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Back Of The Van

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'Lucy needed to look her best, and like her old self, because tonight, she was going to meet Gerard.'

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A week later Craig was out of Hannah and Casey’s lives forever, he’d was convicted of assault, attempted murder and domestic violence. Hannah had got permission to take Lucy out for the day before telling her the truth; she was taking Lucy and Casey to see My Chemical Romance. Although, Lucy had no idea where she was going.

“Where are we going?” Lucy asked inquisitively as she left her room for the first time. She stared in awe at the open space called a hallway in front of her. Giggling, she ran down the hallway towards the exit, making her long blonde hair sway. “Where are we going?” She asked again.
“First of all, we’re going back to mine to get you in some suitable clothing, then we’re going to see Casey’s favourite band.” Hannah smiled. Lucy didn’t know about what had happened between her and Craig.
“Wow! I’ve never been to a concert before, that I can remember anyway.” Lucy laughed, the sound filling the drab corridor with life and sunshine. “Can I dye my hair before we go, like I used to have it?” Hannah stopped in her tracks, Lucy was definitely remembering stuff.
“Sure! I’ll cut it and straighten it and do your makeup too!” Casey squealed.
“Yay!” Lucy jumped up and down, clapping.

Lucy needed to look her best, and like her old self, because tonight, she was going to meet Gerard.


Gerard stumbled back to the van, it was strange for it to be so dark already, the show was going to begin in a couple of hours; and for once Gerard was sober. He smiled as he opened the tour bus door. There manager was sitting there ready to give his nightly prep talk.

While the prep talk commenced Gerard stared out of the window, people were starting to arrive at the venue, a girl with ebony black hair walking up the steps, he shrugged it off, there were lots of their fans with ebony black hair. He looked again; he swore he saw the girl from the subway with her.

Gerard shot up, much to the confusion of the other band members.
“Gee what’s wrong?” Frank asked.
“She’s here!” Gerard pointed out the window again, only to see the space they had been standing empty. “She was here.”

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