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My Dark Angel

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When you meet someone by chance and leave without saying barely a word, would you remember them?

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A/N: this is a story I’m thinking of starting, the first chapter is based on the song Bluebells by Patrick Wolf. If you like, rate and review, if I get enough reviews I’ll continue (:


’Lucy, remember,
The smell of that fall,
The fires of fungus,
And the rotting leaves.’
Bluebells-Patrick Wolf

Newark, New Jersey, fall 1994
As the sun set over Newark, New Jersey Lucy shuddered, this was a dangerous time to be walking around alone. Especially for a 16 year-old 5ft 4 teenage girl. And when that 16 year-old girl was walking through Jersey Park, renowned for being the spot for muggings, rape, murders and a Mafia dumping ground the threat became even larger.

There seemed to be a rule among the thieves and murders here; no one commits a crime until the sun set. That gave Lucy enough time to make it home, if she ran like hell. She cursed under her breath at the fact no-one wanted to pick her up, her loving family preferring her to walk alone through the park than get off their lazy arses to pick her up from band practice. She laughed at the thought of if she did die; how they would react, if they would feel guilty for not picking her up, miss her, want to be in her place. She laughed again as she realised they probably wouldn’t care. Lucy flicked her short ebony hair out of her face and re-adjusted the red alice band on her head. Her emerald eyes lit up with fear as she heard a noise behind her, spinning around to quickly see a fox scurry to the other side of the path. She shook her head how jumpy she was and turned back to walking, looking up to see the sun just vanish behind the trees surrounding her. Cursing, she moved quicker.


Gerard moved quicker though the brush, cursing and panicking at the sight of the setting sun, he’d been out too long, his ma would kill him when he got home, if he ever got home. He knew it was a bad idea walking through Jersey Park, once the sun set, the freaks came out. He had nothing to give them, he’d spent all him money buying his new car, his Silver Subaru XT. It was a late 17th birthday present to himself; he just could drive it... yet.

A male scream and a gunshot came from behind him, prompting him to walk faster, he hated walking through here. From ahead he heard light footsteps on the ground. He slowed down, not wanting to scare the person coming in his direction. He sighed and looked down at the foot path.

Lucy froze at the sound of footsteps up ahead; she had no idea what to do, hide? Continue walking? Scream? She decided to keep on walking, looking down at the ground, the footsteps ahead were right in front of her, but she refused to look up. Really, she should have seen the uneven ground before she slipped and fell, shrieking as she did. Suddenly a tramp ran out of the brush next to where Lucy had fallen brandishing a knife, Lucy screamed again and in an attempt to get up flung her legs out and floundered around trying to get footing.

Gerard’s head shot up when he heard a girl scream, he saw a flash of red fall to the ground and a tramp fly out of the bushes at her with a knife. Gerard had no idea what to do, carry on walking? No, that was a selfish and horrid thing to do.
“HEY!” Gerard shouted, startling the hobo and causing him to cower back. “GET THE HELL OFF OF HER!” the tramp scrambled away back into the bush, leaving the girl in the red coat flustered and shell shocked. Gerard could see from where he was that she was shaking so slowly moved towards her. “Hey ma’am, you okay? He’s gone now, here, le’ me help you up.” The girl slowly moved from her protective foetal position.

Lucy stared up at her saviour; he had to be at least a few years older than her, with a head of shoulder length, layered, black hair. His chin was perfectly angular with angular nose. And his eyes, Lucy gasped at his rich chocolate brown eyes, filled with concern and panic. She brushed herself off and went to stand up, tripping and ending up in the beautiful stranger’s arms. The smell of fungus and rotten leaves was replaced by the scent of tobacco, coffee and peppermint.

Gerard caught the younger girl as she tripped. Her features were evenly proportioned with big emerald eyes that were framed by a thick set of lashes. He smiled at her as he made sure she was stable before releasing her from his grip. Her emerald eyes were still wild with fright but a smile played on her lips. “Are you okay?” Gerard stared at her as she silently nodded, trying to find her voice.
“Thanks, I don’t know what I’d of done if you weren’t here.” She looked down at her feet, shuffling them about in the dirt beneath the two of them.
“Is your name as pretty as your face miss?” Gerard smiled as he looked down at her. Her ivory cheeks flushing red.
“Lucy. You?”
“Ge-“ there was a shuffle from the trees nearby, causing Gerard’s face to flash with concern again. “Look it doesn’t matter, just get out of here, do you have far to walk?”
“I live just off the footpath, I’ll be fine. Thanks” Lucy kissed the unnamed stranger on the cheek letting him pass. “Can’t I at least know your name?” another noise came from the bush.
“Goodbye, Lucy. Go. Now.” Gerard turned and walked towards his house, leaving Lucy staring after him.
“Goodbye my dark angel.” Lucy sighed under her breath as she continued walking back towards safety.

’Now deep in a forest
Losing all thought of spring
And nothing can help me remember
And I'm going nowhere fast
A darker day has hold at last’

New York City, New York, April 2004
Gerard shifted awkwardly on the leather chaise lounge, staring at the four light blue walls surrounding him, he hated seeing a shrink, but Mikey had insisted after the reoccurring nightmare that started in the fall of 1994 had returned, with big consequences, causing him to drink excessively like he had done in his youth.
“So, you walked around in a dangerous part of town trying to find this girl in the red coat?” The shrink finally broke the silence after a long pause of thought between Gerard telling his story and the shrink scribbling profusely onto his notepad.
“Yes, I walked down that path every night for two months trying to find Lucy.” Gerard smiled as he remembered her face, her eyes. He sighed and shook his head; even he had to admit this was getting out of control.
“I wanted to check she was safe, I wanted to see her again.”
“What do you think would happen if you met up today?”
“I don’t have a fucking clue! I just wanna see how she turned out.”

Little did he know that the Lucy he had met on that dark night in the Fall of 1994 had changed, that Lucy had gone, she had been replaced by a depressed girl, one abused by her stepfather, one that had been driven to drink and attempted suicide, one that had ended up losing her memory in an accident, losing the personality of the 16 year old Gerard had met all those years ago.

She had no idea who she was.

Bellevue Hospital Centre, New York City

Throughout the ordeal Hannah, Lucy’s older sister, had stayed valiantly by her side. Since the age of 18, Lucy had been in and out of rehabs and crazy wards, due to her drink problems and her many attempts at suicide. Hannah and her younger sisters had been abused by their stepfather but none had fallen as hard as Lucy.

At the age of 24 Lucy had been attacked in the street, hit on the head so hard to cause all of her memory to be lost, every memory that was, except for the memory of her ‘Dark Angel’. Lucy had explained to Hannah on many occasions of this beautifully dark haired man with chocolate brown eyes who had saved her one night in Newark. She drew him all the time in the art class at the mental institute she was situated in at the moment, she was so close to being let out; without the knowledge of what had happened to her during her life before she hit her head, she was a generally happy 26 year old.

Hannah often felt grateful that Lucy had lost her memory, even though that was a horrid thought, she was back to the happy self she was when they were in their teens, before their mum married the abusive man who ruined Lucy’s life and drove their mother to suicide. Hannah kept a picture that Lucy had drawn in her purse at all times, so if she ever saw this man, she would know who he was, and ask him if he remembered Lucy as clearly as Lucy remembered him.

Hannah sighed as she watched her sister inside her padded-walled room, reading comics no doubt. Hannah decided she needed a coffee break and signed herself out of the unit and walked slowly down the road as she watched the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple pass her by. Eventually she came across a Starbucks and stepped inside. Only half aware of her surroundings she bumped into someone, looking up to say sorry she realised he seem familiar.
“Oh my God! You’re him.”

’ And your love has come too late
Now wave to the garden gate
Wake me up when the bluebells are ringing’

A/N: It’s real weird writing a story with your name in, but I had to , I got this idea and had to write it. Anyway, if you like, please rate and review!
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