have stood a chance.
Tommy(Moaning) Stop it you're scaring me Lizzie, and I have no idea who's going to be my mommy now.
Lizzie(Ruffling Tommy's hair) I will of course, I mean I wouldn't let you go into the life of an orphan.
Tommy's eyes grew fearful as Lizzie tossed him into the tub and he saw himself grow weaker as he became smaller.
Lizzie(Singing) Old MCLizze had a daughter E I E I O and on that daughter there was dirt E I E I O, with a wash, wash here and a wash, wash there, here a wash there a wash everywhere a wash, wash Old MCLizze had a daughter E I E I O.
Tommy(Squirming) Ewwwwwwwww this soap smells of girly things and I'm not a girl so there you stupid babysitter.
Lizzie(Scrubbing Tommy's feet) What do you do roll around in mud piglet?, and you're not a girl yet but in due time you will be.
Tommy(Splashing Lizzie) No- I- won't, now take that you wicked witch and you'll melt just like the witch in The Wizard Of Oz.
Lizzie(Screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm melting, melting, melting, what a whirl, what a whirl.
Tommy looked down and saw paint that was once Lizzie on the floor as he smiled and stood up getting out of the tub.
Tommy(Looking at the paint) No more you, no more you, no more youuuuuuuuuu, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.
The paint materialized as Tommy wrapped himself in a towel and made to leave until the door locked and Tommy looked up to see Lizzie's shadow.
Lizzie: Not a bad imagination on you kid, but you're still a little rusty, here let mommy show you how to use it.
Lizzie closed her eyes tight and Tommy moaned as visions of Lizzie erupted into his head and she smiled.
Lizzie: I'll teach you to use your imagination on me you little punk, I'm just getting started on using mine against you.
Tommy(Holding his head) Owwwwwwwwwwiiiiiieeeeeeee my head hurts please make the visions stop.
Lizzie(Cackling) I'll get you my pretty and turn you into a little girl too.
Tommy screamed as he felt girly urges and Lizzie's eyes were closed giggling at him.
Lizzie(Twirling around him) And Joey can't save you either because him and Mushi are getting better acquainted as sister and sister.
Tommy(Closing eyes) Melt again, melt again, melt again and this time make it forever.
Lizzie had a blue shield around her cackling as Tommy's imagination bounced off it and into his head again.
Lizzie: Melt that you little punk, now let's continue on making you girlified sweetie and I'll show you how to use your bigger imagination.
Tommy screamed as Lizzie's mouth opened wide and with one big breath she sucked up his imagination as she giggled.
Lizzie(Closing her eyes tight) Now to use you're imagination against you, first let's see how much you can take.
Tommy screamed as Lizzie's imagination mixed with his gave her the ultimate power over him.
Lizzie(Smiling) Now there will be no more talk about me melting, I'm making you a sweet, angelic, sensitive, cute girl.
Tommy(Looking at his new stomach) But I'm fat, I'm round, and with those glasses I'm going to look geeky.
Lizzie(Tickling his chin) Let's not forget the braces, retainer, and crackpot theories, but you know how to look cute to a very special boy once you meet him.
Tommy saw Lizzie close her eyes tight as the door broke down and a boy stood behind it ready to save Tommy.
Boy: All right Gordon end of the line, you're finished, kaput, no more, I own you and you can't take him.
Lizzie rounded on the boy using Tommy's imagination as she blew on her thumb and she laughed deeply towering over the boy.
Lizzie: More powerful than a munchkin with a hammer, faster than a munchkin on a sugar rush It's Super Lizieeeeeeeeee.
The boy named John smiled as he blew on his thumb but nothing happened as he eeped in the prescience of an 11 foot high babysitter.
Lizzie(Cracking her knuckles) Now let's see what powers I have little man.
John: Let's say we didn't I surrender you can have Tommy just don't take me.
Lizzie(Chuckling deeply) Take you no, take you on yes meet your new babysitter Elizabeth Lauren Gordon the 1st.
John: Noooooooooooooo I heard you lock your clients up if they don't listen and I also heard you kidnap the one's you like.
Lizzie: All's I have to do is get you're mom on board and make her sign a contract saying I can take you when I feel like it, no parents can say no to losing their bratty kids.
Lizzie's voice boomed as she shut and locked Max and Tommy in the bathroom as Tommy felt he lost and gave up to become Lizzie's daughter.
John: Noooooooooo let me out, he's become your little girl and he doesn't look friendly at all.
Tommy(Stretching) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh being a little girl is the best and I have my mommy's imagination so get ready to be tortured by two Gordon's.
John(Banging on the door) Leeeeeetttttttttt me out she's going to use her imagination on me.
Tommy as Lizzie's little girl giggled and threw a towel over herself advancing to John as he screamed and all's we hear is a cackle from Tommy.
Meanwhile downstairs Lizzie is smiling as she deflated her muscles and big body talking to John's mother who signed him to Lizzie.
Lizzie: You won't regret this Mrs. Ward he's in my hands now and you can make a better boy, a boy who doesn't seem so bratty.
John's mom(Grinning) He's your problem now so do what you like with him.
Tommy's soul shot into Lizzie's stomach as she patted it and her head opened giving Tommy her imagination she had as a three year old.
Lizzie(Rubbing her hands together) If she doesn't get to him Super Lizzie will and then he'll be a slave to my munchkin and her imagination.
Back in the bathroom Tommy smiled puckering up as John screamed with Tommy's lips getting closer becoming pink and sparkly.
Tommy: Pucker up John or my mommy will handle you herself and you certainly don't want that because she's Super Lizzie.
John: Yea and as soon as I can use my imagination I'll beat your mommy and then you'll be an orphan and I'll work on getting Tommy back.
Tommy giggled loudly as the door opened and Lizzie was back into Super Lizzie as John blew on his thumb with his eyes closed and he became as big as Lizzie.
John(Booming voice) Take that Super Lizzie, meet you're maker Lightning boy.
Lizzie shut her eye's tight and John shrank back to his normal height and his imagination swirled into her head.
Tommy: He, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeee my mommy can take anyone's imagination including yours future boyfriend.
Lizzie(Chuckling deep and loud) Or how's about we make him your slave that way you'll have someone to do whatever you want.
Tommy(Jumping up and down) Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I can use my imagination on him.
Lizzie(Grinning down at Tommy) That's the idea sweetie, now let's see him do what you like shall we?
Lizzie grabbed John and held him in front of her face as her eyes swirled and she smiled as John got a dumb look on her face.
Lizzie: Now Super Nothing you're going to be my daughter's slave, you'll do whatever she says and be at her beckon call as she uses her imagination on you.
John(Dumbfounded) Yes Princess Lizzie I'll do whatever your daughter says and let her use her imagination on me.
Lizzie knew John was faking but she also knew her daughter's imagination was bigger than hers so she smiled throwing John at Elizabeth Lauren Gordon II's Lizzie II for short's feet.
Lizzie II: First let's finish my bath by you washing my feet, and their crusty, moldy, chapped, cut, and I think I have athlete's foot so get deep down in there.
John smirked as Lizzie deflated her Super Lizzie suit and smiled down at him
Lizzie II(Closing her eyes tight) This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you cutie pie.
John screamed as Lizzie II surrounded the walls and the floor of the bathroom with the shower head becoming her head and he became tranced by her.
Lizzie II(Voice booming) Now you will be my slave and I'll get all I want from you.
John(Tranced) Yes Princess Elizabeth how may I serve you princess?
Lizzie II(Wiggling her toes) Start by cleaning my feet top to bottom and getting all the crusty, mold, chapped, cut, athlete's feet off of them.
John did as he was told as Lizzie II sighed happily having John as her slave and her imagination tool.
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