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Subtlety is Key

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One of Jake's "friends" act out in a new way and expose him to the beginning of a whole new search for himself.

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Jakes Pov

I woke up to three ghosts chatting loudly next to my head, I was on the couch and Trixie and Spud were sitting on the floor
playing video games. Gramps was drinking tea behind the front desk and Foo was sitting at the foot of the couch
reading the paper. Fu was the only one who knew that I could see ghosts, he caught me talking to one a few weeks
after I first got my dragon powers and I made him swear not to tell. Turns out dogs are sensitive to ghosts, Foo can
only smell them and sometimes hear them talk, I could see, hear and smell them and theyre not a blooming bunch of
lilacs so I always know when theyre around. I sat up and looked for the woman and realize that she was sitting in the
very spot im in now, this sent shivers through my spine as I let out a small moan.

Fu notices I'm awake and turns to me, "They're pretty loud, huh?" meaning the ghosts, I nodded. Spud yelled over his shoulder
to the dog "I didnt think we were that bad!". Trixie smacked him hard on the shoulder, "Shut up Spud, your gonna wake
up Jakie!"

I turned to them "Too, late." The ghosts looked at me for a moment and continued chatting. I stood up and noticed that
I was very weak, extremely weak! I sat back down. All of a sudden, the air in the room shifted to a whole new level,
I could tell that Gramps felt it too and looked over at me anxiously. Without warning something grabbed my ankle and
started dragging me off the couch and soon across the room on my back. Ten ghosts suddenly appeared all around the
room and started yelling angrily,

Go now, leave! Before its too late! Run Jake run! Hurry!!

Terrified, I screamed, "GRANPA!!"

He was by my side in not even a second (we dragons have very fast relflexes) and
I soon found myself in a tug of war between some...Thing and my grandpa who was now in dragon form. Trixie and Spud
ran over and started to help pull me back, nothing was working. Gramps, Trixie, Spud, Fu now and I were quickly
being dragged towards the front door. suddenly the door sprang open almost causing the glass to shatter and I soon
find myself at the threshold of the shop. The pulling stopped and I found myself wrapped in my grandfathers dragon

Gramps' POV

I heard the thud of my grandson's body hitting the floor from across the room, I looked up to see him being dragged
past me by nothing! No one was there but whatever it was was scaring the wisdom balls (Chinese?) out of my grandson.

"GRANDPA!!" I quickly transformed and lept over the desk, I grabbed him under both arms and started pulling him back,
what ever it was was a lot stronger than I anticipated so I pull harder. I wasn't strong enough to even slow it down!
I knew that if I pulled harder I would probably injure Jake more than if I let him go, which I was NOT about to let
happen. Suddenly, the door to the shop flew open.

Jake, still screaming was trying to grab onto the doorjamb when he suddenly lurched back. We flew across the room
from the sudden release, in to time flat, I jumped up and collected a terrified Jake, he wasn't screaming anymore.
I comforted him as he sat there shocked out of his mind until he came to.

Jake's POV

I soon got my senses and looked around, my grandpa was scared out of his scales (they were literally white!),
Trixie and Spud were still shaking and white also, they had had more time to recover so they had stopped screaming.
Fu was shaking too and was looking at me with saucer eyes, next to him was the woman I saw in my... vision. She
looked at me defeated, she shook her head disapointingly. She walked over and leaned in, she was close enough so that
Fu would not be able to hear her and whispered into my ear,

"It's time now Jake, you can make this easy or you can make this hard. The easy way would be you getting up and
leaving right now with me. The hard way would be me dragging you there, and its a very long ways away. Your choice."
her voice was cool and calm, she didnt smell bad like the others (who had disappeared) but she didnt smell great. I
looked up into her brilliant, blue smoky face and hoarsly whispered to her,"Easy", contented she stood up, and
happily said "Ill be back in an hour. Have your bag ready, be prepared for a long journey. You may bring your
commrades and master with you if you wish." and she was gone.

I broke free of my grandfathers hold and stood shakily. I turned around to grandpa and my friends and nervously said
"I have something to tell you guys."
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