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Chapter 7 The Mist

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A new supervillian has hit people's bad dreams

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While the weddings were going on Wally Beatles slipped into sleep as Mushi in another part of his dreams rubbed her pink paws together sneering.
Mushi(Appying lipstick) Leave my sister will ya?, well now it's time you paid the price Wally Beatles.
That night was Halloween and Wally had no idea that Joey his brother was about to lead Mushi into his dreams also.
Wally(Groggily) Stupid- pathetic- flea bitten- dressing up for nothing- holiday- I- can- just- steal- Joey's- candy- t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tommorrow.
Wally closed his eyes as Joey was in his own room munching on candy.
Mrs. Beatles: Not too much my sweet, little, punkin, pie it'll give you nightmares.
Joey(Mouthful of candy) You don't really believe that do you mommy?
Mrs. Beatles(Taking Joey's candy bag) You ate half of your candy already boy, I hope you have sweet dreams after this.
Joey(Yawning) Yea, yea, yea what a mother thing to say, you just didn't want me to eat anymore candy so I'm not up all night.
Mrs. Beatles: I made the mistake of eating too much candy on Halloween one year and Wally's friend Fanny Fullbright well her mom haunted me until I cried myself awake.
Joey's eyes were closed and he was snoring lightly as Mrs. Beatles gently closed Joey's door and peeked in Wally's room to find him asleep also.
Mrs. Beatles: Looks like whoever haunts Joey tonight is going to kill two birds with one stone.
Joey's nightmare was first as he fell into a candy factory and his piglet eyes lit up at all the candy waiting for him there.
Joey(Tossing gumballs into his mouth) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my mommy doesn't know what she's saying, I mean too many sweets causing nightmares what's next?
Gummi slugs, beatles, frogs, snakes, lizards, and sharks met Joey's mouth next and Mushi sneered in the shadows knowing soon he was going to get a tummy ache.
Mushi(Snickering) Soon he'll go kablooey and then I'll have a boy to turn into me, then Wally won't be safe in dreams or reality.
Joey swallowed the gum he was chewing and found sweet tarts barrels and barrels of them and he took one barrel after the other and shook it until the sweet tarts were gone.
Joey(Rubbing his stomach) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM what a great Halloween feast, I wonder what's waiting for me next.
Joey's eyes lit up even wider when he saw Peanut Butter M&M'S his favorite M&M's leading a trail to a chocolate Crunch Bar door.
Joey(Gobbling up the M&M's) Come to papa my little angels, man this is the bestest dream ever.
Mushi(Skipping out of the shadows) Now comes the tummy ache, then him and I will get to know each other inside out he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Joey got all the way to the chocolate Crunch Bar door and Mushi cackled holding her stomach like it was in pain and he did the same thing.
Joey: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I think I ate too many sweets.
Mushi(Twirling up to Joey) Awwwwwwwwww what's the matter big man can't finish the Crunch Bar, here let me help you.
Mushi crawled up to the door as Joey did the same and she shoved the rest of the door into Joey's mouth smiling triumphantly at him.
Mushi: Welcome to my dreamland, a land made of candy just like Willy Wonka's factory but this factory never runs out of candy.
Joey(Holding his stomach weak) Please- no- more- candy- I- can't- take- anymore- candy.
Mushi(Laughing triumphantly) Sounds like someone didn't listen to their mommy when she said he'd had enough candy.
Joey: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what am I going to do?
Mushi(Looking at her tummy) Well my mama has a saying for people who eat candy too much.
Joey: Owwwwwwwwwwwwww ohhhhhhhhhhhhh she does?
Mushi(Nodding) If you're a roly or a polie, or a little chubby, your fingers will become a little stubby, so don't pig out on junk food girl, eat your veggies and fruits, and other things that grow on roots.
Joey puffed his cheeks out and threw up as Mushi smiled remembering her first sugar rush.
Joey(Weak) That- really- doesn't- answer- my- question- what- am- I- going- to- do?
Mushi(Looking at her tummy) Wellllllllll we are the same size now, and I can so hold more sweets than you, so what if I made your belly ache go away?
Joey(Hopeful) You can do that I mean honest to goodness?, because if you can you'd be the greatest nurse ever.
Mushi(Stretching out some rubber gloves) Sure just watch me work and relax.
Joey happy to hear that Mushi could help him watched as she put a doctor's mask on and giggled looking down at him.
Mushi: Looks like you bit off more candy than you can chew Joey, so here's the deal, I'll give you your medicine and all's you have to do is trust that it will work.
Joey(Nodding) I trust you Mushi I just want my tummy to feel better.
Mushi grabbed a Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl backpack and rummaged through it until she found what she was looking for and she folded purple, ruffled, underwear onto Joey's stomach.
Mushi(Cackling triumphantly) I hope you like Panini, Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl, Sierra from Total Drama World Tour, and last but not leastest Agnes from Despicable Me.
Joey(Gulping) Exactly what is my medicine?
Mushi(Pulling out a purple sweater) There's a chill tonight mama says and with that comes her concern for her sweetest Candy Corn getting frozen.
Joey(Screaming) Answer me you insane, three year old, wacked out, nurse!
Mushi(Squezzing Joey's lips) Tisk tisk Mr. Man, my mama and Thumper the bunny say if you can't say nothing nice don't say anything at all.
Mushi giggled demonically folding a pair of jeans with Bubbles the Powerpuff in the back in glitter and Love Makes The World Go Round written in cursive and pink glitter across the back pockets.
Mushi: Now it's time for your dose of vitamin M-U-S-H-I E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H S-A-N-B-A-N and like I said I can handle wayyyyyyyyyyy more candy than you can.
Joey(Squirming) WHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?, you never said I was becoming you.
Mushi(Sneering) How's your first candy rush treating you?, Mine was so much fun and I never puked like some lightweights I know.
Joey saw maniac in Mushi's eyes as she unzipped her Panini costume and was decked out in the same purple, ruffled, underwear unfolded on Joey's stomach.
Mushi(Twirling around) Just think now your tummy won't hurt and you'll get to look at this body all day, and no cracks about the tummy because yours is the same size as mine now if not bigger.
Joey made to run but a hospitable bed appeared under him magically and Mushi skipped up to it seeing he needed more sugar.
Mushi(Tapping an IV bag) We need 400 cc's of Cola stat, you're sugar rush is wearing off.
Joey: Soooooooooo what does that mean?
Mushi(Jumping up and down) I can't become you without pep, I mean I eat, sleep, and breathe pep.
Joey(Grinning) So if I refuse to be peppy then you'd be out a body?
Mushi(Stabbing Joey's arm with a needle) Ex to the actly Joey, but once the 400 cc's of cola kick into gear then peppiness and you won't be a problem
Joey saw not water but brown liquid flowing through the tubes of the IV and Mushi sneered pulling out her cheer outfit.
Mushi(Handing Joey Pom Poms) Get used to the feel of them, mama says I/you will start Pop Warner Cheerleading tomorrow and those girls are nothing but pep.
Joey(Struggling) But why me?, I mean I have a brother and he's a total candy junkie too.
Mushi(Sneering) I'll deal with him in due time, but you came here first and I made it my mission to deal with the boy who came to the factory first.
Joey moaned as Mushi giggled also pulling out another sweater from her bag with Bubbles on the front of it and she was jamming out on a blue guitar with Blossom on microphone, and Buttercup on drums in the background.
Mushi: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa my obsession with Bubbles doesn't end in clothes, you haven't seen your new room yet, it's Bubblified and not a Blossom or Buttercup to be seen anywheres.
Joey: Why not just let me go and suffer this tummy ache myself?
Mushi(Laying across Joey) Because then I wouldn't be a good nurse now would I?, I want you my patient to get better and in order to do that my tummy needs to merge with your tummy becoming one.
Joey(Gulping) All right you laying on me like this kind of looks like you're flirting with me.
Mushi(Giggling) And what if I am?, I mean I'm the greatest flirter in the world of flirting so why shouldn't I be able to flirt?
Joey(Crying) B-B-B-B-B-B-Because you want my body as yours, a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-and there's nothing I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I can d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do about i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it.
Mushi's eyes flashed red with fire and she giggled seeing the button of Joey's pants fly off and she unzipped his pants.
Mushi: That used to happen to me all the time, now I learned through exercise that I can candy binge all I want as long as I exercise after it.
Joey's pants and underwear got pulled off and Mushi sneered unbuttoning his shirt next.
Mushi(Tearing his shirt off) Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now let's get you looking good Mushi Sanban style, I haven't even cracked the surface with lip glosses yet.
Joey(Fearful) L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-Lip glosses, look girl I'm a boy and w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-we d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-don't do l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-lip glosses.
Mushi(Smacking her lips) Well as a girl they will go with every outfit, they will make every boy run to you, they will make every girl want to be you, in short lip gloss is your new Bible.
Joey screamed as Mushi giggled stretching out the purple underwear to show Joey that they were extra stretchy and he saw they stretch to any size as Mushi got them to her size and slipped them on Joey.
Mushi: They'll ride up but as my mommy told me when they rode up you'll get used to them, now let me show you how to wear them.
Mushi gave Joey a wedgie her evil cackle echoing across the factory as she saw his butt become smaller.
Mushi(Shaking her butt) See we're the same size now, now about your tummy.
Joey(Looking down at his stomach) Yea what about it?
Mushi(Showing Joey her stomach) See you need to bulk up so we're the same size, now open up wide because here comes your bulking tool.
Mushi dumped a vat of candy into Joey's mouth as he refused to swallow but Mushi had a plan for him.
Mushi(Slinking up Joey's body) Swallow Mr. Man, because if you don't it's just going to take longer for you to become me.
Joey shook his head no puffing his cheeks out smiling at Mushi as she grinned back seeing a lot of three year old her already in Joey.
Mushi(Sneering) Fine if you want the pain of becoming a three year old you can have it.
Joey quickly swallowed the candy as Mushi forced the jeans on his butt with Bubbles The Powerpuff in the back and Love Makes The World Go Round written in cursive and pink glitter written across the back pockets.
Mushi; See when you cooperate it makes everything so much easier, now open the tunnel because here comes the candy train making a second stop choo choooooooooo.
Mushi shoved more candy into Joey's mouth as his cheeks bulged and she pressed on them making him swallow.
The sweater with Bubbles on the front of it jamming out on a blue guitar, Blossom on a microphone, and Buttercup on drums in the background was forced over Joey's stomach.
Mushi: Taduhhhhhhhhhh meet your new wardrobe everything having to do with Bubbles Utonium is now you, now let's get this costume on you so we can torture Wally into falling in love with Panini next.
Joey moaned as his body became smaller except for his stomach as Mushi cackled placing her feet on Joey's stomach.
Mushi: Any last words before I take you and make you the second cutest three year old ever next to Agnes form Depicable Me?
Joey: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please I'm eight I can't go back to being a three year old.
Mushi cackled turning into smoke and Joey looked around confused thinking he was done with Mushi and he jumped up in his own bed not noticing that A his blankets were purple and B his whole room was slowly becoming a shrine to Bubbles the Powerpuff.
Joey(Stretching) Man I guess mom was right too much candy before bed does take it's toll.
Mushi was inside of Joey's body already thanks to the smoke from the dream he breathed in and he suddenly noticed Bubbles slippers by his bed, Bubbles bedsheets on the bed, Bubbles posters all over the walls, and the purple blankets as Mushi giggled taking over Joey's body.
Mushi's POV: I win, I win, I win hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.
Joey gulped and slowly held his stomach as Mushi cackled turning Joey into her and he noticed the Panini costume on the edge of his bed.
Mushi's POV: Now for the piece le resitiance.
Mushi as Joey made him walk up to the bed and slip into the Panini costume as his body molded into it and he saw his hair go from blonde to black with a ponytail hanging in back of it.
Mushi(Shaking her butt) See I told you that you would become me Joey, now let's torture Wally for leaving Kuki and making her sad.
Mushi giggled shaking her butt again as the tail of the costume shook with her and she slowly crept to the room across from Joey's to find Wally passed out.
Mushi(Jumping into Wally's bed) I hope you enjoyed being eight Joey, because once I get my first soul which will be Wally you and I are going to be inseperable.
Wally mumbled and turned over as Mushi giggled nuzzling him with her face and he turned to find her eyes gazing into his.
Mushi(Stretching) Ahhhhhhhhhh your brother was a joke and a half, a real knee slapper when it comes to defeating me.
Wally(Eyes going wide) Wait- I- know- you- your- your- your.
Before he could finish Mushi kissed him and he shrank as she cackled triumphantly throwing a flyer at him.
Mushi(Reading the flyer) Hello everyone I'm Kuki Sanban babysitting extraordinaire, my numbers 555- 610- 0786 and my E mail is EVILBABYSITTER82@AOL.COM, if your kids need a lesson in being nice hire me.
Wally gulped not being able to predict half the things Mushi and Kuki could do to him together.
Mushi(Puckering up) Kuki's actually nice if your nice to her, she get's pizza for dinner and most of the time will make her clients Ice Cream Sundaes.
Wally(Gulping) Yeaaaaaaaaa but she's cruddy peppy and that makes her annoying to me.
Mushi kissed Wally laughing triumphantly as he made a disgusted face and wiped her lip gloss off and she kissed him again.
Mushi(Cuddling with Wally) Well get used to the peppiness Wally because I have so much more than Kuki does, and the pre school boys are pet to the rified of me because I happen to know what scares them.
Wally(Gulping) Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do?
Mushi(Clutching Wally in a hug) Sure I just turn my obsessiveness on and they squirm like buggies in a roach motel, or like wormies in dirt.
Wally screamed for help as his mom ran in with a smile on her face seeing Mushi and him in bed together.
Mushi(Smiling dimples and all) Mrs. Beatles can you tuck us in super tight, Wally's a bedbug that like to squirm.
Mrs. Beatles(Tucking them in tighter) There you go my little roo snug as a bug in a rug, you and your friend have fun.
Wally(Struggling) Mama wait she's going to kiss me again and she's crazy.
Mushi(Clutching Wally) I could've told you that Wally, Kuki and I are one and the same people sweetie.
Wally was starting to wish he never left Kuki as the doorbell rang and Mushi sneered her eyes red hot coals knowing very well who it was at the door.
Mushi: Gues whooooooooooooo Wally, give up well here's a hint a green sweater, a peppy attitude, and her email is EVILBABYSITTER82@AOL,COM he, he, he, he, he,he, heeeee.
Mrs. Beatles poked her head in the room dressed up in a black spaghetti strapped dress, laced up sandals, and she smelled like lilacs as Mushi jumped from the bed and dashed downstairs.
Mrs. Beatles(Untucking Wally) My little Roo aren't you going downstairs to meet the babysitter?
Wally reluctantly walked downstairs to find Kuki in all her glory sneering at him and Mushi hugging her older sister a sneer still on her face.
Mrs. Beatles(Kissing Wally) Now you three have fun I'll be home tomorrow morning bright andf early.
Mrs. Beatles shut the front door as Kuki locked it her shadow swallowing Wally up as he gulped in fear of it.
Kuki: Moosh you order the pizza, crazy bed, and soda, Wally and I have some things to discuss.
Mushi skipped off with a cell phone in her hands as Kuki picked Wally up by his hoodie and cackled in his face.
Kuki(Twirling around with Wally) And you thought I was a bad, obsessive girlfriend, just wait till Mushi get's her girlfriend game on, King Sandy is still petrified of her after their realationship.
Wally(Gulping) What- exactly- did- Mushi- do- to- him?
Kuki(Sneering) No one knows he's afraid to talk about it, in fact he doesn't even speak Mushi's name anymore.
Wally gulped as Mushi sailed into the living room with an evil smile on her face.
Mushi(Handing Kuki her cell phone) Foods on the way, now Wally let's get better acquianted with each other.
Before Wally could respond Kuki grabbed him and led him to the living room where The Powerpuff Girls Movie met them.
Mushi(Moving Wally's head to the TV) My favorites Bubbles, you can chose whoever you want to like.
Wally was grabbed by Mushi and she forced his head to the screen sneering as Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup flew onto the screen.
Kuki(Sneering) Get used to the Powderpuffs their her favorite cartoon characters ever, and when she loves cartoons she obsesses hard over them.
Mushi(Squeezing Wally) MMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM and since I found Bubbles no cartoon character even compares to me but her.
Kuki(Snickering) Good luck Walls she's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more of a handful than I was when we dated.
Mushi(Smirking) yep my mommy says Sanban girls will just get peppier if she has more.
Wally moaned as Mushi just smiled triumphantly slipping her hand onto his and pulling him into her.
Mushi(Kissing Wally's neck) See you and I are tighter than tight now because you're my boyfriend and I'm your Powerpuff obsessed girlfriend.
Wally(Struggling) Get-real-you-cruddy-peppy-Bubbles-obsessed-nightmare.
MushiLicking Wally's cheek) Awwwwwwwwwww my boy already knows me inside out.
Wally screamed seeing Mushi's lips head towards him again and Kuki cackled as a light erupted from the sky outside granting Mushi unlimited wishing powers.
Mushi(Smirking) That big flash outside just made me your worst nightmare Wally, Meet Mushi Sanban unlimited Genie.
Wally(Gulping) Unlimited Genie?
Mushi(Squeezing Wally) Yep and you just gained a girl who can make all her wishes come true.
Wally made to scream in fear as Mushi zapped his lips and he was tight lipped and she smirked blowing on her fingers like a gunslinger in a western movie.
Mushi: It's time we made some rules Wally, 1st rule is you're going to at least pretend to be in love with me, rule 2 I'll make all the wishes I want and you're my guinea pig, and rule 3 any violation of these rules means dire consequences.
Wally nodded as Mushi unstuck his lips and he screamed for help as Mushi was dressed in a super suit placing a protective bubble over him.
Mushi(Cackling triumphantly) Hah hah hah hah hahhhhhhhh they call me the mist because I can't be seen.
Mushi became a pile of purple smoke as two boys ran up the stairs and into the room to find Wally in his bubble.
Boy #1: Beatles we're going to get you out of this, just wake up and all will be fine I promise.
Wally snapped his eyes open and was in his own bed and he found the two boys still fast asleep and a comic book by his bed with Mushi The Mist on the cover.
Wally(Fearful) How the hell did she get on the cover of this comic?
Wally turned the page and he saw the boy telling him to wake up on the first page.
Wally(Reading) As Wally woke up Justin Barnes the boy who saved him felt fear sweep over him and he knew he felt this fear once and only once before.
Wally turned the page and he saw a shadow approaching Justin with the word SCREECHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH written on the caption.
Wally: Billy Anderson the other boy also felt fear but his fear was a first time thing wheras Wally's and Justin's were felt before.
The next caption showed Billy with a fearful face as Justin looked wildly around looking for the source of the fear.
Wally: Justin screamed in fear as a purple misty smoke evaporated from the pipes in the room and a three year old girl's laughter confirmed Justin's fears.
Mushi emerged from the mist sneering as both boys screamed in fear and she grew ginormous muscles, taller, and black ponytails as Wally looked on knowing these two boys were doomed.
Wally(Reading Mushi's bubble) You beat me once but never again, I have unlimited wishes and Wally's mine forevers and evers.
Wally saw Mushi turn Billy into a cute, cuddly puppy and Justin into a huge gummi bear and she chowed down on him.
Wally(Reading Mushi's bubble) You'll be asleep soon Wally and then you'll deal with me and only me.
Wally yawned and rubbed his eyes trying his best to stay awake but Mushi's laughter echoed across his room and he saw his room slowly changing into a multi colored room with Mushi ginormous in front of him.
Mushi(Cackling) As I said sweetcheeks unlimited genie, now stay still and get what's coming to you.
Wally shot lightning at Mushi just one of his dreampowers as Mushi screamed in pain and Wally held a prideful smile.
Wally: What's the matter The Mist can't handle a wittle lightning ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa.
Mushi sneered at Wally as she clapped her hands and thunder erupted into Wally's ears.
Mushi: Take a little thunder Wally, now to make you suffer for hurting my older, loving, cuter than me sister.
Mushi yanked Wally from the ground as Min crawled up to Mushi giggling with one of the stuffed animals that were once KND babies in her mouth drooling on it.
Mushi: Now Wally taste the power of a true Sanban, you and Min are going to be friends and then she'll fall for you and you'll be stuck with her forever and ever
Wally was turned upside down by Mushi his blonde hair getting Mins drool and he shrank into a baby as Mushi grabbed the both of them and placed them in the biggest playpen ever.
Mushi(Sneering) Now you two play nicely, I'm going to go soul searching he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Kuki(Spinning around the playpen) And one of you has gained me as a new mommy can you guess which one?
Min pointed at Wally as he pointed at her and Wally was snatched up by Kuki her smothering him with butterfly kisses.
Kuki: That's why Min's a Sanban because she's so smart, and you Wally will suffer the blood of a Sanban, the peppiness of a Sanban, and the girly urges of a Sanban.
Wally's hands reached for the playpen as Kuki cackled knowing Min would find another boy to turn into her soul mate.
Kuki: Don't worry about her she's gaining a nephew, and Mushi already has your friend John lined up to become her soul mate.
Min giggled evilly waving goodbye to Wally as he was carried to a nursery with pictures of Kuki all over it.
Kuki(Tickling Wally's feet) Gitchi Gitchi Goo Means That I Love You.
Wally moaned fearfully as Kuki cackled making Wally's nursery room a Phineas And Ferb nursery.
Kuki(Giggling) I bet you wish you hadn't broke up with me now huh Walls, now with me as your mama you're going to feel all the things I felt growing up.
Wally saw girl's clothes everywhere and Kuki skipped up to the crib kissing his forehead and spraying him with girl perfume.
Kuki: My latest invention it's called Insta Girl, it will fly off the shelves he he he he he he he he heeeee.
Wally gulped as his feet, hands, fingers, and toes became small and pudgy.
Kuki(Spreading her arms out) I do hope you like Phineas and Ferb Leone Annabeth Sanban because if not then tough, Isabella Garcia Shapiro is what decorates your crib and stuffys.
Wally saw Kuki was right as pink dresses, pink bows, Fireside Girl's uniforms, and black hair met him everywhere.
Kuki: Time for your feeding Lee, then it's nothing but Phineas And Ferb until you fall asleep to it.
A Isabella Garcia Shapiro blanket covered Wally as Kuki placed a bottle in his mouth and Wally giving up on himself drank what was in the bottle.
Kuki:Drink it up sweetie that's the esscence of a Sanban your putting into you now.
Wally shrugged drinking the rest of it as Kuki saw him shrink once more and the Isabella blankie wrapped around him.
Kuki(Kissing Wally's cheeks) Night Lee sweet dreams my love.
Wally heard the Phineas And Ferb theme and fell asleep to it as his new room also contained Phineas, Ferb, and Candace suffed animals not in the crib with him.
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