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The First One

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Archies letter to Atlanta pretty self explanantory. I have ben reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis. Thats where the idea and title come from

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(I just read War Photography by xanthophiliac, very sad, so I am in the mood for fluff and sadness. The Screwtape Letters is a a book about temptation from a devils point of view)

Diclaimer:I own Everything EVERYTHING.>:D BWHAHAHA lawyers advance on me threateningly. Okay I barely own anything. glares at lawyers GO AWAY!!!

Dear Atlanta,

I know. You may never get this letter but if (Keyword: If)you ever get this letter Cronus may be back in Tartarus, We may have moved apart, you might not even remember me. But if and when you do I can only hope you'll dredge up some sad memory of me and it would be even better if there was one with the both of us in it.

Maybe you'll remember me as a jerk, maybe you'll remember me as a friend. Maybe you'll remember me as a weak coward. But I can't ask for more than you being able to remember me in ten years. Maybe I am writing to your present self,or your future self.

I'm just the guy you fight with, that your friends with. But how can I stop myself from wanting more? How can I be just a friend when everyday I see you it kills me that I can't pick you up and dip you like in those romantic movies then kiss you passionately? When I saw you with Pan (Or DJ Panic) I died a little inside. Wait I'm being way to dramatic. Let me rephrase it. I felt so angry, so betrayed almost, that I couldn't be with you. But It's not your fault. So don't even try to blame it on you.

When I am with you my ankle doesn't hurt and I am not scared of the Ocean. I could jump in and dive and swim aound in there, It might be even kind of cool. I wouldn't even mind drowning. But only if you were right there with me. I'm free with you. I feel like... well whatever I'm really trying not to sound cheesy here. But it's like you can make anything better. You are the closest thing to a friend to me.

You may never get this letter. And even if you do, why would you remember me? Hey who knows we may even be friends in the future. Maybe I'll get the guts to show you this and we'll become something more but for now this letter is still going to be under my mattress. I hope you don't mind this letter, I have no words to describe you or the feelings I have for you without sounding like a block of Gouda Cheese. But for now I'll still be mustering the guts to ask you out one day. Unless you ask me out.

Yeah Right!!

Your Affectionate Friend,
Archie, descendant of Achilles.

(I know it is short but I have a question. Happy ending, or sad?

Your Affectionate Friend,
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