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Who'd Have Known

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'“Look, what do ya’ want from me? I gave you an autograph, I have nothing else for you, get out my sight.”'

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2010-04-14 - Updated: 2010-04-14 - 451 words

“Yeah I’m the guy from that band. Ohmigosh to you too, look honey, I’m not in the mood today, give me something to sign and be on your way!” Gerard wasn’t in the mood for fans, his depression and alcoholism made it hard for him to face fans, they looked up to him and there he was, cowering in the corner at night with his cans of larger frightened of a nightmare that started after he met the most beautiful girl ever. He wasn’t the man the fans made him out to be, he was just a shell of what he used to be. Absentmindedly Hannah got out the picture Lucy had drawn and handed it to him.
“This is you right?” Gerard stared at the picture quizzically, it was well drawn, but it was too young to be him, it looked like what he looked like in his teens.
“Uh, yeah, but this looks way too young to be me. Look, I got places to be.” He scribbled something random on the page, and barged out the door, he didn’t care anymore. As soon as he was on the street he moved quickly towards the subway, barging past people to try to escape the girl with long blond curly hair following him.
“Where are you from?” Hannah was running to keep up with the tall man.
“New Jersey”
“But where in New Jersey?” they had reached the subway steps now, Gerard stormed down them, buying a ticket, Hannah brought the cheapest one she could, determined to keep up with him.
“Newark” Gerard span around, he was getting angry now, “Look, what do ya’ want from me? I gave you an autograph, I have nothing else for you, get out my sight.” A train pulled up to the platform, Gerard stepped onto it.
“You’re him. You’ve met my sister.” Gerard could see her emerald eyes tear up, that when he realised the similarity. “You’re her dark angel.” Hannah was crying now.
“Who’s?!?” Gerard shouted, the girl was on the platform, he was on the train, getting pushed and shoved as he stood in the entrance, business men on their way home from work shoving into him to get on the train.
“Lucy’s” Gerard stood there in shock, the train doors began to close and he shot back into reality, pressing the button that opens the doors with no luck. He placed his hands on the glass on the door and looked into the crying girls eyes, they were the same eyes alright, the train pulled away.

He’d lost his chance to meet her again.

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