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The World Is Ugly, But You're Beautiful to Me - Five

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...really got the simple emotions...

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Hey! Sorry for the lack of update yesterday. My excuse is; I was bloody tired! In other news, a pair of boots I odered in Feburary finally came. Yay!! Anyways, Here be chapter number five. Enjoy!

It was three am and I was still staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Every time I tried to sleep I remembered that I was officially Frank Ieros girlfriend. It gave me a bizarre, warm feeling inside. As I was dropping off again my phone buzzed. I always slept with my phone next to my pillow.
It was from Mikey.

‘Heyyy Twink. You + F. True or not?’

I guess Ray must’ve told Gerard, who would’ve naturally told Mikey. I replied truthfully.

‘Yeahh. As of tonite =]’

‘Oh. Congrats, I guess…’

Why did I have a horrible feeling I’d upset Mikey?

I got up early, two hours before Gerard would arrive. I was completely knackered, after only having three hours sleep. I found what I was looking for, my black (rarely used) straightners. One hour later my hair was poker straight and so much longer. It now brushed the middle of my back. I rifled through my clothes, deciding on yesterdays jeans and a black chain top. I picked up a black and white striped glove, putting on my right arm. I felt a buzz in my pocket, alerting me to a text. It was Frank.

‘Hi sxc. Photo today. Wear something nice’.

I smiled, the warm feeling was back again. I put my phone down, checking the time. I had a good half hour, and my nail polish had chipped. I began removing it, wincing as the remover leaked into minute cuts around my fingers. When my nails were natural coloured I selected an almost black green and began applying it.

While flapping my hands about, waiting for the polish to dry, I got another text. Gerard.

‘Be there in 5 mins.’

He was on the dot. Me and Ray climbed in, I did a quick scope of the car, noticing Mikey was absent.
“Hey, baby” Frank whispered, pulling me into the seat next to him and lightly kissing me.
“Guys! My eyes just puked” Gerard said from the drivers seat.
“Screw you!” Frank replied.
“Gee-Bear why isn’t Mikey here?” I asked
“Food poisoning. He had a dodgy ice cream” Gerard glanced at Ray and the look that passed between them had an air of ‘I’ll Tell you later’.
“Aww, big hug to Mikey”

Before I knew it, me and Frank were in last lesson photography.
“Okay class” Our teacher, twenty something Mr Burke, said. “Today we will be studying emotions in photography. Get into pairs and one will photograph the other in some emotional state, after twenty minutes swap over. Homework will be to have at least twenty photos, all different.”
“Sir! Can you have the same photo, but one in colour the other in black and white?” Some random asked.
“Of course. Now I say you have fifty minutes so lets begin”

I pulled out my camera and grabbed Franks hand, lacing our fingers.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Its called love” I said, raising the camera and taking a picture of our intertwined fingers.
“Lemme see!” Frank said, grabbing my camera. “Not fair! That’s awesome!”
I laughed. “Sucker!”
“Really?” He grabbed me and pulled me closer to kiss me. At the same time clicking the camera.
“What the?”
“Its called passion” He said, mocking me. “You look so cute when you’re angry”

“So, the freaks are together” Mark jeered, flanked by Lisa.
“She’s so ugly” Lisa spat.
“He’s so pathetic” Mark laughed.
“Lisa, looked in a mirror recently?” Frank said, trying to keep his temper. “Cause you’re the ugly one”
“Me? Compared to that freak Alexa.”
“Frank, Alexa fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.” Mark said, unperturbed
“Just like you” Frank stepped forward, fist clenched.
“Iero! Tucker! Separate” Mr Burke called.
“Iero. You are fucking dead” Mark hissed.
“I think you’ll find I’m very much alive” Frank spun on his heel, dragging me to the opposite end of the classroom.

“That fucker” Frank was trying to keep his temper in check. He was successful on the most part, but his hands were shaking.
I took one. “Frankie calm down” I leaned into his chest, feeling the thumping of his heart.
“But they said…”
“They were obviously talking about themselves.” I kissed the tip of his nose. “Besides. Our pictures are gonna kick ass.”
I lifted the camera and took a picture of us standing this close together.
“Toro, lets have a look” Sir held his hand out for my camera.
I handed him it and he began clicking through the pictures.
“Wow, you really got the simple emotions in this one” he showed me mine and Franks hands, in black and white.
“Told you” I stuck my tongue out at Frank.

Two hours later, sat at home alone, I got a knock on the front door. I went open it.
“Hey Mikey!” I said. "Aren't you supposed to be ill?"
“Hey” He replied. "Yeah, i feel better now."
“Good. Come in” I held the door open and Mikey walked in, I locked the door behind him.
He went into the living room and I followed him in.
“Alexa, I’ve got something to tell you.”

So what does Mikey tell Alexa? I have two ideas so... if you want evil it will be option ONE. If you want confusing... option TWO!.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for reading.
xo R.
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