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A/N + Special Preview

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A/N: sorry I haven't updated recently, my Grandad has been in hospital again, he's out now, which is good.
I won't be able to update until Sunday, I'm SO sorry, but I have my school show Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I'll be home late and doing homework. But for now, as a treat, I have a special preview of the upcoming chapter. enjoy! :D

A blood curdling scream came from Lucy’s limp body, which Gerard was holding tenderly in his arms, softly crying at the thought he’d lost her.
“Lucy?!?” Hannah put her hands on either side of Lucy’s face. “Someone call an ambulance.”
“Do you think she’s remembering stuff?” Casey shouted as Lucy screamed again and her body jolted.
“What are you talking about?!?” Gerard whispered as he stared at Lucy’s lifeless body.
“Try and wake her up!” cried Casey as Lucy’s body began to convulse, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead.

Suddenly Lucy’s body went ridged, her arms locked around Gerard’s waist as her eyes whipped open and rolled to the back of her head.

Until Sunday, adios.
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