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The Third One.

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Still The Same. I'll Notify You If Anything Changes.

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OOOOOOHHHHH BURN! I fought the lawyers, And I won. Kay so I found something quite interesting when I was reading the first draft script for The Flying Circus.

Archie wears Y-Fronts. More commonly known as... wait for it, TIGHTY-WHITEYS!

Dies laughing and by Archie glaring at her.


"On with the show." Archie kicks me off to the side.)

Dear Atlanta,

Hey, well good news. We finally beat Cronus. The long awaited battle finally came. And this time we did it. It's kind of surreal. You know, what we all came here for is finally gone. It seems weird to me at least. We barely won. I mean I was out of comission due to a small cut on my heel, Teresa was being held captive, and the rest of us weren't doing so hot either. Not an insult, just from what I saw. Hope you didn't take that the wrong way. But finally, it's over. Now we're just normal teens in a slightly normal high school.

I have to make this quick or you will get angry at me for keeping you waiting. Well I felt like I needed to write so I feigned pain in my ankle and told you to run ahead. I personally think the only reason you believe me is because, it's been like this for a few days now.

It's been hurting constantly. It's all a dull ache that will never stop, and will never leave my mind it seems. It feels like it has been getting worse and worse. Like now I can barely run. Maybe I'm kinda paranoid but, what if I will never be able to run again? What if I'll never be able to even walk again? For possibly the first time in my life, I'm scared.

But that still isn't the worst of my whole situation at the moment. Something bad is gonna happen. I know it. It might happen to the world, it might happen to the gods, it might happen to the team, it may happen to me. Or even worse, these feelings could be predicting your future. I know I'm not like Teresa. I don't have visions. All I have are the raw feelings in my gut. Hopefully I could be wrong. I wonder if anyone else senses it. If it's just me. Do you have the feelings in your stomach that make it hard to face the world now? I know just what to do when we get home. I'll put all these letters that I have written in an envelope. Just for you. I'll seal the envelope so I can't put anymore letters into there and I'll have to say everything to your face. So I will start here with these words. Ican't say it to your face yet but I will. I promise. I got something to say to you, and this will be the first time saying it to anyone. Except for family. They never count in these sorts of things though.

I Love You.

I've loved you from the moment I saw you. Some call it puppy-love, some call it love at first sight. Some may call it an infatuation, some may call it a crush. But I really don't care what they label my feelings as, because the only person who I relly care about knowing this is you. These are the words I have been dying to say to you, but have made excuses to shy away from it all. After these words will have been said, everything will change. And I know that. The only problem is that it's killing me to be 'just friends' with you.

When Arachne possessed you, it was heartbreaking. You didn't remember us. Like we were strangers. Like we were nothing. The way you treated everyone (Though Aries deserves it.), It shocked us. It scared us. It scared me.

Somehow just writing the words makes the feelings so much stronger. I almost screwed up then though. Everyone would have heard. You would have heard. Maybe It wouldn't have been that bad. But call me a romantic but I'd like to finally say those words when we're alone. Not one I'm trying to convince you to not kill everyone.

So I gotta promise myself this one thing. I gotta promise you this. Tomorrow, I'll come clean. About everything. And you'll respond. You might hate me. You might hate the fact that I don't hate you. But maybe you'll feel the same way. You can't blame a guy for a taking a while to have some guts. For the first time.

Uh-Oh. I can hear you coming down the path. Your probably kind of angry with me. So tomorrow, you and I. And that's the way it's gonna be. Well night.

Your Affectionate More Than 'Just Friend' Friend,

(This is the longest chapter yet. It was 550 words in the first draft. I changed alot. Enjoy.

Archie walks by

TIGHTY-WHITEYS!! *Archie throws leg brace at StinkFace.


Your Affectionate Friend,
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