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In Toronto

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Jake's... "friend" leads him across the boarder into Canada!!

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We followed Jake for hours. After Jake left the shop I gathered Trixie, Spud, Fu and the luggage onto my back. It didnt take me long to spot Jake, he was still in some catatonic state but he was going pretty fast. After a while I could tell he was getting tired of flying, I was too and I was the one carrying everything! I looked down at the ground below me,
we were crossing the boarder. I heard a small cry of shock from Trixie

"What are we doing here?!" she cried

"This is where Jake has led us." I put simply. What are we doing in Toronto? Jake did a round about and flew up next to me, he was obviously conscious and aware now.

"Where do we land?" he asked drearily, this was a big trip for him considering hes only had his powers for a few months now.

"How about at a park?" Spud called. He landed at the nearest park that looked a bit like the one in New York. When we got on the ground we all looked expectantly at Jake. He looked around the area for a few minutes, it was starting to get dark now.

"I guess this spot right here would be a good place to bunk out for tonight." He said turning towards us, pointing at tiny area underneath the trees, it was canopied by the branches and leaves so we wouldn't have to worry about being bothered by anyone. I looked at my watch, "its 9:30" I announced to the group.

"Are you sure? We might be in a different time zone." Spud countered.

"We flew straight north, we're in Toronto. I dont think the time zones are that different" I said grumpily, I was very tired. Jake was already in the tiny hideout still in dragon form, he was fast asleep, trixie was settling herself next to him, probably for warmth (dragons have a higher body temperature than humans, along with werewolves, goblins and some types of sprites). Spud crawled crawled in and I followed. Toronto is a lot like New York, its busy, its noisy and its overcrowded but there wasnt really any magical creatures around. I wonder if there's a Canadian Dragon yet, I quickly fell asleep.

Jake's POV

I woke up before anyone else, gramps was in his dragon form, Trixie and Spud were in the middle and i was on the other end of the canopied area, back in human form. I climbed out of the shelter unnoticed and found myself in what looked a lot like central Park.

"I don't remember falling asleep in the park." I thought aloud, I didnt remember much of anything from yeaterday I stretched a bit and started to look around, I soon noticed that the energy around the park wasn't very magical (meaning no magical creature lived nearby) and there weren't many people around, well at least not yet.

I walked over to a small rivine and kneeled down to splash some water in my face. My back was killing me but at least no one was here to bug me, especially no ghosts. As I walked back to the fort Trixie was up and soon Spud was emerging from the shelter followed by Fu.

"Heyy, Jakie. Whats up yo?" I hadn't really spoken to Trixie yesterday but I knew she mainly wanted to know if I had any idea what we were doing here, wherever we are.

"Nothin' really, you guys hungry? I'm starved!" I hadn't eaten since a couple of days ago, Gramps said that if dragons don't eat enough meat from their human diets they start to hunt down animals for food. I did NOT want to eat some squirrel from breakfast, not yet anyway.

"Im starving." Spud interjected obviously not hearing me before. Finally, Gramps had woken up and was exiting the shelter. He shot a concerned glance at me and quickly turned to Fu,

"Do you have any Canadian money on you?" He asked the dog.

"WHAT?! Canada?! we're in Canada?" I practically screamed, I was obviously the last to know.

"Yes..." Gramps turned to me calmly," We passed the border a while back,we're in Toronto just by lake Ontario."

Fu retrieved an envelope of money from his and G's bag, "We have about $2,500 so we'll be OK for a few days if need be." he explained while taking the bills out and handing them to Gramps.

"Good, now lets go eat!" exclaimed Trixie, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" added Spud, I was thinking the same thing. Gramps and I dragoned up and flew off to find a restaurant, I had Trixie and Spud on my back and Gramps had Fu on his. Toronto's way different than New York, though a lot alike at the same time. We quickly found a restaurant and managed to morph back without every being seen.


Jake's POV

I loved buffets, you can eat like a pig (or in my case a growing dragon) and you only have to pay like $10 each! sure the food was a bit crappy but im not about to eat my shoe anymore. No one directly asked me what we were doing here, good, I wasn't ready to answer. I've seen a few ghosts since we got here but I haven't seen or heard from Claws yet, I was getting nervous.

When we got back to our campsite, we decided to walk around the the Park for a while. We were passing a water fountain when I saw something move in the woods behind it, something big, something not human. Immediately, I ran towards the woods as fast as I could. As I got closer to where the...thing was standing, I could hear something attack some kind of animal, then I heard something whimpering but it didn't sound like an animal, it sounded like... a dragon?

As I ran towards the sound I saw a clearing up ahead and ran fater. When I broke out of the trees my eyes widened at what I saw. I could honestly say that I almost wish I hadn't eaten so much, or at all. I dont like eating before a fight.

Gramps' POV

I followed Jake as he ran into the woods behind the fountain, Trixie and Spud were further back with Fu. As I headed towards the clearing that Jake had just entered I could hear a struggle not far from mmy position. When I stop beside Jake I couldnt help but gasp at what we were both seeing.
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