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A/N: Story Related COMPETITION!

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Please read, has a clue about next chapter! AND a competition!

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A/N: Hello lovers :)
Right; today, all day may I add, I have been working on a drawing of Sadie, whose full name is Sadie-Marie Bower-Aarons if you really wanted to know, she's the step-sister of Rhi if you didn't know that already but they only just met and well, they seem to have met each other before, and they don't like the idea of being sisters. So, this brings us to the question, 'where have the met before?' hopefully with my drawing you should be able to guess where she has been mentioned before in the story AND how her and Rhi are already connected.

But first, the epic story of trying to draw Sadie on photo-shop (or a free piece of software like it)You can skip this part if you want, it's of no importance to the bit at the end, but its quite a tale!

So, after lunch today, I was feeling rather sick, mostly because I had been round my nan and grandad's as it was easter and they had been discussing what was in the pie while I was eating (I'm a vegetarian and any mentioning of meat at the dinner table makes me gag, the sight of it repulses me). Anyway, I was going through some draws in my room that contained all my old art books when I found a pad, a pencil and a rubber. Needless to say I started drawing right away and before I knew it I had drawn the outline of a woman and started to fill in her features. Trying to amuse myself I ended up drawing Sadie but unfortunately I had rubbed a few parts out so there were holes in the page (it was a crappy art book). Instead of posting the crappy drawing on here I decided to scan it into the PC and try to do something I had never done before, photo-shop/draw a picture on my pc, I have a laptop and a very unsteady hand so this was going to be a challenge! Anyway to cut a long story short I finally did it! Then my laptop crashed. I hadn't saved it. Man, did I swear! Anyway I did it again,put her on a NY street and Et Voilà! Here you go!


Okay, to the competition, to spice thing up I have decided we shall have a competition! The first person to guess where Rhi has encountered Sadie before will win a place in the 'Gerard Way Birthday Special' (yay!) okay, its crap but I've eaten chocolate and I'm hyper so ya know! EvieSaunders: You are already in this chapter so please don't enter! If you do and win it'll kinda suck so... Right,I shall announce the winner on.... Wednesday the 7 of April! The link is....

When entering please state:
Who do you think Sadie is?:

If you win, your name shall be posted and then I shall ask for you name/appearance etc.

Okay? Got it? yes?


Once again, the link is

Good luck!


P.S Happy Easter!
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