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The Second One

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Once Again Self Explanatory. Archie Writing To Atlanta.

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(Another chapter by yours truly. Once you have enough fans of one thing all the bad writers come and so I would like to intorduce my selF as the first bad writer for CotT

So onto the story Lawyer slaps me

Fine I own nothing except for copies of random things)

Dear Atlanta,

I am so sorry. I managed to screw up again, this time my mistake could have cost us your life. I opened Pandoras Box letting the Seither loose.You almost died. What would have anybody done then? I know myself, I would have died. But Thats just me.

But the worst thing is that when I kissed you, you couldn't remember. To not remember one of the only times I got the guts to do anything with you, it was lost in the folds of memory. But you know something, I could probably do it again. They say the first time is the hardest, and that was the first time I got close to you. So maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week, maybe in a few months, I'll have the guts to say something to you.

Oh God! You're resting your head on my shoulder right now. I just gotta move my arm so I can keep writing. Oh you don't know how you feel. You're like a defribulator. You know those things that shock patients back to living in the hospital. Every inch of bare skin is like a bare wire. It's insane.

Did you know how cute you are when your sleeping? As creepy as that sounds, but you and I were alone in the living room. And now your asleep. Words that have been in the back of my mouth have been dying to slip out so here I go. And they're going to slip out any moment, they're getting louder with every second that I don't say them. Instead of saying them like any normal person would, I'll write them in hopes you'll get these one day. So here I go,

I l

Your waking up. I gotta put this away now. Maybe soon enough, I'll write you another letter. Right now I gotta out this under the cushion so you don't get interested in it.

Your Affectionate 'Friend',

(I know it's short but since no one answered my question in time I have decided what to do.

Your Affectionate Friend,
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