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A/N: So here's the thing,

I wanted to give everyone a part!
It wont be big, possibly no lines at all. Possibly a 'Gerard pointed to a slim girl with firet red medium length hair wearing a pencil skirt and a tank top, trying to make passes on Mikey "That's Jane" He moved on to everyone else until I knew all of their names' but I wanted to say thank you to you guys for reading the story, even if I can't fit all of you in, which I will try my best to do...

So, because of this, the competitions off BUT,Dark_Venom and Bubbly-gum and Eviesaunders all have places so please describe yourself in a review I need to know;

Real Name:
Description of ones self (pictures help, but don't worry if not):
Anything Else?:

Okay! So get that filled in!

Also, I've created a email address for my ficwad account: soif you have any questions, suggestions or want to stalk me (please don't stalk me!) you can email me and I'll get back to you :)

Thanks for reading!
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