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No Shit, Sherlock

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Frank returns to school with the interesting news.

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Frank didn’t need to open his eyes to tell that the sun was shining brightly through his window and onto his bed. He rubbed his eyes and suddenly remembered what had happened the night before. He sat up and Eve was nowhere to be found. Frank rubbed his fingers against his temples. He couldn't tell if the previous night was a dream or not..

Frank reached for his phone to check the time, but discovered he had a new text. It was from Eve. It read:

Good morning, Frankie. (:
I’m so sorry, but I had to leave to get back to my dad.
I couldn’t let him wake up alone, y’know?
Anyway, I want to thank you so much for putting up with me, last night.
Seriously. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
I’ll try to be at school today, I promise. You don’t need to worry anymore.
I love you. Xo. Eve.

Frank frowned a little when he saw she thought he had to ‘put up with her’, but smiled when she said she loved him. He sent her a text back:

Don’t worry about leaving. It’s fine. I understand. (:
And I wasn’t putting up with you. I love having you around.
I really hope you’re at school. But don’t feel like I’m making you or anything.
I REALLY hope you’re okay. Really. Times a billion.
I love you too. So much. Xo. Frank.

After Frank had sent the text, he checked the time. “Shit!” he exclaimed. He was already running late.


Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard were walking into school’s entrance when Frank came running up to them.

“Well, look who decided to show up,” Mikey said.

“Shut up, skinny boy,” Frank replied, earning a scoff from Mikey.

“Hey, guys, I’ll be right back, okay? I need to talk to Frank for a second,” Gerard announced as he started tugging Frank away by his sleeve.

“Uh, okay then…” Ray replied. A few seconds after Gerard and Frank walked off, Bob, Mikey and Ray returned to a casual conversation.

“So, what’s with the dragging me away to talk?” he asked.

“Why were you late? You’re never late,” Gerard replied with a frown.

“Oh,” Frank breathed, awkwardly, "Well, if you must know, Eve came round my place last night."

“OH, SNAP,” Gerard exclaimed. A few people around them stared.

“Shut up, Gee,” Frank whispered. “And, for your information, it wasn’t like that. FUck.”

Gerard giggled, “Yeah, whatever you say, Cassanova.”

He started to nudge and poke at Frank’s ribs playfully. However, Frank didn’t hesitate to whack his hands away.

“Dude, stop it! She came over and I was right. Someone was wrong.”

Gerard stopped laughing, and frowned, “Did she tell you about it?”

“Yeah, she did.”

“Well, what is it?”

“I can't tell you.”


“Well, she made me promise not to tell anyone.”

“Not even me or the guys?” He gestured to where the rest of them were standing.

“Man, it’s not that she doesn’t trust you guys. It’s just…I dunno. I told her that she should tell you guys, but she started talking about something else.”


There was a moments silence between the two best friends while Frank stared at his feet and Gerard was thinking about what he’d just been told. A thought popped into Frank’s head and he smirked. He knew just how to get Gerard to stop worrying about the stuff with Eve.

“So,” He announced, "We kissed."

“Wait, what?” Gerard snapped right out of his thoughts.

“Yeah. Turns out the feelings were mutual,” Frank smiled to himself.

“Well, no shit, Sherlock! This is brilliant!” Gerard grinned and started jumping up and down and people were staring again, including Bob, Ray and Mikey.

“Stop it! God, I swear you’re such a girl sometimes.”

“You love it!”

Frank just rolled his eyes at Gerard before grabbing his shoulders in an attempt to stop him from jumping around and smiling. It didn’t work at first, but Gerard gave in. Frank’s face broke into a small smirk as he remember how perfect it had all happened. Aside from the part about her dad, everything was just perfect. He was so happy.

“We should probably go back to the others. They’re starting to give us weird looks,” Gerard giggled.

“Very well, then.”


Later that day, the boys were sitting, eating lunch. Gerard had been the first to flip out and tell the rest of them about Frank and Eve. Their response was a mixture of yelling, punching Frank in the shoulder, laughing and all of them saying 'Finally!' at least once. As much as Frank wanted to share in their excitement, Eve still hadn’t come to school and he was getting worried. He discreetly pulled out his phone to text her when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Frank looked up and saw Eve smiling down at him.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Thank god. You're here,” Frank jumped up and hugged her. It took a few seconds for him to realize that the rest of his friends were staring at the two of them. All of them had the same look on their face like they were doing everything in their power not to patronize them or laugh.

“Go on,” Frank instructed and they all burst out laughing. Mikey could be distinctly heard saying “Aww!”.

“I’m guessing they found out about us, then?” Eve whispered so only Frank could hear.

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind. Gerard got it out of me,” He smiled back at her.

“No, it’s fine…did you tell them about the-”

“No. No, of course not. I’ll let you do that when you’re ready.”

“Thanks, Frankie.” she smiled and blushed, giggling as Frank gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. The boys whooped a little. People in the cafeteria were staring now.

“Would you guys shut the fuck up?” Frank snapped. They all did as they were instructed, but Frank could still hear Bob sniggering under his breath.

“Geeze, guys. Chill out. Since when are you afraid of Frankie?” Eve laughed as she and Frankie sat down at their table.

“Since I became an expert in kung-fu.” Frank replied with a smart-ass smirk.

Gerard scoffed at him. “Uh, you wish, short stuff. Have you seen my kung-fu, lately? ‘Cause it has gotten totally awesome.”

"Gerard, don't say shit like that when mom has video evidence of you falling on your ass trying to fight a tree," Mikey rolled his eyes.

Gerard punched Mikey in the shoulder, while everyone else laughed.

“Hey, Gerard,” Ray warned “Remember what people say on violence against women.”

Gerard started to laugh and it took Mikey a while to get it. “Hey!” he protested at Ray.

All of them spent that entire lunch just laughing, and Frank and Eve were holding each other’s hands under the table the entire time.


It was the last lesson of the day and Eve had Chemistry class with Bob and Ray.

“Ugh. What the hell? This shit is so confusing!” Bob sighed. Eve noticed him staring at the paper as if he was trying to set it on fire. She then imagined the scenario in her head and laughed a little.

“What’s funny?” Ray asked.

“Nothing. Just thinking of something,” sSe giggled.

“Frank, most likely.” Bob smirked.

“Oh, shut up,” Eve tried to look annoyed, but once he mentioned Frank it was near impossible to hide her smile.

“Busted,” Ray teased. Eve shoved him in response, but it had no effect. She wasn’t a very strong person when it came to muscles and whatnot.

“How did it even happen?” Bob asked.

“How did what happen?” Eve replied.

“You and Frank. I mean, obviously, you’ve both been like insane about each other for god knows how long, but how did it, like…I dunno, happen?”

“Oh, right. Well-”

“Is that why he stayed behind at your house that day we came to see you?!” Ray cut in.

Eve thought. It made enough sense. “Ha. Yeah. You’re a smart cookie, Ray.”

“I try,” He gave a cheesy grin before returning to his work.

“I see…” Bob said, “Way to not inform us sooner. All I can say is, it’s about fucking time.”

“Yeah,” Eve whispered to herself, “About fucking time.”
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