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My Heart Is Breaking

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'"I'm jelous of you..."'

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Thanks for the last reviews, i'm abit stuck as to how this story is going... any ideas?

Chapter 25:


"You okay babe?" Emma asked, dabbing a damp cloth across my forhead. I could only guess as to how bad I looked.

"I'm fine, seriously Emma" I reached out to her face and turned it so she was looking right in my eyes. "I'm Fine".

"I'll go get some water"
I watched her leave, and relaxed into my bed. I missed her already. I held my head in my hands, stopping the spinning and tried not to throw up all over myself. Damn tequila.

"So you seem happy..." I faintly heard next door in Gerard's room, I sat up and pressed my ear to the wall to hear more clearly.

"Yeah, I am." Gerard didn't seem sincere. "You too I'm gathering"

"You don't sound to happy, Gee. I'm you're best friend. You can tell me anything, y'know that right?" Frank sounded concerned.

I tried to stop myself from eavesdropping but I couldn't help it. "I'm happy, Frank. Valerie is a great girl... I'm happy."

"Okay, fine. Don't tell me whats up. I'll get it out of you sometime or other"

I heard Gerard's bedroom door open, I guessed Frank was leaving to go downstairs.

"I'm jelous of you..." I tightly squeezed my eyes shut, cringing at Gerard's words.

"Gerard what are you doing?" I whispered against the wall. I hoped that Gerard wasn't going to say to Frank the thing he told me a couple of days ago.

"What?" Frank sounded confused and I pictured his startled face in my head.

"I'm... jelous of you..."

"What are you talking about Gee?"

"Gee, shut up!"

"What are you doing Mikey?" I opened my eyes to see Emma standing at the end of my bed with a glass of water.

I pressed my index finger to my lips and gestured her towards me. "Listening!"

Emma came and sat next to me, pressing her ear to my wall and listened.


Gerard chuckled uneasily and i let out a deep sigh of relief. He hadn't told Frank. "Mikey, what are we listening to?" I looked at Emma who looked weirded out.

"Oh, I thought they said my name. My bad..." I didn't sound convincing but Emma shrugged it off and handed me the glass off water. "Thanks hun"



I opened my eyes slowly, is squinted as they adjusted to the light and then realised where I was. Why was I asleep on Gerard's basement floor?

"Morning sleepy head" I instantly sat up at the sound of her voice. "I tried to wake you earlier for breakfast but you were out cold." Valerie sat on the edge of the sofa bed, her legs crossed and looking perfect as ever. I envied her. I said nothing, still soaking everything in. "Here..." She mug, I took it from her, bringing it under my nose and taking in a deep breath, the smell of coffee waking me up straight away.


"I saved you some waffles upstairs if you want them" I hated how nice she was.

"Yeah, okay" I replied, getting up, not looking at her once.

She followed me up the stairs to the kitchen, sitting down at the counter picking up a mug that was left on the edge and taking a sip. I did the same. "Where's Frank?"

"Upstairs with Gee" I nodded my head and looked around the kitchen, it looked so tidy considering last night. "Here" She passed me a plate of waffles, my stomach growled but I refused to respond to it and pushed the waffles aside. I wanted nothing from Valerie. "Not ready for them yet? I'll put them over there for later" she smiled her truly sincere smile and got up, putting her mug in the washing up bowl.

The kitchen door opened and in came Gerard with Frank in a head lock. "He.. low" Frank tried to say as Gerard tightened his grip.

"Hello" I replied turning my back to him, Valerie had put me in a bad mood.

"LET GO, DAMMIT!" Frank shouted and was soon sitting down beside me. "Good morning sleeping beauty" I smiled a sarcastic smile. Gerard and Valerie picking up on the tension both left the room with out a word.

Frank placed his hand under my chin and turned my face to face him. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Frank turned around and looked at the door and then turned back to me. "Its Valerie isn't it?"

I nodded my head. I didn't understand why i didn't like her. I just did. "Yes" I admitted and turned away from him, leaning back in my chair and picking at my nail varnish.

"Don't let her get to you"

"Okay..." I looked over to Frank who looked perfect even though he was hungover.

"Do I get a kiss now, girlfriend?" I nodded, leaning over to him and kissing him softly on the lips before turning back round and fiddling with my hands.

"Can we go home now?"

A beautiful smile broke across Franks face and he put his arm around me. "Okay, sugar."

I stood up with him, holding onto his hand, entwining our fingers together and leaving the kitchen to see Valerie and Gerard sitting next to each other watching T.V. "We're gonna go home now, dude. We're going out with Paris today and we need to get showered" Frank said, pulling me along with him.

"Oh, okay. You two okay?"

"We're fine" I replied, letting go of Franks hand and reaching out to hug Gerard, he got out of his seat and hugged me back. Frank then hugged us both from behind.

"I felt left out!" Frank joked as he stepped back and smiling at us both. I winked at him and then turned to Valerie who was now standing.

"Bye guys, nice to see you again" She said smiling.

"I'm going to say bye to Mikey" Frank headed towards the staircase.

"Say bye from me too!" I wanted to follow him but I didn't want Gerard to think anything was wrong.

"Can I talk to you Livvie?" Gerard asked, I looked at him, he sounded like he did the day he told me he didn't really love me.

"Um, sure..."

I followed him out the room into the kitchen. "Whats up Gee?"



I froze, Olivia was giving me a weird look. Should I tell her that I love her and the reason I said I didn't was because Frank was so fucked up and that I would either loose the girl I love or my best friend.


"Gee, what is it?"

I bit my bottom lip, arguing with myself in my head. "I forgot..." I cringed at how stupid I sounded and smiled a weak smile.

"You forgot?"

"Uh huh... I'm sorry"

"Its okay, I have to go now so I'll call you after I get back tonight."

I let out a deep sigh as I watched Olivia leave the room and meet Frank. I followed and stood in the doorway as Valerie and I waved bye to them as they both walked to the car, hand in hand.

Once again, hope you enjoyed the chapter and if you have any ideas for what should happen, just review and tell me what they are :D xo
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