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Good Morning

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'"Paris left..."'

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hope you enjoyed the last chapter, this one shall be a good'en :D love all my readers and raters :) enjoy...

Chapter 24:


"WAKE UP! WAKE UP STUPID!" Franks voice screamed into my ears, i slowly opened my eyes and realised i was lying down on the ground, my head was spinning and Frank seemed to be the only one in the room now.

"MIKEY STOP IT DAMN IT!" Paris shouted upstairs.

"Wha append'?" i asked, my words were slurred and i lifted my hand up to my head to stop my head from spinning.

"You fell!" Frank laughed as he took my hands in his and he helped me get up and pulled me int his arms, i stood in his grip as he swayed drunkenly side to side.

I thought hard as to how my words that i was about to say were going to sound now that i the sinning had stopped and i had sobered up a little since the last time i was awake. "You need to lay down"

"Im fi- fine..." Frank trailed off as the door bell rang, i turned looked up at him confused and he returned the look.

"I'll get it" I said breaking from his hug and sitting him down on the sofa and then walking into the hallway and opening the door. I stood and stared at the man who stood there, i swore i noticed him from somewhere. I reckonised his long hair resting on his chest, a little below his shoulders and his blue eyes.

"Are you going to let me in or what?" he asked as i snapped back into reality and stumbled backwards, he brushed past me, looking around and then turning at the stairs to look at me. i shut the door and called up to Paris who seemed to be having trouble with Mikey.

"PARIS GET DOWN HERE!" i heard her yell something back and i carried on staring at the man who didn't seem to want to say who he was untill i did. He raised his eyebrows at me and smiled a crooked cute smile and held out his hand for my to shake. "Oh..." i said taking his hand, he shook it vigerously. "Im Olivia Melleville"

"Bert McCracken" he replied, i snatched my hand from his and smacked it to my mouth. Bert from The Used was here!

"BERT!" Paris screamed from the top of the stairs. I was thankful that i never got bad hangovers, not even when i had drank excessive amounts.

"Hey" he said smiling and stumbling backwards as Paris jumped into his arms for a hug, i carried on staring at him with my hands over my mouth as Paris reached up and kissed him lightly.

I opened my mouth to talk and my hands fell down from my face to my sides "Wha..."

"Fuck!" Frank interuppted as he fell to my side.

"Paris, your dating Bert... from The Used?" i whispered the last bit and cocked my head to the side a bit at Bert.

"I was going to say... but i didn't want to in front of Bob" I clung onto Frank as he kept falling down to the floor.

"Frank go and lie down" i said pushing his face away with my hands as he tried to kiss me.

"FINE!" he accidently shouted, he slapped his hands to his mouth a lot like i had done and then giggled cutely. "Help me?" Frank said now holding onto my hoodie. I smiled at Bert and winked at Paris.

"See you tomorrow" i said to Paris as she and Bert edged towards the door to leave. "Bye Bert" Bert smiled and walked over to hug me, Paris caught Frank as he fell to the side and let out a cute 'Paris' laugh.

"Bye, nice to meet you" Bert said stepping back.

"Hey, how about you come tomorrow to? Us three are going shopping" i asked, he looked over to the struggling Paris with Frank and nodded his head.

"Yeah, that will be fun, see you then" I held frank up as they both left, i wanted to jump up and down and scream. I HAD JUST MET BERT MCCRACKEN!
I laid Frank down on the sofa bed, down in the basement and laid beside him, my hand on his bare chest. I began to wonder how Paris had met Bert and why she hadn't really told me. I snuggled into Franks chest and nuzzled my head into his neck and closed my eyes.



A bright light shone into the room, causing me to wake up. I rubbed my stinging eyes and looked round the room for Olivia. A bucket full of puke was perched beside the bed and Olivia's gorgeous natural smell was left on the pillow beside me. I held my banging head as i pulled myself out of bed and rubbed my face with my hands.

"Olivia?" i called out as i walked round to the other side of the bed to find her curled up on the floor, she looked so beautiful and peaceful and my heart ached when i told myself i couldn't touch her because that would wake her up. I knelt down beside her and kissed her lightly on her pale cheek and then whispered in her ear. "I'm going upstairs, sugar. I'll check on you later". I laid the cover over her and then pulled my t-shirt that was laying on the bed over head and went upstairs.

"Morning short stuff" Valerie giggled as she caught sight of me, Gerard stepped out from the kitchen and pulled her by the waist to his hip and kissed her temple.

"Morning..." i mumbled, i couldn't be bothered to be bubbly and happy right now. Gerard smiled and nodded his head and Valerie smiled too.

"Where's Livvie?" he asked looking at my left hand, the hand i normally held hers with.

"Sleeping still, where is everyone else?"

"Paris left... Mikey is upstairs completely hungover, Emma's looking after him and Emily and Bob went back to his house when they had sobered up a bit." i wondered why Paris had left on her own and tried to remember what had happened last night.
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