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Gerard Way

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'It was to late.'

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A/N: Okay, this has to be a quick chapter! And I think a thank you is owed to the people who checked out my other story! I love you all!

Chapter 30:


My heart began to pump faster and faster and I closed my eyes. It was to late. I had left it to long and I cried harder as I watched Kat tattoo Franks initials into my wrist. A rush of horror overwhelmed me as I realised I was also going to have Franks face there to.
"Y'know what? I actually think that the initials are enough..."
Frank looked at me. He was already holding my free hand and rubbing my back as I cried. He looked upset but tried not to show it.
"Really?" Kat asked. "Did it hurt to much?"
I nodded my head. Yeah. That was my excuse.
"I'm sorry Frank!" I said turning round and burring my head into his chest and wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Its okay. Hey? Hey!?" He held my face in his hands and kissed the tip of my nose. "I love you. Its okay"
I smiled as he said that for the first time since we had been dating and then burst into tears again.
Why had Paris mentioned Gerard?! I was confused as it was.
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