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Chapter 6 Kuki's Revenge

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Kuki Sanban has found a boy to get even with and she's using more than her flirty ways to deal with him

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Meanwhile Min and Mushi are bonding great as Mushi was showing Min the beauty of the puppy dog pout and what it could do for a girl Min's age.
Mushi(Pouting her lip) See the longer the lip the better the pout, and the more stuff you'll get.
Min curled her lip longer than Mushi's as she giggled and Mushi giggled deciding to put the pout to a test.
Mushi: Let's go Min we have cookies to get before dinner and toys that need buying, DVD's that need watching, and games to be played.
Min giggled again as Mushi picked her up and led her to the kitchen where her mom was making dinner.
Mushi(Whispering) Just follow my lead sis, I'll teach you everything I know.
Mrs. Sanban: And how are my two girl's today?
Mushi: Mama can Min and I have a cookie please, I know dinners soon but I promise I won't spoil our dinner at all.
Mrs. Sanban: Sorry munchkins but dinner's in five and you know my rule no cookies until dinner is over.
Mushi curled her lip as Min did the same and Mrs. Sanban grinned handing Mushi four cookies.
Mrs. Sanban: Two cookies each, you're lucky I'm weak to the puppy dog pout my two princess's.
Min shoved an Oreo in her mouth whole as Mushi did the same smiling at Min as she ate her second one.
Mushi: See it's that easy, mommy's weak to the pout but daddies weaker to it he's the one we'll get money, games, toys, stuffed animals, and DVD's from.
Min giggled pouting her lip again as Mushi did the same and they both cackled knowing the baby's and three year olds were doomed thanks to Min and Mushi Sanban.
After dinner and a movie of Sleeping Beauty Mushi and Min were both tucked in for the night little did they know that their fun was just beginning.
Kuki's POV: Wally's not Fanny's she handed him to me and since him and I broke up I think him being my daughter is just the thing he needs.
Mushi fell with a thud into an old house as she saw Kuki looking into a crystal ball sneering at it.
Mushi: Kuki I didn't know you could visit my dreams, that's the coolest thing ever.
Min zoomed from the sky as Mushi in true baseball player style dove and caught her in her hands.
Mushi: Look Min it's our older sister Kuki.
Kuki: Maybe Wally doesn't have to be my daughter, say Moosh you discovered how cute boys are right?
Mushi(Nodding) Uhhh huhhhhhh Matty Lincoln calls me Panini you know from Chowder because I act like her in front of boys I want as boyfriends.
Kuki: How would you like to do me a favor Moosh?
Mushi: You taught me how to be the sweet girl I am today so just name it Kooks.
Kuki(Applying pink lipstick to Mushi) Wally needs to be taught he can't just leave Sanban girls in the dust, teach him how to fall for you and make him the Chowder to your Panini.
Mushi giggled skipping off as Kuki looked down at Min and smiled at her.
Kuki: Not to worry I haven't forgotten you, I'll come to you every night like I did with Mushi, she's older and she can handle herself, whereas you well I'll help you through everything.
Min grabbed Kuki's green sweater sleeve and was led away as Mushi also took on a pink Panini suit cackling evilly as she jumped from Kuki's dreamworld to Wally's.
Mushi: Look out Wally and get ready for some Panini lovin.
Kuki and Min were in a big playroom where babies were waiting and Kuki saw a boy waiting as her eyes slit into evil cobra eyes.
Kuki: Welcome to the Sanban clan Jessie Long, Min take care of those babies I'll do the rest.
Min crawled into a vent making sure not to get caught by Jessie as Kuki skipped up with a purple Lumpy the elephant from My Friends Tigger And Pooh backpack on her back.
Kuki: Jessie Long what are you doing here?, I thought you would have a more glorious job in dreamworld.
Jessie(Looking at Kuki's chest) Kuki how nice to see you.
Kuki(Cackling and whispering) Like taking Candy from a baby.
Jessie(Looking closer at Kuki's breasts) Did you say something Kuki?
Kuki: Nope how about you take a break and follow me to this dark alley over here, that is if you want to have some fun emphasis on the fun.
Jessie: Well let's do it sweets.
Kuki grabbed Jessie's hand as Min dropped into the playroom and a blue light and smoke erupted into the room turning every baby into a stuffed animal for Mins collection.
Min: Mals my mals not Ushi's all Ine.
Min snatched all the animals as Jessie was led to a dead end and Kuki's eyes not looked at by Jessie became red as she walked into a hotel and as if a strange odor was calling to him Jessie followed her to a room.
Kuki: All right cutie pie I'm going to freshen up why don't you do the same, and no peeking into the purple backpack Jess, I can't stress that enough.
Jessie(Smiling) Not to worry the Lumpy The Elephant Backpack secrets are safe with you.
Kuki(Kissing Jessie's cheek) They better be or things are going to get major, humungo, altogether ginormus weird.
Jessie was tempted to open the backpack as she walked off and Jessie not even waiting two seconds opened the bag and a small mini skirt and small green sweater with oversized sleeves floated like magic from the bag as Jessie made to run but the sweater sleeves held him in place and Kuki stepped out in her to small bra giggling at Jessie.
Kuki(Mimicking her voice) All right cutie pie I'm going to freshen up why don't you do the same, and no peeking into the purple backpack Jess, I can't stress that enough but you didn't listen.
Jessie(Struggling) What the hell is this sweater doing to me?
Kuki: Holding you in place so I can make you my daughter of course, I mean I've waited a long time to raise a munchkin of my own.
Jessie: But the babies I'm supposed to be guarding them, what have you done with them?
Kuki: My breasts handled that Jess, and my littlest sis took care of those dream warrior babies, she's the dreamiest dream warrior now.
Jessie screamed as his temptation Kuki's breasts were growing as her bra shrank until it snapped off and she cackled grabbing him and dragging him to the bed.
Kuki: Soooooooooooooooooooooooo who wants to have wild sex before they became a little girl, and if you don't tough I want it and I'm going to get it.
Jessie screamed as his clothes were magically floating off of him and Kuki was stripped down to her green panties smiling down at him.
Kuki: Come on now Jessie this is what you wanted right?, staring at my chest instead of my eyes confirmed that.
Jessie: Look Kuki you have a crossed wire somewhere, I stared at your chest because your breasts were so huge and I had nothing else to stare at.
Kuki(Raising her arms) That was kind of the plan, Wally Beatles never fell for them he was smart, but my sister will deal with him in true Panini style.
As Kuki raised her arms we see her breasts are honey suckle color and she grinned wildly as she removed her panties showing off her black pubic haired pussy.
Kuki(Leaning on Jessie's chest) So let's get this show on the road, I'll send you to heaven before I take your soul and you're doomed to be my little girl full of wonder and imagination.
Jessie had no idea what he was going to do as Kuki cackled spreading her legs and like a puppet Kuki made him go on her and give it to her hard.
Kuki: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes, yes, yes that's the stuff, it's been five years since I got this Wally Beatles wasn't always a no sayer.
Jessie screamed in pain as Kuki closed her eyes her imagination making Jessie give it to her even harder as blood was coming from his dick.
Kuki: Oh please Wally and I used to go harder than this I'm just breaking you in cutie pie.
Jessie started crying for help as Kuki cackled her eyes squinting as Jessie went harder and a little girl known as Laura Limpin was guarding the room.
Kuki: Nobody will save you now, Laura Limpin AKA The Big Badolescent has made sure of that.
Jessie screamed for help again as a boy Jessie knew well walked up it being his little brother and Laura cackled because she had a big crush on the boy.
Jessie(Screaming) Adam I know you're out there please save me, ignore the girl guarding the door.
Kuki(Smiling) We're just getting started Jessie, let Adam and Laura make their own fun for now.
Jessie screamed as he was being forced to go even harder and Kuki cackled knowing soon he'd join the girl world and there was nothing he could do about it.
Kuki(Cackling) I'll get you my pretty and you're little brother too, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Meanwhile Adam Long gulped as he saw Laura guarding the door and he also knew she had another side to her, a side that also had a crush on him.
Laura(Slinking up to Adam) Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Adam so fancy meeting you here, you know they have vacancies here right you cute hunk of a man?
Adam: N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no thanks Laura I'm just here to get my brother and get out, there's no sense on me sticking around here with you.
Laura(Resting her head on Adam's shoulder) PPPPPPPPPlllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee Adam I can make it totally worth your while.
Adam: No I think Jessie needs my help and I'm going to help him.
Laura(Giggling) You'll have to get by me and my friend first Adam, and by friend I mean alter ego unless I'm her alter ego then that'd be you getting past me to get to her.
Adam: I'm not scared of her or you now you have three seconds to move or I'm shoving you and getting in there, either way you lose.
Laura: 1-2-2 and a half- 3 shove me and see what happens.
Adam pushed Laura out of the way as she spasmed and he ran into the room knowing The Big Badolescent was coming for him now.
Adam: All right Sanban get my brother off of you and do it now, or so help me God I'll kill you right here.
Kuki(Standing up) Fine we're done anyway, I'd be more careful with Laura if I were you she's not the kind of girl you want to tick off.
Adam: Well I ticked her off plenty and I'm still in one piece, she's not so scary I don't believe in her.
Laura screamed in defeat as a red smoke erupted in the hall and she was a pile of bones.
Adam(Grinning) Hah she can't even scare me in nightmares, the little shrimp will never get with me.
Kuki(Raising her arms) Time for round two Adam Long.
The Big Badolescent growled as she banged on the door and Jessie still Kuki's puppet opened it and Adam was snatched and The Big Badolescent had an I love you look on her face.
Big Badolescent: Me and you get married, I bring Laura back from dead so you marry her too.
Adam(Squirming) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Laura takes marriage seriously.
The Big Badolescent nodded cackling as a boy punched her leg and she found her Laura.
Harvey Mckenzie: Let the boy go and nobody has to get hurt Laura, he doesn't belong to you.
The Big Badolescent: Me no Laura anymore me free from her for now, you Laura and me be your best friend now he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Harvey screamed as he was led to Laura's skeleton and her clothes were snatched up by the big Badolescent.
Big Badolescent: You and Laura be same now, I make you and her same, and Adam marry Laura and me together, we live happily ever after like Cinderella.
Harvey(Trying to back away) All right I get it Adam training agent numbah 10 killed Laura and you're iffed about it.
Big Badolescent: Me no iffed Laura iffed and I make sure she not be iffed anymore.
Harvey was shoved down by The Big Badolescent as the yellow shirt, the orange dress with the heart on the chest, the Mary Janes, the long brown hair in pigtails, the glasses, and the overbite took it's toll on Harvey.
Big Badolescent: You Laura now, and me you too now hold still me only doing this once more.
The Big Badolescent disappeared into Harvey as he fell to the ground moaning and he saw his reflection was Laura Limpin's.
Laura(Spinning around) I guess you just can't keep a good girl down, now let's get married before The Big Badolescent comes and ruins it, do you know how hard it is to find a dress in her size?
As soon as Laura spun she grew a silky white wedding dress with a veil as Harvey screamed his final scream and Laura patted her stomach smiling.
Laura: He foiled all my plans to get to you, but not anymore because now you and I spell together forever.
Adam grew into a tuxedo as the dreamworld shifted to Laura's dreamworld and they were in a church with Fanny as the minister.
Fanny(Sneering) We're gathered here today to bring together this icky gross boy, and this beautiful, gorgeous altogether pretty girl in holy matrimony.
Laura(Snuggling Adam) And The Big Badolescent won't be married to you just me, she has Harvey Mckenzie to please her needs.
Fanny: Laura Limpin is a girl that deserves recognition because she's second in line to be leader in the Villains Next Door led by me.
Laura: Uh huh and Mrs. Fanny sends me to more KND trainees nightmares than anybody else, The Big Badolescent really enjoys that.
Adam(Trying to break Laura's grasp) Let- me- go- you- big- bully.
Laura cackled gripping Adam harder as Fanny grinned seeing her favorite thing a boy being taken by force thanks to a girl.
Adam: You two will regret ever taking me.
Laura: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm shivering in my Mary Jane's, and The Big Badolescent is shivering in her boots with Harvey by her side.
Fanny: Laura and dating was never really easy to find but she did find it in Adam, she started dating him when they first met in Pre School.
Laura(Pulling Adam closer) Yep I gave him my apple juice and my heart.
Fanny: From then on even if Adam never really said yes Laura had made her voice of love heard dragging Adam to romantic spots and making sure she flirted her takuss off.
Laura(Smiling down at Adam) Make out point was my favorite Addie.
Fanny: Now as we stand here today Adam against his will, Laura her will be done we see a girl and a boy who will make it through anything seeing Laura also has a not so little friend inside of her.
Laura(Nodding) Her wedding's next the boy is Harvey Mckenzie and boy is he in for the surprise of his life.
Fanny: The Big Badolescent and Laura have earned this new promotion and I'm glad to give it to them, they will be Supreme Leader of The Villains Next Door and I will be World Leader.
Laura(Raising her fists happily) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa now no training agents safe.
Fanny(Rubbing Laura's hair) And that's the way I like it.
Laura: Our honeymoon could be in Hawaii I heard training agents are starting to hide there in non active volcanoes.
Fanny: Working on her honeymoon now that's dedication.
Laura: You promoted me and I want to prove to all the Villains including you and Mrs. Mckenzie the founders of the Villains Next Door that you made the right decision.
Fanny: Now let's get to the vows shall we?
Laura was bouncing on the balls of her feet as Fanny said this and Adam gulped as he saw how happy Laura was.
Fanny: May I have the rings please?
Andrew gulped as Jessie still controlled by Kuki walked up the aisle with the rings and Fanny's grin was even more evil.
Fanny: Laura place the ring on Andrew's finger and repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed.
Laura smiled as the ring was placed on Andrew's finger and a pink light surrounded the church making Andrew fall in love with Laura.
Laura(Cackling) With this ring I thee wed
Fanny: Andrew place your ring on Laura's finger and repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed.
Andrew(Placing the ring on Laura's finger) With this ring I thee wed.
Fanny: Laura do you swear to love Andrew to honor and cherish him, through sickness and in health to obey him till death do you part?
Laura: I do.
Fanny: Andrew do you swear to love Laura to honor and cherish her, through sickness and in health to obey her and I can't stress obey enough till death do you part?
Andrew: I do.
Fanny: If there are any brave souls to object to this wedding speak now or forever hold your piece.
All the boys shivered and gulped as they saw one their biggest bully Fanny Fullbright there and two Laura's spine growing bigger along with her back.
Fanny(Cackling) Then by the power vested in me in the great world of dreams I pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride.
Adam and Laura kissed as everyone was in a rush to leave seeing Laura grow humungous and The Big Badolescent forced Harvey into a tux smiling down at him.
The Big Badolescent: Me turn next me turn to get married next, me have groom and everything.
Fanny cackled at how scared Harvey looked as The Big Badolescent pulled him to the alter giggling.
Fanny: Well I guess we'll have another ceremony I mean what could it hurt?
Harvey screamed as Fanny, Laura, The Big Badolescent, Rachel, and Adam cackled evilly.
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