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The Last One

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Change!! Atlanta writing to Archie!!

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(So... I'm having problems on this chappie, it's really hard. Please don't blame me for taking a long time on this.

Lawyers advance menacingly, snarling and spitting.

By the way I got meself a lawyer. His name, A Boy Named. Wanna know why? So I can do this...

whips around to lawyers A Boy Named, SUE!!! A Boy Named starts eating the lawyers livers with some salt.

If any of you have heard that classic Johnny Cash song, well that's where I got inspiration for his name.

So Right now when Atlanta is writing to Archie is about a week after Archies last letter.

I do not own Class Of The Titans. Sadly, even A Boy Named can't give me that satisfaction. T_T. I know I am mixing the episodes up but I'm just cool enough to do that)

Dear Archie,

How you doing? Myself, well I could lie, but you could always see through any lies. Especially those of mine. The truth is I feel... beyond crappy. I feel like the biggest idiot, like the worst friend. I feel so terrible for not realizing how you felt about me. I mean, how dumb do I have to be to have not seen it before? Now I can see all those little hints. I guess that's what you were trying to tell me that day. But of course everyone just had to come in and ruin the moment. I can't wait till I get to hear it from you. Hear those words from your mouth. I have always thought that words are best said to each other.

Or maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you shouldn't tell me those words 'cause I know when you say them, I'm just gonna screw everything up. Hopefully by the time you remember to tell me those words you will have moved on. I probably will have. And I can only hope that you have. No one needs to be stuck on someone for the rest of their life. It already sucks to know that I hurt your feelings sometimes by just being a friend. But here's the thing,

I Like You.

The reason I don't love you is because, I have never seen you in that way before. What you said in those letters shocked me. Honestly. I really wasn't expecting it. I feel like the biggest idiot saying those things but it's true. I have never seen you in any way besides as a friend. I mean, I truly thought we were just friends. Maybe I did kinda notice your feelings. Maybe I did kinda ignore them in hoping that they would just die down and we would always be friends. Or at least friends for a real long time. But even if I had noticed them I would not have expected them to be like this. I gotta tell you. It's really surprising.

I really hope you don't mind that I read your letters. We were just going through your things and I saw the envelope. It said Atlanta on it and... well curiousity killed the cat. And this time, satisfaction didn't bring it back. Trust me, this just got everything really screwed up. Really screwed up. Well, it's not really that bad. Sorry I made it sound like it was the worst thing in the world. But trust me. It's not. I'm just waaaaay overreacting.

Arch, can you ever forgive me? I mean I've screwed up pretty bad. Please, forgive me? I mean for just ignoring you. Can you ever forgive me? Wait. Don't do it. Don't even think about it. All I really want to know is that your okay. I mean it. How are you doing? Are you okay? Just answer that one question, Arch! Please! Just answer it. Tell it to my face! To others! To Teresa! To anyone! Please Arch, can you do that one thing for me?

Sorry. I got some tears on the paper and smeared the last paragraph. Probably best that you didn't read that one though. So Arch, hopefully not now. Hopefully not soon. Ideally a time far off in the future, I'll see you. And then you can tell me those words to my face. But hopefully you'll have moved on by then. So it won't hurt when I tell you I can't return those feelings. I miss you so much Archie. But I'm not suicidal. If life went the way we all wanted this wouldn't have happened but if things go okay for me now I expect to see you in seventy years. Maybe in Elysian Fields they restore your youth. So you'll forever stay young. See you then Arch. Miss you.

Your Affectionate Friend,

(Kay so if you didn't get the ending, well Archie is dead.

GWHAHAHAHAHA!!! T_T ;_; Cry, Cry, Sob. Neil comfort me.

Actually I think I got all the sadness done with when I was just thinking it up. Ther will be one last chappie which is how Archie died and right after Atlanta wrote her letter. Please review. Flames welcome.

Your Affectionate Authoress,
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