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Wild Young Hearts

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'Lucy collapsed.'

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The crowd roared to life as the lights went down for the second time of the night. The support act had been nothing special; Lucy had jumped up and down with Casey while Hannah shook her head and pretended she didn’t know who they were. Lucy was having the time of her life, Hannah had refused to allow them to look at merch or buy a programme until the end, so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

More screams echoed though the arena as the crowds eyes adjusted to the pitch black stage five figures could be just made out. One silhouette, who was holding a guitar-looking instrument, had a massive afro. There were two other outlines holding the same kind of shape; one was very short, lightly bouncing on the balls of his feet anticipating the performance ahead, the other seemed tall and lanky, his hand moving up and down the neck of the instrument silently as if practicing. Another figure sat behind a large set of drums, looking around the arena and nodding their head up and down. The last figure Lucy laid her eyes on was that of the front man, through the darkness she couldn’t see much of him but enough to see he was quite tall and was holding his arms out to his sides, embracing the crowd’s screams and cheers. In his left hand he held a microphone. For some reason, when she looked at this dark silhouette, Lucy’s heart raced and her blood pumped. She shrugged and guessed it was something that Casey had talked about; the lead singers ‘stage presence.’
“NEW YORK! LET ME HERE YOU SCREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMM!” A familiar voice with a thick Jersey accent boomed, it was deeper now, but she would have known that voice anywhere. Lucy turned her head to Hannah, who was staring at Lucy with a smile on her face. Lucy stood open mouthed and just pointed. Hannah giggled and nodded.
“You found him!” Lucy hugged her sister. “You really found him!” suddenly the band began to come to life. Hannah closed her eyes and thanked the lord this had worked, she kept them closed, trying to hold back the tears.

Suddenly, the music erupted from the stage, the thrash of the symbols, the strums of the guitar, the scream coming from her angel’s voice. But no lights, not yet.


Gerard felt a familiar surge of adrenalin as the music as the music started, but he also felt an unfamiliar feeling in the pit of his stomach, it felt good. He screamed down the microphone during the introduction of the first song ‘Our Lady Of Our Sorrows’ played out. Suddenly the bright light illuminated the stage, blinding him and his band for a few seconds before only allowing them to see the first few rows of the Mosh Pit.


Casey screamed as the lights came up, she sighed as she watch Frank Iero violently play his guitar, smashing about the stage energetically, she looked to her side, Lucy was staring in awe at the front man, Gerard Way, a tear rolling down her cheek. Casey grabbed her hand and forced both of their hands up into the air.
“Casey, what’s his name?” Lucy asked her niece.
“Gerard Arthur Way” Casey shouted over the music that filled the arena
“Gerard Arthur Way” Lucy repeated in a sigh.


For some reason, Gerard’s head shot up uncontrollably to the left of him; he scanned the seating to that side of him a few time, against his mental will, suddenly his eyes locked with a pair of emerald eyes, unable to remove his eyes from that gaze he stopped singing, the music stopped and the fans in front moaned.

Suddenly the music stopped, Hannah opened her eyes; she glanced at the lead singer of the band, who had his eyes locked on something near her. She followed his eyes to her sister who was standing next to her. Lucy’s facial expression was full of awe and shock. She was frozen still, not even breathing. Casey shook the hand she was holding, no response. Suddenly there were screams from the crowed, shouts from body guards and a ‘Fuck off!’ from one lead singer.

Hannah looked to the front of her. Climbing over the chairs in front of her was Gerard Way, lead singer of her daughter’s favourite band and guardian angel of her sister. His eyes were still locked on Lucy’s and he climbed over the last row of seats between him and her.


The crowd by this time had gone deathly quiet, all eyes on what seemed like a possessed Gerard Way. He was ignoring the calls from his band mates and had his eyes fixed of the short girl right in front of him. His hand reached to her face, causing his pulse to quicken. He suddenly felt alive, more alive than he had felt alive, alive as he was that night years ago, when they first met. With his right hand cupping her face he moved his left hand to the small of her back, pulling her closer before lightly pressing his lips against hers.

The whole crowed cheered.

Lucy collapsed.

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