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'"I'm sick of short hair..."'

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i am up to 2000 veiws! i am very happy so thanks guys and keep reading!!
OLIVIAS NEW HAIR:!/photo.php?pid=10902213&id=561575392

thats one of my friends, she said i could use her picture :) ^

Chapter 27:


"Frank she'll be down and ready in about 2 hours, go and hang with Bert" Paris said as she held onto my hand, slowly pulling me backwards to her bedroom. I winked at Frank as he stood at the bottom of the staircase with Bert, looking extremely worried.
I followed Paris into her familiar room and fell back onto her bed as she fumbled around in her drawers.

"Frank better not screw this one up!" I joked as I pulled at my faded short black hair.

"I know, if he gets along with Bert then My Chemical Romance will hopefully start to get reckonised!"

"Is this really going to take 2 hours Paris? I want to go shopping" I whined and flopped my arms over the side of the bed.

I watched as Paris rolled her eyes and started pouring things in bottles. "Well what do you want done?"

"I'm sick of short hair..."

Paris butted in as she pulled me up, one hand holding and shaking a bottle of purple mixture. "Yeah me too" She put the bottle down and sat me ontop of a chair infront of a covered mirror. "I know what I'm going to do... it might take a bit longer so how about..." She cut off and just walked away, it was like I wasn't even there.
A few minutes passed and I found myself looking at Paris's collection of photos all stuck to the wall.

"Frank and Bert are leaving to meet up with the rest of My Chem and so we're going to all go out tonight."

"What, you, me, Bert and My Chem?" I felt annoyed by all this. I wanted to get the tattoo today with just me and Frank and Paris and Bert.

"No, just Frank, You and Bert and I"

I sat back down, feeling abit stupid for jumping into conclusions. "Ohh.."

"Well lets get you all made over, girly" Paris straight away grabbed a bag of something from behind her and pulled out a long piece of material and blind folded me.

I reached up to pull the blind fold off. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I don't want you to see what I'm doing!"

"Fine..." I said, a tad bit to whiney and closed my eyes beneath the blind fold.


"So do you like Valerie?" Paris asked as she pulled at my hair.

"Well..." I decided not to lie to Paris and told the truth. "No."

"Olivia, are you jelous of her?"

I stopped for a moment, I didn't know what to say. I didn't think I had feelings for Gerard anymore. Then again, I hadn't even given myself anytime to get over him. I sat in silence. Not knowing what to answer. Not really wanting to answer because it will only make me question myself more and more, and i'm happy right now. With Frank.

"Well anyway, your hairs all done"

I smiled to myself as she broke the awkward silence. "That was really 2 hours?"

"Nope. Twas 4 my little Pixie"


"Wanna have a look?"

"You bet'cha!"

Paris took the blind fold off. My eyes didn't really take that much time to adjust to the light because Paris (who had not thought the blind fold thing through) had to keep taking it off and putting it back on again because obviously it was tied round my head where my hair was.


I took in a deep breath as Paris grabbed hold of the material covering the mirror sat infront of me. I nodded my head and Paris pulled it down. I jumped up as I saw my hair, getting closer to the reflection, running my hands through my longer blue/green, blonde hair.

"I love it!" I said jumping up and down and clapping my hands.

"Woo! Time to go show it off to Frank"
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