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Secrets revealed

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Jake tells his grandfather his secret, how will he respond? does he already know?

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Gramps' POV

what my grandson had to tell me was very disturbing. Turns out he could see ghosts for a while now, infact not
long after he first got his powers. It wasn't uncommon for dragons to see spirits, after all we are magical
creatures and we are constantly moving our chi energy but I never would have thought Jake saw them! I noticed that
he was acting strange but I thought it was just his dragon hormones kicking in. Lately though he's been acting very
strange. He's been getting hurt more, he has less energy and I've caught him talking to himself several times, for
all I knew he was just a stressed out dragon.

He told us of the dreams he's been having lately and how this spirit woman has been telling him to leave! He didn't
know where or why, he simply told me that 'it was time'. Jake seemed embarrassed to admit his gift to us, he probably thinks his friends are gonna leave him and
I would report him to the council, they wouldnt really care though, but he was 14 and already living with a huge
secret that he musn't let loose, so I guess that everything now is naturaly kept a secret.

"Jakie..." Trixie spoke out after a few minutes of awkward silence, "Although this chick sounds messed up and slightly
demonic, I'll go with you, where ever your goin. You know I got your back bro." she said while giving him a hug.

"Ya bro, we're your best friends! If you have to chase down some freaky ghosts... I'll bring the Holy water!" he
confirmed, joining the group hug. Jake looked relieved and glad to have his friend's support, he even had tears
in his eyes.

Jake looked to me expectantly, I loved my grandson and would do anything for him but this trip he would have to take
would take him from his dragon duties. I contemplated what to do, Haley would be able to hold down the fort with
Sun but neither of them are as strong as Jake and would be able to handle a critical situation without his aid. I
knew that leaving was not a good option to be considering, I looked up to my grandson, he was pale from his earlier
fright and looked tired, he's weakened from being injured so much but he was injured from being weakened, what caused
this I don't know but I knew that something in him was different. Something that would not stop him from leaving and
following his guide's orders.The room was dead quiet.

"Young one. I don't think that you leaving would be a wise decision, but your sister and Sun would be able to
perform your duties while you are absent. I will allow you to follow this spirit and I will accompany you and your
friends." I told him.

"Thanks,G" he said simply, though I could tell he was extremely relieved. I could tell that he wanted me to go with
him and that he really appreciated my letting him go.

"We must pack young ones, we have almost half an hour to meet back here. Jake, fly your friends home to pack and bring
them here when you are all ready, I will call Sun."

The three teens ran out the back door so Jake could morph without being seen. I turned to Fu dog and we exchanged looks

"Looks like the Prophecy was right. Soon, Jake will know his purpose, hopefully all plays out as it should." Gramps
turned to his companion and smiled proudly before he turned to call his colleague Sun.

Jake's POV

When I arrived at G's shop, I felt ready. I was ready to go, go where Claws led me, oddly enough I knew exactly where
but I didnt have any idea at the same time. I sat quietly on the couch and waited, Spud sat next to me while Trixie
stood confused.

"Sooooo.... what do we do now? Shouldn't we get a move if were gonna find whatever it is we're looking for?" she asked

I turned to my obviously nervous friend and simply said, "we wait. We leave when its time." My arms started to tingle
with nervousness, what will I find when I get there? How long will it take me? The thought of running head first
into the unknown scared me, what scared me more was when I soon saw Claws standing in front of me. I looked up to
her waiting for instructions, directions, something! She placed her disfigured claws on my head and I gasped as the
tingling in my arm shot out to the rest of my body, leaving it completely numb. I stood up, my body was being taken
over and I had no control over anything. What scared me more was that I transformed without having to summon my powers,
soon enough though I lost consciousnous.

Gramps' POV

I walked in to the front room as Jake and his friends walked in the front door.Jake went to sit on the couch while his friends
stood by the door. I went in the back to see if Fu was ready,when I helped bring our bags out front I saw Trixie and
spud staring at Jake.

"What's the matter children?" I asked them. Trixie pointed at Jake and without taking her eyes off him she quietly said
"Somethin's goin on." confused I walked over to my grandson and watched as he was talking to himself quietly, he
stood up quietly and transformed into a dragon. I called his name and asked what he was doing but he was obviously in a

"Get your things ready children!" I called back to them, "It's time for us to leave!"
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