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A Week All Alone?

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'"I don't know if that's a good idea Livvie."'

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Thanks for giving me some ideas, they were very helpful :D hope you enjoy this chapter :)

Chapter 26:


"Where have you bee.." My mum stopped in front of me, staring at my castless leg. "YOUR CAST IS OFF!"

"Yeah, well done mum." I rolled my eyes and headed for the staircase, Frank followed still holding onto my hand.

"Who's this then?" My mum winked at me, I pretended not to see and turned on my heels on the stairs. Frank smiled politely at my mum and shook her hand.

"I'm Frank Iero, Mrs Melleville." I tried not to smile, I was so proud to call Frank my boyfriend.

"Very nice to meet you, love. Please call me Kim"

"I'm sorry Livvie wasn't home last night, it was partly my fault. We went to Gerard's not realising we would be staying."

My mum stood in ore, shocked by Franks politeness and merely smiled. "So what are you kids up to now?"

"We're going out Mum..."

"Alright hunnie, remember that your Dad and I are going to be in London for the rest of the week."

"Yes Mum..." I tried not show that I had forgotten.

"Go get ready then doll." I rolled my eyes again and took Frank by the hand and pulled him up stairs to my bedroom, hoping I hadn't left it in a state.

"So why did Paris leave?" Frank said as he looked at my Slipknot, Metalica and Iron Maiden posters blue tacked to my black bare walls.

"She left with her boyfriend... Bert... from The Used" I practically squealed the last bit. I quickly pulled off my top behind Franks back and went searching the floor for a clean t-shirt.

"The Used?are you fucking kidding me?!" I felt Franks eyes on my back but carried on searching, I felt uncomfortable and kept telling myself not to go red.

"I know and she didn't even mention it to us!!" I turned around holding a blue knee high dress with mocking birds over and a baggy black hoodie. Frank quickly turned around and looked back at the wall. "Its okay, its basically the same as a bikini" I skipped over to Frank and jumped onto his back, wrapping my arms around his neck from behind.

"You unnaturally skinny, Liv" He teased as he swung me round to the front and prodded my pale, flat stomach.

"I work out, unlike you fatty!" I poked his flat stomach and tried to pinch some fat. I caught a glimpse of his tattoo as he grabbed my hand that was pulling at the thin layer of fat on his stomach. "I want one..."

"What? You are so random sometimes!"

"No! I want a tattoo of your name!" Frank looked shocked by my outburst and backed off, holding both my wrists in each of his hands and pulled me down on his lap as he say down on the edge of my bed. My legs fell either sides of his and I leaned back a little so I could see his gorgeous face.

"You want a tattoo?"

"Yep, of your name" I grinned widely and poked his nose.

"I don't know if that's a good idea Livvie."

"Why? you have one!"

He smiled a crooked smile and leaned in, inches away from me and whispered lightly. "But I'm dumb"

"Can't be any dumber than me..." I tried not to give into the temptation and kiss him.

"And your sure about this?"

"100% sure!"

"Then lets get it done today! When we're out with Paris we can stop off at Kat's"

"Really? I'm so excited!" I bobbed my head slightly as Frank weaved and kissed his square on the lips, slowly deepening it. Franks cold hands traveled down my bare back, sending shivers down my spine as i lightly pushed him back onto the bed with my hands limply on his chest. I let out a deep moan and parted my lips as his tongue brushed playfully over them. Ours tongues danced together as my hands reached up into his hair, i felt a bulge in Franks pants and smiled against his lips, moving my hands down to his zipper.

"Livvie?" I let out a yelp and quickly rolled off of Frank who jumped up and ran into my bathroom.

"What the fuck Mum?" I accidently yelled at my Mum and pulled on the dress over my short shorts and ran to the door, opening it a jar.

"Excuse me, misses?"

I brushed my tangled short hair behind my ears and took a deep breath, I was rather breathless. "Sorry, I mean, what do you want Mum?"

"Thats better, here..." She pushed a bunch off stuff into my hands, I looked down to see a $50's and five condoms, my cheeks went hot and I looked up to see my mum heading down the stairs. "The 50 is for food and going out, theres more in the drawer if you need it. The condoms are for... well y'know. YOU KIDS PLAY SAFE!" she shouted as she waved her hand up in the air. I sunk back into my room about to burst into fits of laughter and remembered Frank in the bathroom, i quickly shoved the 50 into my hoodie pocket and the condoms into my checkered vans bag.

"What was that about?" Frank asked, poking his head out from behind the bathroom door.

"Oh nothing..." I said playfully as i bit my bottom lip.
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