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'"Oh my god what happened!" Mikey yelled...'

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so this story should be getting more exciting soon! i promiss! thanks for all of your reviews, they are what keep me going!! love you all! xo

Chapter 28:


"He's not picking up..." Paris frowned as she sat down next to me, taking a spoon and dipping it into the chocolate ice cream.

"Maybe they're all busy"

"Bert always picks up his phone though"

I could tell I wasn't going to convince Paris that Bert and the My Chem crew were fine so I decided to change the subject. "So how did you meet Bert then?"

Paris giggled to herself "Well, its kind of weird..." I raised my eyebrows as I licked my ice cream covered spoon. "Umm... well basically I ran him over..."

"YOU RAN HIM OVER!! How the hell?!"

"Well when we all hadn't heard from you in a while and when Bob broke up with me, I kind of took a road trip to London. His band was playing there and I happened to be caught up in the crowded streets." I watched Paris's face tense as she remembered what happened. "So I went down a different street. I'll admit, i wasn't aloud to... but I was alittle wasted and... Well there he was. I ran him over. It wasn't that bad, he just hit his head and everything. His band screamed at me but I insisted to go with him to the hospital to see if he was okay and for some unknown reason they all let me"

".. And you fell in love?" I loved hearing stories of how people met.

"I was in love the first time he spoke... Well... when they cleaned him all up and after I apologised to him a thousand times."

I giggled and ran my fingers through my new, silky hair. "That's so sweet"

Paris's phone began to ring, she picked it up and held a finger up to let me know she'd be one minute. Soon after she left the room my phone began to vibrate in my back pocket. I pulled it out and flipped it open to see it was Frank.


"Hey, sugar" Franks voice was quiet and I could barely hear him.

"Frank, why are you whispering?"

"Because Bert is on the phone just outside to Paris... What is he saying?"

I laughed and stood up, making my way to the kitchen door to see if I could hear Paris. "I don't know. I can't hear her..."

"Okay... Do as I say"

I nodded my head, but then realised he couldn't see me doing it so I quickly added "Okay"

"Where are you?"

"The kitchen?"

"PERFECT!" Frank shouted, I heard a muffled sound and Gerard saying 'What the hell is wrong with you, dammit!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Frank whispered to what I could only guess was a pissed off Gerard "Okay, right, Livvie, open the door a little and see if you can hear."

"Frank why am I doing this? Can't I just find out and tell you what they were talking about when we meet up later?"

"... What?"

"When we meet up later with Bert and Paris..?"

"Shit!" Franks voice soon turned back to his normal volume "I forgot about that! Okay, yeah... that's so much more easier. Alright, I should be round in about... half an hour to an hour. Hows your hair?"

"You'll have to wait and see" I teased.

"Alright, see you soon, sugar. Bye!"

I heard Bob and Mikey in the background saying 'What is he doing now?' and then I hung up. Putting my phone down on the kitchen counter and sitting back down, giggling at how stupid Frank could be sometimes.

"Oh hello" I said as Paris entered the room and sat back down beside me.

"That was Bert..." She looked down at her hands, placed on the table. "...He's going to take them on tour with 'The Used'!!"

"Are you kidding?!" I screamed as I jumped into Paris's open arms for a hug.

"But you can't tell them yet"

"Why not?" I said pulling back abit from her.

"He wants to surprise them"

I nodded my head and jabbed Paris in the ribs, causing her to scream and fall back off of the chair, pulling me down ontop of her.

"That hurt, bitch!" She squealed, pushing me off.

"Don't be such a baby!" My phone vibrated again, I pushed myself off the floor, still laughing along with Paris and picked it up, it was Gerard. A rush of butterflys excaped in my stomach and I felt myself smiling widely.

We're on our way, love x

I smiled at the kiss at the end and then I quickly put the phone down, shocked at the feeling I got when I realised the text was from Gerard. I turned back to Paris who was still laying down on the floor.

"They're on there way."

"Oh okay.... I HAVE AN IDEA!" Paris shot up, running out the room and back at a extremely fast speed. "Lets cover ourselves in blood!"

"Why would we do that?" I asked, laughter building up inside of me.

"We could get all bloody and hang one of my manikins off the balckiny and we could run out the front door screaming and crying just as they turn up" That did it. I burst out laughing at how much like a little girl Paris sounded. I crouched over, trying to stop and a wet liquid hit my leg just below my short shorts.

"PARIS!" I shouted as I put my hand in the red liquid and wiped it on her cheek. She laughed and spread some on mine, missing my hair on purpose. Minutes later my mouth and nose was dripping with fake blood. A plain grey top Paris had put me in so I wouldn't ruin my dress - was all ripped up and bloody, showing my flat pale stomach that Paris had drawn a very real life looking gash in. Paris looked pretty much the same but with a little less, revealing clothing on.

"Pass her to me!" Paris said, I picked up the human looking manikin we had dressed up and covered in blood and hung it off the balkiny. We then waited in silence in the kitchen, waiting to hear the sound of a car.

"Hear that?" I said as I heard a car pulling up. Paris giggled and picked up a knife and so did I and we ran out the house screaming and crying. The boys stood in the driveway, staring at the Manikin in horror. I ran right into Gerard. I screamed, trying not to laugh and putting years of my drama lessons work into my face and acting.

"Oh my god what happened!" Mikey yelled as I watched Bob from under Gerard's arm run after Paris who fell over onto the floor.

"Livvie!! LIVVIE LOOK AT ME!" I heard Frank shout as I buried my face into Gerard's chest as I was about to laugh.

"Livvie, what happened!" Gerard said, he sounded horrified.

"Wait a second!" Ray said loudly. "Paris is laughing!" I pulled back from Gerard and burst out laughing. The boys stood looking confused. Frank came towards me and licked my cheek. I jumped back laughing and grabbed Franks hand pulling him down to the floor as I collapsed with laughter, I kept picturing there terrified faces.

"ITS FAKE BLOOD!" he yelled as I curled up beside him, holding my stomach as it began to hurt.

"That was not funny guys!" Gerard said a smile forming on his face.
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